The Legend of Futian
950 Setting the Trap
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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950 Setting the Trap

The power of pressure brought on by the two great saints was terrible. Even if their strengths were constrained inside the imperial mausoleum, the power of the saints was still pressing down in this space. Ye Futian cast a glimpse at Saint Xihua. It was unexpected that some of the accumulated grievances would now explode within this imperial mausoleum.

A sword appeared in the hand of the Glass Saint. The sword was cold, like the moon in winter, seemingly capable of freezing anyone's soul. At this moment, all the gentleness and kindness had gone out of the eyes of the Glass Saint. There was only coldness remaining, warning strangers not to get close.

It was as if this was the other side of Glass Saint.

Many saints in the Nine States only knew that the Glass Saint cultivated in ice affinity but did not know that she was also an expert in swords.

"Love Destroyer." Great Zhou Sacred King glanced at the sword in the hand of the Glass Saint. It was with this sacred sword that the Glass Saint chopped off the head of her betrothed. The name of the sword was Love Destroyer. It could hack away all emotions. Moreover, it could hack away the law. 

She did not look at Great Zhou Sacred King or Saint Xihua but continued to move forward, sword in hand, seemingly without fear, facing the two saints who ranked above her.

Upon the body of Great Zhou Sacred King, the illusion of a Golden Phoenix appeared. It was as if it had melded with his body, surrounded by holy light as the dazzling golden radiance flowed, augmenting the body of this Golden Phoenix until it had covered the sky, creating the Jiutian Sacred Phoenix. Even if they were limited by the rules of the Imperial mausoleums, the saints were born of the rules of the Great Path and were a law onto themselves.

Raising his hand, Great Zhou Sacred King slammed in the direction of the Glass Saint, and the Jiutian Sacred Phoenix screamed as it flew out to attack. A radiant light appeared between heaven and earth, aiming at the seemingly frail body of the Glass Saint. 

In the hand of the Glass Saint, the Love Destroyer was unleashed to cut off strands of love and emotions and to cut off the Great Path. There was a silvery-white light, frosty and cold, appearing in the space and slicing through the shadow of the Jiutian Sacred Phoenix. The momentum headed toward Great Zhou Sacred King's majestic and authoritative body.

Great Zhou Sacred King sent out another palm strike and blocked the blade of light, but he faintly felt that the sacred sword had directly entered into his mind, cutting off his spiritual will and breaking the path of his cultivation. Back then, he could have entered the Saint Plane decades earlier, but he was stopped by the Glass Saint, who had hacked away the basis of his sacred path, intending on obstructing his path to sainthood. 

After what she had experienced, the Glass Saint was no longer as gentle as she normally appeared but was extremely determined and resilient in her heart. Everything she had done was to one day lead to his demise.

The two broke out in an immense battle, and, in a moment, caused a terrible storm in the space. Many cultivators retreated. Even though the two were suppressing their true strengths, the rippling effect of the battle was still frightening. However, those inside the imperial mausoleum were not common characters themselves. 

The speed of the group did not stop as they were moving forward, and they were extremely fast. Even in the midst of battle, Great Zhou Sacred King and Glass Saint were battling and moving at the same time.

In front of the Imperial mausoleum, there was an ancient temple that was three stories high. In front of the ancient temple, there were two statue-like puppets guarding on each side. Above the ancient temple, there was also an enormous golden bell that was extremely radiant all over. The bell kept spinning, releasing brilliant rays like a Renhuang bell.

Underneath the ancient temple, there were countless puppets, like an army guarding the place. In front of them, there was a huge space occupied by a pattern of the Eight Trigrams, like a matrix, and this pattern was the only gateway to the ancient temple.

Xia Qingyuan, Li Yao and the others walked straight forward and followed the formation of the matrix, intending on stepping into the ancient temple of the imperial mausoleum. However, the two puppets stood there guarding the left and the right, like gods from heaven. The middle-aged scribe, who was next to Li Yao, was holding the sword that could split the heaven and earth. He hacked toward at puppets that had moved to the middle to block their way.

The sword fell, and the sword that could cut through the void did not split the puppets apart. The two puppets were surrounded by a perilous aura that subtly turned into armor. They raised their hands and slammed toward the middle-aged scribe. Out of the sky, giant handprints fell down, and the middle-aged scribe felt a huge threat, and his body moved backward rapidly. But the handprint seemed to follow him like his shadow, covering the sky. He let out a scream, and his body spun and instantly released three thousand blades of light. Among the vast world, only this sword seemed to exist.

Bang! A loud noise was heard, and the arms of the two puppets came down with destructive sword light. The middle-aged scribe felt that something was amiss and morphed his body into the sword, rapidly retreating.

Another violent sound came out, and the body of the middle-aged scribe was struck down. With a shrill scream, he fell to the ground. His legs had been pierced through by the perilous aura and were eaten bit by bit into nothingness. It was an extremely wretched scene.

The two puppets then separated, one on each side, still guarding the antiquities inside the imperial mausoleum.

Glass Saint and Great Zhou Sacred King were still in battle, the two being equal in strength, erupting into an even fiercer battle. Just then, a terrible aura was exuded from Saint Xihua.

"Watch out," Ye Futian called out in caution, and just as his voice faded, Saint Xihua finally made his move. His speed was extremely fast. The moment when he made his move, he turned into partial shadows, and his radiant body descended behind Glass Saint. The imperial mausoleum had limited their power of the Great Path, so an attack up close was the most suitable strategy.

A terrible suffocating pressure descended, and at this moment, the Glass Saint could only feel the violent beating of her heart, and it was difficult to breathe. In her spiritual will, the figure of Saint Xihua had even appeared.

