The Legend of Futian
973 The Sacred War Begins
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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973 The Sacred War Begins

Saint Ji, Saint Xihua, the sacred king all took the respective corners, at the front of the three armies they led.

They knew that the mighty ones of the Yue clan were at their rear, but they did not care. They took the same attitude with those from the Vajra Region. As for Bai Luli, few even paid any heed to him. The power of one individual was utterly insignificant in a sacred war at such a scale. Only the likes of Ye Futian would have been able to somehow affect the battles.

However, if the power difference was too great. He still would not have been able to change anything.

The battle that time was to be the true sacred war. Furthermore, one that had ten holy lands involved just from the surface alone. The scale was simply terrifying.

In such sacred wars, the power of one was insignificant unless said one was a saint.

"Get into formation," Saint Ji said.

The armies of the Xihua Sacred Mountain and the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had all gotten into formation, and there were a lot of battle matrixes used. The Hall of Holy Light and the Xihua Sacred Mountain were not the only forces available within their state after all; there were also other top forces within their territory.

The allied forces of the three holy lands of the Ocean State had gotten into formation after all. At that very instant, the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State felt as if they were going to be drowned. The stifling pressure made the place difficult to draw breath.

The battle matrixes of the six major holy lands moved in the Holy Zhi Palace's direction. While they had blind confidence of being able to come out on top in that battle, they dared not underestimate their opponents nonetheless. All holy lands were on their guard, as it was a battle with one's life on the line. Any mistake could have easily cost them huge casualties. They intended to win with little to no casualties after all.

What they set out to do was to wipe out the Holy Zhi Palace with the least cost incurred.

"Activate the matrix," Yang Xiao said loudly. Mighty ones activated the matrixes in all different directions as soon as he gave the order. Brilliant light burst from the ground of the Holy Zhi Palace in an instant. Boundless patterns appeared, devouring the spiritual qi around in a frenzy and converting them into power of rules, merging with the matrix diagram.

The mighty ones from the Holy Zhi Palace took the upcoming fight with utmost seriousness.

The stifling pressure grew increasingly strong. The ones from the six major holy lands came above the Holy Zhi Palace.

One battle matrix after another lit up. Boundless light glimmered before the mighty ones of the Hall of Holy Light at their direction. A very tall celestial god appeared in the sky, shining with boundless light. Its light rained downward and turned incredibly sharp, as if it was raining swords of light onto the Holy Zhi Palace.

"Activate the black turtle matrix," Yang Xiao said loudly and beams of light shot up. A huge gigantic beast seemed to have sprung up from the earth. Loud rumbles were heard and the entire Holy Zhi Palace shook. A boundlessly huge black turtle appeared above the Holy Zhi Palace, enveloping everyone within the battle matrix.

The mighty ones faraway shuddered at the scene. It was worth noting that the Holy Zhi Palace was of the size of a small city. One was only able to imagine how large the turtle would have been to envelop the entire Holy Zhi Palace. The scene before them was earth-shattering.

The Holy Zhi Palace had given its all to manifest such a super matrix.

The light raining down on the black turtle naturally was unable to do anything. However, the celestial god-like god of light continued to grow in size. An unnervingly holy sword of light appeared in its hand, showering the ground below with shimmering light. The sword was one that would have cleaved the heavens.

A mountain god appeared at the Xihua Sacred Mountain's corner. It s body was immensely huge as well and filled to the brim with power. The Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix was activated at the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's side. A golden phoenix out to block the sky out appeared in the air. The flames seemed to have burned the sky as its huge wings flapped. Waves of heat washed all over the place. Even those watching from afar found it unbearable if they were of weaker training.

The three holy lands of the Endless Ocean brought their powers to bear as well. They either summoned huge beasts or activated super battle matrixes, bursting with unparalleled might.

The mighty ones of the Yue clan appeared and looked at the battlefield before them, yet they did not make any move. The Moon Saint was the one taking the lead.

If the Holy Zhi Palace was unable to even withstand the first wave of attack, it would have meant that they were simply too weak. If the ones from the Holy Zhi Palace were to be so easily eliminated, it would have been pointless for the Yue clan to join the battle as they would have simply walked to their deaths. They needed to see that the Holy Zhi Palace being able to survive through the attacks and get into very heated stage of the fights, before they saw it to be time to attack. They were to then went all the way to the core of the enemy's camp and finished the enemy off in one go.

In that direction, there were still others who watched the battle between the Yue clan and the Holy Zhi Palace.

The number of such people were few, so much so that their numbers could have considered pathetic in comparison to the armies in the field. They were none other than the mighty ones from Zhisheng Cliffs.

The figure taking the lead was none other than Saint Zhi and Kong Yao was standing by his side.

However, there was still a group of people behind Saint Zhi who did not emanate any aura, yet possessed exceptional bearing. All of them wore cold, haughty looks on their faces as they watched the battlefield without being fettered by anything.

Murderous intent was seen in Saint Zhi's eyes. Ye Futian would have definitely perished on that day.

The celestial god-like figure brought the sword of light in its hand down on the battlefield. Dropping from high above all the way down to the black turtle matrix. An earth-shattering noise was heard as the matrix cracked like a spider web.

