The Legend of Futian
989 Forbidden Ar
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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989 Forbidden Ar

There was a group of people sitting quietly at a restaurant outside of Zhongzhou City, drinking wine. The restaurant was empty and there was no one else around. All cultivators within Zhongzhou City came to the Holy Zhi Palace and went nowhere else that day. While they might not have been able to see the Sacred War taking place outside the Holy Zhi Palace, some who were of higher training among them were able to catch a glimpse somehow, so much so that they had a complete view of the battles taking place. As such, there was a possibility that they could learn of the Sacred War's outcome as soon as it happened. It was an affair that would rock the entire Nine States.

The restaurant was exceedingly quiet. The young man who took the lead was a dashing man with an exceptional bearing. All the others had to stand while he was drinking. The few cultivators who were standing behind him were exuding powers of unreadable depths simply by standing around.

A figure was seen sitting before that young man, who did not even dare breathe loudly. There were a man and a woman, as well as an older yet beautiful lady, as well as a fairy young man who was of Noble Plane training. His face resembled Saint Zhi's somewhat.

"Sir, will they succeed?" the beautiful lady turned her eyes to the young man and asked in a rather alluring tone. The young man looked up at her. She was about 30 years old with supple skin and looked ravishing. She caught his eye and lowered her head somewhat in embarrassment, making her look even more attractive.

The young man spun the cup in his head for a bit and sported a rather sheepish smile. He knew what the lady was up to. While she was indeed pretty, she was not enough to be able to seduce him. His status was such that he could have had any woman he wanted, and he would not have been so thirsty as to eye someone else's wife.

"No problem, if any accidents happen," the young man said plainly, "I've sent people there. When the deed is over, you all will be able to leave."

"Thank you, sir," the young and beautiful woman said softly. She rescinded her previous thoughts after seeing that the young man wanted nothing from her. It was apparent that she knew what was going on, and she had actually only been doing that to stay alive. She was living under the roof of others at the moment after all, and it would only take a single word from the other party to decide her fate. As such, she deemed it necessary to at least try, as to enable herself to have a better life.

The young man smiled as he took a look at the woman, saying nothing. In actuality, the rate of success of what he was pulling was incredibly high, making failure almost impossible. 

The key was what he would do with it after getting his hands on it. The rate of failure, in that case, was extremely high. In his case, the true battle for him probably lied elsewhere instead of with the Holy Zhi Palace. But then again, it was nonetheless the Renhuang lineage and he was the one who opened it personally. It was vexing for him to have done something only to benefit others. He could not rest well until he had tried getting it back at least. Furthermore, he would have attempted to do that while still playing by Emperor Xia's rules, as angering Emperor Xia would have dire consequences. It was the Nine States that belonged to Emperor Xia instead of his own turf after all.


Countless mighty ones either from Zhongzhou City or other places all over the Nine States gathered outside the Holy Zhi Palace. Other than a few top-notch figures who dared to get near the Holy Zhi Palace to watch the battles, most stayed far away at the border to watch as the battles unfolded. They still felt the weight of the raging battles in their minds nonetheless. They had just witnessed a saint of the Holy Zhi Palace bring a young woman to the place. The barefooted young woman streaked through the air and killed her way into the heart of the battlefield, shocking all who watched it.

There were countless terrifying figures in the Sacred War that day. The battlefield was extremely fiery, and it seemed that the mighty ones on the outskirts had all gone to the center of the Holy Zhi Palace, packing the battlefield up. It was unknown what had actually caused a commotion of that scale.

Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu stood at the center of the battlefield with their arms around each other. The nine mighty ones pointed at both of them with divine implements. The devastating golden threads tore through everything and were about bring about the last slaughter, killing Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu on the spot.

At that moment, they felt that Ye Futian's aura seemed to be rising and growing stronger. The devastating golden threads were unable to completely cut his body. The blood in his body seemed to be howling and boiling, almost burning. Slivers of formless power coursed about his body, making his physical defense seem to increase in strength. The Halberd of Time and Space pulsed with light of greater intensity. The divine implement that ranked third on the Divine Implement Ranking burst with increasingly bright light.

The nine mighty ones in the air seemed to have sensed the ever-increasing aura on Ye Futian and they frowned. What the hell is going on here? He's actually still alive? 

Worse still, they seemed to be able to sense a terrifying telepathic storm emerging in the air. Their surroundings stirred and with their battlefield serving as the center, slivers of intent out to tear everything apart appeared.

Is he trying to break through our spiritual power cutting arts? They turned their eyes to him again and saw that the woman in Ye Futian's arms was hanging her head. That power actually came from her. Her psychic powers seemed to be burning. Her crown Life Spirit emitted a brilliant light, and even the shadow behind her seemed to be changing.

"Jieyu." A voice was heard from within Hua Jieyu's mind. It was the saint within her body conversing with her.

