The Legend of Futian
964 Power of the Halberd
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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964 Power of the Halberd

Ye Futian's proud voice reverberated throughout that space and everyone was able to sense the killing intent oozing from him.

They were unable to fathom how someone who was about to die was able to be so unrestrained with his words.

Not going to die?

How is Ye Futian not going to die facing off so many from the other states?


Ye Futian took one step in the air, walking out to see who dare stands in his way.

The ones from the Barren State stepped out together with Ye Futian. All of them brought their auras to bear. Qin Zhuang and the other eight took their stations forming the matrix. Huang Jiuge emanated with dazzling light. His Life Spirit burst from behind him—the Renhuang Bow, a weapon which corresponded to Renhuang level ritual implements. The aura emanating from the Renhuang Bow was not any weaker compared to the Halberd of Time and Space.

In that very instant, the saints' greed grew.

That was a Renhuang level ritual implement after all.

The Renhuang Bow pointed to the air and the aura bursting from Huang Jiuge grew extremely intense.

"Let's go," Ye Futian said. He stepped out in the air and had full intentions to leave the place just like that. Anyone who dared to stand in their way shall be cut down.

Boom. A raging pressure fell from above. Kong Yao, a sage ranked ninth of the Sage and Saint Rankings stood in the air. He was surrounded by divine elephants out to trample everything in their path, as he glared at Ye Futian and the others.

You intend to leave?

Let's see where you'd end up in then.

An extremely raging aura burst from Ye Futian and golden sparkling light burst. The Roc appeared and a pair of wings were seen on his back. The Seven Star acupoints were all opened and beams of light pierced through his body. The World Tree within his Life Palace shook and the spiritual qi around him seemed to be resonating with his body.

In that very instant, Ye Futian felt as if his will was everywhere.

Ji Ya and Ji Mu held their swords of holy light while the elders of the Yi clan held their longbows. The ones who had killed Jiang Yuechan earlier brought their immense might to bear.

As Jiang Yuechan, a sage who ranked of the Sage Ranking was unable to withstand one blow from them, they intended to see how long Ye Futian would have lasted against them.


Ye Futian made a move and shot out like a streak of lightning. He held tight to the halberd in his hand and terrifying Space-tearing rule power appeared around him. All forms of might and pressure were torn away by his body itself as he carved a path in their midst, like a golden lightning bolt headed straight for one direction.

It was where Zhou Huang, the crown prince of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty stood.

Kong Yao took a step on the air and brought the might of his divine elephant rule power down onto his enemies. However, Ye Futian did not seem to be all that fettered. A golden, sparkling ancient path appeared in the air.

Zhou Huang's expression was ice-cold. Ye Futian had taken him using the power of the matrix, and that remained to be the greatest insult suffered in his life.

And at that moment, Ye Futian chose to attack him first.

He fully intended to see how Ye Futian, someone who had just became an archmage, would have been able to deal with him.

The Golden Phoenix Sword shimmered with dazzling light in his hand and an extremely dazzling golden phoenix appeared above him. Its wings flapped and a tornado was formed, as he turned into a bolt of golden lightning and headed straight for Ye Futian.

"Zhou Huang, do not fight him head on." The Zhou Sacred King had witnessed the battle between Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan, and he naturally knew how powerful Ye Futian was. As such, he reminded Zhou Huang telepathically and he sounded extraordinarily serious with his advice.

Zhou Huang did not stop doing what he did even after hearing his father's voice. Even father thought that I'd lose to Ye Futian then?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

An even more brilliant light burst as Zhou Huang moved forward fearlessly. The shadow of the phoenix blocked out the sky and a huge Golden Phoenix Sword appeared in the air, emanating towering beams of light, seemingly out to tear the space apart as it moved straight for Ye Futian.

No other mighty ones helped Zhou Huang out. All of them wanted to see how powerful Ye Futian's combat prowess would have gotten, with that Halberd of Space and Time in his hand.

And Zhou Huang served as a convenient guinea pig.

The light of the giant sword cleaved through the air towards Ye Futian. However, he did not budge and had simply let the blade come down onto him. He had only Zhou Huang in mind at the moment and nothing else.

Two dazzling silhouette clashed with each other in breakneck speed. Ye Futian lashed out with the Halberd of Time and Space as they neared each other.

A blackhole seemed to have appeared in the space before the weapon, tearing everything before it apart.

The light of the giant sword was disintegrated right there and then as it was cleaved in the middle. The thrust of the halberd tore on the Golden Phoenix Sword and the sword aura was torn to shreds in an instant. A huge force went straight for Zhou Huang's arm. The Halberd of Time and Space grazed through the sword and kept moving forward. Time seemed to have grinded to a halt at that very moment.

Zhou Huang's expression finally changed. The storm that tore through everything before it seemed to be the most terrifying vortex to have existed in the world, capable of devouring everything in existence, including his life.

He intended to retreat, but found his movements getting extraordinarily sluggish, so much so that even his thoughts seemed to have stopped altogether.


A crisp sound was heard and Zhou Huang stopped thinking altogether. The halberd went through his throat right there and then.


Zhou Huang's mind screamed in a frenzy. His appearance turned increasingly ethereal and under the gaze of countless, his brain exploded to bits and reduced to nothing.

The space around them seemed to have stopped and turned completely silent. Many even stopped thinking altogether.

The eldest son of the Zhou Sacred King, a sage ranked on the Sage Ranking, was killed with a single thrust from the halberd.

Such was the prowess of Ye Futian, who claimed to be peerless in all of the Nine States.