Her left hand reached out and hit behind her. Heaven and the earth were frozen, and everything was turning into ice. But Saint Xihua still dealt his blow, using his palm, without any hesitation. Thousands of palm prints overlapped and forcibly shattered the power of the ice. At this moment, Glass Saint felt her insides shatter, and with a muffled sound, she spat out a mouthful of blood. As her sword slashed downward, Great Zhou Sacred King was forced back and his body flew back, leveraging the attack of Saint Xihua.

There were stains of blood at the corner of her mouth, and her long black hair was slightly disheveled. With her iciness at this moment, the Glass Saint appeared to exude a sense of abject beauty.

Many people around them thought that Saint Xihua was truly malevolent. In spite of his own reputation, he would join in the attack with the Great Zhou Sacred King and had seized the opportunity for a strike.

"Glass Saint, Great Zhou Sacred King has loved you for many years. If you agree to marry into the Great Zhou Dynasty as a Sacred Queen, it could be a beautiful thing." Saint Xihua looked at the Glass Saint while she looked as calm as undisturbed water. Her slender hand stretched out with sword in hand, but her slight body stood firm. A few strands of long hair around her forehead were flying, and her eyes revealed her determination. 

"Princess, the giant bell on the ancient temple seems curious, why not give it a try?" Ye Futian said to Xia Qingyuan, who turned her head to look at Ye Futian, then looked up at that rotating ancient bell.

"Sister Glass Saint, when the ancient bell rings, everyone will be attacked. You can take the opportunity to strike back." Ye Futian secretly transmitted the message to Glass Saint. A picture of the imperial mausoleum appeared in his mind. This place should be the book's hiding place in the imperial mausoleum, and it was already close to the belly of the land, and this ancient bell could initiate the matrix.

Xia Qingyuan gave an order to the people beside her, and suddenly, a cultivator of the Saint Plane levitated and knocked on the enormous ancient bell.

Dong! Along with the bell ringing, an incomparable radiant glow bloomed from the ancient bell. In an instant, a tremendous pressure of the Great Path descended from the sky. Saints and sages alike felt as if they were shocked by electricity, the sounds of the Renhuang bell rocked inside their heads fiercely.

The sound of the bell, like the sound of the Great Path, penetrated through the years, and seemed to come from the millennium. Those who cultivated longer felt a greater impact.

Many from the Saint Plane on the scene groaned, and their heads were suddenly shaky. The saint who knocked on the ancient bell was shocked to the ground, his head humming and droning. Only the bell sounds of the Great Path continued lingering.

The same was true for Great Zhou Sacred King. The illusions of the Golden Phoenix that were upon his body seemed to be shattered, and for a moment, there was only emptiness in his mind. But at this time, Glass Saint felt a strong sense of danger. She raised her head abruptly to look up and saw that his body was being covered with ice bit by bit, a bone-chilling coldness, and the soul seemed to be enclosed in ice. The sword came for Great Zhou Scared King, appearing directly in his mind, causing him to stop thinking. It was a sword that would destroy the law.

At this moment, the brilliant light rushed towards ninth heaven, and the horrible Golden Phoenix lingered in the air. The blood inside his body was burning up and turned into golden sacred blood, stimulating the strength inside the body, unrestricted by the force of the other party. The sacred beast, a golden phoenix, flew out and seized the sword, but where the sword landed, it would destroy with the power of the Great Path.

The figure of the Golden Phoenix shattered, and with a slushy sound, the sword penetrated the body of Great Zhou Sacred King. The destructive force of the Great Path that would kill everything exploded with madness. The inside of the Great Zhou Sacred King was burning. His eyes were fully opened and round, and his palms slammed forward. The sacred Golden Phoenix penetrated through them.

With a loud bang, Glass Saint was knocked over and flew back, the sword in her hand dripping with golden blood. This sudden event shocked many and they did not have time to respond. They looked at the two engrossed in fighting and saw the breath of Great Zhou Sacred King quickly weaken. His wounds were constantly repairing, but they could see from his pale face that he had been grievously injured by the attack.

The cultivators of the Great Zhou Dynasty came to him in a flash, and Jiang Yuechan caught Glass Saint. At the moment, the Glass Saint was in no better shape. Her clothes were blood-stained and it was a shocking sight to behold, but her injury was obviously less than that of Great Zhou Sacred King.

Great Zhou Sacred King looked at Ye Futian coldly. Why did the Glass Saint attack at that precise moment? Obviously, Ye Futian knew something. He and Saint Xihua knew that this imperial mausoleum may have been left behind by the royal ancestors of the Holy Zhi Palace. It seemed that Ye Futian indeed knew of the secrets within the Imperial mausoleum.

Not only him, but Saint Xihua also cast a glance at Ye Futian. Saint Ji, who was in the void, did so as well. It seemed that Saint Xihua and Great Zhou Sacred King did not deceive him. 

"Follow him." Saint Ji transmitted his voice to Ji Ya. Ji Ya nodded lightly, knowing what he should do. As the second existence of the sages on the Saint and Sage Ranking, and under the current situation where all the cultivators of the Holy Zhi Palace were detained by Kong Yao in battle, it would easy for him to kill Ye Futian. He was privy to the agreement between Saint Ji and Saint Xihua. Since Saint Xihua did not deceive his Master, he would fulfill his part of the bargain and not allow Ye Futian to walk out of the imperial mausoleum.

This was also the reason why Great Zhou Sacred King and Saint Xihua already regarded Ye Futian as a dead man walking. They had already set up a trap to ensure his death! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.
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    《The Legend of Futian》