The Legend of Futian
919 To the Ninth Layer of Heaven together
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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919 To the Ninth Layer of Heaven together

Countless looked at the stage at the Eighth Layer of Heaven at the Jiutian Temple. The roc and the ape crushed every single exterior incarnation there was. That ancient god-like figure took to the air and lashed out with its hand, bringing boundless light of particles downward. Many felt at the moment as if the stars had been brought down upon Mu Fanchen.

Mu Fanchen's efforts of defending against the onslaught with all he had proved futile. He was quickly overwhelmed and ended up spitting blood, dropping limply on the stage. Someone as powerful as Mu Fanchen was completely powerless against Ye Futian and was thoroughly overpowered in a one-on-one battle.

The difference was so huge that Ye Futian had only been standing where he was throughout the fight, commanding his powers while standing proud. His tall and proud silhouette in the air enabled everyone to feel the true might of the peerless one of the Nine States. He, a cultivator from the Nine States, crushed every single doubt cast upon him with his unquestionable powers.

Countless were shocked at the Eighth Layer of Heaven. Zhao Shi hung her head low and dared not look at the outcome. Her eyes were slightly reddened and she felt endlessly pathetic. The person whom she had seen to be her destined one, was insignificant and utterly powerless before the foreigner.

She felt as if something had been broken and sadness welled from her heart. She had no idea if she was feeling sad for herself or for Mu Fanchen.

Ye Futian did not pay any heed to the emotions of the spectators. His eyes remained eerily sharp while the roc and the ape continued to attack the other nine mighty ones around him. The ancient god's body invoked an even more terrifying star particle energies around its body.

Boom. Two booms were heard as the roc lashed out with the halberd at its target. The sky seemed to have been torn with the attack. The ape brandished its staff and lashed out with the Nine Heavenly Attacks, causing two mighty ones internal injuries.

"Let's go," Wang Jing said. He apparently knew that his powers alone were utterly inadequate to move against Ye Futian. Pride had no little to no place before absolute power. The fact that one was weak remained.

The others shimmered at great speeds seeing the ancient god brought its hand down on them. Powerful attacks burst and they slithered through the boundless particles, lashing out at Ye Futian like streams of light.

However, Ye Futian had complete control of everything with that attack. Ye Futian remained totally unfettered seeing the mighty ones coming at him. He lifted his hand up in the air and unleashed his Space-freezing Rules. At the same time, he brought his rule spell to bear—the Star Prison.

The stage seemed to have been buried by the stars in an instant. Every single mighty one who lashed out at Ye Futian was trapped within the Star Prison, feeling utterly incapable of moving.

"Break." Dazzling light burst from Wang Jing's body, tearing the prison apart and lashing out at Ye Futian. There was another who dissipated into hundreds of thousands of mirages and reconfigured themselves again, bringing massive destructive powers at Ye Futian.

They were all top-notch figures at the Eighth Layer of Heaven after all and were at the pinnacle of Magi Plane, which meant that they still had tricks up their sleeves to resist Ye Futian. Ye Futian extended his hand and an incredibly dazzling golden halberd appeared. It was a weapon materialized by coalescing the power of rules. Terrifying storm of rules circled around the halberd and he moved at the very next moment.

One mighty one dissolved into a massive number of mirages and came at him with overwhelming force. Ye Futian was totally doubtless in his movements. He flashed and lashed out with a straight thrust with the golden halberd. A terrifying vortex of destruction manifested at the tip of the weapon like a blackhole. The mirages were torn to shreds in an instant and penetrated.

The halberd hit flesh and blood with a crisp stabbing noise. A figure stopped moving in the air, looking at the spot below their shoulder, where power capable of tearing everything was waiting to burst, as if their entire body would have been torn to shreds if Ye Futian so willed it.

Ye Futian flicked his arm and threw that person's body away. He continued moving forward with the halberd in his hand. Seeing the others have broken out of their predicament, he extended his left arm once again. Space-time around all seemed to have ground to a halt as the Space Prison was brought to bear.

Voom. Ye Futian's body accelerated all of a sudden. Boundless light coursed on the halberd in his hand, while slivers of will of rules shrouded the place.

The halberd shot forward. A beam of blinding light streaked through the air and crashed straight onto the Star Prison. The rule spell that he had laid in place exploded and all the mighty ones who were trapped within felt as if their bodies were about to be torn apart. They all let out subdued grunts.

Ye Futian flicked his arm as he saw Wang Jing coming at him. He threw the halberd with extreme force. A beam of light tore through the space and shredded Wang Jing's attack completely. The halberd was totally unstoppable.

Wang Jing was utterly startled one as he gathered all he was able to muster to block the attack. However, the halberd broke through his defense nonetheless and he felt as if his body was going to explode. Blood shot from his mouth as he crashed hard onto the edge of the stage. Blood still dripped at the corner of his mouth as he hit the ground.

The roc, the ape, and the dragon all shot out with a massive force to clear the battlefield. Crashing booms were heard everywhere. Soon enough, everyone on that stage but Ye Futian was panting without exception as they were all injured. Every single one of them looked at Ye Futian with pale faces.

Ye Futian, who was basking in boundless glory at the moment, stood proudly in the air above the stage like some undefeatable god, looking down on his opponents. He overpowered all top ten mighty ones of the Eighth Layer of Heaven with his powers alone, breaking through the Eighth Layer of Heaven.