The ones from the Barren State looked at that figure clad in white while their minds trembled.

That figure was none other than their Palace Lord of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State.

There had been rumors throughout the Nine States saying that Ye Futian lost to Liu Zong of the Xihua Sacred Mountain and ran.

However, at that very day, Ye Futian faced off against the mighty ones of the other states and it took him one thrust with the halberd, to kill a mighty one ranked on the Sage and Saint Rankings—Zhou Huang.

None other in the Nine States could have claimed to be peerless.

None other in the Nine States, but Ye Futian of the Barren State.

At that very moment, everyone recalled the weight of his words back then. If Ye Futian were to come out alive, any from a holy land who dared to kill even one person of the Holy Zhi Palace, he would have then rendered said holy land to have no one but their saints remaining.

The sacred king flashed and caught Zhou Huang's dropping body. A vast killing intent emanated from him, pointed specifically at Ye Futian.

"Zhou Sacred King," Saint Xia said plainly while sounding rather cold, seemingly to remind the sacred king to not forget the rules.

The sacred king rescinded his aura and turned to look at Zhou Huang who had lost a head. The sacred king felt his heart bleeding.

He knew that Zhou Huang would not have been a match to Ye Futian, but he had never expected things to turn out like that. One thrust was all it took to kill his son, Zhou Huang.

That insignificant ant of a member of the younger generation that he had once underestimated, had not only waged a sacred war against him, but had also, at the moment, ended up killing his heir.

Ye Futian did not look at the sacred king. He took the Golden Phoenix Sword and put it away.

He looked up and pointed the halberd in his hand at the mighty ones of the other states, saying plainly, "Who dares to fight me!"

His hair billowed in the air and many from the Barren State who had watched that battle, felt their eyes reddened and about to shed tears.

Such was the bearing of the one who claimed to be truly unparalleled.

The figure who pointed with his halberd, asking the ones from the other states, who dares to fight him!

It would not have mattered if they had enemies all over the Nine States, if none dare fight them!

Kill one from the Holy Zhi Palace and I shall have reduce his place to have no one but the saints remaining.

All from the other states, including even the saints, were shocked by that one thrust of his.

One thrust was all it took to kill a mighty one ranked on the Sage Ranking, and that one thrust came from a sage who had just broke into Archmage Plane.

Would anyone throughout the Nine States be able to hold him back?

Saint Xia looked at that youth clad in the white in the air. Any who dared to refuse the princess would have definitely had what it took to behave so arrogantly, and Ye Futian was more than qualified to do so.

It was no wonder that the princess had instructed Saint Xia telepathically, to have him keep a close eye on the ones from the other holy lands, to prevent any from breaking the rules.

The princess indeed came to believe that Ye Futian would have been able to kill his way out of the barricade.

If even the princess thought so, then what actually happened in that tomb?

Did Ye Futian fight the princess in there?

Is that considered a test to Ye Futian by the princess? If Ye Futian is truly able to come out alive, his future would have lied beyond the Nine States.

Ye Futian then turned his eyes at Zhong Kui and Li Daoqiu, two mighty ones ranked on the Sage and Saint Ranking from the Xihua Sacred Mountain.

"Why are you two waiting for? Do you want him to take you both out one by one?" Saint Xihua shouted as he caught Ye Futian's eyes. Ye Futian had been able to kill Zhou Huang with one strike because everyone else had apparently wanted to see how capable Ye Futian would have became, and Zhou Huang died for it.

"Move," Kong Yao said coldly and he stepped out as soon as he finished. The divine elephants trampled as he headed for Ye Futian.

There was no room for reconciliation between him and Ye Futian. The young sage would not have minded if many others did not end up fighting him. But his feud with Kong Yao went a long way back and they were nothing short of archenemies.

Zhong Kui burst with his Life Spirit—an ancient bell. The sound of the bell rang and the air around it shook. Everyone within earshot felt their spiritual will about to collapse. At the same time, Li Daoqiu grabbed the air with his hand and Ye Futian felt as if he was about to be petrified by huge rocks around him, as terrifying gravity closed in on him.

Zhou Mian burst with dazzling golden phoenix wings, cleaving through the air as he headed for Ye Futian.

Boundless light emanated from above Ji Ya. A huge light of a giant sword appeared above him, capable of cleaving the sky apart.

Sages ranked on the Sage Ranking, including even Ji Ya, who ranked second, joined hands with the others without question, in order to kill just one sage.

Ye Futian was probably the only one throughout the Nine States who received such treatment.

At the same time, a group of figures stepped out and came behind Ye Futian. Their Life Spirits burst and power of rules coursed throughout the bodies—the Sealing Rules.

Boundless light of sealing fell from above like screens of light, materializing as Sealing Barrier around him. Extremely powerful attacks hit the barrier and were stopped dead in their tracks entirely.

Many were shocked at that scene.

The mighty ones of the Yue clan had sided with Ye Futian.

The situation at present said that Ye Futian would have made enemies throughout the Nine States, and it absolutely was not wise for the Yue clan to take his side at the moment.

The Glass Saint understood what that meant. It was a turn of events that Yuechan had exchanged for with her life—the possibility of Ye Futian emerging alive.

The Yue clan finally gotten themselves completely involved after her death, declaring their support for Ye Futian.

It was then to see if there were any from the other holy lands deciding to make a move, and if any dared to move against Ye Futian.

Many holy lands did not take a stand prior and thus, were afforded different options. If Ye Futian would have definitely ended up dead that day, none of those other holy lands would have gone easy on him!
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    《The Legend of Futian》