The Legend of Futian
958 Can You Fight Harder?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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958 Can You Fight Harder?

Xia Qingyuan was blocked once again. She gazed at Ye Futian. It seemed that there was indeed someone in the Nine States of the same level as her who could stop her. She had just felt an incredibly strong space rule power from the halberd, and it had the ability to break through space. Its attack power was incredible.

At that moment, Huang Jiuge had already received Renhuang's inheritance, and brilliant light shone all around. The mausoleum shook as the beautiful light fell upon the two people fighting, adding a bit of sacred color to the scene. Outside the mausoleum, everyone felt the cliff shaking. They all sensed that the inheritance had reappeared in the world.

But who had gotten it?

This situation had occurred not long after the Princess had entered, so it was extremely likely that she was the one who had gotten it. However, there was nothing strange about that. Although there were two Saint-level figures inside, how could they dare to compete with Xia Qingyuan? As for Ye Futian and Huang Jiuge, even if they wanted to fight, would they be able to?

All of the Nine States were under Emperor Xia's command. Even though the Imperial Mausoleum had been left behind by the Huang clan ancestors, it still belonged to Emperor Xia. If Xia Qingyuan wanted it, it would be hers without a doubt.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

They all thought of the extremely arrogant Ye Futian. With his personality, he had previously dared to trick the Princess. He might actually fight her. They didn't know if he would be able to leave the tomb.

As they expected, Ye Futian was indeed fighting. But he was not fighting for himself, but for Huang Xi and Huang Jiuge. If Xia Qingyuan used Emperor Xia to suppress him, he would give up. If Huang Jiuge got the inheritance and then died, Xia Qingyuan would have no remorse over the promise that she made in public. Therefore, he had nothing to worry about.

What was the orthodoxy that Emperor Xia had founded in the Nine States?

Why had Xia Qingyuan sought out the Heavenly Chosen Ones?

The Nine States were Emperor Xia's, including the Holy Zhi Palace. Thus, when he had challenged Xia Qingyuan, he had called himself a vassal of Emperor Xia. He had not said this casually. He was reminding Xia Qingyuan that he was her father's subject.

Emperor Xia naturally hoped that there would be talented figures among his subjects that could assist him in the future. Although Emperor Xia's Realm was in the Upper Worlds, it was only one of the realms of the Divine Prefecture. Hua Jieyu had told him that she had taken them to many Upper Worlds. Thus, he could fight as hard as he could in this battle. With Emperor Xia's status, he didn't need to fear him coming to settle accounts.

With his halberd in hand, brilliant light flowed over Ye Futian. He pointed it at Xia Qingyuan, and his will of battle surged. It seemed like while he was there, Xia Qingyuan would not be able to pass him.

An even stronger sword will flowed from Xia Qingyuan, much different from the ones that Ye Futian had seen before. This was the first time he had felt Catastrophe Swordsmanship. The sword gave birth to catastrophes and had terrible destructive power. He felt the sword will, and it felt like his spiritual will would be destroyed. If he was hit, he couldn't imagine how much damage it would do.

The sword will grew stronger and an ear-piercing shriek rang out through the air. Even if all the power in the Imperial Mausoleum was bound up together, the aura coming from Xia Qingyuan would still be stronger. The sword will flowed towards all the heavens. It seemed to be everywhere, and there was an invisible sword in it.

Xia Qingyuan stepped forward, and it felt like a terrible catastrophe sword was piercing Ye Futian's spiritual will. It was like a catastrophe of the Great Path was cutting through his spiritual willpower. He had naturally taken precautions against this, and so he was unmoved. At that same time, a sword fell from the heavens like a bolt of lighting.

Boom! There was a loud noise as a starry curtain appeared around Ye Futian. Although he could not communicate with the power of the Imperial Mausoleum, he was still able to form a powerful force field around himself. It was like time had stopped in that space. Everything slowed down, except for the overbearing sword, which cut through his rule power force field and pierced the body of one of the stars, causing it to crack.

Xia Qingyuan continued forward. If anyone had been standing around her they would have been suffocated. Her sword will was too strong. She gripped her sword and brought it down again, as quickly and forcefully as possible. There was another loud noise as more cracks appeared in the star, breaking down Ye Futian's defenses.

More swords began to descend wildly, one following another. Each sword was extremely forceful. The star had already cracked to its edges, but Ye Futian's life spirit bloomed and the Divine Ape roared as he transformed into his Buddha pure body and melded into it.

Bang! The stars cracked, the sword descended, and the Divine Ape roared. He struck out with a fist will and destroyed the oncoming sword. The violent momentum was earth-shattering. However, Xia Qingyuan seemed to not even see it. There was no change in her cold eyes.

More and more swords appeared, and the space where Ye Futian was in seemed to collapse. There were 3,000 swords. Without using a divine implement, how could anyone below the Saint Plane in the Nine States withstand this?

The Divine Ape attacked wildly, and it roared into the sky. Every attack made the air tremble. Heaven and earth seemed like they would shatter under the Divine Ape's attacks, but they could not destroy the light of the catastrophe swords. Many of the swords had already pierced the Divine Ape's body, making it tremble.

