The Legend of Futian
925 Second Refusal
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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925 Second Refusal

Ye Futian turned his head. The Sword Spirit had returned to its place. Ye Wuchen's brow chakra released a strong fluctuation of the spirit, and the aura of heaven and earth flowed in through the brow chakra. But these days, his spiritual will was greatly traumatized. It was obvious that it would not wake up so fast and that he was healing himself. Phoenix bent down and put an herbal medicine into Ye Wuchen's mouth. It was a remedy for restoring mental strength, which would allow him to heal faster.

"Princess, the life spirit has been returned and Qianying was defeated, so let it all end here." Jueying Sword Saint looked to Xia Qingyuan, apparently worried that Ye Futian would continue his offensive. However, in the beginning, when Pei Qianying allowed Gu Dongliu and the others to challenge him in the Ninth Layer of Heaven, it was sanctioned by Xia Qingyuan. Now that Xia Qingyuan was personally present as the witness of this battle, he did not dare to jump in to stop the fight. All he could do was inquire with Xia Qingyuan.

Xia Qingyuan did not look at Jueying Sword Saint. Her eyes were still on the battle platform, fixed on Ye Futian. 

"Stripping the others of life spirit, and now, in defeat, would merely returning it be enough?" Yu Sheng stepped forward, and his angry eyes stared at Jueying Sword Saint. If they had not come, or if they were defeated, what would the ending be?

"Was it not enough that he already made his move?" Jueying Sword Saint cast a glance at Yu Sheng, and his eyes seemed to contain sword will within.

"Of course it was not enough," Ye Futian responded. He moved his foot away from the body of Pei Qianying, his palms extended, and the long rod landed on his palm as he was heading towards the location of the life spirit of the Divine Ape.

At this moment, the Divine Ape held out his hands, holding the Sword Spirit at both ends so that the Sword Spirit was laying across in the air. In the Jiutian Temple, countless many were shocked to witness the scene before them.

Ye Futian, what was he going to do? 

"You are out of control." Jueying Sword Saint stood up and a terrifying sword will pulsed out, but Ye Futian ignored him and continued to Mo Live, towards the Divine Ape.

Pei Qianying laid on the ground, his eyes still open, and when he saw Ye Futian's action, his face turned ashy gray. His powerless body lay there, shivering slightly.

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Would Ye Futian not spare him?

This was a life spirit, complete in its entirety. If it was destroyed directly there would be no chance of recovery. His cultivation would regress, impossible to advance in any way. His path of cultivation would end right here, and he would be useless from now on. 

On the view stands, many people on the Jiutian Ranking watched Ye Futian's action, and their hearts quietly shuddered. This guy was entirely too crazy.

Did he desire to have an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?

Zing. At this time, the sound of music was heard, so powerful that it rocked Ye Futian's spiritual will. Ye Futian stopped and turned to look at the person who plucked the strings from the view stands, and saw that it was Mo Li of Lihen Sword Palace

"Enough, stop here." Mo Li looked at Ye Futian, seeming not to have too much emotion. His voice was not loud, but there was a strange magic that could not be resisted. Mo Li also understood that Pei Qianying had stripped Ye Wuchen of his life spirit, and now that he had lost, he deserved the punishment. His strength was less, and for that, he must pay the price.

But Pei Qianying was still his junior brother. If Ye Futian wanted to kill Pei Qianying in front of him, he still could not stand by and say nothing. 

Ye Futian's eyes were very cold. When Pei Qianying was stripping Ye Wuchen of his life spirit, no one had admonished him. Pei Qianying did not even care and had asked his three senior brothers to come to the Ninth Layer of Heaven to qualify for battle with him for the life spirit. These people who were sitting in the view stands were probably waiting to see the visitors from the Nine States to make a fool of themselves.

As for Wuchen, who cared about whether he lived or died?

When his life spirit was stripped, who had cared?

And now, Mo Li said to stop because it was enough!

"If you are willing to exchange your life spirit for his, I will stop." Ye Futian looked at Mo Li.

Mo Li slightly raised his eyebrow, and next to him, Fengxiao's eyes flashed coldly. "You are much too arrogant."

Ye Futian gave Fengxiao a sarcastic look, then turned around and continued his walk towards the Divine Ape. 

"Princess." Jueying Sword Saint looked extremely upset. He looked to Xia Qingyuan next to him, and there was even pleading in his voice. Now, only if Xia Qingyuan was willing would his child, Pei Qianying, be saved.

Watching Ye Futian walk step by step until he stopped in front of the Divine Ape, he lifted the long rod in his hands and a horrible breath rule permeated along the long rod. Xia Qingyuan called out, "Ye Futian."

"When Pei Qianying stripped the life spirit of Ye Wuchen, the princess did not intervene and thus silently condoned it. Now I have challenged Pei Qianying according to the agreement, and with the princess as a witness to this. Wasn't it so?" Before Xia Qingyuan could say anything, Ye Futian had interjected to stop her. 

Even though he was extremely upset, the position of Xia Qingyuan as the daughter of Emperor Xia was superior and above all. He had not wasted the three days and had acquired some important information in the Upper Worlds. This Xia Qingyuan was Emperor Xia's youngest and most beloved daughter, born to the first beauty of Emperor Xia's Realm. Incredibly talented, her position in Emperor Xia's Realm was unparalleled. 

And Ye Futian was a mere palace lord of holy lands that were within the jurisdiction of the Lower Worlds ruled by Emperor Xia. Even if he was upset, it was impossible for him to launch any accusation against Xia Qingyuan.

When Xia Qingyuan heard those words from Ye Futian, she was silent and could not refute.

