The Legend of Futian
929 Sarcastic
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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929 Sarcastic

The people from the Holy Zhi Palace arrived two days in advance and settled in the temporary imperial residence. They were very low-key and did not cause any disturbances outside. They remained quietly in the palace.

Huatian City was under the control of Xihua Sacred Mountain, and now Xihua Sacred Mountain was entering into a marriage alliance with the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. The people from the Holy Zhi Palace naturally understood that this was not the time to cause a scene. 

Even so, the people of the city quickly found out that Ye Futian and his entourage were there. Many people had been discussing him recently. Many of them said that Ye Futian had missed his chance to go to the Upper Worlds. Many of the top talents of the Nine States had become Celestial Chosen Ones. Could things still be the same for Ye Futian as they had in the past? It was madness to think that one person could suppress all the geniuses of that generation. And now he was seeing the proof of that. After more than three years, they did not know what level Ye Futian was at. But Liu Zong had already reached the Sage Level, so he must be stronger than him.

On this day, some people came to visit the temporary imperial residence where Ye Futian was staying. They were from the Yue Clan of the Summer State, including two cultivators of the Sages and Saints Ranking who had had occasion to meet Ye Futian before, Yue Jiangliu and the daughter of Yue Clan Yue Lingshuang. Although Ye Futian had not agreed to a marriage alliance with the Yue Clan, they still maintained a good friendship, and so he naturally received them personally.

They met in the courtyard of the residence. Ye Futian sent someone to bring food and wine as he entertained them. 

Everyone took their seats. Yue Lingshuang's eyes never left Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu beside him. She smiled lightly and said, "I have not had any news of you in over three years, Lord Ye. There have only been rumors that traces of you have been seen all over the Nine States. Are these rumors true?"

"Probably." Ye Futian smiled at her and nodded. At the start, he had gone from Nine State College to the Endless Sea and had indeed left his footprints in many places.

"Then your experiences these past three years must have been very rich indeed." Yue Lingshuang smiled again.

"There's not much to say. I have spent most of these past three years cultivating. I went through several dangerous situations but managed to get through them unharmed. All in all, I've made a lot of gains," said Ye Futian.

Yue Lingshuang's mouth hung open.

"Lingshuang, you're so curious. You're not going to let the matter drop until Lord Ye sits down and details all his experiences over the past few years for you, are you?" said Yue Jiangliu jokingly. 

Yue Lingshuang's face went red. She realized that she had said too much, and she apologized to Ye Futian, "I'm being too forward."

Before Ye Futian could speak, Hua Jieyu said with a smile, "Not at all. Don't hesitate to ask anything you want, no need to stand on ceremony. After my husband returned, he often praised your beauty and gentle temperament."

Yue Jiangliu and Yue Lingshuang were obviously shocked, and they looked at Hua Jieyu in astonishment. Yue Jiangliu was the more mature of the two of them, and obviously thought much more of this than Yue Lingshuang. Sitting next to Ye Futian with her noble bearing and exquisite features, Hua Jieyu was truly the kind of beauty that came once in a generation. She now had the attitude of a wife of a Palace Lord.

The intent behind Hua Jieyu's words afforded food for thought.

"No need to praise me, madame. Before you, I can only feel unworthy. It is only because I admire Lord Ye's heroic manner that I am so curious about him and asked these questions. Please don't blame me." Yue Lingshuang lowered her head as she spoke. Although she was also a rare beauty, in front of Hua Jieyu, she was indeed inferior.

"Why would I blame you, Miss Yue? From now on if there's anything you want to know, sister, you may ask me directly. I will tell you anything that I know. My husband is honored indeed to be worthy of your admiration." Hua Jieyu smiled lightly. She had already gone from calling her Miss to calling her sister.

Hua Jieyu calling her this made Yue Lingshuang's heart beat heavily. She did not dare look Hua Jieyu in the eyes. How could she not understand Hua Jieyu's meaning? No wonder she was able to become Ye Futian's wife, she thought. She's an extraordinary woman.

"Mm. Then if I have a chance I will certainly call upon you, madame," Yue Lingshuang said quietly.

Ye Futian had listened quietly to the two women talking. He flushed a little bit. It was like he wasn't even there.

What was Hua Jieyu thinking?

"How do you feel about the marriage alliance that is taking place, Lord Ye?" asked Yue Jiangliu, leading the conversation away from Yue Lingshuang's awkwardness.

"I have no opinion." Ye Futian lifted his cup and took a drink. "I obviously have no say in whether or not the marriage alliance between Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty goes ahead. However, I am a little curious if Liu Zong will go to the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty or if Zhou Ziyi will go to Xihua Sacred Mountain."

"You're quite calm about this! People from the Saint Plane from every holy land have come here for the wedding. Liu Zong and Zhou Ziyi themselves are not important enough to merit this, what's important is their backgrounds. Everyone thinks that this is no ordinary marriage alliance, especially for the Barren State. You should take care, Lord Ye."

"I will keep that in mind, senior." Ye Futian nodded.

