The Legend of Futian
916 Difference
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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916 Difference

"Who is it?" There were less people on the Eighth Layer of Heaven, and anyone who could get here was extraordinary.

They looked strangely at the crowd of people coming up the stairs. They did not recognize the three people in front, but they must have achieved a brilliant record on the Seventh Layer of Heaven to attract such a following.

The three people in front looked all around, and then their gazes fell upon the group of people sitting quietly far away. They walked over there, and everyone moved aside to let them pass.

They seemed to sense something. Those who were sitting there quietly looked up slightly and saw the heroic figures in front of them.

At that moment, the figures stood up solemnly as they stared at the ones coming towards them.

Ye Futian had come.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He had come from the Nine States and fought his way to the Eighth Layer of Heaven.

Ye Futian had obviously heard the news and rushed here to find them.

They wanted to say something, but when they saw his eyes fall upon Wuchen, they did not know what to say. They had all come here to train with Xia Qingyuan, but Ye Wuchen was the only one who had met with misfortune. They were all responsible for it. They all felt guilty. So they had not returned to the Nine States, instead coming here to Jiutian Temple.

The others on the Eights Layer of Heaven could feel that something was going on. It seemed that these people who had come to the Eighth Layer of Heaven knew Gu Dongliu and the others.

Three of them walked over to where Gu Dongliu was.

Gu Dongliu looked up at Ye Futian as he walked over to him. Ye Futian walked to Ye Wuchen's side. He was lying there quietly with Phoenix beside him. She was the only one there good at healing.

Ye Futian reached out with his spiritual energy and felt that Ye Wuchen's spiritual will was still fluctuating. He did not seem like someone who was sleeping, especially when looking at the space between his eyebrows. Invisible waves were still flowing out of him, and he was still shockingly bloody. He seemed to be in great pain, and his spiritual energy seemed to be tightly stretched. He did not dare to slacken it at all. Even though it had already come to this point, he still held on.

Crack! Beside Ye Futian, Yu Sheng clenched his fists, making a crisp sound. In that quiet space, one could faintly feel the fury hidden within the silence.

"Someone removed his life spirit," Phoenix said to Ye Futian.

"I know." Ye Futian looked at Wuchen. There was no wild aura coming from him. He seemed very calm. No one was surprised. Since Ye Futian had already come this far, then it was not surprising that he already knew everything.

"After Wuchen's life spirit was taken away, he never let go of his connection with it. He kept trying to control it and summon it back. I assume that he wanted to use the sword will that had been immersed into his life spirit," said Phoenix softly. "However, the one who took his life spirit sealed it away and may be trying to refine the sword will. If the one who did this is unscrupulous, they may directly destroy his life spirit."

Ye Futian knew that Phoenix had said "unscrupulous" because of Xia Qingyuan. Xia Qingyuan had given them three months to fight their way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven and challenge Pei Qianying.

"He has always been a persistent person," said Ye Futian. He naturally knew Wuchen's persistence and tenacity better than anyone. So he would definitely not give up easily.

"I only need to win one more battle to make it to the Ninth Layer of Heaven. I will pay him back for this," said Gu Dongliu.

"Third Brother," Ye Futian looked up at Gu Dongliu, "I will go with you."

Pei Qianying would pay for this.

"Big Brother, Second Sister..." Ye Futian looked at the familiar figures around him. He had not seen them for more than three years. They had all become more mature, and their presence was more imposing. They had clearly reached a higher level than before. Big Brother had already reached the lower Sage Plane, and thus had no way to enter Jiutian Temple. After all, his opponents would be sages, even top-level ones.

Third Brother had cultivated up to the higher Magi Plane. Thus he had made it all the way to the Eighth Layer of Heaven. He only needed to win one more before he could enter the Ninth. The others had all improved as well, almost all of them having made it to the Magi Plane. But most of them were mid and lower level Magi.

"Jieyu." Ye Futian finally looked at Hua Jieyu. She was the one he was closest to, but she was the last one he called, but she naturally understood him. She walked to his side and nodded slightly. She blamed herself a little bit, and said, "It's my fault that I couldn't protect Wuchen." Among them, she and Sword Saint had the most combat capability.

"Jieyu, this has nothing to do with you. We were all held up in the ruins, and we had no chance to stop what Pei Qianying's people did to Wuchen," said Zhuge Mingyue to Hua Jieyu.

Ye Futian looked at Hua Jieyu, who was still feeling guilty. He took her hand and looked at her, saying, "Since Wuchen is still in contact with his life spirit, we still have time. When he wakes up, we will go back to the Barren State."

"Mm." Everyone nodded. Ye Futian's calm words had given them fierce determination.

When Wuchen woke up, they would return to the Barren State. 

