The Legend of Futian
966 Change in the Situation
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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966 Change in the Situation

Ji Mu looked solemn as several cultivators from the Hall of Holy Light walked to his side. Suddenly, a sword of light flashed across the sky. Beautiful light shot out, piercing everyone's eyes.

Ye Futian felt that his eyes stung to the point where he could not keep them open as he walked towards Ji Mu and the others. There was a sword will contained in that light. It stung his eyes and drilled into his chest.

Ye Futian closed his eyes. The World Tree still swayed in his Life Palace. A magnificent aura filled the whole space. Everything was clearly presented in his mind. He seemed to be able to see everyone's movements, and even their expressions.

He saw that Qin Zhuang and the nine others had forced Ji Ya, number two on the Sage Ranking, to retreat with their sword matrix, making him unable to participate in the battle.

He saw the Yue clan cultivators staring at the people from the Yi clan, guarding against them taking action. Both the Yue clan and the Yi clan were among the top forces of the Nine States. Perhaps there was some enmity between them, but Ye Futian wasn't sure. All he was sure about was who his friends were and who his enemies were.

Big Brother stood there with his sword, staring at the cultivators from the three great holy lands of the Ocean State. Yang Xiao and Yuan Hong stood beside him, and Huang Jiuge's arrows faced them as well. If the cultivators from the three holy lands made a move, they would be blocked. Given the current situation, they were at an absolute disadvantage in a direct conflict. There were too few of them, and some of the holy lands had not gotten involved. What they would do today would make Ye Futian kill his opponents without remorse, and the other holy lands had not dared to get involved.

Kong Yao was extremely angry. The power of his Divine Elephant could not suppress Ye Futian. Ye Futian had killed two of Saint Xihua's cultivators right in front of him, shocking him and making him hesitate. Moreover, when the two of them had collided he had felt just how threatening Ye Futian really was. It was as if he could restrict the space and time around him and kill him with the halberd.

More images of the Divine Elephant descended from the sky, crushing everything. But with his current strength, Kong Yao did not dare to get closer to Ye Futian. He stepped into the sky, and one of the Divine Elephants expanded rapidly. It crashed through the heavens, trying to crush Ye Futian under its foot. The ability that Kong Yao had cultivated was extremely forceful. It was a Saint level ability from Zhisheng Cliffs. It used the power of heaven and earth to crush anyone who fell under its feet. At the last Battle of Proving Holiness, he had trampled many cultivators to death with it.


At almost the same time, Chen Mu and the other cultivators from the Hall of Holy Light got involved. Their light swords shot out towards Ye Futian, but he weaved back and forth through them, letting the attacks hit his body. When the Divine Ape had stepped into the air, it not only covered his body, but also the bodies of the cultivators from the Hall of Holy Light, combining them all together.

Their expressions turned ugly. They were angry at this, but they couldn't deal with Ye Futian coming for them with so much force. They turned into beams of light and disappeared from wear they were, shooting directly towards Ye Futian.

They were fast, so fast that they merged with the light. Even though Ye Futian's close combat skills were exceptional, they had no fear as they prepared to strike the arrogant scoundrel.

Ye Futian's eyes were still closed, but their movements were extremely clear in his mind. He had advanced his space controlling powers to an astonishing degree. He clutched the Halberd of Time and Space tightly, a divine power spread out from within it.

At the instant when the cultivators from the Hall of Holy Light approached him, the space around him fell into absolute stillness. As the Divine Elephant crashed down, even the cultivators from the Hall of Holy Light were hit. As they were stuck in the frozen space, they could not retreat.

"The annihilation of light." 

The cultivators from the Hall of Holy Light slashed out with their swords, and with Ji Mu's at the front, they all resonated together, cutting through space. Endless light shone out, turning the space into nothingness. Everything was annihilated by that extremely beautiful light.

Ye Futian thrust the Halberd of Space and Time forward, and the light seemed to change. As he did so, everything seemed to stop, and Ji Mu and the others seemed to slow down. They saw a terrible black hole storm that swallowed up the light. It was like there were two very different but powerful forces colliding in mid air.

In the next moment, the two forces crossed over each other, and Ye Futian traded places with Ji Mu and the others. Ye Futian's clothing was riddled with holes, and he was bleeding. Even his incredibly sturdy body could not bear an attack like that.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

There was a series of sounds as Ji Mu's body cracked and burst, followed by the other cultivators from the Hall of Holy Light turning into dust as they completely disappeared from the world.

Boom! There was another loud noise as the Divine Elephant stepped down, pressing down on Ye Futian, making him spit up a mouthful of blood. His aura fluctuated.

At this moment, Ye Futian's white clothes were stained with blood, and his hair flew around his face.

Although he had the Halberd of Time and Space with its nearly invincible attack, his defenses could not also be invincible. After all, his level was still a bit lower than theirs. Of course, if he had faced his opponents after just barely reaching the Sage plane, he would have been dead many times over. Although his defenses were weaker than the attack, they were still quite extraordinary in the Nine States.

Four people had already died at Ye Futian's hands, causing many of the others to be frightened of him. Even the Saints' hearts trembled fiercely. If Ye Futian's level got any higher, who besides a Saint could stop him?