"This is really something." Countless at the Jiutian Temple gazed at the figure who looked invincible.

"Ye Futian of the Nine States making it to the Ninth Layer of Heaven and will be ranked on the Jiutian Ranking."

The host of the battle presented Ye Futian with the Jiutian Order Token for passage into the Ninth on the stage. Ye Futian's name would be listed on the Jiutian Ranking and etched on the Ninth Layer of Heaven. However, Ye Futian did not care for any of that. He looked up at the Ninth Layer of Heaven and held the halberd in his hand high, pointing at the Ninth. His next battle would be fought between him and Pei Qianying, who was listed on the Jiutian Ranking.

Everyone went insane at his deliberately provocative move. Cheers boomed throughout the place. It was a crazy show of force. If one were to simply boast without having the power to back it, that would have been little more than arrogance. However, Ye Futian demonstrated his prowess like none other, and that made everyone crazy about him.

Pei Qianying stated that Ye Futian and the others would have learned fear and respect from that day on and that he would wait for Ye Futian at the Ninth Layer of Heaven. At that very moment, Ye Futian's halberd was pointed at the Ninth.

It was a move that made everyone go crazy.

"Look at Yu Sheng's stage." Many turned their eyes at the other two stages. Yu Sheng brought both demonic and Buddhist powers to bear at the same time, overpowering all of his opponents. Like Ye Futian, he went on to attack all ten of his opponents, with every strike being earth-shaking.

There were some among the ten who were able to hit him but utterly failed to make him budge. On the other hand, one strike from Yu Sheng rendered them utterly incapable of even getting up, robbing them of any fighting capacity. Such insane levels of both offense and defense inspired nothing but despair in his opponents.

"Yu Sheng will win as well." Many shuddered deep down. Both of them were about to step into the Ninth Layer of Heaven.

"The tables are in Gu Dongliu's favor and he is attacking furiously." In yet another battlefield, Gu Dongliu was seen pummeling his opponent.

The scene made the hearts of the spectators pump hard. Are there going to be three mighty ones making to the Ninth Layer of Heaven today?

"The powers of Little Brother and Yu Sheng are getting increasingly strong. While they did not go on pilgrimages with us for the past three years or so, it seemed that they never slacked in their training." Zhuge Mingyue looked at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng and felt rather pleased with their combat capacity. They had been coming here all the way from the Nine States, making it past the Sky Stairwell and fighting their way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven.

Pei Qianying needed to pay for what he did.

"Yeah." The Sword Saint nodded slightly. They all hoped to nurture their Little Brother back in the day, but Ye Futian's powers were no longer any weaker than his elder brother's and sister's.

Both the Sword Saint and Zhuge Mingyue were pleased and proud at the same time. No one below the Saint Plane could rival Ye Futian's powers within another few years. It would have been the doom for those from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty who were not at Saint Plane.

With yet another boom, Yu Sheng sent the last of his opponent flying. His stout, unyielding frame stood proud at the stage while shining brilliantly, looking invincible and unsurmountable.

The second person to make it to the Ninth Layer of Heaven was born that day.

On Gu Dongliu's stage, Li Feng eventually became unable to withstand Gu Dongliu's relentless attacks and was hit. His body crashed into the light of the matrix of the stage and spat up blood. Li Feng lost the battle.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Jiutian Temple went quiet for a moment when that happened. The crazy cheers subsided. But at the very next moment, the uproar went even more insane, resounding through the heavens.

Three mighty victors stood on three different stages as if they had been fighting side by side all along. Every one of them brought unquestionable power to their battles. Within the span of a single day, they, from the Lower Worlds, made it to the Ninth Layer of Heaven at the same time and were all ranked on the Jiutian Ranking.

There had never been a scene where three cultivators made it to the Ninth Layer of Heaven at the same time within a day since the founding of the Jiutian Temple.

All three of them made history that day. 

They made good on their words, fighting all the way up to the Ninth Layer of Heaven. Furthermore, they did not stumble throughout their journey and had instead looked brilliant, invincible, and utterly unstoppable while they were at it. If they were to win against Pei Qianying, who was ranked on the Jiutian Ranking, they would have broken through the Ninth Layer of Heaven.

It would have been enough to make one burn just imagining the scene.

Many came to support the three who came from the Lower Worlds one way or another. Pei Qianying had been the one in the wrong for stripping others of their Life Spirit in the first place. Gu Dongliu would make it to the Ninth Layer of Heaven and gain the chance to fight him face to face. However, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng came before Gu Dongliu finished what he came to do. Both of them came all the way through the Nine States.

Ye Futian and the others did not care about what the spectators of the Jiutian Temple thought about them and paid no heed to the cheers. They came with one specific purpose, and that was to fight Pei Qianying, not get onto the Jiutian Ranking.

If Pei Qianying was waiting for them at the Ninth Layer of Heaven of the Jiutian Temple, then they would have only needed to make it all the way there.

The projections of the stages at the Eighth Layer of Heaven disappeared and the lights dimmed. Countless went on to wait again at the Jiutian Temple.

Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Gu Dongliu walked towards the stands and took a look at Ye Wuchen, then said, "Let's go." They then turned around and headed for the steps.

Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Gu Dongliu were at the forefront, making their way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven of the Jiutian Temple one step at a time!
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    《The Legend of Futian》