The Legend of Futian
923 How Should I Deal with You
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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923 How Should I Deal with You

Pei Qianying, Qin Qi, Xing Sen. These geniuses on the Jiutian Ranking naturally had more trump cards.

Ye Futian and the others had fought their way up from the Lower Worlds, but they would probably meet a tragic end.

Seeing Ye Futian being knocked back, Pei Qianying would naturally not let him off. Countless Sword Wills descended and he continued forward. On the battle arena, shadow blades appeared with void glows around them.

"Go." Pei Qianying pointed towards Ye Futian and instantly, tens of thousands of illusory blades of light slashed towards Ye Futian. There was no way he could block them all.

Starry Brilliance shone around Ye Futian and continued to shield him. He repeatedly stepped back, and thunderous sounds could be heard as the blades slashed over and over, eventually penetrating through the Starry Brilliance and tearing it to shreds.

He's being suppressed. There were countless experts on the Ninth Layer of Heaven watching the match, and they were stunned when they saw the scene. The Jueying Sword Saint's son, Lihen Heaven's disciple, Pei Qianying, was not someone that could be defeated by a person from the Lower Worlds, even if Ye Futian claimed that he was unparalleled in the Lower Worlds.

Was the difference between the Eighth and Ninth Layer of Heaven really that huge?

At that moment, Li Qingyun who was watching on the Ninth Layer of Heaven frowned. He had seen how Ye Futian had fought his way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven and he had personally experienced Ye Futian's strength for himself. He was definitely not that weak. Although the battle arena had a matrix that concealed the two of their auras and they could only see but not feel it, he still felt that something was off.

On the battle arena, Starry Brilliance lit up around Ye Futian and gathered around him. The countless Sword Qi slashed towards him. Pei Qianying stood above Ye Futian, looking down at his opponent. The sharp sword in his hand moved as tens of thousands of Sword Wills slashed in the surrounding area, landing on the Starry Brilliance and shattering it repeatedly.

Seeing the exploding light screen and the struggling Ye Futian, Pei Qianying walked across the air and said proudly, "You are much weaker than I expected. Let's end this." As his voice landed, a brilliant light flashed from behind Pei Qianying and a blade appeared. Like a shadow, the blade could pass through the void and move through reality. It accumulated all the Sword Wills in the area and landed above Ye Futian's head, releasing tens of thousands of sword shadows.

A wave of destructive force emanated and shattered all the force from his Spiritual Will. The blades hummed as they floated above Ye Futian's head and created brilliant phantoms.

"Descend." As Pei Qianying's voice landed, he looked coldly at Ye Futian with a disparaging expression. It was as if he was looking at a dead man.

The crowd only saw a ray of light descending from the heavens like a flash of lightning. The entire battle arena lit up with blades of light and many people could not bear to watch.

How was Ye Futian to block this falling sword?

The blinding light shone as the blade of light slashed through the Starry Brilliance, causing the area where Ye Futian was to be flooded by light. Perhaps, he would disappear forever in the next moment.

Many people thought so. However, the Sword Saint, Zhuge Mingyue, Hua Jieyu, and the other Barren State's disciples all watched calmly. There was absolute trust in their expressions.

Nobody understood and trusted Ye Futian's strength more than them.

So what if this was the Ninth Layer of Heaven in the Jiutian Temple?

Even if there was a Tenth Layer of Heaven, he would clear it easily.

The blinding light erupted on the battle arena and countless people in the Jiutian Temple stared at where the blade of light had been. Pei Qianying stood in the sky with absolute confidence. Once his blade struck, the self-proclaimed unparalleled person in the Nine States would be dead.

"Oh?" At that moment, Pei Qianying raised his eyebrows. He seemed to have noticed something as his expression became sharp. With a single thought, Sword Qi rampaged in the heavens, tearing through everything. However, it seemed like his Life Spirit sword had been bound.

Under the blade of light, Ye Futian's figure gradually became clearer. He still stood there calmly, raising his head into the air. Above his head, there was a sword, but at that moment, it was swaying rapidly with a humming sound.

Around the sword, Starry Brilliance had lit up and the space appeared to have frozen. It had been imprisoned by starry laws and the sword had been buried alongside the space.

"What's happening?" Countless people in the Jiutian Temple saw the scene and gasped. They stared at the direction where Ye Futian was in, only to see him raise his hand. At that moment, the seemingly indomitable shadow sword vibrated rapidly, unable to break free.

It appeared to be trapped.

Killing intent gushed from Pei Qianying's eyes. He stepped forward and pointed at Ye Futian. Immediately, Sword Wills flooded the area and shattered the Spiritual Will. The shadow sword that had broken free continued its descend.

However, at that moment, a starry illusion appeared behind Ye Futian, as though all the constellations in the sky were surrounding him while the brilliance from the stars erupted. The sword and light rays clashed and drowned each other out rapidly, but the Sword Will was unable to reach Ye Futian.

At that moment, on the viewing gallery of the battle arena, the Jueying Sword Saint had a sharp expression while Mo Li and Fengxiao also had similar expressions.

Ye Futian had concealed his true strength. Moreover, he had done it to lure Pei Qianying into releasing his Life Spirit.

Why did he do so?

The experts on the Ninth Layer of Heaven all had shocked expressions. They had recalled the enmity between Pei Qianying and Ye Futian was because of Ye Wuchen.

Pei Qianying had extracted Ye Wuchen's Life Spirit.

As they recalled this, many peoples' hearts started pounding.

A deafening roar sounded out as a giant Divine Ape appeared behind Ye Futian. Its giant arms stretched out towards Pei Qianying's sword Life Spirit, grasping the entire area in its palm.

