The Legend of Futian
947 Entering the Imperial Mausoleum
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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947 Entering the Imperial Mausoleum

Xia Qingyuan glared at the youth who was standing not far away. He had refused her invitation twice, and now, he had only cupped his hands and greeted her in a nonchalant manner. In both the Lower and Upper Worlds, not even saints would behave as flippantly as he did with her.

Fengxiao of Lihen Heaven's eyes narrowed and glared at Ye Futian as well. None whom she had seen around during her training at Lihen Heaven had been anyone less than an extremely formidable figure. However, Ye Futian had definitely been the most prideful of all that she had seen. He had been throwing his weight around at the Jiutian Temple's Ninth Layer of Heaven and crippled Pei Qianying.

Some swordsmen from Lihen Heaven at Fengxiao's side looked on with daring gazes. None of them bothered to conceal the sword wills shooting out of their eyes, and they apparently resented him for what happened at Jiutian Temple. Other than that, everyone from the holy lands throughout the Nine States all turned to look at Ye Futian. Some snickered while some wore a bitter smile deep down. This fellow is really stubborn, proud *sshole. 

However, there was no other like Ye Futian throughout the vast Nine States.

"Ye Futian, the imperial mausoleum appeared within the Barren State's territory. The princess and all saints from the Nine States are here, yet you, as a host, simply throw your weight around, showing up only after I sent someone to look for you." Seeing how Xia Qingyuan was saying nothing while Ye Futian simply stood and looked at him, Saint Xia cursed under his breath and had to say something to break the awkward silence.

"You're being too kind, Saint Xia. It is due precisely to the imperial mausoleum appearing and that the princess and every one of the saints are here that I dare not join the fray in order to avoid any misunderstandings. So I thought it'd be best that I stay out of this and let the princess take it," Ye Futian said.

"..." Saint Xia looked at Ye Futian, gasping in fright. What is this sh*thead up to now?

Xia Qingyuan glared at Ye Futian with cold eyes. Let me take it?

Everyone else snickered as they looked at Ye Futian. While the saints who had appeared looked to be on amicable terms with each other, and all seemed to look as if they would simply let the princess take everything within the ruins, not daring to fight her over anything, in truth, everyone had their own thoughts about what was inside. They simply did not want to burst the bubble like that. However, Ye Futian simply spoke his mind, telling everyone that while he had thoughts, Xia Qingyuan was the princess and that he dared not fight her.

Is he trying to retreat for the sake of advancing here?

Does he think that the princess is stupid?

Xia Qingyuan knew well that Ye Futian was simply agitating her.

"If you can get into the imperial mausoleum and take whatever without me noticing, whatever you take shall be yours." Xia Qingyuan's voice sounded cold and aloof. She knew Ye Futian deliberately said what he said, yet she simply played along. However, in the eyes of all who were present, she was just as prideful as Ye Futian was.

"I dare not do so," Ye Futian replied loudly.

"Is there anything you dare not do?" Xia Qingyuan jabbed sarcastically at him.

"In that case, I sincerely thank you for your generosity, princess," Ye Futian said while Saint Xihua and the Zhou Sacred King glanced at Ye Futian with cold eyes.

Ye Futian behaved in an extremely disrespectful manner to the princess. However, the princess, who was just as arrogant, wanted to play his game nonetheless. It became apparent that Ye Futian's bold and haughty personality left quite an impression on the princess.

Ye Futian excused himself and greeted Saint Xia, Saint Li, and other seniors. Saint Xia glared ferociously at him. This *sshole really knows no bounds. He actually dared play the princess like that.

The Glass Saint, who was at the side, looked at Ye Futian with a smile and said to him telepathically, "Some guts you've got. But if you were to truly enter the imperial mausoleum, it'd be more than just between you and her. Many here came specifically for you after all. Getting in there won't be as easy as you think."

Ye Futian looked up at the Glass Saint and nodded with a smile. He then replied telepathically, "Thank you, sister Glass Saint, for the reminder. I'll be careful. But with the princess around, even if someone were to actually do something, they wouldn't dare to do it themselves and break the rules."

"What did you call me?" The Glass Saint was caught by surprise by how Ye Futian addressed her. She looked at Ye Futian with an intrigued expression. This kid is really getting more and more out of line just because he is now familiar with me. He actually calls me "sister." Like the princess herself put it, is there anything this fellow won't do?

"Well, you're like a goddess, Glass Saint, soft-spoken and able to put people at ease all the time. I find it weird to keep addressing you as elder or senior, and 'sister' sounds better. If you happen to find this to be out of place, I shall address you as 'elder' or 'senior' going forward," Ye Futian replied telepathically.

The Glass Saint looked at Ye Futian with a smile. This fellow is not only extremely talented in cultivation, but is really, really good with words as well.

Ye Futian's explanation simply made it impossible for her to chastise him for it, and it seemed that "sister" did indeed sound better.

The Glass Saint glared at Ye Futian but did not berate him. Ye Futian knew what that meant and smiled. With that, their relationship had gotten somewhat closer. Calling her "senior Glass Saint" did make it sound like they were strangers after all.

Seeing the Glass Saint flashing such a brilliant smile, the Sacred King traced her line of sight and found Ye Futian. It was apparent that both of them were conversing telepathically.

The Sacred King's eyes turned extremely cold, shooting pointed, unconcealed murderous intent at Ye Futian. The beef between him and Ye Futian was very serious.