"One more thing. I heard that the people from Zhisheng Cliffs came here to Huatian City many days early. Kong Yao of Zhisheng Cliffs is frequently in contact with Xihua Sacred Mountain. You should pay close attention to this," said Yue Jiangliu.

A touch of coldness flashed in the depths of Ye Futian's eyes. Of course, Zhisheng Cliffs could not stand to be alone. Over the years, Zhisheng Cliffs had always kept an eye on him and the Holy Zhi Palace rising to prominence. There had been no actions taken, but the enmity between the two sides was clear for all to see, especially that of Kong Yao. Thus, if there was a chance to destroy the Barren State, Zhisheng Cliffs would certainly jump at it.

Ye Futian had no doubts about this. However, now Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty were providing them with a perfect opportunity.

"Thank you," said Ye Futian to Yue Jiangliu.

There was so much pressure on the Barren State. Now that he was at the Magi Level, the Holy Zhi Palace was not weaker than the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. And as time went by, the palace would only get stronger and stronger. But if they also had to face Xihua Sacred Mountain and Zhisheng Cliffs it would be a disaster. Moreover, there was still the Saint Level that he had not thought too much about. If he could reach it in five years, what should he do?

There was still no one who could contend with the Great Zhou Sacred King. Although the Master had cultivated for more than three years, he was afraid that it was still not enough. At that level, it was not something that could be achieved within a few years.

Yue Jiangliu chatted for a while and then said farewell. Although he had not said it, it was clear that if Ye Futian was willing to form a marriage alliance with the Yue Clan they would still agree to it. But they had been refused last time, and Ye Futian had not brought it up, so the Yue Clan would naturally not bring it up either. Even though they maintained a good relationship, the Yue Clan was an ancient holy land, and they had their own pride.

"Lingshuang is an intelligent, beautiful and kind person, and she admires you so much. If she was by your side she would certainly be obedient," Hua Jieyu said into Ye Futian's ear.

"Let's go." Ye Futian pulled Hua Jieyu away.

"Where?" Hua Jieyu fluttered her eyelashes.

"Your husband needs to discipline you."


Two days passed in the blink of an eye, and in these two days, Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty did not harass them. On the third day, Huatian City was completely shaken. In the early morning, countless people rushed to the foot of Xihua Sacred Mountain and looked up at it.

Today, the most outstanding disciple of Xihua Sacred Mountain, Liu Zong, was going to marry the princess of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. It was rumored that all the holy lands of the Nine States had come to congratulate him, and even many of the saints from these holy lands had come.

How could such news not cause a stir? This was why so many people had come here so early.

Beautiful maids stood on both sides of the steps up the mountain in an impressive battle array. At that moment, a line of figures descended from the sky. Anyone who could directly descend from the sky on a day like today must be people from the holy lands. Out of respect, even the Saints did not directly descend on the mountain, but instead descended towards the steps outside the mountain gates and then walked up the stairs.

Today, all the people of the Nine States were guests.

"Those are the cultivators from the three holy lands of the Endless Sea." 

"The people from the holy land of Qi State are here too. Look, that's Saint Ji, number five on the Sages and Saints Ranking," said someone, looking at Saint Ji, the owner of the Hall of Holy Light. But as he looked at him, Saint Ji looked back and suddenly, everyone who was talking about him felt his extremely sharp eyes on them, as if they had crossed through space towards them. Their hearts suddenly beat faster.

He was number five on the Sages and Saints Ranking. So strong.

"The cultivators from the Holy Temple of Ten Corners in the Vajra Region have arrived as well." A group of huge men descended from the sky. The people of Huatian City had never seen such a grand occasion.

"And Glass Saint from the Eastern State." At that moment there seemed to be a burst of color in the sky. Everyone's eyes were attracted by the graceful figure that descended.

It was the foremost beauty of the Eastern State—Glass Saint.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Senior Glass Saint." A voice rang came from a distance, and a line of figures riding on a sword came over. On the giant sword, there was a carefree, handsome man calling out to Glass Saint.

Glass Saint turned, and saw Ye Futian and the others coming. She smiled and said, "What a coincidence, Lord Ye."

"I haven't seen you for years. You have become even more radiant. I feel quite inferior standing next to you," said Ye Futian as he looked at her with a smile.

"You were not so modest at the Nine State Platform, Lord Ye," said Glass Saint with a smile. The noble and holy Glass Saint was so beautiful as to make one lose their breath. Even now talking and laughing, she was far beyond the realm of mortals.

Everyone looked at Ye Futian in shock. This guy was confident enough to stop and chat with Glass Saint. There were so many holy land cultivators here, and he had sought out the most beautiful of them. Moreover, Glass Saint was willing to chat with a junior.

"On the Nine State Platform, I was facing the Great Zhou Sacred King, who is only good at bullying others and forming marriage alliances. How can he be mentioned in the same breath as the most beautiful woman in the Nine States?" said Ye Futian loudly and clearly. People froze when they heard his words. It was no secret that the Great Zhou Sacred King had an interest for Glass Saint, and now Ye Futian was mocking him in front of Glass Saint's face, saying that he was not worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as her, let alone pursuing her.

This guy was too much!
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    《The Legend of Futian》