The Legend of Futian
938 A Ranked Sage Perished
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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938 A Ranked Sage Perished

18 elders of the Zhisheng Cliffs hovered within the chaotic battlefield.

They did not emanate any aura and their bodies were light and their actions silent. They did not pay any heed to the battlefield and had instead, hovered to where Ye Futian and the others were.

An enormous demonic beast—an orochi—headed straight for that group of elders and black mists blasted from its nine heads. The terrifying dark mist possessed Corrosion Rule power, so much so that even the air turned into mucous material.

However, none of the elders stopped at all and they continued forward. They had even shut their eyes and a formless spiritual power surrounded the space they occupied.

The black mist seemed to have been put under lockdown all of a sudden. Worse still, even the orochi sensed an incredibly dangerous aura and let out a low-pitched roar in a frenzy.

Formless spiritual will powers invaded and the orochi turned around, intending to escape, feeling that its soul had been tangled by countless threads.

At that moment, the elders, who had been shutting their eyes, chanted with obscure voices, bringing a formless spiritual storm in their surroundings.

The elder who took the lead opened his eyes all of a sudden and the obscure voices swept out like a formless force. The black mist that had been shrouding the area was all cleared out in an instant without making any noises. The orochi growled painfully. All nine of its heads howled and then its enormous body quickly dropped below in a limp manner.

The 18 elders continued hovering forward. Their white garb totally unscathed, without so much even a speck of dust found on them. The leading elder closed his eyes again, yet the formless spiritual will power continued to permeate their surroundings.

"Spirit elementalists are here. Be on your guard," Sage Daozang said. He and many mighty ones from the Holy Zhi Palace stood guard at Ye Futian's side.

Hua Jieyu focused her eyes at her incoming enemies and from the methods they employed, she was able to tell that they wielded powers similar to hers, and that they were indeed spirit elementalist type rule powers. All 18 of them shared their spiritual powers and formed a spirit elementalist matrix, with the strongest individual leading the attack.

All 18 of them were veterans of many, many years in Zhisheng Cliffs and they were adept at wielding secret methods of the spirit elementalist, capable of killing without leaving a trace and making them frighteningly formidable. If it had not been for the Zhisheng Cliffs being at the brink of total annihilation, they would not have appeared at all.

At that moment, a formless spiritual will power descended upon the ones from the Holy Zhi Palace.

"Here they come," Sage Daozang said. Ye Futian, who had been playing his music, felt a formless spiritual will power invading him, and it was very overpowering.

His tune turned in an instant, coalescing the spiritual powers of the mighty ones around him and turned it into a formless spiritual storm, resisting the invading spiritual powers.

Spiritual power attacks were formless and traceless. Spiritual type power of rules were exceptionally terrifying as they were capable of killing without leaving a trace, forcing any who were on the receiving end to be on high alert.

"I'll take them on." Hua Jieyu stepped up and powerful psychic powers emanated from her. Her dress and her hair billowed. She looked very dashing when she was doing battle, making her alluring in a different sense.

"Alright." Ye Futian nodded. Sliver of guqin music reverberated in Hua Jieyu's mind. The musical matrix's spiritual powers were all imbued within her spiritual will, giving her total control.

A force of spiritual power of even greater magnitude burst from Hua Jieyu, a sliver of saintly pressure emanated from her and a shadow began to manifest itself.

Hua Jieyu was currently a mid-level magi, enabling her to borrow power of saints easier. Furthermore, she had the musical matrix to amplify her powers. The God-beating Whip appeared in her hand and she whipped at the air without hesitation. A crisp crack was heard and the invading spiritual power seemed to have retreated in an instant, as if it had taken a hit.

The elders at the other end continued to chant with obscure voices. A force of spiritual will rule powers of even greater magnitude burst forth. An incredibly huge demonic shadow appeared in the air—a Bi'an. It opened its mouth and let out a gust of sound wave of earth-shattering force. Many mighty ones who were doing battle around them felt their souls were on the verge of being ripped apart.

