The Legend of Futian
922 The Battle of the Ninth Layer of Heaven Part II
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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922 The Battle of the Ninth Layer of Heaven Part II

In Jiutian Temple, everyone looked up at the Law Battle Platform in the air.

That sacred Law Battle Platform had borne witness to a multitude of glorious battles.

Now there were six cultivators standing atop it.

Pei Qianying, the son of the Jueying Sword Saint and disciple of the Lihen Sword Palace, was a master swordsman. It was said that he had melded the Lihen Heaven Sword Technique and the Jueying Palace Sword Technique together, giving him incredible power.

Qin Qi of Qin Palace had cultivated in the Overbearing Style. This extremely arrogant style took all the power of heaven and earth and the Great Path into itself and was said to resound throughout the ages. In the vast heavens, the founder of Qin Palace was said to be someone at the Renhuang level, and the Overbearing Style had been started at Qin Palace.

Xing Sen was also extraordinary. He had cultivated his flesh until it could be said that it was unparalleled. His arrogance was unsurpassed. The rule power of his body could not be broken, and he was indestructible. He could break ritual implements with his flesh and blood body.

All of the figures standing on the Law Battle Platform had glorious histories. However, other than the people on the Ninth Layer of Heaven, everyone in Jiutian Temple had seen how the three cultivators from the Nine States had fought their way through the heavens. Could they really be weaker than them?

This battle would change the character and history of Jiutian Temple.

In today's battle, would the heroes of the Upper Worlds teach the cultivators of the Lower World respect?

Or would they break through the Ninth Layer of Heaven?

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The earth-shaking clamor gradually subsided as everyone held their breath and stared at the Ninth Layer of Heaven. Finally, the three cultivators in the air above the Law Battle Platform moved. The three cultivators, Qin Qi, Xing Sen , and Pei Qianying seemed to have a tacit understanding. They stepped forward at the same time towards Ye Futian and the others.

Pei Qianying stood in the middle, facing Ye Futian.

Qin Qi walked towards Gu Dongliu.

Xing Sen walked towards Yu Sheng.

There was only one battle platform, but it was big enough to accommodate three great battles. The three of them walked slowly towards the steps, and with every step, a thunderstorm seemed to sweep out towards Ye Futian and the others.

Ye Futian stood there feeling a terrible current of swordsmanship flowing around him. It seemed like there was an infinite sword will falling towards him, but he still stood there calmly, watching the figure walking towards him.

His eyes were full of pride, and he looked extremely indifferent.

Xing Sen's footsteps made the stairs tremble. A powerful aura came from him and pressed towards Yu Sheng. The aura reached Yu Sheng before he did, making him seem like a god of war. But Yu Sheng gazed at him coldly, not moving at all. He stood there as firmly as a mountain. Even if the sky fell before him his face would not change.

Gu Dongliu had said that Ye Wuchen's life spirit had been taken away, and this person had had a hand in it. He clenched his fists and a cracking sound rang out. He was full of an overbearing power, and dark golden light flowed out and covered his hands, making it seem like they had been cast in gold.

Boom! At that moment, the sky trembled, and everyone in Jiutian Temple looked to Qin Qi and saw that he had set foot upon the staircase. An unparalleled overbearing airflow flowed out from his body as he stared at Gu Dongliu.

"Those from the Nine States in the Lower World seek to fight their way through the Nine Heavens?" asked Qin Qi. His voice rolled out into the sky. His body was bathed in endless light. As he spoke, he stepped forward. In a flash, a rule power swept out. It came down from the sky and crashed into Gu Dongliu. His life spirit flashed behind him, and sunlight bloomed. A brilliant nine-layer pagoda appeared, with a golden dragon wrapped around it. It flew upwards, and it overlooked Gu Dongliu with its massive eyes.

At this moment, Qin Qi seemed like a true son of the dragon, unmatched in this world.

"How many people in the Nine Heavens are as strong as the Princess and have not claimed to be peerless?" continued Qin Qi. Suddenly a burst of brilliance swept out from the nine-layer pagoda. The power of heaven and earth was suppressed, and everyone saw multiple illusory pagodas falling onto Gu Dongliu, seeking to crush him into the platform.

The countless people in Jiutian Temple looked at Qin Qi. With his arrogant manner, he sought to kill Gu Dongliu.

Gu Dongliu naturally felt the overwhelming pressure. He was much stronger than any opponent he had faced before. 

The Nine Word Ring wrapped around him, and a Celestial Shadow appeared. His thoughts swept out and he felt the power of all the heavens. But he discovered that all the power of heaven and earth here was being used by his opponent, and he was using it to suppress him.

The Overbearing Style took all the power of heaven and earth and the Great Path into itself.

Rumble… A terrible power swept out, blowing Gu Dongliu's robes and hair. He felt his body being pressed down. Qin Qi continued to step into the sky, and the image of a true dragon descended. The nine-layer pagoda glowed as bright as the heavens. In all the world, it seemed that only he existed.

With every step, his aura grew stronger and pressed down on the heavens.

This was Qin Qi of the Qin Palace.