If he made it to the top of the Saint level, would he sweep through the Nine States with his own power?

Saint Ji, the Great Zhou Sacred King, Saint Xihua, Saint Zhi and the other cultivators looked upon Ye Futian with despair. They saw his bloodstained clothes and the murder in his eyes. They all wanted to personally put an end to him, but they could only endure.

"What are you waiting for?" Saint Ji swept his gaze over the cultivators from the three great holy lands of the Ocean State.

The Hall of Holy Light had suffered heavy losses on this trip to the Imperial Mausoleum. Ji Mu had died, and Ji Mo had fallen as well. Now, the only one in the Hall of Holy Light who could inherit Saint Ji's position was Ji Ya.

But even after the loss of so many cultivators, Ye Futian still stood there.

Given the present situation, not killing Ye Futian now would be sowing the seeds for future disasters. The consequences would be unimaginable. 

If they waited a few years until he reached the top of the Sage plane, he would be able to destroy holy lands by himself.

Sword Saint gripped his demonic blade, and a fierce demonic air flow swept out. Yang Xiao, Yuan Hong, and Zhuge Qingfeng all stood there.

But there were many cultivators there from the Endless Sea. Once they entered the battle they would be in great danger.

"Attack!" said Ocean Saint, and suddenly the cultivators from the three great holy lands broke through the air with terrible power.

Ye Futian was strong, but at this moment his aura wavered. He must have been wounded terribly. No matter what, he would give his life here today if need be.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Sword Saint saw the cultivators coming through the air, and a demonic power swept out from him. When he had used the power of the demonic blade in the past, it had only been for a single battle, afterwards his power would be exhausted. Now that he had cultivated himself into a Sage, he did not have to stop there.

The demonic blade seemed to be integrated into him, and as he slashed out with it, a blade of darkness appeared in the air. It cut through everything, and the cultivators from the three great holy lands of the Endless Sea were stopped and forced to retreat. Even Sages who faced that blade had to avoid its edges.

Woosh! Sword Saint stepped out and swung the blade once again towards his opponents. He dispersed their formation all by himself, making it so they had to scatter as he attacked them.

"Saint Xia and Saint Li are highly respected in the Nine States. Nowadays, so many holy lands have joined together to bully the Barren State, and hope that they will come out to administer justice." At that moment, Moon Saint looked to Saint Xia and Saint Li. What Saint Jiang had said had not been wrong. Saint Xia seemed to really appreciate Ye Futian. Saint Li and Ye Futian also had a prior relationship, as Ye Futian had visited Nine State College several times.

Thus, this level of relationship could be put to good use. Now that everyone was frightened of Ye Futian since he had killed so many by his own hand, the other holy lands did not dare to get involved for the time being. If Saint Xia and Saint Li said something, the situation would be different. These two old people stood at the top of all the figures in the Nine States.

Saint Xia indeed appreciated Ye Futian. Before Princess Xia Qingyuan had left she had asked him to protect the Saints. He thought that this might be a test for Ye Futian, to see if he had the ability to disrupt his own plans.

Moreover, with their position in the Nine States, if they got involved it would cause great turmoil. A storm would begin.

Saint Ji's people would not listen to him if he told them to stop.

"The various holy lands joining together is indeed undesirable, but the College is only a place of teaching. I cannot order the students to take part in this battle." Saint Li shook his head slightly. Moon Saint naturally understood him. Saint Li did not use Nine State College as his power, he only taught there and helped disciples cultivate. He did not participate in disputes.

This was a battle to the death. If he ordered his disciples to get involved, that would be equivalent to pushing them to the edge of life and death. This went contrary to his intentions. Therefore, even though he appreciated Ye Futian, he would not order his disciples to get involved, just as he did not let them go to steal Huang Jiuge's inheritance. If they had forcibly appropriated it, it would have led to disaster.

When compared to Jixia Holy Palace and other holy lands, the power of Nine State College was a bit different.

Saint Ji saw Moon Saint stirring up Saint Xia and Saint Li and his expression grew cold. He said, "When did you become so righteous?"

Moon Saint ignored him.

"Are the holy lands of Cloud State and War State so indifferent as well? If you don't want Renhuang's inheritance, then simply retreat." Saing Ji glanced around him. The four great holy lands of Cloud State and the three great holy lands of War State had not gotten involved either.

"Retreat?" someone laughed. "You boasted that the disciples of the Hall of Holy Light were unmatched throughout the Nine States in their martial prowess, but even when allied with many other holy lands they still can't take on the Holy Zhi Palace. Now you're trying to get other people to join you. Are you scared?"

Everyone's eyes turned towards the speaker.

It was Saint Qi, head of the Qi clan in Qi State, and number seven on the Saint Ranking.

The Qi clan had once been in charge of Qi State, similar to the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, but nowadays the Hall of Holy Light had turned the tables on them. Saint Ji had always regarded the Hall as the foremost power in Qi State. When his talent was revealed, Saint Qi did not look on him with a favorable light.

Moon Saint smiled. All of the Nine States were their enemies? Not necessarily!
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    《The Legend of Futian》