The Legend of Futian
930 Crisis
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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930 Crisis

Glass Saint smiled and said nothing. With Ye Futian openly antagonizing Great Zhou Sacred King, there was not much she could have said.

On the side, Goddess Qingni took a deep look at Ye Futian. When she first saw Ye Futian at the Chess Saint Villa, it was the first time that the feeble Holy Zhi Palace had gone anywhere outside the Barren State. Even if Ye Futian held the title of the palace lord of the Holy Zhi Palace, no one cared about him. At the time, Liu Zong was obviously more important in the eyes of everyone than Ye Futian, and Chess Saint had also chosen Liu Zong.

Now, that time had passed. Ye Futian's name was known throughout the world and now he was even audacious enough to joke with her Master. One could see just how confident Ye Futian was.

"I heard Qingni said that the people from Barren State who went to the trial had encountered some trouble. Is everything all right now?" Glass Saint asked those around Ye Futian.

"There was some trouble, but everything was resolved," Ye Futian replied.

"That's good to hear." Glass Saint nodded gently.

"Many thanks to all the senior sisters at the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple for watching out for us along the way," next to Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu said to Glass Saint. During the trial, they had enjoyed a good relationship with those from the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple. This was why Ye Futian had told them that if there was to be trouble, they could join forces. 

"I had heard them mention it. At any rate, while we were out there during the trial, it was good that we supported each other." Glass Saint looked at Hua Jieyu and said with a smile, "But Palace Lord Ye could have allowed such exceptional beauty to go on trial by herself, I dare say he was far too trusting."

"My husband has his own affairs to settle and as for the word 'exceptional,' in front of the Glass Saint, no one is qualified to be described by it," Hua Jieyu said gently.

"Naturally you are a good match," Glass Saint looked at Hua Jieyu and said, laughing.

Ye Futian watched the two women chatting and seemed to have forgotten the position of the Glass Saint at the moment. He just felt what he was seeing was pleasing to the eyes.

Eastern State's premier beauty, Glass Saint, had been in that position since her youth, so it was not hard to imagine her amazing beauty. With the pure and holy temperament of being a saint, it was enough for lesser people to look upon her and feel their own unworthiness. No wonder even the likes of Great Zhou Sacred King and other holy and kingly figures found her hard to forget.

The group chatted mindlessly and soon, they were already entering Xihua Sacred Mountain. All the characters of the holy lands had come, and the banquet area of Xihua Sacred Mountain was had a very luxurious feast. When Ye Futian and Glass Saint arrived, the eyes of many cultivators from the holy lands were looking at them. Although Ye Futian was not yet sanctified, his reputation in the Nine States was no less prominent than that of the saints. Especially in recent years, no one could have compared to him in fame.

And a woman like the Glass Saint, among all the saints of the Nine States, was rare, not to mention one with such beauty. At the moment, as they came together, it was inevitable that they attracted the attention of most people.

Many people revealed an expression of intrigue. Ye Futian had really come to attend the banquet. Everyone knew that the marriage between Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was aimed at the Holy Zhi Palace. Not only had he come, but he came with the Glass Saint, laughing and talking. Was this deliberately done to make Great Zhou Sacred King angry?

Ye Futian and Glass Saint sat next to each other. Not far away, the cultivators of the Hall of Holy Light looked straight at them, their eyes sharp and focused. Ji Mo in particular, with a faint smile in his eyes, took a sip of the wine, then put down the glass and said, "You came back alive."

The fact that Ye Wuchen and the others had some conflicts with the people from the Upper Worlds was known by everyone who went to the trial previously. 

Gu Dongliu and the others looked at the cultivators of the Hall of Holy Light sharply. During the trial, they were allies with the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple, which meant that they were on extremely unfriendly terms with the Hall of Holy Light and even had conflicts with them on many occasions. If it was not because the trial process itself was fraught with danger and they were worried about mishaps, there would probably already have been great battles between them. But even so, in some of the conflicts that had occurred between them the side of the Holy Zhi Palace from Barren State still seemed to have suffered from some sneaky sabotage.

In this trial, there were not many who were from the Hall of Holy Light, but they were all elites. Ji Mo's talent was unprecedented with great strength, but the real terrifying character from the Hall of Holy Light was not Ji Mo, but rather Ji Ya, also known as Saint Ya, whose level was second only to those of Saint Plane.

Ji Ya, on the Sage and Saint Ranking of the Nine States, was ranked second on the Sage list. It was not hard to imagine what a terrible existence he was. Ji Ya was relatively young, and his talent was extremely remarkable. His name was also on the list of Heavenly Chosen Ones.

"You guys are not dead, of course, we are fine," Xu Que said lazily. As he finished speaking, the eyes of those from the Hall of Holy Light became even more frosty. The corners of Ji Mo's mouth raised slightly, and the cold sneer was sharp like a knife.

"To implore the princess?" Ji Mo said with a sneer. It was a surprise that Ye Wuchen could make it back alive, but it must have been on account of the Little Princess Xia Qingyuan that the people of the Upper Worlds made a concession. By now, naturally, the people in the Nine States knew of the true identity of Xia Qingyuan.