"People from the Lower World dared to boast that they were unmatched." An extremely arrogant voice came forth from Qin Qi as he stepped forward once more. In that instant, a huge gold dragon swooped down and the endless pagoda collapsed. The sky shook.

At this moment, he was the only one on the battle platform who was unmatched.

The Nine Word Ring wrapped around Gu Dongliu's body. He summoned the nine gods of war and they appeared all around him. The Light of Nine Words flashed brilliantly, resisting the pressure that pressed down on him. It seemed like the Great Path of heaven and earth was collapsing.

Qin Qi was not the only one launching an attack at the moment. On the other side, Xing Sen stepped towards Yu Sheng. His sturdy body was full of explosive power, and his physical form was not any weaker than Yu Sheng's.

He did not step through the air like Qin Qi but came directly down onto the Law Battle Platform. He walked towards Yu Sheng, and each step was filled with earth shaking power, making him seem like a god of war, unmatched within his generation.

Boom! A loud noise rang out. Xing Sen stepped forward and all the power of heaven and earth seemed to press down on Yu Sheng as Xing Sen alighted upon the platform. His body grew bigger and his robe ripped open. His muscles exploded in size. He raised his arms and struck out towards Yu Sheng. In that instant, there were a series of loud sounds, and the air seemed to have been pierced. The weight of the sky pressed down on Yu Sheng.

Bang! Yu Sheng stepped out and slammed his fist into his opponent's. His dark golden fist was filled with incomparable power as it came together with Xing Sen's.

At that moment, Yu Sheng felt an incredible dark power. The power coming from Xing Sen's arms seemed endless as they struck at him in quick succession, each strike accompanied by a loud noise. The two of them retreated at the same time.

Rumble! Xing Sen stepped onto the ground and a huge, burly shadow appeared behind him, standing there like a god of war. Suddenly, Xing Sen's body melded into it, and a billowing airflow rose up around him, devouring all the power of the heavens.

He stepped out once again to attack Yu Sheng. He said coldly, "In the world of cultivators the weak have no right to take away the gifts of the Great Path." He was obviously talking about Ye Wuchen's theft.

In the instant that he spoke, he launched another assault. Everything was broken as the battle platform shook.

"Such power..." Everything was extremely quiet in Jiutian Temple. Everyone held their breath as they watched the battle. They were so strong. Were these the cultivators of the Jiutian Ranking?

This was truly a battle of the Ninth Layer of Heaven.

At the center of the platform, Pei Qianying cast a glance at the battles taking place on both sides. Then, he walked proudly towards Ye Futian. He walked through the air, and with each step, an extremely sharp sword will descended towards Ye Futian.

However, at that moment starry laws appeared around Ye Futian, letting him stand his ground even as the sword wills fell. He still stood there calmly. He looked up and shot a cold glance at Pei Qianying as he walked towards him.

Pei Qianying's eyes were as sharp as his swords. The shrieking sword wills flowed around Ye Futian. He could feel his spirit shuddering.

Pei Qianying stretched out his hand, and suddenly, all the sword wills gathered above Ye Futian's head and turned into a Sword of the Great Path. The Sword Qi swallowed up everything. Standing under the sword, Ye Futian felt like his spiritual will was about to be broken. He felt a strong sense of threat, as if this sword could cleave his soul in two.

"Someone like him was not suitable for cultivating the Great Path, nor should he have taken what he did. I stripped him of his life spirit because he did not know his place." Pei Qianying looked at Ye Futian and coldly said, "You are the same. You say that you are without peers in the Nine States and can run about freely in the Lower World. But you have come from the Lower World to the Ninth Layer of Heaven without knowing your place. I will help you learn it." As he spoke, a huge sword descended from the sky, carrying a monstrous sword will and cutting through the air. In that instant, the spiritual will that filled Ye Futian seemed to be torn and shattered. The sword will covered the battlefield, breaking all spiritual willpower.

Ye Futian looked to the sky and suddenly the starry light bloomed, forming a star prison. However, the star broke right through it, tearing it bit by bit. His spiritual will could not be integrated into heaven and earth, and began to break.

This Sword Technique was known as the Lihen Sword.

In the stands, Feng Xiao looked coldly at Ye Futian. She naturally knew that since he had fought his way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven he was extremely talented, but could the people of the Jiutian Ranking be weaker than him? These three cultivators from the Lower World wanted to break through the Jiutian Ranking. How naive.

Ye Futian struck out with his fist. The Lihen Sword was breaking everything. Huge explosions sounded continuously through the air, and Ye Futian's body drifted backward.

"Is this your so-called ''peerlessness?'' Pei Qianying walked forward, pursuing and attacking Ye Futian. An even stronger sword will appeared, covering the sky.

Everyone in Jiutian Temple watched the battle unfold. All the cultivators from the Lower World were being suppressed. This was the extraordinary power of the Jiutian Ranking. Even though Ye Futian and the others had used their extraordinary abilities to fight their way up to the Ninth Layer of Heaven, they would not be able to get through here!
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    《The Legend of Futian》