The Legend of Futian
965 Bloody Battle
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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965 Bloody Battle

Saint Ji's eyes turned incredibly pointed in an instant as he looked in the Moon Saint's direction, saying, "What do you mean by this?"

"All of you are figures standing at the pinnacle of the Nine States, and I find it rather despicable for you all to bully a member of the younger generation like that. With the lineage of Renhuang taken by the Holy Zhi Palace and the princess acknowledging their possession. I'd say you shall issue a formal challenge and fight for it in an honorable manner." The Moon Saint then scanned the crowd and said, "What the hell is with you all from holy lands, ranked on the Sage Ranking, ganging up on them?"

Saint Ji continued glaring at him with cold eyes. Everyone coveted the Renhuang lineage, and no one saw anything wrong with ganging up like that.

He was wondering if the Moon Saint intended to take everything for himself standing out like that, or that the Moon Saint saw potential in Ye Futian.

That extraordinary thrust with the halberd earlier had indeed been attractive enough to have holy lands side with Ye Futian.

"If you people of the Yue clan wanted to die so badly, then we shall simply oblige," Saint Ji said coldly. Ji Ya's sword shot forth as soon as he finished. The giant sword of light came down like a mountain, splitting the air in two and crashed onto the screen of light, shattering it.

Kong Yao and the others did not go easy. With the fight already in full swing, there was simply no reason to hold back. If the Yue clan insisted on getting in their way, then they were to simply be dealt with.

"Voom." Dazzling light burst and arrows were seen penetrating the space, heading straight for Ye Futian at impeccable speed.

The space seemed as if they were torn apart as the arrows passed, locking Ye Futian down tightly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The mighty ones from the Yi clan moved as well. Their arrows were all intended to end Ye Futian right where he stood.

At almost the very same moment, Huang Jiuge shot an arrow as well. The arrow shot from the Renhuang Bow streaked through the space and was targeted at the incoming enemy arrows. His arrow proved to be faster and it zipped past Ye Futian as it clashed with the incoming arrows, crumbling together.

Ye Futian seemed to have not taken notice of any of that. Even when Huang Jiuge's arrow zipped right past his side, his expression remained utterly unfazed.

He stepped out and cast his pressure downwards at Zhong Kui and Li Daoqiu below. The ones from the Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty were top on his to-be-killed list. Those two had allied with the Zhisheng Cliffs and waged the sacred war against the Holy Zhi Palace after all.

The Roc streaked through the sky and charged forward. Kong Yao stepped forward and brought a huge divine elephant stepping, shrouding the sky and intending to stomp on Ye Futian.

Dazzling screens of starlight appeared around Ye Futian, as if a star was wrapped within. The divine elephant crushed the stars with a loud boom and continued to come down on him, crashing onto the Roc's humungous body.

Ye Futian's speed forward seemed to have been slowed and dropped quite a distance below, but it continued to streak forward, letting Kong Yao's powers dropped onto him without a care.

The expressions of Zhong Kui and Li Daoqiu changed somewhat. The ancient bell rang with intentions to overpower everything around it. Sound waves swept forth and crashed onto the Roc's body. Li Daoqiu launched attacks that were just as fearsome, as if an ancient mountain had bashed onto Ye Futian's body.

The Roc seemed to have became his battle form as he continued to charge forward. Rumbles continued to be heard around him. The Roc was shattered and the battle form was no more, yet Ye Futian himself tore right through the mountain, lashing out with the halberd in his hand at the incoming storm of rocks. The light of countless particles shone and zipped out like bolts of lightning, bringing the power to tear everything in the path apart to bear.


A sound of the bell rang with enough magnitude to tear people's souls apart, yet Zhong Kui himself suffered the recoil. Seeing the figure clad in white descending upon him with the Halberd of Space and Time in his hand like a god of war, the space around him seemingly frozen thoroughly, he finally came to understand how Zhou Huang felt moments before the prince died.

The lockdown was absolute and indisputable. The space around him seemed to have grinded to a complete halt. The space that was shrouded by the holy light of the Halberd of Space and Time was completely put under the weapon's control. It was the divine implement ranked third on the Divine Implement Ranking, and Ye Futian himself was adept at wielding Space-freezing rule powers.

Once he had gotten close, even mighty ones ranked on the Sage Ranking would have been put under temporarily space-time halt status.

And that temporary moments were more than enough to decide their fates.

Nothingness, the Halberd of Space and Time, was named for its ability to reduce everything to nothing when it landed on its target. Devastating storms raged and Zhong Kui, a mighty one of the Xihua Sacred Mountain ranked on the Sage Ranking, exploded to pieces. Like Zhou Huang, he was not given a single moment to struggle. The killing was clean and done in a single blow.

Ye Futian's charge did not stop after killing Zhong Kui, as he headed straight for Li Daoqiu, who was retreating.

The halberd transformed into a bolt of golden lightning, piercing through the space before him in an unstoppable manner.

The third mighty one ranked on the Sage Ranking was killed with a splattering sound heard, dying right on the spot.

Ye Futian stopped and scanned the top notch sages from the Xihua Sacred Mountain. Everyone retreated at the very same time. One look from him was all it took to spook them all.

Extremely dazzling Holy Light Swords streaked at him, but Qin Zhuang and the others appeared right behind Ye Futian, conjuring the sword diagrams before him. Hundreds of thousands of swords burst forth at the same time, clashing with the swords coming at him. Sword aura storms whipped up in the air before him.