"I'm sorry, teacher," Hua Jieyu replied telepathically. She leaned on Ye Futian's body with tears rolling down her cheeks. The saint went silent and a sigh was heard from within Hua Jieyu's mind.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Alright then." The sighing voice seemed to be harboring a bit of reluctance. At the very next moment, the shadow behind Hua Jieyu seemed to burn, emanating dazzling light. It quickly turned into countless spots of light, melding with Hua Jieyu's spiritual powers.

"I'm sorry," Hua Jieyu said gently. She recalled all that she had been through with her teacher in the past few years. While her teacher seemed to have never existed in the world and no one else knew of her, she trained quietly under said teacher's tutelage nonetheless. While she knew that her teacher was simply doing as she was told, her teacher nonetheless was genuinely trying to help and protect her.

If it had not been for her teacher when she was on her pilgrimage with Xia Qingyuan, she might have actually perished out there, and she would not have gained that encounter. Her teacher knew that it was wrong for her to train in those kinds of powers, yet her teacher did nothing to stop her. Presently, her teacher was actually willing to sacrifice herself just to keep Hua Jieyu in one piece, with no other intention than to protect Hua Jieyu.

Hua Jieyu felt as if she was being stabbed and twisted at the moment. Her tears wet the bloodied robe on Ye Futian's body. There was nothing else she could do. The one who was holding her in his arms to protect her at all costs was the love of her life.

Ye Futian naturally felt the changes in Hua Jieyu's body. Furthermore, there was a gust of extremely powerful psychic storm shrouding him, channeling spiritual powers to him. Extremely dazzling light shrouded both his and Hua Jieyu's bodies, looking incredibly holy and regal, like the light of Renhuang, overpowering even the light emanated from him by burning imperial will.

His heart shuddered violently. Jieyu, are you overpowering the imperial will for my sake?

"Jieyu." Ye Futian lowered his head and looked at the person in his arms. Hua Jieyu slowly moved away from his arms and looked up. Her eyes were filled with tears and looked incredibly tender, which, in turn, belied formidable determination.

"What are you doing?" Ye Futian's voice sook somewhat. Hua Jieyu's teary eyes shined with a tinge of an incredibly tender smile before she looked up at the heavens slowly. A terrifying psychic storm grew increasingly intense. Boundless light rained from above.

"Forbidden Art—Divine Advent." Hua Jieyu's voice was extremely solemn as she uttered those words. As her voice rang in her surroundings, a bolt of lightning split the heavens, bringing forth boundless spiritual powers as the sky was cleaved.

Slivers of terrifying psychic powers descended and entered Hua Jieyu's body. She stood with her hair billowing in the chaos as her eyes turned increasingly demonic. The shadow that she had summoned behind her gradually turned tangible and its light reached towering heights, looking like a queen of unparalleled regal bearing.

"Kill them." Hua Jieyu turned her eyes to the nine mighty ones in the air. Her billowing hair and cold eyes were filled with endless killing intent. Slivers of devastating psychic light of calamity burst through the endless golden threads, heading straight for the heads of the nine mighty ones like a calamity of the great path.

The nine mighty ones grunted at the same time and their attacks seemed to have been stifled. The divine implements in their hands shook at the same time, lashing out at Hua Jieyu. A streak of extreme spiritual cutting powers slashed at Hua Jieyu's psychic attacks, shattering them.

The power unleashed by Hua Jieyu had surpassed her limit. She was fighting the nine figures at the pinnacle of their training, and that served as the testament of the tremendous power she came to wield. It was at the very cutting edge of the planes below Saint Plane, as if she was borrowing powers that were not hers.

"Why are you doing this?" Ye Futian paid no heed to the magnitude of power that Hua Jieyu had unleashed. The light emanating from her body overpowered the ones coursing through his. Ye Futian naturally knew that Hua Jieyu was fighting for her sake and that she was paying a hefty price to do so. He had no idea what doing so would cost, but being able to surpass his own power meant that the cost was extreme, more so than what he had to pay by burning his imperial will.

Forbidden Art—Divine Advent!

Ye Futian's heart shook. He actually felt fear and his eyes looked pained. His spiritual will was cranked to its limit. Everything under the heavens seemed to be of impeccable clarity. Jieyu's power seemed to be amplifying his own powers as well, and he was able to clearly sense how powerful her psychic powers were.

The extension of spiritual psychic powers seemingly enabled him to see the faces of countless people in the battlefield. He saw every single golden thread, and was even aware of every single minute changes in the space. Spots of light coursed on the Halberd of Time and Space, seemingly having merged with his own spiritual powers. Boundless spiritual power oozed from within his mind, turning into thousands of spiritual particles. Every single particle seemed to emanate incredible destructive powers.

A frightening spiritual power storm seemed to have gradually whipped up with Ye Futian at the center, tearing the golden threads around him apart.

"Die!" Ye Futian lifted his head and howled. A devastating spiritual storm whipped up as his voice was heard. The devastating light of the particles was converted into golden lightning, streaking through the space and hitting the minds of the nine mighty ones.

Boom! The nine shuddered violently, feeling as if their brains were about to explode, as if they were about to be torn to pieces!

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    《The Legend of Futian》