The Legend of Futian
974 Palm of Mahavairocana
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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974 Palm of Mahavairocana

Ye Futian rode hard with the Halberd of Time and Space in his hands emitting glorious radiance, smacking the powerful cultivators whose formation had been disrupted in the void.

However, at the same moment Ye Futian took action, shadows levitated alongside him, following closely behind, vaguely suggesting a winged formation with Ye Futian out in front and people on both sides of him guarding his flanks.

The two closest to him were Hua Jieyu on the left and Yu Sheng on the right.

Behind them were Huang Jiuge on the left and Sword Saint on the right. 

Further back there were two battle matrixes: Qin Zhuang and the Nine Swordsmen, who were experts in offense, and the lord of the Ice Temple, who was excellent at control, were manning the Sorcerers' Battle Matrix and were responsible for attacks and guarding Ye Futian.

No matter how great Ye Futian's personal strength was, this was a battle between great armies. In any case, nothing could happen to Ye Futian. If any mishaps should happen to Ye Futian, the morale of the army of the Holy Zhi Palace would disintegrate immediately, and what awaited them would be an apocalypse.

At this time, an illusion of a saint faintly appeared behind Hua Jieyu. Gold-beating Whip in hand, her alluring beauty appeared in the battlefield like a unique landscape. But at this time her body exuded an extremely dangerous atmosphere, so that wherever she passed everyone felt that their spiritual will was extremely threatened. 

Behind Hua Jieyu a brilliant glory was upon the body of Huang Jiuge, and behind him the life spirit of Renhuang bloomed so that his element increased tremendously. With the Renhuang bow in hand, wherever the arrow pointed to those in the void felt that they had been locked onto.

As for the other side, a great demonic power was permeating into the bodies of Yu Sheng and Sword Saint, sweeping through the sky and the void.

The group moved swiftly and drove into the army of the opponent in an instant. Numerous cultivators formed a frightening mass, enough to cause fear in many of the beholders. However, under the observation of countless people Ye Futian rushed toward it without hesitation.

The glory of the Halberd of Time and Space shrouded the vast void, and the halberd in Ye Futian's hands pierced toward the sky. At this moment, the time and space of heaven and earth seemed to be imprisoned and the expressions of many changed slightly. Soon after, the void ruptured and the halberd pierced through the space, and wherever passed the bodies of cultivators were pulverized and exploded, opening a passage of blood by the Halberd of Time and Space.

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"Move forward with the formation, they must be killed at all costs." Saint Ji stood above the sky, his eyes surveying the battlefield where Ye Futian was located. Even if he had to sacrifice large number of people today, he would bury Ye Futian here.

People rushed in to attack from all directions at the same time, and Hua Jieyu followed Ye Futian closely, moving forwards step by step, her spirit crown beaming with radiant light just like a goddess. An invisible telekinesis power shrouded the spiritual will of many cultivators.

"Thunder's Mind, Heavenly Punishment." Hua Jieyu said, and suddenly many felt their spiritual will attacked by a thunder telekinetic power, causing their will to collapse, their bodies to tremble, and their minds stopped working. 

Buzz. Arrows penetrated the void and directly pierced through the heads of those cultivators. With Huang Jiuge's Renhuang Bow supported by Hua Jieyu's Telekinesis attack, its power was extremely forceful.

From the side, there were cultivators who came to attack Hua Jieyu and Huang Jiuge. These two were also extremely important targets. Hua Jieyu was the wife of Ye Futian, and the Huang Jiuge was the reason for this Sacred War, who received the inheritance of Renhuang. As soon as this group was terminated, all this would end.

Seeing that many had come in attack mode, the sword diagram appeared between heaven and earth, slaughtering all things. Qin Zhuang and the Nine Swordsmen marched forward in the matrix and brought with them the invincible authority of the Sacred Sword. Great Zhou Sacred King looked bad when he saw this. The Sacred Sword that was used within Qin Zhuang's matrix was the Golden Phoenix Sword from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. When Zhou Huang was killed, the sword was taken by Ye Futian. 

On the right side were the Battleaxe of Judgment, wielded by Yu Sheng, and the demonic bladed used by Sword Saint. Wherever these weapons passed through, the heaven and earth seemed to have been split open, not to mention with the help of sorcerers such as Yun Shang, anyone who got too close was sealed in ice, affecting their speed. Cultivators who were lowly had their blood solidified, directly turned into ice sculptures. Individual power was insignificant and completely overwhelmed.

Great Zhou Sacred King saw this, and the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix turned into an immense shadow of the golden phoenix attacking Ye Futian, intending on intercepting Ye Futian and the others. But a wild and brutal atmosphere came about, and Zhou Mian, who led the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix, saw an immensely large Golden Ape holding the Infinite Ruler come towards the void from underneath.

Yuan Hong led a thousand or so martial cultivators from the palace, using the thirty-six Heavenly Battle Matrices as basis battles, forming a greater battle matrix manned by him, and the Infinite Ruler swept toward the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix. 

This divine implement was also plundered from the Infinite Palace in the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

The golden phoenix wings, like the wings from the sky, smashed down with force. Zhou Mian manned the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix and collided directly against the Heavenly Battle Matrix.

In the void Infinite Ruler and the Golden Phoenix wings collided, and a devastating storm swept across heaven and earth. The void seemed on the verge of being torn apart, and dull sounds were heard.

