The Legend of Futian
986 Closing of the Ne
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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986 Closing of the Ne


With a loud bang, the thunder dragon was torn and destroyed by the silver trident. Ao Feng's body emitted a terrible air, but there was no look of excitement on his face. He turned his eyes, and the cold swept toward Ye Futian.

Over yonder, the cultivators of the Celestial Cliffs had been completely slaughtered. The three great holy lands of the Endless Ocean had assembled three battle matrices, and now two out of three elite battle matrices had been eliminated by the joint attack from Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu. This was a major tactic prepared just for Ye Futian, with all the cultivators battling madly outside just to kill the cultivators of the Holy Zhi Palace, thus isolating Ye Futian inside.

Under this absolute advantage, it could be said that anyone lower than the Saint Plane would undoubtedly die. Even cultivators on the Sage and Saint Ranking would suffer the same fate. But even so, to have the two battle matrices destroyed was evidence of the incredible offensive power that Ye Futian possessed. Once the battle matrix had been disintegrated, no one could resist, and any cultivator would be killed with a single blow, including those on the Sage ranking. Of course, the way of the telekinesis attack from Hua Jieyua was also extremely terrible, mysterious, and seemingly unsolvable.

Not only Ao Feng but all the saints above the void and the cultivators of the Holy Zhi Palace on the battlefield were closely observing Ye Futian. Through Hua Qingqing's ability, they could clearly see what was happening with Ye Futian. His life spirit had been destroyed, which was absolutely considered fatal for cultivators.

Once Ye Futian was gravely injured, even his cultivation would regress and he would die a very horrible death. Even if by a miracle he survived, if his cultivation was limited in the future, what would the meaning of being unparalleled in the Nine States be?

Everyone from the Holy Zhi Palace felt that their hearts were about to stop from extreme nervousness. Even those who were fighting were no exception, paying attention to what was currently happening to Ye Futian.

Cough. A soft sound was heard, and this subtle sound actually affected the mood of the cultivators across the entire battlefield. When they saw that Ye Futian had coughed up blood, the cultivators of the Holy Zhi Palace felt their hearts shaking. Those who were of a weaker plane had already expressed a desperate look.

That legendary palace lord, who had brought the palace to its present status, such that seven holy lands joined forces to fight against it, who caused turbulence across the entire Nine States, would today be the end of his legendary existence? If this legend was to wither, the palace would also follow along and cease to exist. As for Saint Ji, Saint Xihua, and the others, they wore a look of indifference and couldn't wait for Ye Futian to die.

In the vast palace, the storm of destruction on the battlefield remained, but many felt an incredible silence as if in the entire battlefield, there was only Ye Futian standing there. A frenzy of wind blew over, moving Ye Futian's long hair. His white garments were stained with blood. His face seemed a little pale, but he still looked so handsome.

At this time, Ye Futian wiped the blood from the lower corner of his mouth with his left hand. He extended his hand and reached into the void and took the ownerless Sacred Pagoda. Then, under the gaze of the people, he pointed the Halberd of Time and Space in his hand at Ao Feng, a cold smile appearing on the corner of his mouth. He asked, "Ready to die?"

The golden-winged Roc shone with dazzling brilliance and seemed to announce to all that even if his two life spirits were destroyed, he still had others. He was still the unparalleled Ye Futian of the Nine States.

"How is it possible that he is fine?" Ao Feng looked bad, his eyes fixed on Ye Futian, who was still exuding a very strong air, albeit with some fluctuations. But he had not been affected much at all, still as strong as before. However, even if he had a variety of life spirits, with two of them destroyed, how could it have no effect on him?

People who were on the side of the Holy Zhi Palace were excited, and they seemed even more violent when battling. All of them were full of the great spirit of war.

Two out of three battle matrices had been destroyed, and all of them had been slaughtered. Only one last battle matrix remained, unable to block Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu. As long as Ye Futian came out to attack, he would still be the target, and everywhere he passed, except for the strongest battle matrix, no one could counter him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Ye Futian was indeed injured. Although the thunder dragon and the demonic ape were born out of meditation, they were life spirits, after all, cast by the spiritual will. So it was impossible to be unaffected by their destruction, and the injury was not minor. But he was the keystone of the entire Holy Zhi Palace, so no matter how heavy his injuries were, he could not reveal the extent of it in order to protect the resolve of the entire Holy Zhi Palace.

An injury so serious that it would hinder his ability to fight and cause the regression of his cultivation was naturally non-existent for him. These life spirits were born out of meditation and not his true life spirits, so the injury did not hurt his foundation or else he would not have risked it only to breach a battle matrix and slaughter the cultivators of the Celestial Cliffs. Right now, for the Endless Ocean, only the battle matrix headed by Ocean Palace led by Ao Feng was left, which could not really threaten them.

