The Legend of Futian
932 Main Subjec
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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932 Main Subjec

Glass Saint was growing more and more curious. She smiled at Ye Futian and said, "I don't want to go the Upper Worlds, so why don't you tell me what you did?"

Ye Futian looked at Glass Saint. Although she had cultivated for many years, she looked to be not even 30 years old. She was young, beautiful, and had a dignified bearing that made it so that people were on their best behavior in her presence. But her smiles and frowns right now seemed to make him forget that she was on the Saint Plane. Of course, her temperament was still engraved in her bones. Even if it was not revealed in the form of her smile, it still carried with it an invisible nobility.

Ye Futian rubbed his forehead and said, "It was nothing. I just fought my way to the Ninth Layer of Heaven in Jiutian Temple and refused Xia Qingyuan's invitation. It's not even worth mentioning to you."

Glass Saint was stunned. She had naturally heard of Jiutian Temple. A strange look came into her beautiful eyes, and she smiled at Ye Futian.

"No wonder Saint Xia came personally." She shifted her gaze. She already knew what had happened, so there was no need to pursue this line of questioning.

The Goddess Qingni saw the strange look on her master's face. She had just seen Glass Saint smile at Ye Futian, and moreover, it was not just a polite smile like she had seen before.

What was wrong with her master? Had she just been flirting with Ye Futian?

Since the Goddess Qingni had noticed, Hua Jieyu naturally noticed it as well. She leaned on Ye Futian's shoulder and said with a smile, "You must be making preparations for your plan to take a concubine."

Ye Futian shuddered and took her hand. "What are you talking about? I was just talking to Glass Saint."

"Don't worry about it. I will support my husband," Hua Jieyu said with an ambiguous smile. 

Ye Futian's tone did not change. "I think there is a misunderstanding, Jieyu."

"I've already agreed to it and you still don't dare. You have the heart of a thief but not his courage," Hua Jieyu said with disdain.

"But..." Ye Futian was speechless. He couldn't bear this. "Don't regret this." He was getting angry.

"Hmph," Hua Jieyu snorted. If the Saints present knew what the couple was talking about, who knew what they would think? They were talking about taking Glass Saint, whom the Great Zhou Sacred King dreamed of pursuing, the foremost beauty in the Easter State, the lord of Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple, as a concubine...

At that moment there was a splendid brilliance in the sky and the sound of a dragon's roar could be heard, followed by a phoenix's cry. The dragon and phoenix cried together, and the holy mountain was shaken. Everyone there looked up and saw a beautiful golden dragon gliding through the clouds. It danced up through the sky, tracing a magnificent arc. On the other side, a golden phoenix descended. The sky was incomparably radiant. After the dragon and phoenix came hundreds of beautiful birds.

Even the people of Xihua Sacred Mountain's hearts were swayed when they saw this beautiful scene. This was truly worthy of the wedding between Liu Zong of Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Palace Lord of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

The dragon and phoenix descended, and Liu Zong's figure appeared atop its head, looking magnificent. Zhou Ziyi was atop the golden phoenix. She wore a phoenix crown and an embroidered tasseled cape. She had been dressed exceedingly carefully and looked holy and pure, and three times more beautiful than normal.

Zhou Ziyi's bright eyes were full of smiles, making her even more beautiful. She had always admired Liu Zong, and now she was finally realizing her heart's desire of marrying someone that she liked. Moreover, Liu Zong was a disciple of a Saint, a Heavenly Chosen One, and a genius talent. She was naturally quite happy with such a desirable groom.

After today, she would be Liu Zong's wife.

Many of the top figures of the Nine States had personally come. It would be quite difficult for another wedding in the Nine States to top today's. She was most satisfied.

As Ye Futian watched this scene and saw Zhou Ziyi's happy face, he didn't know if he should feel the same as her. As a Princess of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, Zhou Ziyi was usually arrogant and rude. How could Liu Zong like her? She was nothing more than a tool to him. She thought she had found her perfect match, but she wouldn't know what kind of man the person sharing her pillow really was.

Considering that Liu Zong had used the cultivators of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, Xihua Sacred Mountain, and Chess Saint Villa in a sacrificial matrix to try and free Chess Saint, it could be said that Liu Zong would stop at nothing to achieve his aims. But in any case, this would be the most glorious moment of Zhou Ziyi's life.

"Jieyu, our wedding was a little bit shabby compared to this. If we have a chance in the future, we should do it again." Ye Futian took her hand in his and rubbed it. Ever since this great beauty of Qingzhou Academy had taken his hand at 15, they had passed through many trials together. Now, seeing that Liu Zong and Zhou Ziyi's wedding was more lavish than theirs, Ye Futian felt a little bit embarrassed before Jieyu.

Hua Jieyu felt the heat of Ye Futian's hand, and her heart warmed. She smiled beautifully and said, "At that time, you were on the Noble Plane, and the top figures of the Barren State still came to witness our wedding. You call that shabby? That was the most satisfying moment of my life."

