The Legend of Futian
915 In the Eighth Layer of Heaven
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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915 In the Eighth Layer of Heaven

"Too strong." In the Jiutian Temple above and under the Seventh Layer of Heaven, countless people saw the brilliant scene on the Law Battle Platform and felt as if they were about to stop breathing

When the golden long rod swept down, seven cultivators were blasted and injured. The only two who were able to remain standing were the holder of nine straight victories, Zhang Lie, and the holder of the eight straight victories, Wei Chifeng. 

However, Ye Futian did not stop. The golden long rod sliced through the void with a radiant arc, endless particle storms still surrounding the long rod. Wei Chifeng, who was holding the Wolf Fang Bat, felt his heart beating fiercely. The next moment he saw the rod coming at him, and under the long rod, the ray of each particle contained an incomparable force of suppression, and with the power of the strike before, Wei Chifeng felt that even the sky were falling.

There was an incomparable brilliance bursting from his body, and both hands holding the Wolf Fang Bat blasted forwards without looking back. Even if he knew it was unstoppable, he must try and see the strength of this blow.

Bang! An incredibly loud noise was heard, and without any doubt, Wei Chifeng was blasted and flew out, hitting the matrix light screen that was on the Law Battle Platform. There was blood at the corner of his mouth. At the same time, the violent light of thunder and lightning descended upon Ye Futian, and that horrible thunderstorm rushed into his spiritual will, which contained a terrible power of destruction.

When Ye Futian turned around, he saw Zhang Lie's purple pupils cave in deeply, turning into a terrible whirlpool to swallow his spiritual will. Ye Futian snorted with disdain. The rod disappeared, and he moved toward Zhang Lie. His eyes also became extremely magical, like a terrible spiritual storm. Golden lightning shot out from his eyes and aimed straight for Zhang Lie's pupils. The two stared at each other from a distance. 

A scream came out. Zhang Lie closed his eyes and blood came out of his pupils, but just at that time, Ye Futian also retrieved his power.

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Ye Futian was too powerful and invincible. As he had said before once he stepped into the Jiutian Temple, so far no one could oppose him. Neither Zhang Lie nor Wei Chifeng could bear even one blow from him.

When his eyes opened, Zhang Lie wiped the blood from the corner of his eyes and looked at Ye Futian. "Many thanks for your mercy." Just then, he felt a spiritual tearing force rush directly into his pupils with extreme aggressiveness. If Ye Futian insisted on continuing his attack, he would have met a miserable end. At the very least, those eyes would be lost. 

On the Law Battle Platform, others were also silent. They had also realized that although Ye Futian crushed them with imminent force, he was still merciful and did not seek to annihilate them. For one man to sweep nine opponents, this kind of power made them felt helpless. 

Ye Futian indeed had the strength to fight in the Ninth Layer of Heaven, but it was unknown whether he could defeat those listed on the Jiutian Ranking.

The cultivator who presided over the Law Battle took out the Jiutian Order Token, engraved the name of Ye Futian and the word "eight" on it, and then threw it towards Ye Futian. In a loud and clear voice, he declared, "Ye Futian won this battle, and that counts as ten consecutive victories. He's eligible to enter the Eighth Layer of Heaven of the Jiutian Temple."

Ye Futian took the Jiutian Order Token. He had achieved his goal. He could now step into the Eighth Layer of Heaven and join the third senior brother and others.

"Go then," the cultivator said, but Ye Futian did not move, still standing there.

"Anything else?" asked the cultivator. Just as he finished his question, he saw that in the view stands below, a figure stepped out and walked toward the Law Battle Platform. It was Yu Sheng.

"I will also challenge nine people," Yu Sheng said. As he finished speaking, countless eyes focused on him. Ye Futian had just suppressed nine great cultivators, and now this guy next to Ye Futian also wanted to challenge nine at the same time?

This… Was everyone in the Lower Worlds of the Nine States this crazy?

The eyes of the cultivators in Jiutian Temple fastened onto Yu Sheng. They were somewhat surprised in the previous battle. However, the battle had just ended and now Yu Sheng stepped out and also demanded a fight.

"Even though they lost, their previous records were based on real strength. They suffered some injuries in this battle. I can give them some time to recover. In addition, from the Seventh Layer of Heaven, those who wish to fight may come together with them," Yu Sheng said.

"Ye Futian claimed to be unparalleled in all of Nine States and has already made an exception in the Jiutian Ranking. Are you also unparalleled in the Nine States?" the cultivator asked Yu Sheng.

"Yes," Ye Futian replied.

That cultivator asked with a cold sneer, his eyes on Ye Futian, "What exactly is the meaning of unparalleled?" 

"He cultivated with me since childhood and was equally invincible in battles that were of the same plane, with no defeat. He will step onto the Sky Stairwell to enter Jiutian Temple. If someone in the Nine States can defeat me, it could only be him." Ye Futian casually said, "He will follow me and enter the Ninth Layer of Heaven."

"Very well," the cultivator responded, "let him fight again then." When he finished speaking, he surveyed the others on the Law Battle Platform and said, "Do any of you dare to continue?"

All nine cultivators nodded, and at this moment, Zhang Lie, Wei Chi, and the others finally understood. This, was the reason why Ye Futian chose mercy rather than finishing them off?

Because there was still one person left.

This b*stard… Ye Futian walked down the Law Battle Platform and Yu Sheng went up, replacing him. He cast a glance at the nine and said, "In order to win ten games in a row, there still needs to be one more. They just fought, and I don't want to take advantage of them. Who else wishes to come up?"

In the view stands of Seventh Layer of Heaven, everyone was speechless. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng simply did not respect the so-called geniuses of the Seventh Layer of Heaven.