"Right," Xia Qingyuan said, looking at Ye Futian.

"In this case, I would like to thank the princess for bearing witness to this." As Ye Futian's voice trailed off, the long rod in his hand was lifted, exploding with the terrifying power of the power of the rules this instant in the Jiutian Temple, countless eyes looked above Jiutian, staring at Ye Futian. His body became a beautiful arc, and the long rod in his hands split toward the Sword Spirit between the two hands of the Divine Ape. At this moment, countless people were holding their breath and stared at the scene.

"No..." Pei Qianying shouted weakly, his eyes full of despair. 

Boom! A loud bang was heard, and the long rod exploded with the power of the rules of the sky and blasted on the Sword Spirit. In an instant, the Sword Spirit was pulverized in the explosion.

Lying there, Pei Qianying made a muted sound and spat out a mouthful of blood. His breath was diminishing madly as if all the planes were digressing. But at this moment, it was as if he could not feel the pain. At this moment, he only felt that his soul was tearing and the pain went directly to his heart.

He recalled his glorious life until now, born into an extraordinary family, the proud son who was treasured and praised. He was the son of a Sword Saint, the disciple of Lihen Heaven. He stepped onto the Jiutian Ranking with dazzling and incomparable stance. Even in Emperor Xia's Realm, there was a place for him, and in the future when he entered the Saint Plane, he would undoubtedly become a pivotal figure in Emperor Xia's Realm.

But now, all of it was like a dream.

This dream was now broken. 

Now everything was gone. He was now a handicap. A handicap who could not move forward on the road of cultivation, an object of jokes, to be made fun of by the world. Everyone would remember the battle of today. That unparalleled figure of the Nine States, who climbed the Sky Stairwell and reached the Ninth Layer of Heaven and laid waste of Pei Qianying who was on the Jiutian Ranking. What a brilliant story.

And the name of Pei Qianying, now became the footnote of this story, to complete the fame of Ye Futian.

How ironic.

He just couldn't abide. Was it really all just because he had stolen the life spirit of someone from the Lower Worlds? And he had to pay such a painful price for it?

Tears slid down the corners of Pei Qianying's eyes. They seemed to be tears for his own future predicament. In this instant, his heart felt like it was being stabbed by a knife, worse than death. 

The Divine Ape returned to its place inside Ye Futian's body. In Jiutian, it was silent, and not just in the Ninth Layer of Heaven, but even the Jiutian Temple. At this moment, it was exceptionally quiet.

Ye Futian, a man from the Nine States, not only got through to the Ninth Layer of Heaven but also destroyed the life spirit of Pei Qianying in the Ninth Layer of Heaven, and in front of the disciples of Lihen Heaven and Jueying Sword Saint.

Pei Qianying, who was on the Jiutian Ranking, was now a handicap.

This battle, although somewhat different from what they had imagined, shocked them to the core.

Other than Jueying Sword Saint, no one cared about the life or death of Pei Qianying. The winner was a king and the loser was a fugitive. He had stripped the life spirit of others, and now that he was defeated, no one would sympathize with him. This is the price he had to pay.

Xia Qingyuan looked at Ye Futian and said nothing. 

From Jueying Sword Saint, there was a terrible sword will permeating the space, and his eyes revealed murderous intent, but ultimately, he kept it inside.

Ye Futian, in front of him, had destroyed his favorite child.

Mo Li and Fengxiao also stared at Ye Futian with indifference, but they were also silent. The conversation before between Ye Futian and the Little Princess before was a silent consent.

Gu Mu, the young master of the Jiutian Temple, also kept quiet, so that there was a strange silence in the Ninth Layer of Heaven.

"This battle stops here," Xia Qingyuan said.

Gu Mu transmitted the message to the people around the battle platform, and immediately, the matrix was extinguished; the lights disappeared, and the Jiutian Law Battle Platform sank below.

In a flash, Jueying Sword Saint landed on the battle platform, and almost at the same moment, the Village Chief descended next to Ye Futian and the others.

Although Xia Qingyuan was present, Jueying Sword Saint would not dare to make a wrong move, but it was a necessary measure that was still needed. What if he had gone crazy? His cold gaze swept over Ye Futian, and Jueying Sword Saint took off with the body of Pei Qianying. Those eyes that were filled with murder.

Mo Li and Fengxiao also stood up, looked at Ye Futian indifferently, then walked away without continuing to stay there.

Xia Qingyuan still sat there looking at Ye Futian, and said, "Will you be willing to follow me to cultivate?"

The hearts of the people in the Ninth Layer of Heaven trembled. The Little Princess had personally invited Ye Futian to cultivate with her. Clearly, the dominant strength as exhibited by Ye Futian had even touched the Little Princess.

Even Gu Mu's eyes flashed sharply. As long as Ye Futian was willing, he could now fly high. Not only was his talent superior, but with the Little Princess Xia Qingyuan at his side, who would dare touch him?

"The Princess is being too kind, but I am the Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace in the Barren State, so naturally my place of cultivation is at the palace," Ye Futian said to Xia Qingyuan, apparently refusing.

Xia Qingyuan looked at Ye Futian deeply. This was already the second time that Ye Futian had refused her offer. Last time at the birthday banquet of Saint Xia, Ye Futian had already refused to go with her to the trial. 

She still said nothing, and simply stepped out and landed on the back of the sacred beast, the Blue Phoenix. With a long cry, the Blue Phoenix swung upward and left for the void.

"We go back to the Barren State," Ye Futian said, watching the departing figure of Xia Qingyuan.
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    《The Legend of Futian》