Hua Jieyu's royal crown Life Spirit burst with dazzling light. Specks of light hovered about her and a gust of mystical power manifested around her. A impressively holy and regal shadow appeared behind Hua Jieyu. The shadow was blurred while emanating holy light. Terrifying roars were heard and the formless sound wave continued to strike Hua Jieyu's spiritual power, yet she remained unfazed.

At that moment, Hua Jieyu's body hovered forward and she lifted her head slightly. In that very instant, her beautiful, bright eyes turned into frightening spiritual storm of incredible beauty. The boundless spiritual storm struck and in that very moment, the spiritual will power of the elders were completely exposed. The expression of the elders changed as they realized a force of irresistible power was felt. They were unable to even recall their spiritual will.

Hua Jieyu's demonic eyes lashed out with spiritual type lightning storm in an instant, bringing incredible might to bear on her opponents. The attack hit the spiritual powers of the elders and the humongous Bi'an in the air trembled violently.

The eyes of the 18 elders changed drastically. They all looked at Hua Jieyu as if they have all been captivated by her incredibly demonic and beautiful eyes, incapable of looking away. Those eyes seemed to have contained irresistible will power.

At the very next moment, they felt as if their spiritual will have been invaded. The pair of eyes seemed to be able to pierce through the middle of their brow and bore straight into their minds. The purple lightning spiritual storm seeped in directly, making them feel like lotuses with their roots severed, laid bare before their opponent.

"Kill." A cold voice was heard from Hua Jieyu and devastating beams emanated from her eyes at the very next moment, striking at the minds of the 18 elders directly. All of them suffered devastating attacks in their spiritual will in just an instant, their souls felt as if they were being cut to pieces.

All of them fell limply below right afterwards.

Hua Jieyu's eyes returned to normal. Both her Life Spirit and the shadow behind her disappeared. Ye Futian's tune was lifted from her as well.

A interesting light was seen in Ye Futian's eyes. Jieyu had been extraordinarily hardworking ever since she returned from her pilgrimage. She insisted to even train while he was taking breaks. The battle at that moment was a testament that her powers have grown considerably compared to what they had been. Furthermore, when she conjured her powers, Ye Futian had been able to sense an incredibly powerful will pressure, and it did not seem to be something of Hua Jieyu herself.

It seemed that Jieyu was like Wuchen, and she had her own encounters. It was something to be happy about and he did not feel the need to inquire further. It could have been a surprise that Jieyu wanted to give him.

"It would suffice to have Jieyu and Uncle Daozang staying at my side. All of you shall go fight elsewhere." Ye Futian said to the others around him. His Third Brother and all the others have grown incredibly powerful after coming back from their pilgrimages. It qualified them to participate in battles of even such scales. The battle of Zhisheng Cliffs could have been used as a means to temper their powers.

As for Ye Futian himself, he had no intentions fighting.

He had deliberately gone easy and lost to Liu Zong back in Xihua Sacred Mountain, just so that they would have let their guard down and head straight for Zhisheng Cliffs.

At that day, he continued to not show his true combat capacity. It was a better move to have both the Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty continue to have a wrong idea about his powers. Even if they were to suspect something afoul, they would not have been able to determine what his true level of combat capacity would have been like.

Doing so enabled him to retain an element of surprise in the future battles of the sacred war.

The other reason that he did not intend to make any moves was because the Holy Zhi Palace apparently had a decisive edge over the Zhisheng Cliffs in that battle. Every single battlefield had guarantees of important figures on their sides remain unscathed, while they set out to overpower and kill their opponents.

The fall of the 18 elders dealt an extremely overwhelming blow to the ones from the Zhisheng Cliffs. All 18 of them were hidden cultivators of the Zhisheng Cliffs and they were adept at a single type of power—spirit elementalist powers—and they were extremely terrifying when they joined hands.

However, the fact remained that they were all killed by the tremendously beautiful young woman, who appeared to be the wife of Ye Futian.

At the same time, there was no one who had been capable of stopping the Sword Saint dead in his tracks as he went on his killing spree. Every single battle he fought ended up with his opponents being overpowered. If things were to go on as such, Zhisheng Cliffs could have truly been annihilated.