"Since they have invited, whoever wishes to experience it may come up directly," the cultivator who presided over the Law Battles said lightly, and suddenly, several men stepped forward and descended onto the Law Battle Platform. They also wanted to experience the strength of those who were unparalleled in Nine States.

The nine who were defeated instantly released a very strong and aggressive rule power. They would never allow what happened in the previous battle to occur again, where they were powerless to strike back.

Boom! In the middle of the cultivators, the light of the Buddha and demon from Yu Sheng rocketed to the sky with incomparable golden glory seeming to contain a darker golden luster. The battle form erupted, and rays of light directly ran through his body, making his body even more immense and majestic. Above the body, the endless golden light coursed, turning it into an indestructible golden body, the light of Buddha fiercely blazing. 

The sword arrived, falling down like a river from heaven, stabbing toward the body of Yu Sheng. But that Shredding Sword, extremely sharp and moving forward, brushed against the burly battle form of Yu Sheng and was unable to penetrate him.

"It's such a strong physical body." Many peoples' hearts trembled. Just as Ye Futian was before, now Yu Sheng was the same, both with such amazing defenses.

Wei Chifeng's Wolf Fang Bat smashed down, and within it, there were hundreds of thousands of tons of divine power blasting upon his battle form. The indestructible golden body started to show cracks, and terrifying attacks now invaded Yu Sheng's body, but he was still standing there steadily, much to the surprise of everyone.

"He can't be moved." In the Jiutian Temple, countless people had their eyes fixed and thought of what Ye Futian had said before. If anyone could beat him, it might have only been Yu Sheng. The dual cultivation of Buddhism and magic had rendered his physical body invincible and immovable. 

A series of rules spells blasted, and the golden glow upon Yu Sheng became more and more radiant. There were even the sounds of Buddha lingering, and above the firmament images of Buddha appeared. With Yu Sheng's body as the center, a giant Buddha appeared and manifested a thousand arms like shadows.

Bang! With a loud noise, Yu Sheng's arms trembled, the darkened golden light flowing wildly. The domineering demonic power and the yin and yang forces of the Buddha now exploded from him, accompanied by the trembling of his arms, rushing to the front for the kill.

In an instant, the Buddha with a thousand hands blasted out the full aurora of the fist, piercing through the void. Wei Chifeng saw an incomparably giant fist coming at him through the air. He picked up the Wolf Fang Bat and smashed at it and shattered the fist. But in the moment immediately following, his gaze was completely glued there. Both arms of Yu Sheng were throwing out violent attacks so that the thousand hands of Buddha bloomed into an endless aurora of fists, drowning the entire Law Battle Platform with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

If it was only a large-scale attack it would have been meaningless because a simple release of spell could have blocked it. But the fists thrown by Yu Sheng, each seemed to be able to pulverize the void. With the endless aurora of fists erupting at the same time, just how terrible would it be? It was like the apocalypse.

All the cultivators gathered all their strengths in defense, but the great rumbling of noises could still be heard. Shadows of bodies successively flew out and hit the light screen of the matrix, and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Soon, except for Wei Chifeng, whose battle power was extremely strong, everyone else had fallen.  At this time, Wei Chifeng was still madly smashing the Wolf Fang Bat, but he saw a shadow of a figure coming from the void. When his Wolf Fang Bats smashed down, Yu Sheng reached out and caught it, and in the next moment, his body was being swung into the air.

"I'm not fighting anymore," Wei Chifeng said loudly, and then his body flew right out.

From the Seventh Layer of Heaven down, there was a silence in the view stands. In the two matchups, both battles had initiated great matrices so that even those below the Seventh Layer of Heaven could see the two battles.

The ending was shocking.

The two, with absolute power, swept the Seventh Layer of Heaven.

Who could oppose them in the Jiutian Temple?

"Take it." The cultivator who presided over the Law Battle engraved the Jiutian Order Token with the Eighth Layer of Heaven and gave it to Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng took it and walked back to the view stands. Ye Futian turned and walked toward the stairwell, with Yu Sheng following behind and the Village Chief following.

They were going to the Eighth Layer of Heaven.

"Let's go." from the Seventh Layer of Heaven, many were following them. Not only the Seventh Layer of Heaven but even people from below were crazily rushing toward the top, ready to see with their own eyes the Eighth Layer of Heaven.


At this time, people in the Eighth Layer of Heaven did not know what happened below.

In the Jiutian Temple, Jiutian was the most supreme level. The battle of the Ninth Layer of Heaven was the battle of the Jiutian Ranking. Any battle would be projected to the vast Jiutian Temple, which was immense.  Secondly, it was the key battle of Eighth Layer of Heaven, the battle of eight consecutive victories, and the battle of nine consecutive victories.

The battle for advancement in the Seventh Layer of Heaven, likewise, would also be projected downwards, but it was impossible to move up. Above, it was a more advanced battlefield.

At this time in the Eighth Layer of Heaven, there was a group who was particularly dazzling. It was Gu Dongliu and the others who had defeated Mu Fanchen not too long ago. Gu Dongliu sat in place and there were many people surrounding him, all of whom were from the Holy Zhi Palace in Barren State.

Among the people, there was someone lying there quietly, and it was Ye Wuchen. There was a last battle, and then the Ninth Layer of Heaven would be a reality, so they had brought Ye Wuchen with them. Even if they could participate in the battle of nine-game victories today, they would not leave. They would be here waiting for the coming of the last battle.

They must get to Jiutian, defeat Pei Qianying, or they would never return.

All around them, countless eyes were looking at them. From this procession of people, all could feel the determination that exuded from them and the confidence to move straight ahead.

Right then, some loud noises came from the direction of the stairs, and there was a group of cultivators climbing upward magnanimously.

At the forefront, there were three people, and they stepped into the Eighth Layer of Heaven!
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    《The Legend of Futian》