Ye Futian did not turn around. Blood was seen at the corner of his mouth. He continued streaking forward without paying any heed to attacks from Kong Yao and the others. Regardless of how formidable his defenses were and how peerless his body was, there was simply no way he could have emerged completely unscathed. He forgone resistance and simply charged forward, bearing the brunt of the attacks and killed the only two mighty ones from Xihua Sacred Mountain ranked on the Sage Ranking.

It was anyone's guess what Saint Xihua would have thought of what transpired.

Ye Futian kept his gaze forward. Liu Zong was among the mighty ones of the Xihua Sacred Mountain. He pointed the Halberd of Time and Space forward and said, "Who dares to come and kill me?"

The saints murmured in discussion. The one to kill Ye Futian shall take Huang Jiuge.

At the moment, it was a wonder who would have emerged to kill Ye Futian.

Two attacks from him ended with three deaths of sages ranked on the Sage Ranking. Other than Ji Ya and Kong Yao, both of whom were ranked at the top ten of the Sage Ranking, who perhaps had a chance against him, no one else dared to move against Ye Futian at the moment.

"Let's go."

Ye Futian continued to stepped forward in the air. While he might have been peerless in battle, his powers were still limited nonetheless, which meant that there was no way he could have brought down everyone standing against him with his power alone. Furthermore, there were many from the Holy Zhi Palace present.

Many holy lands were still sitting on the fence at the moment. The feat of killing three sages who ranked on the Sage Ranking, was to shock the people of the other holy lands into inaction.

The score was to be settled once they returned to the Holy Zhi Palace.

"Think about the consequences if you all were to let the tiger return to the mountain," Kong Yao said coldly. He was alone and had little to lose. The Zhisheng Cliffs was almost annihilated by Ye Futian, and he wanted to see how many of the holy lands who had acted against Ye Futian, dared to let the Palace Lord sage leave just like that.

Kong Yao stepped forward against Ye Futian, bringing countless divine elephants to bear. Every step that Kong Yao took seemed to be out to bring down the sky. The figure who was ranked ninth on the Sage Ranking was not one to be trifled with. Kong Yao trained in few rules, yet he had trained to the extreme with every single one that he mastered.

A humungous shadow of the divine elephant appeared as he burst forth with his Life Spirit, stepping forward and intending to stomp onto Ye Futian. The Palace Lord had led others to carry out a bloodbath in the Zhisheng Cliffs, and he intended to settle the score by taking Ye Futian's life.

An earth-shattering roar was heard and a divine ape appeared behind Ye Futian, taking the place of the Roc. He merged with the ape and burst with wild, unfettered powers. Ye Futian stepped forward and shook the air about him. He began attacking and devastating storms were whipped up, piercing the huge divine elephant, shattering it to pieces.

Ye Futian, who was clad in boundless overwhelming power, headed straight for Kong Yao.

He stepped forward with terrifying steps, just like the divine elephant stomping the air about it. Every single step beat hard on Ye Futian's mind, yet he simply shrugged off all of that. The divine ape roared as it resisted the power of every single step. Blood was seen at the corner of Ye Futian's mouth, yet he continued to press forward. So long as he was able to get close, there would have been no problem for him to kill Kong Yao, regardless if he was ranked ninth on the Sage Ranking.

The Halberd of Time and Space tore through all manner of powers. The divine elephant Life Spirit behind Kong Yao stomped, yet Ye Futian continued to press forward. The Halberd of Space and Time was thrust and the space around him frozen. In that very instant, Kong Yao felt it very difficult for the divine elephant to lift its leg, as if its movements were about to grind to a complete halt. He sensed that something was wrong and burst with rule power in a frenzy, breaking that shackling power through sheer brute force as he brought the elephant's leg down.

Boom. The divine elephant's shadow shattered with a rumble. The Halberd of Space and Time brought a devastating storm right onto Kong Yao. Kong Yao roared and brought his arms down to resist. Thousands of elephants seemed to have trumpeted as they stomped the air.

Ye Futian did not retreat. His halberd burst with towering light, intending to bring the sky down. One elephant after another was destroyed. Kong Yao's arms were put before him, his divine implement gauntlet blocking the halberd. His arms trembled violently. His body was about to be torn apart as it was thrown high in the sky.

At that very moment, Zhou Mian's golden phoenix flapped its wings, blocking the sky as it headed straight for Ye Futian. Ji Mu's sword of light came onto him as well.

Ye Futian's surroundings seemed to have been turned into an absolute space, as space and time felt like they were about to stop altogether. The phoenix's Cutting Rules and the sword of light tore through the lockdown and crashed hard onto Ye Futiaan's body.

Ye Futian was sent flying with a rumble. Yet, the two incredibly ferocious attacks did not fazed Ye Futian much.

Be it the tremendously sharp wings of the phoenix or the sword of light, none of them were able to pierce his body.

It seemed as if Ye Futian did not only possess incredible defense. His physical body itself was also unnervingly strong.

However, regardless of how strong his body was, his innards were still rattled after bearing the brunt of such ferocious attacks. It seemed as if he was about spit blood, yet he simply snickered coldly.

You want to kill me?

Then you shall pay with your blood.

He stepped forward and this time, he handed straight for the Hall of Holy Light, at Ji Mu who had lashed out with a blinding sword at him.

Ji Ya was being held back by Qin Zhuang and the other eight. The mighty ones of the Yi clan were being dealt with by the Yue clan's mighty ones and Huang Jiuge. Those who were capable of the fastest and the most ferocious attacks were incapable of getting in the way of Ye Futian.

At that very moment, Ji Mu of the Hall of Holy Light who was ranked on the Sage Ranking, saw Ye Futian snickering at him. He actually felt a tinge of fear. The youth clad in white came to possess such overwhelming aura.
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    《The Legend of Futian》