The Legend of Futian
921 In the Nine Heavens
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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921 In the Nine Heavens

Ye Futian turned his gaze to Feng Xiao.

Leave the Ninth Layer of Heaven? He had come from the Nine States, climbed the Sky Stairwell, and entered Jiutian Temple to come here and see the person who had stripped Wuchen of his Life Spirit.

Feng Xiao had asked him to leave the Ninth Layer of Heaven.

But Feng Xiao's face was calm and unperturbed, as if she was only thinking of Ye Futian's benefit. To say the name of the Sword Saint of the Void and then ask him to leave was the height of arrogance.

However, if he was able to sit up there, then this Feng Xiao must be a powerful figure in the Upper Worlds. Facing someone who came from the Lower World, he would naturally feel a strong sense of superiority. Even though he had fought his way into the Ninth Layer of Heaven, it seemed like that was still not enough for them to take him seriously. After all, those who sat up above had all done that before.

Those people's names shook the Upper Worlds.

As far as they were concerned, these guys fighting their way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven and wanting to break through Jiutian Temple was just a case of some crazy disciples from the Lower World who were too big for their boots.

In that case, let them be too big for their boots.

"Why don't you make Pei Qianying give back the Life Spirit, and at the same time remove your own Life Spirit in penance." Ye Futian glanced at Feng Xiao, his arrogant spirit seeming to blow against his face.

Feng Xiao frowned. Those on the seats up above looked interested in their conversation. Three days ago, they had heard that someone from the Nine States in the Lower World had broken into the Nine Heavens and that he was arrogant and overbearing. Today they discovered that he deserved that reputation.

"Pei Qianying is a disciple of the Lihen Sword Palace. Who do you think you are asking him to give back the Life Spirit and remove his own as penance?" Feng Xiao saw how impolite Ye Futian was, and so her tone became colder. She respected the Sword Saint of the Void, and so when she remembered that he had a connection to her opponent she tried to persuade him.

Ye Futian had fought his way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven and challenged Pei Qianying. If he was defeated, Pei Qianying would let him go. At that time, the cost would not just be leaving the Ninth Layer of Heaven.

Ye Futian stepped forward. Yu Sheng and Gu Dongliu followed him, moving forward step by step. Ye Futian's eyes were extremely sharp as he stared at Feng Xiao and said, "I have come from the Nine States, climbed the Sky Stairwell, and arrived here. Who do you think you are to ask me to leave?"

Feng Xiao's face became even colder, but she saw Ye Futian's gaze shift. He did not look at her anymore but instead looked at Pei Qianying.

"People from the Barren State came here with Xia Qingyuan to undergo trials, along with some people from the Upper Worlds. Together they went to the ruins for the trials. The Sword Will was refined and taken by Wuchen, and for this, you took the opportunity to strip him of his Life Spirit?" Ye Futian's eyes were extremely sharp as he advanced step by step towards Pei Qianying.

Pei Qianying stared back at Ye Futian. A terrible Sword Will could be seen in his eyes, and he said, "During trials, cultivators must take the chances offered to them by the Great Path. If one is powerless and cannot take the chance, why not seize it from them?"

"You trapped us in the ruins, sent people to rob and kill us and strip the Life Spirit. You call this taking the chances offered by the Great Path?" Gu Dongliu stepped forward, his eyes cold.

"Do you have any idea how insignificant you are? Ye Wuchen forcibly molded the Sword Will of the ruins, but did he really think he could hold onto it?" said someone beside Pei Qianying coldly. "If not for the Princess, do you think you could have survived coming here? Now you have brought two helpers from the Lower World, do you think that will let you turn the tables and reclaim the Life Spirit?" This was Xing Sen, a cultivator of the Jiutian Ranking and a friend of Pei Qianying.

Gu Dongliu glanced at him sharply and said, "When Pei Qianying removed Wuchen's Life Spirit, this one had a part in it. He has acted against us."

"He comes up to the Ninth Layer of Heaven and looks upon us Upper Worlders as nothing. What confidence!" Qin Qi said with a smile as he looked at these newly arrived cultivators with interest. He looked forward to seeing how much combat capability these people from the Nine States had.

Would they be able to leave here alive?

In the stands, everyone calmly watched what was happening. It looked like these figures of the Jiutian Ranking were very dissatisfied with Ye Futian's arrogance, as many of them had already expressed. 

Of course, many of them were just sitting there and watching the excitement without saying anything. Today they had come only to watch a battle. They wanted to see if these people who boasted of the excellence of the Nine States could shake Pei Qianying of the Jiutian Ranking.

Ye Futian swept his gaze over those who had spoken as he walked up to the edge of the steps. The caved-in Law Battle Platform was in front of him.

The wind blew through his white robe. He looked up at the figures sitting there proudly. They were all cultivators on the Jiutian Ranking, the heroic figures of the Upper Worlds. Of course, they were proud and confident. Why would they care about someone who had come from the Lower World?

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"You are correct." Ye Futian swept his gaze across the cultivators in the honored seats. "Forget the Nine Layers of Heaven. Even if there were ten, if Pei Qianying was on the tenth, I would still break through to that one."

