The Legend of Futian
985 Destruction
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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985 Destruction

In the void, the bodies of cultivators exploded and were blasted into dust, and The North Deep instantly lost many of its fighters. The battle matrix completely disintegrated and collapsed.

How could Ye Futian miss such an opportunity? The alliance of three major battle matrixes had mighty powers, and now there was an opportunity to breach one of them. His speed was beyond fast, crossing the void and aiming for Kun of the North Deep.

Kun of the North Deep was already attacked by the power of telekinesis, and in his mind appeared a Kunpeng that was guarding him. But the shadow of the goddess appeared directly in his mind as if a catastrophe of thunder rules had descended, madly attacking the power of his spiritual will. His head felt heavy and confused. He found it difficult to concentrate and detected a strong sense of danger from the outside world. His body quickly retreated, using pure instinct.

The life spirit of the Kungpeng opened its wings fully, and in a flash, it was gone. But in that instant, he felt as if all of time and space seemed to have solidified. His body seemed to be trapped in the mud. Radiant lights burst into the air, and when he saw that the Halberd of Time and Space appeared in front of his eyes, it was impossible to escape the solidified space he was in. Without the battle matrix to expand his power, although Kun of the North Deep was in the ranks of the sages, under this force, it was still difficult for him to move. The two wings of the Kunpeng tried to close with great difficulty to shroud the body within.

Ye Futian descended with the speed of lightning, and with a loud boom, the wings of the Kunpeng were torn apart. The horrible vortex of madness could turn everything into ruin. The wings were shredded, and the Halberd of Time and Space penetrated through them, sliding against the spear of the darkness and stabbing toward the other's head, not giving any chance to Kun of the North Deep. 

"Die!" Kun of the North Deep roared, and the spear of darkness pierced towards Ye Futian's heart. However, Ye Futian did not evade even slightly, and the movement was completed in one attempt, extremely fast.

There was a popping sound, and the Halberd of Time and Space directly pierced through Kun of the North Deep's head. His skull exploded and he was killed instantly. The spear of darkness swiped against Ye Futian's body and made sharp sounds. As the spear was not able to pierce through his body, it only left traces of blood, showing how strong Ye Futian's body had become.

Saint Jiang was also looking at the battlefield. The third round of the medical trials had not been carried out for long, and Ye Futian's own realm was only at the level of a low-level sage, yet his flesh had already reached this level. If Ye Futian stepped into the top sage level and completed the medical testing, then even if he was not a saint, he would be like a saint. The Divine Catastrophe, to Ye Futian, would have no destructive power whatsoever, and this was what he wanted to achieve. Those with enough talent to set foot in the Saint Plane would not be destroyed by the Divine Catastrophe. 

Crack! Saint North Deep clenched his fists, a chilling air exuding from him. The strongest cultivator from The North Deep just under the Saint Plane, Kun of the North Deep, had just died in the battle. The battle matrix disintegrated and the divine implement was plundered, with many dead at Huang Jiuge's hands. It was the equivalent of an early strikeout for The North Deep. Before, Xu Chehan had also killed many of his cultivators from the North Deep. Among the three holy lands of the Endless Ocean, the North Deep suffered the most.

"Kill," Hua Jieyu said coldly. Her slender finger pressed down in the void, and the figure of the goddess behind her seemed to follow her movements as well. Her eyes were unfathomable, like an abyss, and as this finger pressed down, it felt like a catastrophe. Those cultivators from the North Deep, who were still alive, actually felt that there was beautiful, purple-golden lightning running through their spiritual will power, piercing and destroying it with brutal and total disregard.

"What is going on with this girl?" Saint Li looked at Hua Jieyu. There were two shadows of illusion behind her. One was the illusion of a saint, residing within the body of Hua Jieyu, but the other one seemed to have been summoned and shone with radiance. Just a simple look at that illusion was enough to give people a sense of holiness, in addition to a strong sense of slaughter, to compel those around it to worship her.

Saint Xia also gazed at Hua Jieyu. He vaguely felt that the power Hua Jieyu used was not that of her own, but the ability of the one summoned. However, no matter how much spiritual will that he employed, he was still unable to clearly see who had been summoned. But the feeling and the energy that had been casually revealed was enough to let him know that it was unfathomable.

This feeling, Saint Xia had only ever seen it on one person, and that was the master of the Upper and Lower Worlds—Emperor Xia. Could it be that this girl had some kind of a fortuitous opportunity?

Hua Jieyu had also gone to the trial with the Little Princess, Xia Qingyuan, but he did not hear from anyone from the Xia Clan about anything that had happened there to Hua Jieyu.

Bang! A loud noise brought back Saint Xia and Saint Li's back. Ye Futian and the others had joined forces to destroy Kun of the North Deep. The cultivators of the Celestial Cliffs and the Ocean Palace were not sitting idly. The two battle matrixes launched attacks at the same time. The silver long spear turned into a dragon and blasted forward while the pagoda crushed and wiped out everything. After Ye Futian killed Kun, he rushed to resist the attack but his body was knocked away. He spat up a mouthful of blood and his breath was shallow.

