The Legend of Futian
970 Flight of the Divine Sword
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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970 Flight of the Divine Sword

Ye Futian had already experienced two rounds of medicinal trials in succession, so he knew that if the testing was successful it would greatly progress his own strength, whether physical or spiritual in will.

In the previous trial process, he had even comprehended the Rule of Particles.

Now that the Holy Zhi Palace was facing a great calamity, going to the Nine State College was clearly out of the question for him, so Saint Jiang had sent Little Butterfly to the Holy Zhi Palace personally.

However, this last round of trial was the most dangerous. At the time Saint Jiang had reminded him to go to the Nine State College after he was at least a mid-level sage. However, he was still only a lower-level sage, so he wondered whether he could bear it.

But under the current circumstances, he had to give it a try no matter what. As long as the trial was successful his strength would rise to another level so that Kong Yao, who ranked ninth, could be crushed.

Ye Futian saw that Xu Chehan was behind Little Butterfly, and he offered a faint smile. Xu Chehan looked at him indifferently, "I just came by the command of the Master."

Ye Futian smiled and said nothing. This guy used to guard him like a thief in the Herb Garden.

"Little Butterfly." A laughter was heard, and it was Hua Jieyu coming over.

"Jieyu." Little Butterfly also responded with a smile, then walked over to the direction of Hua Jieyu and the two chatted. The two of them, fairy-like, standing together, formed a rare but beautiful sight to behold.

"Chief and uncles, I will not be entertaining you then. You have seen the situation here at the palace. I can only beg your indulgence." Ye Futian said with a smile, "Ling'er, you are a disciple of Holy Zhi Palace, so you are almost a host too. You should take everyone on a walk around."

Long Ling'er pouted and mumbled, "Beauty has made you forget your duties."

"You are asking for it." Ye Futian rubbed the head of Long Ling'er. Seeing so many old friends coming before the time of war for the Holy Zhi Palace put him in a much better mood.

When he ventured into the Holy Zhi Palace, help came from all directions.

Today, the situation was completely different from before. This time it was to defend against the invasion of the Hall of Holy Light and Xihua Sacred Mountain. But what remained the same were these old friends gathered once again to support him.

Naturally he felt a great warmth in his heart.

"Let's not delay the testing then." Ye Futian said to Little Butterfly and Xu Chehan. The war was just around the corner and the testing would not been done in a single day, so the earlier the better.

Little Butterfly nodded, and then several of them stepped away.

Watching them leave, Gu Yunxi bowed her head slightly, and there was a slight sense of loss reflected in those beautiful eyes of hers, but then she had a bright smile on her face. He was now the lord of Holy Zhi Palace and the fate of the palace, and even that of the Barren State was tethered on him. So how could he find time to chat a word or two with her? Seeing that he was now getting more excellent by the day, she should be happy for him, and hope that he could sail through this coming calamity. 

"That girl has no filter, don't hold what she said to heart." The four of them walked and he caught up with Little Butterfly and Jieyu, with Xu Chehan behind. 

"Not at all." Little Butterfly gently shook her head.

Hua Jieyu smiled at Ye Futian. "But maybe Ling'er was right."

"Uh..." Ye Futian blinked his eyes, and Little Butterfly blushed and said, "Jieyu, don't think so much."

"Little Butterfly, you don't know this guy. He's tempted when he sees pretty girls. Especially you, so you must be careful around him." Hua Jieyue said to Little Butterfly, smiling.

Little Butterfly's face was a little redder, and Ye Futian was on the verge of tears. With a wife like this, who needed enemies?

"Jieyu, if you continue like this someone behind me will probably poison me." Ye Futian joked.

Xu Chehan looked at the three who were chatting in front of him and could not quite get the meaning right away.

"Senior brother wouldn't do that." Little Butterfly said.

"You didn't know that when I was in the Herb Garden your senior brother threatened me to watch my step?" Ye Futian smiled and responded. Xu Chehan's footsteps slowed and he gave Ye Futian a frosty look.

"Because of his cultivation, that is the temperament of my senior brother. Don't take it to heart." Little Butterfly did not look at Xu Chehan, but just explained it.

"Mmm." Ye Futian nodded, then stopped to wait for Xu Chehan to catch up. Little Butterfly turned to look at the two men. Jieyu pulled her hand and said, "We'll go first."

"Even if Great Teacher Xu wants to kill me now, I'm afraid it won't be easy." Ye Futian smiled and looked at Xu Chehan.

Xu Chehan's gray pupils looked at Ye Futian, and a faint coldness exuded from him. He had heard of the battle of Zhongzhou City. In the past few years his strength had improved greatly, and he had already become a high-level sage not long ago. However, Ye Futian killed four great sages in the siege, so defeating him wouldn't be easy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You can try." Xu Chehan's voice was still cold.

"I know that Great Teacher Xu is an expert at poison, but I have already experienced two rounds of trials, and am resistant to poison. Moreover, Great Teacher Xu is our guest, so why the long face? I will not be inhospitable like Great Teacher Xu." Ye Futian, referring to the time when his visits were rejected.

Xu Chehan gave Ye Futian a look, "If you didn't have a wife, I wouldn't mind if you pursued Little Butterfly. But if you want Little Butterfly to be your concubine, you have another thing coming to you."

