The Legend of Futian
981 The Alliance of Gu and Bai
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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981 The Alliance of Gu and Bai

The willow branches that contained ripping rules were invincible, and the sound of rustling was heard between heaven and earth. But at this moment, it seemed to be bound by an invisible force. The sword river followed close behind, breaking all things and blocking the willow branches that continued to drop down. Seeing this, Yang Xiao did not waste the opportunity. The long halberd in his hand immediate extended, the lightning that annihilated all things bloomed and completely pulverized the willow branches.

On each side of Yang Xiao, two people appeared. Both were handsome and striking, with extraordinary temperament. The one on the left was slightly huskier, while the one on the right seemed more on edge. These two looked at each other across Yang Xiao, and then looked away as if on cue and just focused on Liu Zong, who was in front.

"Bai Luli, Gu Dongliu." Liu Zong looked at the two. They went on the trial with Xia Qingyuan. Bai Luli was the cultivator from Jixia Holy Palace, and Gu Dongliu was the third senior brother of Ye Futian. Both were extremely outstanding figures. Bai Luli qualified for the Heavenly Chosen Ones, and if Gu Dongliu did not forfeit, he also could have. 

He did not know that Bai Luli and Gu Dongliu could really be considered old friends. When Gu Dongliu entered the Barren State from the Eastern Barren Territory, the first thing he did was challenge Bai Luli, the most famous figure of Barren State at that time and the one who had entered into the top ten of the Barren Sky Ranking at a young age. Although he was defeated, the name of Gu Dongliu became known for the first time by people in the Barren State.

The second time the two fought was at the Zhuge Family's Crouching Dragon Mountain at the engagement banquet of Bai Luli and Zhuge Mingyue. Gu Dongliu had returned from traveling and cultivating and set foot on Crouching Dragon Mountain, disregarding his own life. In that battle, Gu Dongliu flat out beat Bai Luli, achieving thunderous fame in the Barren State.

Interestingly, these two rivals had appeared here at the same time. Of course, it was not intentional. Bai Luli had seen how Liu Zong had chased and killed the people of Barren State, so he had followed him this way. Gu Dongliu saw that Yang Xiao was in danger, so he also followed him. So the two men glanced at each other with Yang Xiao in the middle, and then looked away again with great mutual understanding.

"Palace Lord Yang, can you let us into the matrix?" Gu Dongliu asked. He had now entered the Sage Plane. Bai Luli broke through after three days and was now a mid-level sage, and both possessed holy items so they could be considered quite strong. Still, it was still foolish to think that Liu Zong, who now had the backing of the battle matrix, could be beaten by one's own strength. They also saw previously that Liu Zong harvested the power of those within the Ancient Tree Battle Matrix so that he could even make others to die in his stead.

"Fine." Yang Xiao nodded, and there was light flowing. Gu Dongliu and Bai Luli opened up their spiritual power to be led by Yang Xiao. Soon they could feel that they were integrated into the endless thunder world as if they were part of it themselves.

"If you two want to attack, just let me know with your mind and I shall assist," Yang Xiao said. Bai Luli and Gu Dongliu both nodded. 

Liu Zong cast a glance at the few people in front of him, and there was a cold sneer flashing across his eyes. Both Bai Luli and Gu Dongliu were charming individuals, and it was too bad that they should die at his hands. How wonderful it would be if he could have used them for himself.

Rustling sounds were heard again. Above the ancient tree in front, there were countless silhouettes of Bai Luli. The branches and leaves of the ancient tree extended toward the distance, the willow branches covered the sky, and once again wrapped the battle matrix within. The leaves fluttered and became extremely fierce sharp blades, cutting down towards Yang Xiao and the others.

Bai Luli and Gu Dongliu took a step forward at the same time, and Yang Xiao received the thoughts from both of them in an instant. He could not help but reveal a surprised look, but he said nothing. All the power of the matrix now rushed toward Bai Luli and Gu Dongliu at the same time. 

The eyes of Bai Luli turned black, and the whole world and the void were turned gray. Behind him appeared a pair of terrible eyes. Its tyrannical spiritual will filled the entire void, which was precisely his life spirit, the Eye of Devastation.

The leaves that were flying in the space seemed to be imprisoned as the devastating thunderstorm raged and slaughtered the entire space. At the same time, the nine characters behind Gu Dongliu circulated. There was also a terrible power of the spiritual will that covered the void, and a super strong Sword Qi circulated, turning into a sword river, overhanging, blooming from the body of Gu Dongliu, annihilating the void. The endless flying leaves were crushed through and through, and the fallen willow branches, likewise, were constantly being attacked and destroyed.

"Godly Creation of All Things," Bai Luli spat out, and the terrible spiritual will had gathered into a thundering ancient god whose mere glance could destroy all things with lightning that not only attacked the physical body but also attacked the power of spiritual will. Gu Dongliu had summoned nine gods of war, surrounded by nine characters, all facing forward to launch their attack at Liu Zong. 

Once upon a time, Bai Luli and Gu Dongliu had used these two abilities, attacking each other as opponents. Now they were using this method to join forces to annihilate Liu Zong. And even more, both of them seemed to be intuitively connected to release their attacks, without any trace of hesitation or courtesy.

Feeling the atmosphere coming from the two, Liu Zong sobered up. The huge ancient tree swayed, moving forward as if to turn into a tree spirit. Vines that were thick like mountains swept out. Its power was terrifying. It was like a mountain was being picked up and smashed towards Bai Luli and Gu Dongliu. On top of the thick vines, there even grew many sharp golden blades destroying everything in front of it.

