The Legend of Futian
920 Inheritor of Lihen Sword Palace
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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920 Inheritor of Lihen Sword Palace

Jiutian Temple on the Ninth Layer of Heaven embodied the glorious history of Emperor Xia's realm. The countless heroic figures in the Upper Worlds had all made names for themselves here. So far, each of the names inscribed in the Celestial Ranking was dazzling.

The Ninth Layer of Heaven was completely different from the Eighth. It had a much broader magnificence. This was not only a place of Law Battles but also where the abbot cultivated himself. Behind the Law Battle Platform were incomparably spectacular palaces that were just as imposing as an imperial palace. Moreover, the arrangement and placement of the stands were completely different from down below.

As you went up the stairs to the Eighth Layer of Heaven, you could set foot upon the Ninth Layer. There were seats on both sides, but far less than on the Eighth Layer.

The battles that took place on the Ninth Layer of Heaven were all battles for the Jiutian Ranking. Few battles took place. Even when a battle did happen, everyone who came to watch were all extraordinary figures. Ordinary people couldn't afford the admission, and those who were qualified to come didn't need to pay admission.

In front of the stairs was a caved-in Law Battle Platform. There were no rays of light on it, nor matrices. It seemed to be dark and lightless. Continuing forward, there was another high platform, which was a very honorable seat. In front of it was a lofty palace built on top of the palaces of the Ninth Layer of Heaven. There was also a huge stone tablet there with names carved into it. It was the Jiutian Ranking.

At the moment, there were three places open on the tablet, left for Ye Futian and the others. They had fought their way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven and had earned the right to enter the Jiutian Ranking. They would have their names engraved alongside many of the powerful figures of Emperor Xia's realm.

At that moment, Pei Qianying sat upon that noble seat. Cultivators of the Jiutian Ranking who came there all had the right to sit upon that seat. This was a way of showing respect to them. And Pei Qianying wasn't the only one sitting there; many people were there as well.

Today's battle had surprised many people in Emperor Xia's realm and some of the cultivators of the Jiutian Ranking had personally come to observe it. There were not many seats on both sides of the platform, and they were all full. Some people were even standing. They all looked towards the stairs. They had naturally just heard that shocking scream.

The people who had come from the Nine States were about to enter the Jiutian Ranking on the Ninth Layer of Heaven.

A young man with an imposing manner dressed in blue robes walked up behind Pei Qianying and said, "The three of them have entered the Jiutian Ranking, and they have just set foot on the stairs up to the Ninth Layer of Heaven."

Gu Mu, the young master of Jiutian Temple, was extremely strong. He had cultivated to the Sage Plane and was well acquainted with Pei Qianying. After all, Pei Qianying's talent was outstanding. He was not only on the Jiutian Ranking, but he had two other identities. He was the young master of Jueying Palace and the son of the Jueying Sword Saint. Of course, had it only been for these identities, Pei Qianying would not be worthy of his friendship.

Pei Qianying had also been sent to the Lihen Sword Palace to cultivate by the Jueying Sword Saint. That place was known as the premier holy land for swordsmanship in Emperor Xia's realm. The Lihen Sword Palace was at the same level as Jiutian Temple.

Today, some people from the Lihen Sword Palace had come to watch the battle and cheer for Pei Qianying, the celestial companions Mo Li and Feng Yu. These two were both on the Jiutian Ranking and were peerless masters. They were Pei Qianying's brother and sister in training.

"Since they were able to climb the Sky Stairwell, it is not surprising that they would boast that they are unrivalled in the Nine States," Pei Qianying said calmly. "It's just that worthy opponents rarely come from the Nine States, and they still think they can be unrivalled in Emperor Xia's realm?"

"In the next battle, they will understand. When Ye Futian arrived and rushed into Jiutian Temple, this could be described as revealing his talent. And by making them change their rules he could be compared to the little Princess." Gu Mu smiled as he spoke. He was the young master of Jiutian Temple, so naturally, he knew everything that had happened before. "There are so many powerful figures in Jiutian Temple, but that guy from the Lower World is the most arrogant that I have ever seen. He's like an arrogant prince of the Nine Heavens, and he thinks that in all the world only he can stand shoulder to shoulder with the Princess," continued Gu Mu. He seemed kind of interested in all of this. He had seen all kinds of people in Jiutian Temple. But Ye Futian was the first of his kind that he had seen.

"So, after today, he will learn about respect." Pei Qianying's eyes were as sharp as swords.

How could the three of them be equal to the Ninth Layer of Heaven? Many years ago when he was still at the Sage Plane, he had fought his way onto the Jiutian Ranking. Many years had passed and he had only gotten stronger. Now that he could get back on it on the Magi Plane, he would do so in a sweeping manner.

Over the past few years, he had fought with people on the Jiutian Ranking, had cultivated at the Lihen Sword Palace, and had practiced swordsmanship with his fellow disciples. As for his sword technique, even his father said he was far beyond him.

Even if the three of them came at him at once, what could they do?

"Brother, they came up the Sky Stairwell from the Nine States and reached the Ninth Layer of Heaven along the way. Their power must be extraordinary. Even though you're confident, you can't be too careless. You have practiced swordsmanship, you know the cost of underestimating your opponent," beside him, Mo Li from the Lihen Sword Palace whispered to him lightly. His voice was soft, like a gentle drizzle. He was refined and cultivated, and such a gentle person that it was hard to imagine that he was an outstanding swordsman. Of course, besides studying swordsmanship he had also studied Rhythmic Sorcery and the Guqin Path.

"I understand." Pei Qianying nodded. In a swordfight, a single blow could be fatal.

He would not give his opponent a chance.