The body of the Golden Ape was repelled. He leveraged the Heavenly Battle Matrix, and its strength was terrible. However, the Golden Phoenix Army was the most elite army of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, its royal army. At this time, the cultivators of the Golden Phoenix Army were released the natal spirit of the Golden Phoenix at the same time. The scene played out dazzlingly, and it was once again manned by Zhou Mian, one could only imagine how powerful it was. 

Booming sounds rumbled like suppressed thunder, the humongous body of the Golden Ape trembling as it was backing up, and the Infinite Ruler in its hand waved again, gathering the power of heaven and earth as endless shadows of rulers permeated the firmament, sheltering the sky and sun. Yuan Hong took a step and the Golden Ape let out a roar that shocked the sky. The Infinite Ruler, employing the stick method, once again slammed down, with the ruler as the stick, smashing with the power that would break the heavens.

Boom! Another loud noise, shocking the void, and Yuan Hong was once again repelled, but he seemed unaware, still waving the Infinite Ruler again and again. The firmament seemed to have been made prisoner of the power that was released from him, hard to breathe.

Continuous strokes of the ruler smacked down, and every collision seemed to tear the void into pieces. All that was left in this space was just the shadows of rulers, with the golden phoenix wings chopping down in frenzy, sharper than the sharpest sword, cutting the void, and breaking up the shadows of the ruler, slashing into the body of Yuan Hong. 

Within the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix and the Heavenly Battle Matrix, many cultivators had been killed outright, and many more cultivators spat out blood, their life signs weak.

This was war, a Sacred War among the ten holy lands. In this war, it was unknown how many people would perish.

After this war, it would change the future power structure of Nine States.


Another snarl came out, and Yuan Hong's body emitted an extremely demonic atmosphere. His body increased again. The Golden Ape, like a demonic god, shook the firmament with its steps.

The Infinite Ruler that was in his hand swung wildly, and there was a terrible vortex appearing between the heaven and the earth, like a vortex of the Great Path.

Finally, Infinite Ruler came down with all the force, enveloping the entire sky and covered the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix within.  

At the same time, the cultivators of the Golden Phoenix opened their wings almost at the same moment, and the endless infinite wings smashed down from above the sky, colliding madly with the shadows of the ruler that had populated the sky.

The shocking sound of explosion spread throughout the land, destructive storm raged, and many cultivators spat blood at the same time, and many even fell, so the battle matrix had collapsed. The cultivators within the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix were instantly split apart and divided, along with the Heavenly Battle Matrix, which also split apart with all the cultivators disrupted. The battle was shocking to behold.

Yuan Hong seemed to be not aware of it, the golden blood dripping from his body, but he continued to step towards Zhou Mian, unstoppable.

Zhou Mian looked at Yuan Hong's golden pupils that were burning red with demon blood. He had completely plunged into a state of maddened violence. Yuan Hong, at the moment, could probably only see murder in his eyes. 

When his hand made a grabbing motion, a cultivator of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was directly torn to pieces, but Yuan Hong did not even take a look at him, simply continuing to move forwards, trampling several top sages along the way.

Zhou Mian looked solemn, his eyes equally cold, burning with flames that jumped forward. The two separated from the battle matrixes, once again colliding without any ceremony.

In another battlefield, the battle matrix led by Ji Ya wanted to intercept Ye Futian personally, but there were cultivators who were continuously flew out in front of them by the shocks. The radiant golden light of the Buddha shone, and as Ji Ya's eyes turned he saw that one hundred and eight battle monks had arrived in front of them. These hundred and eight battle monks stacked together, causing a brilliant halo to form around them, and faintly a shadow of an enormous Buddha loomed, thousands of feet high. 

All the battle monks put their hands together, with the Sound of Buddha lingering in chant, drilling into the eardrums of everyone around.

"You bald donkeys are asking for it." Ji Ya looked incredibly frosty. A bright war god started to take shape at the battle matrix where he was, and the light that shone from it had hidden within it a terrible killing power.

"I will now bless you into the otherworld." Monk Tianxin said. And as soon as his voice fell, the glory of the Buddha was even more blazingly bright.

Ji Ya said nothing further. The bright war god figure released endless blinding light, and each ray was like an indestructible sharp sword. Even though it was not as powerful as before the matrix was breached, the battle matrix formed by Ji Ya's gathering of the finest of Hall of Holy Light was equally terrible in strength.


A crisp sound was heard. That Buddha, like the ancient Vajra Buddha, turned into a genuine invincible golden body, hands clasped together at the chest, with its head slightly bowed down, eyebrow chakra touching the palm like a special seal of the Buddha, so that when the endless killing light came to assassinate it was impossible to break the Buddha's indestructible body.

The reputation of Vajra Region was not gained in vain.

At the moment, that golden body was the epitome of the Vajra Region.

One hundred and eight battle monks moved in unison as if one, their lips trembling rapidly, and from the corners of their lips there was a constant stream of the Sound of Buddha that turned into Sanskrit and flew out, surrounding the Vajra Region so that the light of Buddha was ever more blazing, and the body of the Buddha also became more massive. Overhead, it seemed that a sun had appeared, shining upon the world: the Mahavairocana reincarnate.

Monk Tianxin slowly retracted his right hand and then extended it forward, his movement extremely slow. Above the void, that boundless giant Buddha moved exactly the same as he. The palm slowly pressed downward from the sky, and there was a world between the heavens and the earth. There was no huge palm print, and between the heaven and earth there appeared an immense palm print, the Palm of Mahavairocana, extremely yang and masculine, that could slaughter all evils in the world!
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    《The Legend of Futian》