The Legend of Futian
967 The Wind Rises Par
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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967 The Wind Rises Par

Saint Ji narrowed his eyes. They were like a thin crevice from which a cold light shot out as they swept over Saint Qi.

Of the four great holy lands of Qi State, Jixia Palace was of the same type as Nine State College, and ignored disputes. Yue House was good at Rhythmic Sorcery, but since they were the weakest of the four great holy lands of Qi State, they rarely made noise as they quietly studied their music. They did not seek trouble.

Thus, the Qi State was split between the Qi Family, the oldest one of the holy lands, and the Hall of Holy Light struggling for the position of top force. In reality, it wasn't even a struggle, they just both thought of themselves as the strongest holy land in Qi State. There was often friction between their disciples. Saint Qi was reserved by nature, which was exactly opposite to Saint Ji's character. Although the two sides had never been in harmony, there had been no friction between them for a long time as they cultivated separately.

But now, Saint Qi's attitude as he spoke seemed very subtle.

"Are you trying to meddle in this?" spat Saint Ji in a cold voice.

"Lord Ye's talent is outstanding, unmatched in the Nine States. In time he may become the most powerful figure here. Just like the Sword Saint of the Void and the Great Shaman, you, the fifth name on the Saint Ranking, have targeted Ye Futian. This is not fitting for someone of your status. Saint Xia and Saint Li are warm and unobtrusive by nature, and yet you will not let your juniors rise up? Are you worried about your place on the Saint Ranking?"

Saint Qi ignored Saint Ji's cold voice. As the seventh name on the Saint Ranking, he was lower than Saint Ji, but he was not afraid of him. The Qi clan had a lot of hidden strengths. The Hall of Holy Light boasted of being the most powerful force in Qi State, but they would not dare move against the Qi clan.

"As for Renhuang's inheritance, it has already been taken by your junior. Lord Ye does not contest this, nor does the Princess. That makes you seem a little petty," continued Saint Qi.

Saint Ji said nothing as he stared at Saint Qi. He knew what he was up to.

If Ye Futian had been easily killed by them in today's battle, Saint Qi would not have spoken up. He might have even joined in the struggle for Renhuang's inheritance.

But in the battle that had just happened, Ye Futian had proven himself. Of course, this seemed to have nothing to do with Saint Qi, but in fact this was not the case. If Ye Futian did not die, he would seek vengeance, and would seek to kill the disciples of the Hall of Holy Light.

Ji Mu and Ji Mo, two promising disciples, had already been killed at his hands.

If the disciples of the Hall of Holy Light suffered terrible losses, how could the next generation fight the Qi clan?

This was the reason that Saint Qi had stood up to speak. As for his so-called magnanimity, could anyone speak of such a thing before Renhuang's inheritance?

Cultivation of the Path meant being tolerant of the heavens and the earth, but it also meant struggling with them. The essence of cultivation was plundering. It was not to never struggle with the world. Thus, why bother to cultivate unless you were someone exceptional?

Saint Qi seemed generous, but really he wanted ever so much to fight the Hall of Holy Light.

"What does everyone think?" Saint Ji swept his gaze over the expressionless cultivators from the other holy lands. They had been watching all along. Did they think to collect the spoils of victory without lifting a finger?

Of course, he had previously never thought that Ye Futian would become so strong and kill four cultivators of the Sage Ranking.

"Let him go," came a voice. Everyone turned to look at the speaker. It was the Vajra Region Lord.

The number six and number seven cultivators on the Saint Ranking had successively made their declarations. In this way, the cultivators who had stood there watching would not make their moves. Under the current situation, even if they acted, the likelihood of them getting the Halberd of Time and Space and Renhuang's inheritance was very low. Even though Ye Futian had been seriously hurt, with the strength that he had shown, none of them could guarantee that they could kill him in close combat.

Obviously, the potential loss outweighed the gains.

This situation made it so that the cultivators from the three great holy lands of the Ocean State were not willing to risk their lives. If they tried to kill anyone from the palace, Ye Futian would stop at nothing to kill them. The power that he had just displayed was quite shocking to anyone on the Sage level.

Ye Futian was currently facing Kong Yao, Zhou Mian, and Nie Gai. But if they wanted to kill him, it would be quite difficult.

At that moment a beautiful light bloomed, and Ye Futian shot towards Zhou Mian like a bolt of lighting. Suddenly the image of the golden phoenix behind Zhou Mian shook as it struck out with its feathers. Zhou Mian pulled back, widening the distance between himself and Ye Futian.


There was a loud noise as Ye Futian disintegrated his attack. He appeared right in front of Zhou Mian and shot him a piercing glance.

"Leave," said Ye Futian. Below them, the people from the palace flashed upwards. Sword Saint, Qin Zhuang, and the others fought and retreated towards where Ye Futian was. Ji Ya and the cultivators from the Ocean State's attacks were not as strong anymore. After a while, the cultivators from the palace gathered together in the air, and no one was able to intercept them.

"Thank you all," said Ye Futian. He stepped away as Kong Yao and Ji Ya moved forward with faces held hard.

"No need to chase them," said Saint Ji with a gloomy look. Ji Ya stopped with a dark look on his face.

They had let Ye Futian get away with his life, and with the inheritance.