"You are so boring. It is much more fun to be with Little Butterfly." Ye Futian patted his shoulder and then accelerated to catch up with Hua Jieyu and Little Butterfly in front.

Xu Chehan stiffened a bit, watching Ye Futian move forward and quickening his steps to catch up to the others.


Ye Futian and the others were at the medicinal pool in the Holy Sage Pavilion, and this time it was an enclosed space.

When Ye Futian entered the medicinal pool, Little Butterfly and Xu Chehan were sweating.

Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu went together inside, and there was a terrible storm hovering above the medicinal pool in front of them. There was lightning that was constantly flashing, emitting a suffocating pressure.


Ye Futian's heart beat wildly. Was this really a medicinal bath?

But how was it that the medicine pool in front felt like a catastrophe that was enough to make one disappear into it?

The face of Hua Jieyu had also changed, and she could feel the terrible aura that came from it and permeated the space.

Little Butterfly was not as relaxed as she was before. Her beautiful eyes were solemn. Before she deliberately tried to appear relaxed in an attempt to relax herself. But in fact, she clearly knew that the medicinal bath that her Master had personally prepared this time was truly terrible.

Hua Jieyu's dainty hand that was holding Ye Futian's sweated, and exerted a little force as if she did not to want Ye Futian to try. Before she had just heard about it, but she did not think that the medicinal trial would be so terrifying.

"The Master said that this round of trials should have started when you become a top-level sage, or at the very least a mid-level sage. Considering your current plane, the master has reduced the potency of the medicinal bath." Little Butterfly looked at Ye Futian and said softly. 

"Got it." Ye Futian nodded and walked forward, but the hand that held the hand of Hua Jieyu did not loosen, still holding on tightly.

Turning his head, Ye Futian smiled at Hua Jieyu, "It was the same as the two previous trials. I just have to tough it out, and all will be well."

Hua Jieyu looked at Little Butterfly, and Little Butterfly squeezed out a smile, "It should be fine."

It was only then that Hua Jieyu released her hand and helped Ye Futian to take off his coat.

Ye Futian looked at Xu Chehan, "Could Great Teacher Xu step aside? I am not used to being watched by a grown man."

Xu Chehan gave Ye Futian a cold look and then went away.

"I will go out too." Little Butterfly whispered.

"Little Butterfly, stay and help. I am afraid of any unexpected situations." Hua Jieyua said to her, so that Little Butterfly nodded as an agreement.

On the body of Ye Futian there was a dazzling brilliance, and there were the sounds of dragons and apes coming out from his body. Even the faint shadow of the Roc seemed to have appeared. At the same time, keeping a tight hold to his spiritual will, he stepped into the medicinal pool.


In the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, Great Zhou Sacred King sat in the great hall and listened to a messenger's report.

The cultivators of the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple had appeared in the territory of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. Their whereabouts were unknown, and it seemed they had broken up into cells, and many may have already infiltrated the Holy Capital.

The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty mobilized many cultivators to search and had made several arrests, but on the same token, some also died.

The Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple seemed to have them pegged. It was said that the Glass Saint had disbanded the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple, and now there was no one left at the temple.

"Glassie," Great Zhou Sacred King looked indifferently towards the distance and remembered the scene in the Imperial mausoleum when Ye Futian held the sacred Glass Saint in his arms and had his way with her, and his eyes filled with endless thoughts of murder.

Ye Futian treated her thusly, so why would she still help the Barren State?

"I and Zhou Yanwang will embark, leading the Golden Phoenix Army. Other cultivators, stay and guard the palace." Great Zhou Sacred King commanded coldly. He would lead the most powerful army of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty to conquer, and the others would be more than enough to defend the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple.

Boom! Boom!

At this time, there were violent trembling sounds coming from the great hall in the rear. Many people looked up over yonder, including the Great Zhou Sacred King, and suddenly there was a dazzling light flashing through his eyes, and he started toward that direction.


A loud noise was heard, and the great hall was breached. A beautiful and radiant blade of light went straight into the sky. Immediately afterward, everyone in the palace saw a sword, the Divine Sword.

This Divine Sword went straight through the air, as if with a life of its own.

Great Zhou Sacred King was extremely fast. In an instant, his palms extended, and a terrible golden phoenix appeared between heaven and earth. Its claws smacked down from the sky and grabbed toward the Divine Sword.

However, at this moment the incomparable glory exploded from within the Divine Sword and it disappeared right where it was, crossing the void and appearing in the sky above.

Great Zhou Sacred King looked extremely bad. Like a Divine Phoenix, he gave chase and wanted to waylay the Divine Sword.

But that Divine Sword continued to shuttle through the void. Even the speed of Great Zhou Sacred King could not catch up with it.

Very quickly, Great Zhou Sacred King gave up. He stood high in the sky, and a horrible air emitted from him, its power threatening the world.

At the time, they used the life of Douzhan in exchange of Zhou Huang, the others, and also this Divine Sword. Now, the Divine Sword had taken flight on its own and disappeared.

Clearly, he had been had.

This Divine Sword had a spirit and could stay and go on its own. However, who was controlling the Divine Sword?

And, where did the Divine Sword go 

On this day, in the land of Eastern State, many who were levitating in the sky saw that above the void there was a sword in flight on its own, continuing to cross the void until it disappeared at the edge of Eastern State.
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    《The Legend of Futian》