"How can his resistance be this strong?" All the saints were staring at this battlefield. Saint Ji and the others had a terrible look. Such an attack was incredibly overpowering. The light of the pagoda came down with force. Not only did it crush and suppress the flesh, but also the spiritual will. But Ye Futian only a spat out a mouthful of blood. Even peak-level sages did not have such defensive power. Apparently, the power of Ye Futian not only relied upon the attack ability of the Halberd of Time and Space. 

The pagoda was suspended in the air like a golden mountain. Layers of glory continued to press down, like rounds of golden ripples. Ye Futian had an illusion that his spiritual willpower was being strongly squeezed, and his spiritual defense seemed to be chipped away little by little. At the same time, a power, like a great mountain of horror, suppressed the space in which he was in so that he was unable to move.

There seemed to be an invisible storm upon Hua Jieyu, a storm of spiritual will that moved the elements between heaven and earth. She walked in the void, toward the cultivators from Celestial Cliffs. Lin Qi's eyes revealed his wariness. Although he was inside the battle matrix, Hua Jieyu had disregarded the battle matrix and invaded the power of spiritual will with the power of telekinesis. It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

Ye Futian naturally knew what to do at this time. There was a sacred power in his mind that was guarding him. The sound of rustling in the Life Palace came out, the ancient tree of the world swaying, and a curious force spread out and extended to the entire area that immediately surrounded them as if everything in this world was under his control.

An infinitely large shadow appeared, and the immense body of the Divine Ape seemed to turn into a demon god, surrounded by the power of infinite stars. This Divine Ape directly stepped out from behind Ye Futian.

"Space Freezing." The ruthless rules sorcery were released, and suddenly, the space where Ye Futian was became a space of absolute stillness. The rotational speed of the giant golden pagoda slowed down overhead, and with one great roar, many were shocked to find that the demon-like figure rose to the sky, arms wide open, and directly grabbed the huge golden pagoda. 

All the cultivators showed a look of surprise. The pagoda madly rotated, releasing beams of light, slowly shattering the force of the rules that froze the void bit by bit. At the same time, the demon-like Divine Ape descended, and its arms grasped the Sacred Pagoda, starry laws exploding, locking it within its power.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The power of starry rules was smashed in madness, but the great Divine Ape still had the Sacred Pagoda in a tight grip. In the other direction, Ao Feng of the Ocean Palace smashed down. The giant silver dragon with the trident fell. Its momentum was explosive, aiming straight at Ye Futian for the kill, that space being suppressed without ceasing.

"Go!" Ye Futian let out a scream, and a sacred dragon swooped up and went straight to the silver dragon, bringing the thundering rule power with the space shattering rule hidden within, pulverizing everything. It collided with Ao Feng's attack. The thunder dragon and the silver dragon collided, and the two dragons fought violently.

Ye Futian himself had turned into the Roc, charging straight to Lin Qi and other cultivators from the Celestial Cliffs. The golden Roc spread its wings like brilliant lightning, faster than the eyes could behold.

"Back!" Lin Qi yelled, wanting to recall the Sacred Pagoda. All of their spiritual wills were poured into the Sacred Pagoda, and within it was the core of the battle matrix. But at the moment, the Sacred Pagoda was bound, while the storm of telekinesis from Hua Jieyu was shrouding them. In addition, Ye Futian had now come to attack this side, and at this instant, Lin Qi felt a strong sense of danger.

Brilliant glory exploded from the Sacred Pagoda and smashed everything, and the immense Divine Ape gave a shockingly loud scream. The enormous body contained unparalleled power, but at the moment, it was slowly torn into pieces. 

The roaring thunder dragon, likewise, was also undergoing a devastating attack, but at the same time, there seemed to be a divine telekinesis power descending from the void. Lin Qi and the others only felt that the catastrophe had fallen, blasting them in their minds, and the battle matrix was moving unsteadily.

In the front, with the Halberd of Time and Space in hand, Ye Futian dashed straight ahead, his whole person wrapped up in the brilliance of the glory. The divine Roc ran through the void and slaughtered everything.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Boom! A loud bang and the Halberd of Time and Space descended, a direct hit to the front of the battle matrix. "Breach!" Lin Qi screamed. The pagoda spun and returned, and the body of the Divine Ape exploded. But the golden Roc turned into a light that annihilated all things, and went right through it, rushing into the battle matrix, and a golden path opened up, the space shattering and eliminating all obstacles in front.

At this moment, bloody rain spread out from the sky, and many, without so much as a chance to scream, had their bodies torn into pieces. Even the strongest of them all, Lin Qi, who also had his body pierced by the halberd, died without any thought. 

On the battlefield, countless people witnessed the brilliant glory slaughtered from the front of the battle matrix to the back of it, destroying the battle matrix with the most brutal method possible. Even a few of the rest had been shot in the head by the arrows that came from below and were erased without a trace. This time, the cultivators in the battle matrix of the Celestial Cliffs were killed more simply than the cultivators of the North Deep.

"Madness." The hearts of many beat violently. Ye Futian wagered his life spirit and used the most direct method to destroy the battle matrix of the Celestial Cliffs.

But to take this route, wouldn't he die for sure? Could he bear the cost of the destruction of his life spirit?
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    《The Legend of Futian》