Even Glass Saint, who was sitting nearby, felt her heart tremble as she beheld this battle. This was Emperor Xia's favorite daughter. She was only on the lower Sage Plane, but with the combat ability that she put forth, even someone on the Sage Ranking would not dare to say they could defeat her. And Ye Futian, who was on the same plane as her, was still fighting her.

It seemed that the Divine Ape's body could bear no more, and so Ye Futian lifted his arm and the halberd appeared there. A burst of radiant particles emerged from it and swallowed it up.

Rumble! Brilliant golden light shone as the image of a golden roc appeared. Wind rules covered his body. At this moment Ye Futian was like a god of war. A powerful wind blew, and Ye Futian instantly disappeared from where he had been as he moved towards Xia Qingyuan. Xia Qingyuan pointed forward without any hesitation. A sword burst forth and destroyed everything as it raced towards Ye Futian.

Smash! Ye Futian stabbed straight out with his halberd, smashing it into the catastrophe sword, causing cracks to appear in it. Under his brilliant wings, he crossed through the air and continued to get closer to his opponent. His power was rising.

After cultivating his skill with a halberd in the Lost Ruins, he had spent a period of time cultivating in the Endless Sea. He trained with it every day in every part of the Endless Sea. The billowing ocean waves helped him understand how to wield it. Now his attacks grew fiercer and fiercer, just like the ocean waves. But now more catastrophe swords descended. They seemed to be endless.

Brilliant light bloomed from him, and his golden wings shrieked past. He thrust his halberd forward once again, and as he did many halberds of light appeared beside it. They crashed wildly into the catastrophe swords. Ye Futian's body seemed to be buried in the devastating storm it caused.

Xia Qingyuan was as unmoving as a mountain. Three thousand catastrophe swords wrapped around her like a storm. Her expression was as sharp as one of her swords. She continued to walk closer to Ye Futian as if there was nothing for her to fear. No matter how strong she was, her state of mind was not affected.

The storm of catastrophe swords shrieked like the light of the catastrophe of the Great Path. It descended towards Ye Futian. He could not avoid it. If he was not strong enough to withstand it, he could only die. This forceful attack was enough to kill any enemy. Her swords covered the sky.

Ye Futian did not dodge. The Divine Ape roared, and he opened the Seven Star Acupoints. Beams of golden light pierced through his body, and the golden roc shot forward with invincible speed towards the onrushing swords as if it was going to enter into that endless abyss.

His body trembled. Suddenly, a bunch of residual images appeared around him. Each one seemed to carry a halberd until they eventually all merged into one. They faced forward in a straight line. A devastating vortex appeared on the halberd that seemed like it would really tear space apart.

The 3,000 catastrophe swords pierced towards him, but a broken hole appeared in the middle of them. A halberd pierced through space and fell towards Xia Qingyuan who was at the center of the swords. At that moment, Ye Futian swayed violently. Xia Qingyuan was sent flying once again.

The destructive storm still raged. Ye Futian's Buddha pure body had been destroyed, and his life spirit had been damaged. He felt a sweetness in his throat as if there was blood that he needed to spit out, but he swallowed it back.

Xia Qingyuan was not in good shape either. Her clothes were in disarray and her hair that had been tied back had come loose. As the wind danced, she even looked to be a bit more feminine. Looking at her now, she was even more incredible. She was like an immortal in the human world, untouched by the dust of the mortal world.

Xia Qingyuan had apparently not thought that Ye Futian would force her into such a difficult situation. She did not even care that much about Renhuang's inheritance anymore. She just watched Ye Futian.

She was not only hailed as unparalleled in Emperor Xia's Realm. When she was young, her father had brought her to another one of Renhuang's realms to let her experience the world and understand the Worldly Great Path. Even though she was extremely young, she had still gone to many places and met many powerful figures. Even in these other realms, she had never met someone who could be a true opponent to her who was of the same generation as her. Now, in the Nine States in the Lower World, she seemed to have met one.

"Can you fight harder?" Xia Qingyuan asked unexpectedly.

Ye Futian was stunned, then said, "If you can, so can I."

Beside them, Glass Saint was speechless. They could still fight harder? How hard would these two lower-level Sages fight?

The Great Zhou Sacred King had now also opened his eyes to watch the battle. As he watched, his desire to kill Ye Futian only grew stronger. He could not rest easy until Ye Futian died.

"Then let me see," said Xia Qingyuan slowly. Her life spirit bloomed behind her, and in a flash, a divine light covered the whole area. An incomparably beautiful golden lotus bloomed. It was rumored that there was a female Buddha beneath the golden lotus.

Xia Qingyuan stepped onto the golden lotus and bathed in the divine light. She truly seemed like an immortal.

The shaking of the Imperial Mausoleum grew stronger and stronger, but Xia Qingyuan did not care. At that moment, Ye Futian was far more interesting than Renhuang's inheritance!
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    《The Legend of Futian》