"When the incident involving Wuchen happened, the people of the Hall of Holy Light poured oil into the fire and stopped us," Hua Jieyu said softly to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian's gaze drifted in the direction of the Hall of Holy Light, and his eyes were very cold. Except that, there were no other grievances with Hall of Holy Light. But the cultivators of the Hall of Holy Light were all show-offs, even the lord of the Hall of Holy Light was the same, and they had issues with him. If it was merely that, he could let it go, but it appeared that the Hall of Holy Light had already made a move on those at the Holy Zhi Palace.

"Glass Saint." The Glass Saint turned her eyes and looked to the direction of the Hall of Holy Light. The person speaking was the Lord of the Hall of Holy Light, Saint Ji, ranking fifth on the Saint Ranking. 

"What is Saint Ji's advice?" asked Glass Saint.

"Among all the well-known figures among the Nine States, the Glass Saint is not only unparalleled in looks, but the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple under the command of the Glass Saint occupies a place amongst the holy lands of Nine States. However, be mindful not to be used by those who have ulterior motives," Saint Ji said. Ye Futian and the others looked at him, and it was obvious who Saint Ji was referring to. Moreover, he spoke openly and did not leave any room for the people of the Barren State. Even more, the tone Ji Saint used was meant to embarrass Glass Saint. But in reality, Saint Ji of the Hall of Holy Light was indeed senior to the Glass Saint, so no one could really say anything about his attitude.

"I act on my own accord, so how could I be used by others?" Glass Saint still appeared calm and without emotion.

"That is good to hear. Glass Saint has a reputation for beauty and gentle temperament, but on the matter of disciplined disciples, it is still better to be strict lest they cross the boundaries," Saint Ji again said. 

"I will be disciplining the disciple of the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple." Although the Glass Saint was still smiling, she was quite displeased at the moment. Saint Ji had already crossed the line, accusing her of being unable to control her disciples. It was most likely because of conflicts between the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple and the Hall of Holy Light.

Saint Ji nodded lightly and said no more, merely suggesting and not preaching. He did not care about what Glass Saint really thought. It was just to remind her, nothing more.

In the land of Nine States, there were only a handful of people who could make him care. Moreover, the current power structure of the Nine States had not changed for many years. In attempts to upset the balance with a singular strength, endurance was key. Only by quietly cultivating until certain strength had been accumulated could one qualify to command a corner of the kingdom. It was certainly not showing off, describing oneself as unparalleled. A person who did not understand the protocol and wanted to take the advantage to elevate one's own position, no matter how incredibly talented he was, would eventually get to taste the indifference and cruelty of the world of cultivation.

Today, the marriage between Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was proof, and time would make him understand.

Saint Ji quieted down the banquet quite a bit. As fifth on the saint list, his words still weighed a lot, and everyone knew who he was talking about. Many people looked at Ye Futian. Xihua Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty formed an alliance in marriage, with Zhisheng Cliffs of Yu State still on the side. And now there was also Saint Ji of the Hall of Holy Light, who regarded him with great disdain.

Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State could be described as in a state of crisis. The wedding banquet today was most likely to be a turning point for the situation in Nine States. In the land of Nine States, there may be major events happening.

The people of the Zhisheng Cliffs were in attendance as well. Kong Yao looked at Ye Futian. This young man was extraordinarily talented, hard to find in all of Nine States, but talent was talent after all. But if Ye Futian intended to rule Nine States out of nowhere, he still had a ways to go.

Many people would not wait for him to rise.

"Yu Sheng," a voice called out, and everyone turned to look at the person who spoke. At a time such as this, was there still someone looking for those from the Barren State? However, when they saw the person who spoke, they were relieved.

"How has your cultivation been since you returned?" a dignified monk clad in a cassock, with great big ears, sitting on a seat, smiled at Yu Sheng and asked. 

"Region Lord." Yu Sheng got up and put his hands together in greeting, showing a tremendous sign of respect to the monk, and answered, "The teachings of Buddhism are broad and profound. I've continued to cultivate."

That monk was precisely the one who ranked number sixth on the saint list—the Vajra Region Lord, the premier cultivator of War State. 

"Well, even though you cultivate in demonic magic, your talent is not limited only to that path. Cultivating with Buddhism would minimize some of the drawbacks of the cultivation in demonic magic. Do not forego it later," Vajra Region Lord continued.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Yu Sheng understands." Yu Sheng nodded.

Ye Futian also stood up and said to Vajra Region Lord, "Much gratitude to the Master who taught Yu Sheng for the past few years. I will make sure that he continues his cultivation in the future."

"I am reassured now that I have the word of Palace Lord Ye." Vajra Region Lord smiled and nodded.

Many who witnessed this scene revealed a look of surprise. At the birthday banquet of Saint Xia, the Vajra Region Lord had asked Ye Futian to allow Yu Sheng to cultivate in the Vajira Region. Now it seemed that the Vajra Region Lord held Yu Sheng in great importance and their relationship was quite deep. 

Although Yu Sheng was a disciple from the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State, now that he had forged a relationship with the Vajra Region Lord, he considered Yu Sheng to be half a disciple of his. Especially under this circumstance, with the Vajra Region Lord boundary openly calling out for Yu Sheng, was there some other meaning behind it?

Every sentence from these major players was worthy of close scrutiny, such as Saint Ji's reminder to the Glass Saint. It was a kind of test. Now, these words from the Vajra Region Lord, were they also meant to remind some people don't touch Yu Sheng!
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    《The Legend of Futian》