The Halberd of Time and space exuded terrible space shredding rule power. The illusion of the golden-winged Roc shrouded his body and Ye Futian stepped forward. The body of Hua Jieyu floated in mid-air, appearing behind Ye Futian, her enchanting eyes regarding Ao Feng and the others coldly. An invisible storm of telekinesis coursed out, shrouding the space, and everyone's face changed. They now began to understand just what the cultivators of Celestial Cliffs and The North Deep were facing. 

This ability completely ignored the defensive power of the battle matrix and seemed to be able to attack the spiritual will power of every cultivator. They even had an illusion as if what they were seeing was not just Hua Jieyu, but a queen who appeared directly in their minds and needed to be worshipped. That feeling was like being in an illusionary world, a world of spiritual will with countless destructive spiritual storms raging, turning into purple-golden lightning. It was like some punishment from the heavens so that their spiritual will had nowhere to hide.

"Keep a hold on your Spiritual Will," Ao Feng said, and he could feel the threat. The will of the cultivators within the battle matrix seemed to integrate into one, resonating with one another, thus forming a spiritual barrier between heaven and earth to defend against Hua Jieyu's spiritual attack.

But precisely at this moment, the devastating spiritual storm swept through. Within the void, that devastating storm of spiritual telekinesis directly rushed into their minds. Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu were connected in their minds. At almost the same time, Ye Futian's body moved. One step across the void and the golden-winged Roc pierced the space with its shadow. Countless particles of brilliance were in front of the Halberd of Time and Space. Every brilliant particle was like a star, not only possessing tyrannical starry laws but also the terrible power of shredding rules.

Ao Feng let out an angry roar, the silver trident slashing through the air, and like a sea god, he swooped down and the attacks of the two once again collided. In the void, horrific light waves expanded toward the distance and then exploded. The bodies of many powerful cultivators, who were battling afar, were knocked over by the waves, demonstrating the severity of their attacks.

Ye Futian's body was knocked back, and as if he deliberately leveraged the momentum to fly backward, with wings open, the divine bird passed by in a beautiful arc, its body dancing in the void. There was a terrible storm gathering between heaven and earth as if all the power of this heaven and this earth were to be used by him.

Ao Feng was not much better. He groaned and the battle matrix fluctuated and seemed a bit unstable. Hua Jieyu's telekinetic attack was constant and they much mobilized great spiritual will to defend. Therefore, they were a little exhausted. Ye Futian himself was already so powerful that one could not completely concentrate when fighting with him. The consequences were unimaginable.

The beautiful golden brilliance was blinding, and all that people could see was a golden-winged Roc swooping down again. Above the firmament, there was the illusion of a giant boundless bird, completely indomitable.

The Halberd and Time and Space emitted an unparalleled brilliance and once again pierced down, stronger than the power of the previous attack. The expression on Ao Feng's face lost the confidence it had before, and he looked bad. Even so, he still gathered the power of the battle matrix, carrying the momentum of the tide of the tsunami, and launched another attack. Again, it was a frontal collision.

Boom! A terrible fissure appeared in the battle matrix, and Ao Feng's body, even though it was like a sea god, was stunned into retreat. Many groaned, even spitting out blood. Everyone's faces were pale as paper. Looking forward, they saw the golden-winged Roc still spinning in the void, the wind and clouds whistling with great power as if all the power of the heavens were to be gathered within Ye Futian.

In the void, Ocean Saint looked blue in the face. They knew that the battle matrix could no longer withstand the force. Ye Futian was actually fighting more and more fiercely under the condition of his broken life spirit. How did the Nine States produce such an enchanting figure? If they couldn't do away with Ye Futian today, for them, there would be a greater disaster in the future.

Today, all seven holy lands had come in alliance to lay siege. It could be said that this signified a great grudge. If the seven holy lands could not destroy the Holy Zhi Palace, in the future, he would most certainly challenge each and every one of the holy lands. Which one of them could withstand it?

At this moment, the wind whistled and the golden-winged Roc swooped down again. The beautiful light above the sky ran through it. The people seemed to see the space being torn from a slight gap, and then the gap increased, shredding everything.

The battle matrix collapsed and many screamed, not only from the attack of Ye Futian but also from the powerful attack of the telekinetic power. With both forces attacking at the same time, it was absolutely destructive.

Brilliant lightning flashed through, and everyone watched as Ao Feng's head, the man ranked 17th on the Sage Ranking, exploded. It was pierced by a blow of the halberd as if Ye Futian had concentrated all his power into this one hit, aiming for an instant kill.

"Three great battle matrices, all destroyed." The hearts of many trembled when they saw the beautiful golden-winged Roc, witnessing every one of the cultivators of the Ocean Palace destroyed under the Halberd of Time and Space. The husband and wife together were enough to destroy all three great battle matrices. Who else could stop them? Would the seven holy lands return in defeat today?

In the void, Kong Yao, who had been observing the battlefield, wore an extremely frosty look. His eyes never left Ye Futian, and he hovered not far from them. They did not join forces with the three holy lands. They were just watching from the sideline.

A cultivator behind Kong Yao said, "We can close the net." When the voice faded, they stepped forward at the same time!
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    《The Legend of Futian》