"There will be time for that later," came a cold voice from far away. It was Ye Futian. Everyone looked at his back as he left, and their hearts were still unsettled. They would probably never forget the battle that had just taken place.

He had smashed through Sages and killed four cultivators of the Sage Ranking by his own power. Who in the Nine States had such a brilliant record?

A huge sword crossed through the sky and fell before Ye Futian. Ye Futian and the others stepped onto it, and suddenly the sword sped away in a winding arc.

No one pursued them. All the Saints of the Nine States naturally felt a bit of Saintly power. It was the Village Chief of Tombkeeper Village. He had been nearby the whole time, and had taken the people from the Barren State away on his huge sword in order to avoid being intercepted.

The sword pierced through the sky, and soon reunited with the Village Chief. Ye Futian stood upon it with the wind blowing wildly upon him, making his hair flow. He coughed and a little blood came out. Facing the attack of so many allied Sages would have hurt him even if his body had been stronger. After all, he had just entered the Sage Plane. He had obviously been seriously wounded, he had just not shown it.

"Are you alright?" Ye Futian looked at Hua Jieyu and Yu Sheng behind him. They had fought Ji Ya and Ji Mu outside the Imperial Mausoleum. Yu Sheng had demonized and used up all his power in a single battle. Hua Jieyu had also received some wounds.

This trip to the Imperial Mausoleum had been extremely dangerous. Huang Xi had perished, but he had done so very calmly. He had obviously thought that his death had been worth it.

Huang Jiuge had received their ancestor's inheritance.

"We're fine." Everyone nodded. Although they had all suffered different injuries, it was no matter.

"After we return to the palace we must immediately prepare for war. Mobilize the matrices as quickly as possible," said Ye Futian. He knew that this war had just begun. Saint Ji, the Great Zhou Sacred King, and Saint Xihua would definitely not give up.


Back at the Imperial Mausoleum, Saint Xihua looked up into the sky. Ye Futian had already disappeared from view.

He had never thought the battle would be so fierce. He had thought that after the marriage alliance, they could easily destroy the palace.

But first there had been the slaughter at Zhisheng Cliffs, and today two Sages from Xihua Sacred Mountain had been killed, as well as the Great Zhou Sacred King's son, Zhou Huang.

His figure flashed as he stepped towards Glass Saint.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Great Zhou Sacred King looked at her as well. But he heard Moon Saint say, "Are the two holy lands of the Eastern State still planning to ally together to bully Glass Saint? If so, I'd like to benefit from your instruction as well."

Saint Xihua and the Great Zhou Sacred King stopped and looked at Moon Saint.

Moon Saint was obviously thoroughly involved in this sacred war. He wanted to protect Glass Saint as well.

As for the other Saints, they bore no grudge towards Glass Saint. Ye Futian had taken the Halberd of Time and Space and Huang Jiuge had taken Renhuang's inheritance, so there was no reason to stay here anymore.

Glass Saint was the Great Zhou Sacred King's affair. She had nothing to do with them.

To put it bluntly, they had only gotten involved in order to steal Renhuang's inheritance. It was not really a joint effort. If one of them had gotten it, they would probably have all turned on him.

"None of you are returning home to prepare your armies? Are you going to wait a few years until Ye Futian has cultivated to the point where he can come and settle the score?" asked Saint Ji coldly.


Where could he have gone to?

Even though Ye Futian had gotten out of there alive, where could he go? He probably did not want to go back to the Holy Zhi Palace.

Ye Futian had revealed his astonishing martial prowess. He could not keep fighting anymore, but the only people who had come here today were the top figures of their respective holy lands, so the actual number of cultivators was quite small.

And once they went back and called together their armies, they would have to see if Ye Futian was alive or dead.

Would Moon Saint and Saint Qi participate in the war?

If they did, it would not be a small scale battle like this had been.

The Great Zhou Sacred King looked at Glass Saint, then turned around, his figure flashing as he left. The cultivators from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty followed him.

Afterwards, Saint Xihua also took his people and left.

The storm seemed to have ended. But it also seemed like it had just begun.

Perhaps there would be an even greater storm.

Saint Ji shot a glance at Saint Qi and Moon Saint, and then turned into a beam of light and shot away with Ji Ya following him.

Each of the Saints of the various holy lands had their own ideas. Their figures broke through the sky as they left one by one, not even calling out farewells to each other.

"The Nine States will be thrown into chaos," whispered Saint Xia.

"We have been at peace for so many years. It makes sense that we would be thrown into chaos when a figure like Ye Futian appeared," said Saint Li.

They both looked forward at the beautiful figure who still stood there. It was Glass Saint.

She stared forward in a daze. Moon Saint had protected her, but there was no joy in her. She knew why Yuechan had died.

Before her death, she must have made contact with Moon Saint, otherwise she would not have been able to die so calmly.

And it was all for her.

Her blue silk swayed in the wind, crossing over her beautiful face. She turned and left.

There were only a few people left. Saint Xia and Saint Li also left together.

"The wind is rising," said Saint Xia.

"Mm, yes it is," replied Saint Li. The wind blew past. Many people came from around the Barren State as they were leaving to see the battlefield.

This battle would go down in history!
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    《The Legend of Futian》