The sword Life Spirit was also grasped into its palm.

At that moment, Ye Futian's body started to float. The countless Sword Wills that were rushing towards him seemed to slow down and were then blocked by the light from the stars. It was as though fending off the opponent's blows was an insignificant task to Ye Futian, completely different from his prior attempts.

Soon, Ye Futian had risen to the same height as Pei Qianying. The sword Life Spirit was being held by the Divine Ape beside him.

"I'm done," Ye Futian said. However, it was naturally not meant for Pei Qianying.

"Okay." In the adjacent battle arena, Gu Dongliu nodded in acknowledgment.

At that moment, Qin Qi still stood proudly in the air, releasing his Supremacy Technique and crushing everything. The pure-blooded dragon and Nine-Tiered Pagoda pressured down, smashing everything in their way. He had been defending all the while, just like Ye Futian, as though he was dominated.

At that moment, Gu Dongliu's Life Spirit became even more dazzling, as though a celestial light was being released to engulf the area. The nine war gods stood in the nine major directions, but at that moment, they had merged to form one and appeared behind Gu Dongliu, assimilating into his Life Spirit.

At that moment, the aura on Gu Dongliu erupted and the heavens resonated with him. He raised his head and looked at Qin Qi in the air. His Kuji-In Nine Seals of Spiritual Power were extremely brilliant as they floated into the air, seemingly everywhere.

Qin Qi frowned and his expression changed. At that moment, he had a feeling as though Gu Dongliu was everywhere in the area. He naturally understood that this was the result of Gu Dongliu's Spiritual Will resonating with the heavens. It was as if all the energy in the area could be used by him.

What was this ability?

Exerting the Supremacy Technique to its limit, Qin Qi stepped forward again, trampling the earth and suppressing time-space. The pure-blooded dragon and pagoda's light screen rushed towards Gu Dongliu, the nine words around Gu Dongliu transformed into a light screen and rose upwards. The two forces clashed and with a deafening sound, they were both eradicated.

Gu Dongliu raised his head. At that moment, he was omniscient and omnipresent. The Great Path had resonated with him and his will was absolute. In the skies, countless rays of light emanated from the nine words and descended from the heavens.

"Go," Gu Dongliu said. Instantly, Qin Qi felt like there were countless copies of Gu Dongliu in the surrounding area. The light from the nine words crashed down on him with suppression rule power, force rule power, shredding rule power and many other rule powers.

Qin Qi's expression became extremely grim. The pure-blooded dragon surrounded his body, and boundless rays of light burst forth from the Nine-Tiered Pagoda. However, the light from the nine words rushed towards him without end.

At that moment, Gu Dongliu was like a celestial god and floated in front of Qin Qi, striking out with his palm. Behind him, the celestial shadow rose and the energy around them seemed to strike out as well. Countless words crushed down on Qin Qi and he let out a thunderous roar and tried to fend it off, but the palm prints descended upon him.

Bang! With a loud sound, Qin Qi was slammed towards the viewing gallery and his organs ruptured as he coughed up blood.

"There is no boundary in cultivation. Why can't people from the Lower Worlds dominate the Nine Layers of Heaven?" Gu Dongliu's voice sounded throughout the Jiutian Temple as countless gazes looked towards his peerless figure.

They had all been tricked. The Jiutian Ranking's Qin Qi had been crushed.

At the same time, in the other battle arena, Yu Sheng no longer retreated after Ye Futian's words. An eye-catching light lit up around his body as he entered his battle form. Golden rays pierced through his body and he looked like an unparalleled war god.

Crash. A roaring sound could be heard as Xing Sen's fist landed on Yu Sheng's battle form. However, this time, Yu Sheng only faltered slightly as he stood steadily and looked at Xing Sen in front of him.

"How could this be?" Xing Sen let out a gasp as he looked at Yu Sheng. However, Yu Sheng stared at him and said, "Weaklings have no right to obtain opportunities and even less right to take it from others." As his voice landed, Yu Sheng's golden fist punched out. On his fist, a brilliant light appeared. It seemed to have the light of the gods and the roar of demons at the same time.

Xing Sen retreated as he struck out with his fist again. Both of their fists clashed as a crisp crackling sound could be heard. Even though Xing Sen's fist will came in waves, but at that moment, the waves of his fist will had all been shattered and an overbearing force engulfed him, devouring all his force. The fist will penetrated his body and shattered his bones.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Blood trickled down the side of Xing Sen's mouth.

Bang. Yu Sheng stepped forward and struck out yet again with his fist. Just one fist was enough to send Xing Sen flying towards the edge of the battle arena. He felt as though his organs had been pulverized. His burly figure slumped over as his bones had been shattered.

In the Jiutian Temple, countless gazes froze as they stared intently at the battles in the two arenas.

The situations had been reversed in an instant.

Ye Futian had risen into the air while Gu Dongliu and Yu Sheng had defeated Qin Qi and Xing Sen in dominating fashion.

Their hearts pounded vigorously as they looked at the final battle in the middle. Pei Qianying's sword Life Spirit was still struggling to no avail. At that moment, the confidence on Pei Qianying's face finally disappeared. The battles in the other two arenas had made him understand that Ye Futian had been toying with him all along.

Pei Qianying looked towards Ye Futian but only saw scorn and coldness in his eyes. It was as if he had never been treated seriously.

"So, how should I deal with you?" Ye Futian asked calmly.

Pei Qianying had claimed that he would know respect after the battle. He had claimed that Ye Wuchen had not been self-aware, so he had his Life Spirit extracted. He was also not self-aware, so Ye Futian would do the same for him.
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    《The Legend of Futian》