Ye Futian naturally noticed the Sacred King's eyes and returned a look at him, looking indifferent. It was not the first day that the Sacred King thought about killing him. If the Sacred King was permitted to do so, he would not have had hesitated to end Ye Futian right on the spot.

Hua Jieyu smiled and stepped on her husband's foot as if to remind the guy that his wife was right by his side. 

A figure was seen descending onto the restaurant, arriving beside Xia Qingyuan. He said in a low voice, "Princess, the perilous aura lingers, similar to tying something with a steel rope across the river and sealing the whole place down. It works like a matrix and we probably cannot live until the aura is dispersed. However, the perilous aura is a hollow one. The aura within the place is not that strong. The people from Dali are about to enter the imperial mausoleum."

Xia Qingyuan took a look at the place far away before standing up. She had a slender body and her skin was as white as snow. Her face impeccably chiseled yet looked very cold. She flashed and left the restaurant quickly, heading for the imperial mausoleum.

If even Li Yao of the Dali Dynasty was getting ready to enter the mausoleum, there was no way that she could have stayed behind any longer. They were at Emperor Xia's Realm and Li Yao came all the way there despite knowing that his chances were slim. That meant that he intended to simply get in there before anyone else. If it was something that Li Yao dared to do, it would not have been something that she would shirk from.

As Xia Qingyuan took her leave, one figure after another took to the air, heading for the imperial mausoleum. They all wore solemn looks and it was apparent that they knew what was about to happen.

The imperial mausoleum was Renhuang Ruins, which meant that it harbored thousands of possibilities. No one knew what they would be up against. They knew that the perilous aura was capable of reducing holy items to dust, a testament of its ferocity.

Many came outside the imperial mausoleum soon enough. They all saw slivers of the perilous aura hanging in the air before them, coalescing into an extremely frightening perilous light in the air, shrouding the mausoleum like a city. Likening the scene to something being bound with a steel rope, held across a river, as the imperial mausoleum was cut off from air around it. However, the perilous aura dwindled considerably at lower ground, as if most of it had coalesced in midair. It was a truly baffling and peculiar phenomenon.

The mighty ones from the Dali Dynasty had entered the mausoleum. What was terrifying was, however, that once they stepped into the place, the armored soldiers within the mausoleum seemed to have come alive, blocking their way. It was apparent that it was not easy to enter the imperial mausoleum.

"A mystical sight indeed. So is this mausoleum army all going to come alive or something?" Ye Futian asked as he saw what was happening in the mausoleum. Huang Xi and Huang Jiuge looked with solemn expressions. All of that within was left behind by their ancestors.

"Puppet Guardians," the Glass Saint, who was not far away, said. It was truly mystical indeed, as one would have expected from someone like Renhuang.

Ye Futian turned around and took a look at the Glass Saint. There were a few more people behind her. He knew Goddess Qingni, yet there was another whose appearance rivaled Goddess Qingni's. She was dressed in plain clothes and had brows like a crescent moon. She exuded a plain, cold air about her. It was as if it was something she was born with.

"What are you looking at, Palace Lord Ye?" The Glass Saint smiled and said, "Sister Glass Saint, does the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple consist only of goddesses?"

Many sported peculiar expressions after hearing Ye Futian addressing the Glass Saint as "Sister Glass Saint." Many saints around them turned around to look at Ye Futian. He actually called her that?

Even Hua Jieyu looked at Ye Futian with an amused expression. He apparently was not afraid of anything, daring to address the saint like that. It seemed that he had addressed her in such a manner during the telepathic conversation they had earlier. He had only dared to do so in public because the Glass Saint did not chastise him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Greetings, Palace Lord Ye, my name is Yuechan," the woman beside the Glass Saint said to Ye Futian.

"Yuechan." Ye Futian sported a puzzled expression as he recalled a name on the Sage and Saint Rankings. Jiang Yuechan of the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple, the eldest student of the Glass Saint.

"You're welcomed, Goddess Yuechan," Ye Futian returned the courtesy while taking a good look at her, before turning his eyes away and focusing on the imperial mausoleum.

"Let's get inside." Xia Qingyuan's voice was heard as she stepped inside the mausoleum right away. Li Yao and his men were already inside the place. There was no way they could have just stayed outside any longer.

Xia Qingyuan stepped into the mausoleum first and everyone followed suit. They felt the dangerous aura everywhere as soon as they stepped into the place. The air above seemed to have been completely sealed off, and there was probably no one who could have descended from above.

The imperial mausoleum, which looked like an ancient city, had an entrance at the front like city gates. Puppets lined up there, guarding the place. Every single one of those puppets exuded perilous aura in different levels, making them incredibly formidable.

"Let's go." Xia Qingyuan took the lead and did not bother having anyone scout ahead, walking straight inside without fear. The puppets shot straight at her, exuding terrifying aura and lashing out with the spears in their hands at her. The violent aura burst as they launched at her.

Xia Qingyuan felt that their aura did not seem all that strong. She simply pointed with one finger. The burst of power felt like the rivers of heaven had reversed its flow and turned into a terrifying torrent, tearing the perilous aura into shreds and bombarding the puppets.

Boom. A loud boom was heard and the puppets exploded, showing how powerful one simple strike from Xia Qingyuan had been. There were guardians behind Xia Qingyuan, who, naturally, would not allow her to be injured.

Seeing how the princess made her move, everyone came forward. Ye Futian did the same and entered the mausoleum with everyone else. Saint Zhi and Kong Yao followed behind Ye Futian. Many mighty ones from Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty kept a close eye on him as they entered.

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    《The Legend of Futian》