At the very next moment, the huge mountain god made its move and the entire Holy Zhi Palace shook. Saint Xia and Saint Li, who were playing chess at the moment, had to emanate faint auras to stabilize the game. Both men continued to place their pieces as if the battlefield did not exist.

Boom, boom, boom...

The continuous rumble rattled their surroundings and every rumble shook the hearts of all present.

"Get the Kui up," Yang Xiao shouted his order. Another layer of matrix seemed to have been activated within the black turtle matrix. A Kui after another appeared and devastating storms built up within the matrix. The Kuis brought thunderous rumbles ringing about within the Holy Zhi Palace, bringing the devastating lightning storm to its critical point, as if the apocalypse was near.


A rumble was heard and the black turtle broke. At the very next moment, the Kuis roared at the heavens and the previously suppressed devastating lightning storm was thicker than an ancient tree, shooting skywards. In that one instant, that space seemed to be on the verge of total collapse.

Terrifying rumbles continued to be heard. The god of light and the mountain god were both torn to shreds right there and then. The golden phoenix was destroyed as well. However, the terrifying light of the lightning seemed to be out to destroy everything like a calamity of the great path, heading straight for the battle matrixes of the six holy lands, forcing the mighty ones to get into formation and activating defenses.

"Carry on," Saint Ji said coldly. Since the Holy Zhi Palace had matrixes laid in place, then all they had to do was simply to bring their armies to bear, destroying the matrixes.

The mighty ones continued descending as they focused their attacks, launching devastating might in the Holy Zhi Palace's direction. Terrifying light of devastation appeared above the Holy Zhi Palace in an instant.

The matrix of the Kui was still a work when the weather changed. Everyone in the Holy Zhi Palace shivered before a sheet of frost appeared in the air. Their surroundings turned pale white and extremely cold, as if everything was soon to be frozen.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Many felt as if the blood in their veins were about to stop flowing in the cold. Their bodies were hardly able to move. What was worse was that even during the cold, lightning and fire storms came nonetheless.

"Press on," Saint Xihua said ordering his men. While there had been many who were injured from attacks, but neither Saint Ji nor Saint Xihua seemed to hesitate. They ordered their men to simply press on with attacks. If they were to be held back by the matrixes, they would have only suffered greater losses.

They did not expect the Chess Saint's eldest student to survive in the Nether Sword Mound all those years ago and came back to bite them. Those matrixes were definitely his work, which had enough weight to steer the direction of the war. But then again, it would have only been so when both sides were of comparable powers.

The stifling pressure in the Holy Zhi Palace grew increasingly powerful. Their eyes turned towards one direction and Ye Futian was seen standing quietly, totally unfettered as he simply looked up at the battlefield in the air. He came to resemble a statue.

Seeing mighty ones coming at them, Ye Futian stepped up and expanded his spiritual powers. A huge matrix diagram lit up within that spot of the Holy Zhi Palace, getting increasingly bright.

Heaven-splitting sword will emerged from beneath the diagram in an instant. One sword aura after another shot through the ground and headed for the clouds.

The entire Holy Zhi Palace was completely lit up at that moment.

The swords rang and one sword after another shot through the diagram from underneath the Holy Zhi Palace, before hovering above the diagram.



Saint Ji and Saint Xihua and many other mighty ones said at the same time. They all knew about the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State borrowing swords and they speculated it was for laying out sword matrixes. What they had no idea about was how powerful the matrix would have been.

However, at that very moment, they felt a sword aura that was so intense that it could have killed everything in its path. At the very least, for anyone below Saint Plane, they would have definitely died if they were to be caught at the center of that storm.

The mighty ones retreated to the sky. However, at that very instant, countless swords of the Holy Zhi Palace circled around the diagram, turning into terrifying vortex of the sword. The immense sword aura shot to the sky. If one were to view from afar, it would have looked as if countless swords were fighting upwards against the current, with full intentions of tearing the sky to shreds.

At the same time, boundless sword will gathered at the same place. A giant sword capable of cleaving everything in its path appeared there.


A cold word was uttered by Ye Futian. The sword flew straight to meet its target as soon as he finished. Blood splattered wherever the sword flew as no one had been able to fight it. Everyone retreated in a frenzy.

The surroundings of the giant sword was filled with untold numbers of swords borrowed from all over the Barren State. Every single blade was filled with the power of the sword matrix, making them invincible.

A rain of blood began to fall above the Holy Zhi Palace at that moment. Many were pierced and eerie shrieks were heard everywhere. Regardless of plane, even if one were to be at the pinnacle of Saint Plane, there was only one slash from the swords required if one were to find themselves at the center of the storm.

Ye Futian slowly took to the air. The Halberd of Space and Time appeared in his hand, emitting terrifying killing light.

"Kill," Ye Futian said as he turned into a beam of light, heading straight for the heavens. He was seemingly honoring his promise in a literal manner—always at the forefront at any given moment.


Thunderous noises were heard as the mighty ones of the Holy Zhi Palace took the sky. Their enemies' formations were in shambles, and it was a chance as good as any other to launch attacks.

The sacred war involving ten holy lands had finally, and thoroughly, commenced at full force!
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    《The Legend of Futian》