The Legend of Futian
931 Saint Xia’s Secret Transmission
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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931 Saint Xia’s Secret Transmission

The mood at the banquet was slightly charged. Neither Saint Xihua nor the Great Zhou Sacred King appeared. Instead, it was Rain Saint of Xihua Sacred Mountain who welcomed all the saints. Presumably, the hosts of the two holy lands were preparing for the upcoming ceremony.

The guest list of those who arrived today was extremely impressive, much more so than the Nine State Forum that was held at Xihua Sacred Mountain. Many commanding figures had personally arrived to show their respect. Liu Zong and Zhou Ziyi were only of the younger generations, and should not have had such influence. 

At this time, there was another group of cultivators coming from the void. They did not walk into the Sacred Mountain but instead went straight into the air. However, after seeing who these people were, no one said much.

Those ranked before Saint Xihua on the Saint Ranking could enter Xihua Sacred Mountain via air and no one could comment. Strength signified status. Moreover, the person arriving at the moment was Saint Xia. Many regarded Saint Xia as the leader of today's Nine States holy lands, someone who was highly respected.

"Saint Xia came in person." Many were a little surprised. The people from Nine State College arrived earlier, but Saint Li did not appear. No one had said anything because Saint Li's status was undisputable. But now, Saint Xia had personally arrived. Could it be that Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty were held in such importance?

Everyone got up. Even the saints stood up, and suddenly, there were a whole lot of people standing up at the banquet and greeting Saint Xia, who came from the void. "Saint Xia."

Rain Saint of Xihua Sacred Mountain took a step forward and bowed slightly. "Saint Xia coming in person is a great honor for Xihua Sacred Mountain."

"No need to be like this. I just came to partake in a cup of wine at the wedding feast. Please, sit yourselves down." Saint Xia waved to the people. As he landed, everyone finally returned to their seats.

"Saint Xia, please." Rain Saint welcomed him personally and led Saint Xia to the most respected position in the front. Saint Xia and everyone from the family settled down gladly. 

"Go about your business, don't worry about me," Saint Xia said to Rain Saint.

"Very well. If Saint Xia has any needs, please do not hesitate to let me know." Rain Saint put his hands together in obeisance and stepped back.

At this time, Ye Futian was a little surprised. He had felt Saint Xia's status in the Nine States in the past at the birthday banquet, that he seemed to be the premier figure in the Nine States and even had some relationships with the Upper Worlds. Even when Xian Qingyuan came to the Nine States, she was there to find Saint Xia.

Rumor in the Nine States had it that Saint Xia was from the bloodline of Emperor Xia. Perhaps such a possibility really existed.

Not far away, the beautiful eyes of Glass Saint also flashed a look of surprise. The fact remained that the marriage between Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, even for her as the owner of the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple, had exerted pressure. 

Nine States had been quiet for many years, but the events that happened in these recent years all indicated that a time of upheaval might come to the Nine States.

Ye Futian was likely to be a catalyst.

After Saint Xia sat down, his eyes surveyed the crowd. Soon, his attention was fixed in one direction. Ye Futian, who sat slightly back, was stunned momentarily, and as he looked up and followed the eyes of Saint Xia, it seemed that Saint Xia was looking in his direction. Glass Saint, who was next to him, also noticed this, and could not help but look at Ye Futian.

Could it be that Saint Xia still held a grudge about what happened at the birthday banquet? But with Saint Xia's position, he should not have minded. After all, in the eyes of saints, it was only regarded as a small matter.

In an instant, Saint Xia turned his gaze away, but at the same time, Ye Futian heard a voice in his head, "Ye Futian."

"Mmm?" Ye Futian looked surprised. Saint Xia was secretly transmitting his voice to him.

"Sir," Ye Futian responded with a secret voice transmission.

"You were really out of line." The voice from Saint Xia seemed to be somewhat displeased. 

Ye Futian furrowed his brows and responded, "I do not understand."

"Did you know who the supervising inspector was?" Saint Xia asked.

Ye Futian glanced at Saint Xia. Saint Xia mentioned the supervising inspector at the moment indicated that he must have known what happened in the Upper Worlds.

"I know," Ye Futian admitted freely. They had overcome the Ninth Layer of Heaven in Jiutian Temple in the Upper Worlds, so how could he have not known who Xia Qingyuan was? What was more, even Jieyu and the others had known what happened when they came back.

"Then do you know that the Little Princess is the most talented among all of Xia Emperor's descendants and that she was most favored and spoiled by Emperor Xia?" Saint Xia seemed a little angry.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I heard some of it, I also heard that Xia Qingyuan was born by the first beauty of Emperor Xia's Realm with Emperor Xia. Emperor Xia even said that her talent surpasses his own," Ye Futian said.

"You knew and yet you dared to refuse the Little Princess the second time." Saint Xia spoke with great displeasure. "Princess Qingyuan may even become the next generation Renhuang in Emperor Xia's Realm. At Jiutain Temple, in front of everyone, she personally invited you. Do you know what that means? All you had to do was nod your head, and maybe you could be next to the Little Princess, following her in cultivation. You might've gotten to see Emperor Xia often and would have the chance to receive instruction from Emperor Xia, and you actually refused such an opportunity." Saint Xia was really angry. Even the saints did not have such an opportunity, and Ye Futian refused without hesitation when such an opportunity was within reach. When Saint Xia learned of the news, he had wanted to beat him violently. 

It had not been easy for the Nine States to produce such a remarkable character. The stronger the Nine States, the more likely it was for Emperor Xia to hold the Nine States in higher regard. For Ye Futian, it had been easy. It was said that he had refused without any hesitation.