"But you deserve more. At least more than them." Ye Futian still smiled.

"But Zhou Ziyi is a Princess of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty." Hua Jieyu looked at Ye Futian. He also deserved more than them.

"What are you thinking?" Ye Futian rubbed her hand.

"I'm thinking that when you take a concubine, she can be no worse than her. That way I can save some face," she said with a smile. Ye Futian shook his head, speechless.

The dragon and phoenix made their appearance on top of the ceremonial platform. Liu Zong and Zhou Ziyi stood facing each other and then walked towards each other. The dragon and the phoenix touched heads, and the two people took each other's hand. Zhou Ziyi looked at Liu Zong, her eyes beaming.

"My wife," said Liu Zong with a smile.

Zhou Ziyi blushed at his voice. She nodded slightly and whispered, "My husband."

As the two of them spoke, the dragon and phoenix rose into the sky. The two people stepped down and walked to the front of the platform and bowed slightly to the audience.

"Congratulations," said Saint Xia with a grin. Suddenly everyone from the holy lands began congratulating them.

Saint Xihua and the Great Zhou Sacred King appeared on the ceremonial platform. They walked to the couple's side. Saint Xihua looked out over the crowd and said, "It is my honor that all the Saints and members of holy lands have come to witness this wedding."

"So polite! On such a joyous day we should only be speaking of the wine!" said someone with a laugh.

"Then none of you may leave until you are thoroughly drunk," said Saint Xihua with a smile.

"Of course."

"I would also like to take this chance to make an announcement. Liu Zong's talents are extraordinary. I have been teaching him all along with the three saints of Xihua Sacred Mountain. Now, he is already at the Sage level. The Princess chose him as a Celestial Chosen One, and so we at Xihua Sacred Mountain have decided to make him a son of Xihua. From now on he will be able to inherit my position," continued Saint Xihua.

Everyone was visibly moved by this speech. Although Liu Zong had always been known as the most outstanding disciple of Xihua Sacred Mountain, and he had always been regarded as the future leader, there were always variables. This would lead to the other powerful figures of Xihua Sacred Mountain considering their own positions. And now, Saint Xihua had announced to everyone that Liu Zong had been confirmed as his heir. It seemed that he had great faith in his talent.

"Congratulations," everyone said once again. Their eyes all fell upon Liu Zong, including those who had gone to the trials with him. His performance in the trials had indeed been amazing, and he had had great luck. Xihua Sacred Mountain would find no one else in this generation who could stand shoulder to shoulder with him.

Crack! Behind Ye Futian, Yang Xiao clenched his fists. He stared at the ceremonial platform, and there was an unmistakable desire to kill in his eyes. But he controlled his emotions and did not give into them. But this patience was extremely unbearable.

The man who had buried his wife and several of his fellow disciples alive was now being watched by everyone as he was enshrined as the heir to Xihua Sacred Mountain. Moreover, Liu Zong had reached the Sage level. Given Liu Zong's talent, it would be more and more difficult to kill him as time went on.

Ye Futian heard the sound and looked back at Yang Xiao. "Senior Yang, the reason we came here today was to see what Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty will do and to observe the situation. I, of course, understand your desire for revenge, but we should not act rashly here."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I understand," answered Yang Xiao. He naturally knew the meaning of patience. If he acted now, who knew who would die? Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had invited the Barren State to attend, and so they would not take action in order to maintain face. If they acted first they would give their opponents an excuse to make trouble.

"In addition, I have one more thing to say," continued Saint Xihua. He looked towards Ye Futian and smiled. "Lord Ye has also come today."

"Since you invited me, of course, I came." Ye Futian smiled and nodded. He was very polite, just like they were old friends.

"I'm so happy that you came. And there is something I want to discuss with you," Saint Xihua said with a smile.

"What is it?" asked Ye Futian. He had finally come to the main subject.

Everyone's eyes also turned to Saint Xihua, waiting for him to begin.

"A holy war broke out between the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty and the Holy Zhi Palace, leading to much loss of life. Now that Liu Zong from Xihua Sacred Mountain has married a Princess of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, he is now like a son to them. In order to avoid conflict, Xihua Sacred Mountain will act as a peacemaker," he said to Ye Futian.

A strange look came over everyone's face. A peacemaker? Could it be that Saint Xihua would mediate between the two of them?

They couldn't believe it. Neither could Ye Futian.

"What do you propose?" asked Ye Futian.

"Since the Great Zhou Sacred King is the elder, why don't you make a concession and turn over the Sword Matrix of the Void to him, and then apologize for your mistake in public? I think that that way the Great Zhou Sacred King will stop pursuing the matter. What do you think of this, Lord Ye?" asked Saint Xihua with a smile!
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    《The Legend of Futian》