Ge Feng roared in another battlefield, sending Qin Zhuang and the other eight around him retreating. The divine instrument in his hand, a silver trident, was seen pointed to the heavens and boundless lightning rules fell from above. Ring-like storms lashed out before the divine instrument with forces capable of wiping everything out, as if the storms were out to devour everything in their path.

He was the head of the Nine Warriors of Zhisheng Cliffs and one who was ranked on the Sage Ranking. There were only 81 names on the Sage Ranking and there were little more than 60 names who were ranked before him. At the moment, he was overpowered by the nine swordsmen despite wielding a divine instrument. It was an insult like no other to him.

A terrifying cracking sound was heard and lightning descended from the heavens in an apocalyptic manner. The lightning power swept through the entire battlefield, yet only the nine before him suffered the greatest amount of pressure.

Qin Zhuang and the other eight stood in a ring formation. Countless swords materialized before them and every single blade was a solid one, turning into spinning sword diagram and pulsing with dazzling flash of the sword.

Qin Zhuang stood at the center of the sword matrix. He was the strongest of the nine swordsmen. As such, it was only a given that he was taking the helm of the matrix.

His expression was a solemn one. Ge Feng seemed to have gone berserk and had intended to strike with his strongest attack. A sliver of saintly might was sensed from the devastating lightning storm before them, which originated from the divine instrument.

The amplification afforded to top notch sages were incredibly frightening, especially one that resonated with one's powers. Zhuge Qingfeng had been able to stand against Kong Yao, who ranked ninth on the Sage Ranking, by wielding a divine instrument, enabling him to protect Crouching Dragon Mountain.

Ge Feng had been one who was ranked on Sage Ranking himself, and that divine instrument was one that was more powerful than the one belonging to the Zhuge family. One could have only imagined how powerful that instrument would have been.

"Sword Combination," Qin Zhuang said. The sword will all around them coalesced into a single entity and merged within the sword matrix. The sword will of the other eight swordsmen were all infused within his body. At that moment, the sword diagram before Qin Zhuang seemed to be capable of cleaving the skies apart.

"Destroy." Ge Feng roared as he stepped out, thrusting the trident in his hand forward. He seemed to have given up entirely on defense at that moment, gathering all of his power in that one single attack, capable of destroying everything in its path.

That devastating storm devoured the surroundings around him. Apocalyptic lightning calamity struck, yet at that very moment Ge Feng attacked, Qin Zhuang made a move. His body seemed to have been merged with the sword diagram, lashing out with a flash of the sword. The sparkling flash pierced through the space before them, drawing a dazzling line in the air.

The dazzling straight line charged straight into the storm and disappeared just as soon as it appeared. Ge Feng's expression was a ferocious, unforgiving one. His eyes emanated a will to kill everything before him, yet he saw a flash of light came and went in an instant. Ge Feng's pupils dilated at the very next moment. His ferocious eyes came to be tainted with extreme fear.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Ge Feng lowered his head and saw a dazzling flash of the sword pulsing with terrifying sword will at his chest, tearing away at his body bit by bit. The light on him grew increasingly bright and Ge Feng's pupils expanded as he shouted, "Nooo..."

His body dissipated in beams of dazzling flash of the sword together with that voice of extreme fear, blooming away at his surroundings before dissipating altogether.

A silhouette was seen behind Ge Feng and it was none other than Qin Zhuang. He had merged with the sword matrix in that very instant, bringing a killing move of extreme speed and lethality.

Devastating flashes of lightning coursed about Qin Zhuang's body. Blood was seen at the corner of his mouth and his entire body darkened. It was a harrowing experience charging through a lightning storm out to tear everything apart.

However, it ended up with Ge Feng, a mighty one of the Zhisheng Cliffs ranked on the Sage Ranking, perishing.

Qin Zhuang appeared before the spot where Ge Feng perished with a flash, catching the trident that was dropping below.

The battles fought that day was not only one where the Holy Zhi Palace were to strip Zhisheng Cliffs entirely of their combat capacity, but they were also taking every single piece of divine instruments to be found there as well!
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    《The Legend of Futian》