Ye Futian was speechless, but he was not angry. Though Saint Xia's tone seemed upset, the truth was that he felt sorry for him. But he did not respond. Could it be that he was very unhappy with Xia Qingyuan because of Ye Wuchen? Or did he think that Xia Qingyuan was not qualified for him to follow? Xia Qingyuan, after all, was only his peer. Naturally, this he could not have said to Saint Xia. 

However, Saint Xia seemed to know his thoughts and continued, "I know that you think highly of yourself; you were able to overcome the Ninth Layer of Heaven. Of course, you have the right to be proud. Looking at it today, your refusal to go to the trial now seems not to matter too much, but even if you are proud, don't forget where you are cultivating now. Nine States is under the rule of Emperor Xia. If you had agreed to follow the Little Princess in cultivation, even the marriage of Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty would not have meant much. One word from the Little Princess within the lands of Nine States, and who would dare to touch you?

"But now? If they knew that you had climbed the Sky Stairwell, entered the Ninth Layer of Heaven, yet refused the Little Princess, their thoughts would still be that of eradicating you as soon as possible in order to eliminate any future concerns."

When Ye Futian heard what Saint Xia had to say, he was embarrassed, and he understood why Saint Xia chose to communicate with him secretly. These words were not appropriate to communicate publically. If it was not for him having climbed the Sky Stairwells and getting into the Ninth Layer of Heaven, even Saint Xia would probably not tell him this much. After all, Saint Xia's position was there to be respected.

He also knew that Saint Xia was right. Even if he held himself in high esteem, in the land ruled by Emperor Xia, following Xia Qingyuan was the most favorable choice. However, those who cultivated had their own personalities to contend with, and it wasn't just the considerations of the pros and cons. With his character, asking him to follow Xia Qingyuan to cultivate and asking Xia Qingyuan to protect him was something he could never have done, and wouldn't even think about doing it. Perhaps it could also be said that this was a disadvantage.

As for some of the saints in the Nine States who knew of this news, they would indeed want to kill him as soon as possible, especially the Great Zhou Sacred King. The greater his talent, the greater the threat he posed. Therefore, it was natural to want to eliminate him early. Therefore, if Saint Xia had publically revealed the news from the Upper Worlds, it would only be disadvantageous to him. It was obvious that Saint Xia was still being considerate.

"Sir, now none of this will make any difference." Ye Futian's voice was tinged with a bit of bitterness. He could not refute Saint Xia's reprimand, and after all, Saint Xia was not being malicious.

"If you are willing to change your mind and lower your stance, I can assist you in contacting the Little Princess, and there is still the opportunity," Saint Xia said again.

Ye Futian was speechless. Asking him to beg Xia Qingyuan now just to follow her in cultivation? If it would give the Barren State an advantage, it might be worth it to consider putting himself in this servile position.

Whenever he thought about that person dressed in men's attire but who had a prettier face than women, looking cold and proud, Ye Futian wondered how he could have such evil thoughts.

"Sir, I appreciate your kindness, but, I think it's better to forget it," Ye Futian responded with a helpless smile.

"You are stubborn," Saint Xia said hatefully. "Watch yourself."

And there was no more voice transmission to Ye Futian. In fact, Saint Xia had already suspected that Ye Futian would not agree. After all, a person who could penetrate the Ninth Layer of Heaven in the Jiutian Temple naturally had his own pride. What truly shocked Saint Xia was that Yu Sheng and Gu Dongliu were able to get through the Ninth Layer of Heaven along with Ye Futian. It appeared that the future potential of the Barren State was indeed a bit intimidating. In the future, he might be able to become someone like the Sword Saint of the Void or The Great Shaman.

Next to Ye Futian, the Glass Saint had felt that Saint Xia was looking to this side, specifically at Ye Futian. Afterward, Ye Futian's eyes were full of interesting expressions. Could it be that he was in a secret exchange with Saint Xia? Because she was attentive on the matter, she had observed Ye Futian's expression very closely.

"Saint Xia was looking for you?" Glass Saint transmitted her voice to Ye Futian in whispers, curious.

Supposing that Saint Xia really was secretly exchanging messages with Ye Futian, could Ye Futian figure into the reason for his trip?

Ye Futian looked at the Glass Saint and nodded gently. The Glass Saint smiled lightly with a beauty that was dazzling. She continued to transmit her voice and asked, "What business does Saint Xia have with you?"

Saint Xia deliberately communicated with Ye Futian. It must not have been anything ordinary, otherwise, there was no need to do so.

Seeing the stunning beauty of Glass Saint, Ye Futian thought that no wonder she was the first beauty in Eastern State. When she smiled, there seemed to be a strange magical power coming out of her, which made it impossible to refuse her question.

"Because of the matters involving the disciples of the Holy Zhi Palace during the trial, I went to the Upper Worlds and made some trouble. Because of it, Saint Xia wanted to ask me something regarding it." Ye Futian said to the Glass Saint, "But I'm hoping you will keep it secret for me."

Clearly, it was not because he was seduced by the beauty of the Glass Saint; it was only that he and the Glass Saint had always maintained a friendly relationship. Under the circumstances, even if his talent was outstanding, there would be no malice from her, and she may even aid him. So, for him, there was no downside.

When she heard what Ye Futian had to say, astonishment that flashed through the beautiful eyes of the Glass Saint. Those casual and easy words of Ye Futian actually contained too much information. He did not participate in the trial but went to the Upper Worlds anyways, which meant that he went by the Sky Stairwell. Moreover, he must have made a lot of ruckus in the Upper Worlds, thereby attracting Saint Xia's attention.

Thinking of the previous comment from Ji Mo, the Glass Saint was thinking, What exactly did Ye Futian do in the Upper World?
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    《The Legend of Futian》