An invisible pressure pervaded the Ninth Layer of Heaven. The silence was a little frightening. No one made a sound. Even the cultivators in the stands maintained their silence as they watched that figure standing proudly on the stairs. His robe fluttered in the wind and his black hair flowed down to his shoulders as he looked at those cultivators of the Jiutian Ranking. He had come up the Sky Stairwell from the Nine States. Forget nine layers; if there had been a Tenth Layer of Heaven he would have broken through to it.

How arrogant.

They all looked at Ye Futian as well. The young master of Jiutian Temple, Gu Mu, Mo Li of the Lihen Sword Palace, Feng Xiao, Pei Qianying, Qin Qi, Xing Sen , and many others' eyes all fell upon Ye Futian. He had admitted that he did not care about the Jiutian Ranking. He would have even fought his way up to the Tenth Layer of Heaven.

The figures on the Jiutian Ranking were the top talents of Emperor Xia's realm. Ye Futian's words were indeed unprecedented.

Princess Xia Qingyuan was proud, but hers was a reserved sort of pride.

"Do you want to try me?" Ye Futian swept his gaze over Qin Qi and Xing Sen, as he continued to speak with pride and dignity. There was another burst of silence. This was the cultivator who wanted to skip over the Jiutian Ranking?

At that moment a noise came from the sky. Everyone in Jiutian Temple looked up and saw an incomparably beautiful Divine Bird flying in the air above them. Jiutian Temple was a restricted airspace. There were few in Emperor Xia's realm who would dare fly there. However, when everyone saw that beast, they did not feel that something was wrong, rather, they felt their hearts beating faster.

Princess Xia Qingyuan had arrived.

This legendary figure of Emperor Xia's realm had come to personally observe the battle.

A burst of wild noise rang out from Jiutian Temple as they saw her descend from the sky towards the Ninth Layer of Heaven. A frightening aura emanated from her. She was a Sacred Beast.

On the Ninth Layer of Heaven, everyone looked up with solemn expressions.

Qingyuan descended as a Sacred Beast, but a beautiful woman dressed in men's clothing stepped down towards the seats of honor. Everyone made way for her and left the highest seat for her. No one dared to sit near her.

"Welcome, Princess." Gu Mu. Mo Li, Feng Xiao , and the others stood and bowed in greeting. Everyone in the stands stood up as well.

Ye Futian looked at her. Although she was dressed as a man, she was still more beautiful than any other woman.

In the Lower World, she was a Supervising Inspector. In the Upper Worlds, she was Emperor Xia's little princess, whom everyone respected. Ye Futian could understand Saint Xia's initial attitude towards her. In front of her, even ordinary figures of the Saint Plane must bow their heads.

Xia Qingyuan looked at Ye Futian as well. She was still quite impressed by him. He had refused to go to the trials with her but had climbed the Sky Stairwell through his own power. Moreover, he had fought his way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven. His talent was not only unparalleled in the Lower World.

"Ye Futian, of the Holy Zhi Palace in the Barren State, greets you, Princess," said Ye Futian. But he did not bow in greeting. The Nine States were Emperor Xia's land of orthodoxy. He was the Palace Lord of a holy land and was naturally under Emperor Xia's command. He greeted the Princess as normal, but as a Palace Lord of a holy land, he did not need to bow.

Xia Qingyuan still stared at him. She sensed a hint of arrogance and coldness from his eyes. She knew why. It must be because Ye Wuchen's Life Spirit was removed.

"You may continue," said Xia Qingyuan. She sat down as if she was just an outsider who had come to watch the battle.

"If that's the case, then let's get started." Gu Mu stepped forward and said in a loud clear voice, "Raise the Jiutian Law Battle Platform." When he said this, numerous cultivators suddenly stepped forward towards the caved-in platform and started up the matrix.

In a flash, the Law Battle Platform began to shake. The floor seemed to move, accompanied by a brilliant light blooming. The Law Battle Platform began to rise. Not only this but the seats where Xia Qingyuan and the others began to rise as well, getting higher and higher, staying higher than the Law Battle Platform.

Battles on the Ninth Layer of Heaven were all battles of the Jiutian Ranking. Everyone who sat up there was on the Jiutian Ranking or was an extraordinary person. For example, Xia Qingyuan was up there, so, the observation stands always had to be higher than the platform.

The Jiutian Law Battle Platform rose into the air, and suddenly, a brilliant radiance bloomed. At this moment, everyone there could see everything on the platform and could see Xia Qingyuan sitting in her place of honor.

A loud sound came from the Law Battle Platform and shot into the sky.

Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Gu Dongliu stepped forward and walked up to the platform. When they saw three figures walking up, Jiutian Temple was once again thrown into an uproar. 

Three people fighting at the same time?

Could it be that Pei Qianying was going to fight all three of them?

Pei Qianying had said before that today he would teach Ye Futian and the others respect. Could he do it?

High up in the stands, Pei Qianying rose to his feet. Sword Qi wrapped around him, making him look extremely brilliant. Then, as everyone watched breathlessly, Qin Qi and Xing Sen rose as well.

Everyone's hearts beat faster.

Pei Qianying, Qin Qi and Xing Sen were all cultivators of the Jiutian Ranking.

Today, in the Ninth Layer of Heaven, the three men who had come from the Nine States—Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Gu Dongliu—were going to fight three great cultivators of the Jiutian Ranking?

Everyone held their breath as they watched this shocking scene. Nothing this crazy had ever happened in Jiutian Temple before!
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    《The Legend of Futian》