The people on the Eighth Layer of Heaven looked at this group of people and one by one they guessed Ye Futian's identity. The most beautiful woman of the Barren State seemed to be his woman. These people had come to train with Princess Xia Qingyuan, but Ye Futian had not taken part, so many people wondered who he was.

At that moment, the people who presided over the Law Battle Platform in the Seventh Layer of Heaven followed them up. They talked with the ones who presided over the Law Battle Platform of the Eighth Layer of Heaven, making them look over at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng with amazement. These two had fought through a group of heroes to enter the Eighth Layer of Heaven by their own strength.

Ye Futian looked up at them and said, "I wanted to prove everything when I was in the Seventh Layer of Heaven. I have no time to wait, can I directly challenge those with winning streaks?"

A strange look came over the faces of all the cultivators of the Eighth Layer of Heaven. What had happened on the Seventh Layer?

"There aren't that many people on the Eighth Layer of Heaven, and they don't all come to Jiutian Temple every day. Those who have a winning-streak are particularly rare. Once you have a seven or eight victory streak you have to wait a long time to get a battle. Even if I agree to your request, there aren't enough people on the Eighth Layer of Heaven right now," answered one of the cultivators.

"I heard that the Princess fought her way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven in a single day," said Ye Futian. Everyone looked at him in surprise.

Could it be that this guy had made it all the way to the Eighth Layer of Heaven in a single day? Moreover, was he really comparing himself to the Princess?

Was he crazy?

In Emperor Xia's realm, Princess Xia Qingyuan was hailed as the foremost talent of the younger generation. Emperor Xia had even said that Xia Qingyuan was more talented than he was at her age. There was no one of the same age as her in Emperor Xia's realm who could compete with her.

"Such arrogance!" one of the cultivators on the platform berated him. "With the Princess's status, of course when she made her challenge to Jiutian Temple, all the heroes gathered together to witness her peerless style. That was how she was able to fight her way to the Ninth Level of Heaven in one day."

"In that case, if we spread the news that I wish to fight my way to the Ninth Level of Heaven throughout Jiutian Temple, will that speed things up?" asked Ye Futian.

The cultivators on the Law Battle Platform looked at him sharply. Ye Futian's incredible strength had been confirmed by what he had done on the Seventh Layer of Heaven. But he was simply too arrogant. He looked down on the cultivators of Jiutian Temple as if he, matchless in the Nine States, was also able to achieve invincibility in Emperor Xia's realm. He was insane!

"What if we schedule it for seven days from now?" said a cultivator coldly. Since Ye Futian wanted to promote himself, Jiutian Temple was willing to accommodate him. This also had benefits for Jiutian Temple. It would attract attention as crowds would gather to feast their eyes on the group of heroes gathered there.

"Considering Jiutian Temple's power, shouldn't one day be enough?" said Ye Futian. Seven days was too long.

"Three days. That's the bottom line," answered the cultivator indifferently. Ye Futian stared at him. He understood Jiutian Temple's intention. One day was too hasty, and then news would not ferment quickly enough. They obviously wanted to attract the greatest number of spectators possible and have innumerable people come.

So they hoped for seven days.

"Fine," answered Ye Futian. He knew that even if he persisted it would be of no use; Jiutian Temple would not agree.

Still looking at the cultivator, he said, "By the way, also let Pei Qianying know to be ready and waiting in three days on the Ninth Layer of Heaven."

Everyone's hearts pounded in their chests. Ye Futian had called out Pei Qianying of the Jiutian Ranking.

Now it was not just Gu Dongliu.

"Let's go," said Ye Futian to his three brothers. They nodded, and then carried Ye Wuchen out. 

After they left, the news spread quickly throughout Jiutian Temple, which immediately triggered an enormous uproar and shocked many cultivators.

Jueying Palace in Emperor Xia's realm was where the Jueying Sword Saint cultivated. It was also the home of the Pei family. At this moment, the Jueying Sword Saint was in one of the palace halls surrounded by countless sword wills. In front of him was a small silver sword. But this weak, small silver sword was filled with three terrifying sword wills that were connected to it.

He wanted to refine the sword wills, but that small silver sword was not willing to let go of them. They were one with the sword, and if he wanted to refine them out he would have to destroy the sword. But to do this would be to disobey Xia Qingyuan. Obviously, even though he was a Sword Saint, he couldn't offend Xia Qingyuan. He would rather wait three months.

At that moment, in a courtyard outside the palace, there was an unusual, handsome young man sitting quietly, listening to reports. One man had fought his way to the Seventh Layer of Heaven and challenged nine great cultivators at once there? And he was said to be peerless within the Nine States?

His eyes became as sharp as a sword pulled out of its sheath. He said coldly, "In three days, he will learn the difference between the Seventh Layer of Heaven and the Ninth, as well as the difference between the cultivators of the Upper Worlds and the Lower!"
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    《The Legend of Futian》