"Condensate," Gu Dongliu commanded, and nine gods of war turned into one. The aura of the nine character surrounded them, the heavens and the earth resonated. As the two echoed to each other, an infinite number of nine characters appeared around them, and each character turned into an ancient seal, accompanying Gu Dongliu palms forward. 

The ancient god that was born of Bai Luli held the Heaven-shaking Thunder Hammer and smashed it down, intending to destroy the ancient tree. The vines that were as thick as mountains were now exploding wildly, smashed, destroyed, pulverized and disappearing all the way through. But in the same way, the body of the ancient god also collapsed, and the shadow that Gu Dongliu had conjured was also destroyed. This space was filled with currents of devastation.

"Is that all from you?" Liu Zong spoke arrogantly. The vines upon the ancient tree were destroyed and grew again, still covering the sky and sheltering everyone within it. Liu Zong's power seemed still aplenty, but in his matrix, the breath of everyone else was consistently weakening. Apparently, he had been draining the power of others to launch those attacks.

"To kill him we must breach his matrix," Bai Luli said. He did not look at Gu Dongliu, but Gu Dongliu knew who he was talking to.

"This matrix is centered on him, and he could use those in it to replace him in death. To breach it, you need to kill all the others while breaching the matrix so that there is no replacement to be had." Gu Dongliu responded, "You want to breach it head-on or you want to lead the offensive?"

"I will breach the matrix from the front, blocking its attack. You can concentrate on the offensive," Bai Luli responded.

"Very well." Gu Dongliu nodded.

The two seemed to have arranged everything in a few words, and now it was like there was nothing more for Yang Xiao to do. He looked at them with some surprise, obviously not knowing the relationship between the two. But none of this was important. As long as Liu Zong could be killed, Xihua Sacred Mountain could be destroyed. He was willing to do anything.

Bai Luli's expression was solemn, and behind him, in addition to the life spirit of the Eye of Devastation, there was yet another life spirit blooming. It was the immense life spirit of the Spell Scroll. This Spell Scroll flew out and burst into a terrible light. Bai Luli's fingers landed on the Spell Scroll, and suddenly, traces of blood appeared, which caused bloody stripes to also appear in the life spirit and made it bloom with even more brilliance.

The life spirit of Spell Scroll flew straight toward the front, suspended in the air, and a giant Spell Scroll hung from the void. A bloody Spell Scroll flew out of the life spirit, and went toward Liu Zong.

"Blood sacrifice, God-killing Scroll," Bai Luli spat. At this moment, his spiritual will seemed to be drained. The Spell Scroll burst out a blood light that filled the sky, like the sorcery of Forbidden Rules spell, infinite bloody Spell Scrolls flew about and when they collided with the fallen leaves and the willow branches, the bloody scrolls were able to penetrate and pulverize them.

The light of the life spirit of the Spell Scroll was directed at Liu Zong, and the God-killing scroll that was suspended in the sky had formed a rule spell from a spiritual will that was capable of destroying everything. Liu Zong's look changed suddenly. Sacred sounds of chanting in Sanskrit were heard and the ancient tree made shaking sounds. Endless figures appeared at the same time, and in front of him was an incomparably beautiful glory of the sacred tree, and when the bloody Spell Scroll came down, there was blood-colored radiance dancing among the branches of the immense ancient tree. At this moment, Liu Zong had no time to care about anything else. 

Gu Dongliu had started his move at the same time Bai Luli made his attack. A painting floated behind him, and the life spirit melted into it. It was a sacred painting. Back then at Zhisheng Cliffs, it was for this painting that Zhan Xiao chased him, wanting to kill him for it. But in fact, this painting was invoked by his will and acknowledged only him as its master. The incomparable aggressive spiritual will flowed into the scroll. A holy authority faintly permeated, and then flying forward. The endless nine characters shone with glory and madly rushed into it.

"Manifest," Gu Dongliu called out and suddenly a figure was summoned from the sacred painting, like an enchanted spirit surrounded by nine characters, exuding brilliance. This figure was based on Gu Dongliu himself, but its constitution was more outstanding than his. This time, he had summoned himself.

Behind Bai Luli and Gu Dongliu, the faces of Yang Xiao and the others were somewhat distorted, their spiritual will mental power seeming to be drained. The attack of these two was too terrible to imagine. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Yang Xiao's eyes were glued in front of him. He saw the immortal figure turn into lightning, moving forward, carrying the aura of the endless nine characters, destroying everything in its path. His body directly rushed within the Ancient Tree Battle Matrix set up by Liu Zong.

"Pssst" sounds continued to be heard, and countless vine branches and leaves were snapped and broken. While Liu Zong resisted the attacks from Bai Luli, he was also controlling the branches and leaves to attack Gu Dongliu, but he could not block it. The god-like figure madly destroyed the immense ancient tree, and with another sound, a cultivator's body was bisected and blood splashed everywhere.

Puff, puff, puff… The continuous sounds signified the continuous destruction of those in the way. They were wiped out by Gu Dongliu without any resistance, which made Liu Zong breath weaker and weaker, causing his face become somewhat mangled. Could such a great battle matrix be broken by the alliance of these two men? Although he had no time to ponder, the defense of the Ancient Tree Battle Matrix itself was surprisingly strong, and still, it could not stop the attack of Gu Dongliu and was constantly being destroyed!
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    《The Legend of Futian》