To climb up the Sky Stairwell and fight your way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven was quite brilliant. If he defeated him it would doubtless become a legendary story that people would pass along. However, the story was not destined to end that way.

"I want to see this man who comes from the Nine States and boasts that he has no equal too," said a swift and fierce youth beside him with a smile. He was a cultivator of the Jiutian Ranking, Qin Qi, who was born in one of the most prestigious holy places in Emperor Xia's realm, Qin Palace.

In reality, there were extremely few people of common birth on the Jiutian Ranking. They all had extraordinary status. Even if they were less well-born, they had later joined powerful forces.

The sound of footsteps came from the stairs, and then there was the sound of clamoring. The sound of footsteps grew clearer and clearer, and suddenly a beam of light shot towards the stairs, and the Ninth Layer of Heaven became quiet.

Soon a face appeared in their line of sight. He was extremely handsome and looked to be only in his twenties, extremely young. Whether or not he was truly young they couldn't be sure.

His eyes were deep, like a starry sky, and his long hair reached his shoulders. At that moment, he stared straight ahead, as if his gaze could pierce through the air. A majestic and cold aura emanated from him. Although he had only cultivated to the Magi Plane, his aura gave people a feeling of detachment, as if he was in a high place overlooking everything.

It was said that he had come from the Nine States in the Lower World, and was the Palace Lord of a holy land. Since he was a Palace Lord, it was only natural that he would have such a superior aura.

Beside Ye Futian, Yu Sheng and Gu Dongliu's auras were equally incredible. One was vigorous and spirited, and the other was sturdy and strong.

The three cultivators stepped onto the stairs.

At that moment, some cultivators of the Jiutian Ranking blocked their way and swept their gaze over the three of them.

"Let them come up," Gu Mu said indifferently. The others suddenly let them pass, letting Hua Jieyu and the others step into the Ninth Layer of Heaven. They also carried Ye Wuchen's body.

Many people followed them into the Ninth Layer of Heaven. Of course, they were all people with extraordinary identities. For example, Li Qingyun came up as well, but he had to pay a lot to do so.

Ye Futian and the others walked up step by step. They came to the end of the stairs and in front of them was the caved-in Law Battle Platform. In front of that was the high platform upon which sat many figures.

One of them had eyes as sharp as swords. He seemed to have a Sword Will with him, and he cast his sharp gaze towards them. Even though this was the first time seeing him, it was obviously Pei Qianying.

Gu Dongliu, Zhuge Mingyue, and the others looked coldly at Pei Qianying. They had naturally met him in the process of undergoing trials.

Gu Mu stood up and said to Ye Futian, "Congratulations to the three of you for entering the Ninth Layer of Heaven. You may follow me to the stone tablet and personally inscribe your names onto the Jiutian Ranking, leaving your seal there."

"That won't be necessary," Ye Futian said as he looked at Mu Gu.

Gu Mu stood next to Pei Qianying. He had heard that the young master of Jiutian Temple had a good relationship with Pei Qianying, and where he was standing now proved that was true.

Ye Futian naturally did not think that if he managed to fight his way through the Ninth Layer of Heaven Gu Mu would consider his viewpoint. Fighting through the Nine Layers of Heaven was really just a martial trial for the people of Emperor Xia's realm and a way to prove oneself, and didn't have much relationship with Jiutian Temple itself. Therefore, no one needed to consider their opponents. Moreover, he had come from the Lower World.

Gu Mu smiled carelessly. He was really an interesting character, which was also expected. Ye Futian and the others had not come from the Lower World and fought their way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven to get on the Jiutian Ranking.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Writing your name on the Jiutian Ranking has centuries of history. Are you scorning this history?" asked Qin Qi with a smile. Sure enough, he really was too arrogant and did not even care about the Jiutian Ranking.

Ye Futian glanced at Qin Qi. If Pei Qianying and Xia Qinyuan had not set this rule, he would not have come to the Ninth Layer of Heaven.

"I came to find him." Ye Futian looked at Pei Qianying and said, "Where is the Life Spirit?"

At that moment Ye Wuchen's face contorted as his Spiritual Energy fluctuated and became stronger. His Life Spirit was still in his opponent's hands.

"What does the Sword Saint of the Void have to do with you?" At that moment a sharp Sword Will filled the air. Ye Futian looked at the person beside Pei Qianying. It was someone on the Saint Plane, similar to Pei Qianying.

It was obviously the Jueying Sword Saint. The Jueying Sword Saint looked at the Village Chief behind Ye Futian. He had seen him before.

"The Sword Saint of the Void?" Mo Li and Feng Xiao's eyes flashed. They had been born in the Lihen Sword Palace, so they naturally knew of the Sword Saint of the Void. He was the old rival of their master. After the Sword Saint of the Void had fallen, the Lihen Swordmaster had become the top swordsman of Emperor Xia.

Ye Futian looked at his opponents. He felt coldness emanate from the Jueying Sword Saint. He had heard the Village Chief say that in the past the Jueying Sword Saint had called upon the Sword Saint of the Void and been rejected.

"Senior." Mo Li and Feng Xiao looked at the Jueying Sword Saint.

"The person behind him is the Sword Saint of the Void's sword servant from all those years ago," said the Jueying Sword Saint. The two of them looked at the Village Chief, and then their gaze once again fell upon Ye Futian. No wonder someone from the Lower World was so outstanding, he had a connection to the Sword Saint of the Void.

"Since you have a connection to the Sword Saint of the Void, you will leave on your own, and depart from the Ninth Level of Heaven," Feng Xiao said coldly to Ye Futian. She respected the Sword Saint of the Void whose name had once shaken the heavens and the earth. If Ye Futian was to fight today, he could not bear the cost of defeat!
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    《The Legend of Futian》