The Legend of Futian
990 Attack
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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990 Attack

Ye Futian was a martial artist and a cultivator, as well as a spiritual elementalist. He had two spirit elemental life spirits. The guqin and the life spirit that Ye Qingdi had given him in the past were both Spirit Elementals. He had always been good at spirit elemental attacks, but he had never tapped into this skill too deeply. More often, he still used his spiritual energy to communicate with the world's rule power or use his powerful body. Hua Jieyu was good at spiritual energy attacks.

But now Ye Futian felt his mental power increasing. As his mind blazed, his spiritual energy's perception changed. He could do the same thing as Jieyu and directly integrate rule power into his spiritual will and attack his enemy's spiritual energy in the most direct manner.

He floated in the air, holding the Halberd of Time and Space. A violent all-consuming storm appeared around him. It pierced through the golden lines. He swept his gaze over the nine cultivators, and they all felt like they were sinking into his eyes and falling into Ye Futian's mental prison. They all clung tightly to their spiritual will power, but they still trembled under Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu's attack, making the attacks that they unleashed increasingly unsteady.

Even more frightening, the image of a god appeared in the air. It looked like an empress had descended into the world. It made the mental storm rage even fiercer, continuously destroying their will. Even when they used their divine implements, they could not stand against the whole storm and could only block part of it.

"What kind of power is this?" said Saint Li as he looked over the battlefield. His heart trembled.

"The forbidden art of Divine Advent," whispered Saint Xia and his heart was troubled. "I heard that those with great abilities can project divine spirits onto themselves. Could this be it?"

"That divine figure has a certain quality that even Saints can't match. It's like an empress. Do you mean that the divine spirit of the Empress has been projected onto Hua Jieyu? This is the forbidden art of Divine Advent?" said Saint Li.

"It's possible." Saint Xia nodded. "It looks like Hua Jieyu made great gains during the trials. But this is summoning a figure from the Upper Worlds from far away. Even though it is only a single thread of a divine spirit, what must it be costing Hua Jieyu to do this?" Saint Xia did not know if this power had already exceeded his expectations. Previously, the Saint behind Hua Jieyu had burned a divine spirit to help her. Perhaps this was in order to protect her?

This Sacred War was truly thrilling. Even though they were Saints, they still felt every up and down. It was impossible to remain calm. 

All of this had happened in a flash. The battlefield around Ye Futian was extremely intense. Kong Yao gathered his divine power to block the barefoot girl. There was an incredibly strange look in her eyes as she looked at Kong Yao. Kong Yao felt the world change. It was as if he was no longer on the battlefield at the Holy Zhi Palace, but was instead in some blood-red space. A sword of blood was suspended in the sky. Countless swords gathered together and flew towards him, trying to annihilate his spiritual will. 

Kong Yao stepped forward and roared, and the divine spirit turned into a divine elephant. But the barefoot girl stepped forward at the same moment and the divine sword slashed forward with all the power of heaven and earth. There was a loud crash as it pierced through the image of the divine elephant. And not only that, but swords fell wildly from the heavens, piercing the divine elephant. Finally, the sword of blood fell and cut through the elephant that had been formed of Kong Yao's spiritual will as well.

The wind blew as the barefoot girl continued forward. With each step, the divine elephant was pierced by another sword, both in the outside world and within Kong Yao's spiritual will. Cracks appeared in it as it was slowly cut apart. Blood flowed from Kong Yao's mouth and his face was pale, but he still stepped forward, each step increasing his power. He would fight with his life just to stop the barefoot girl for a while. The nine cultivators did not need long to kill Ye Futian. He only needed to buy them a little time.

The terrible storm caused the barefoot girl's ponytail to sway in the wind. Even stronger sword wills burst forth as she continued forward. Kong Yao spat out a mouthful of blood, but his whole body seemed to be burning. This was the end. He had no way to retreat. If Ye Futian did not die, then he would.


Kong Yao took a great step forward, and the divine elephant did as well, slamming its foot down on the barefoot girl. But it seemed like her frail body was not affected. In her eyes, a sword of blood pierced through Kong Yao's spiritual willpower.

At that moment many scenes flashed through Kong Yao's mind. He remembered the first time he had set foot upon the soil of the Barren State. How arrogant he had been as he brought Qin Zhong to the Holy Zhi Palace. The Palace Lord Liu Chan had welcomed them, and yet he had ignored it all, believing in his heart of hearts that the Holy Zhi Palace was not worthy of his attention. He had attacked Crouching Dragon Mountain and surrounded Ye Futian, but had been blocked time and time again until Emperor Xia appeared. But even then he had thought that he would destroy the palace sooner or later. Did they think that delaying the Battle of Proving Holiness would change anything?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

In that battle, he would slaughter the top powers of the Holy Zhi Palace. However, he had never thought that before the Battle of Proving Holiness came the Barren State would rise to prominence, and the Zhisheng Cliffs had been subjected to slaughter. Now even seven great holy lands joining together to overwhelm the Holy Zhi Palace had become mired in a terrible situation. He had never thought that the next time he fought on the soil of the Barren State would be the last battle of his life. And the one who killed him would be a young girl with a ponytail.

Elsewhere, another fierce battle was raging. Yu Sheng seemed to have turned into a demon. As he moved forward a destructive dark airflow raged between heaven and earth, consuming all the power there. Below him were the countless corpses of cultivators from the Endless Sea. Before him was a huge battle matrix. It transformed into a huge black dragon that sprouted two gigantic wings, blocking his path.

His body was covered in blood. Heaven and earth shook with every step that he took. Everyone in the dragon battle array felt their hearts tremble. A terrible dark halberd shot out, but the dragon swung its tail, shattering it.

Boom! Yu Sheng took another step forward, and his demon body transformed again. It grew bigger and bigger and was about to turn into a true demon. The dragon roared and swept out its wings. Every scale on its wings turned into an extremely sharp dark blade, and they all slashed out towards Yu Sheng. But he seemed not to see them as he stepped forward once again.

Boom! Demonic power filled the sky as he sucked in all the energy around him. His demonic form changed once again. His aura grew stronger and rippled out in powerful waves. With one step he had reached the Sage level.

He watched the dark wings slashing towards him and stretched out his hands, grabbing them. He roared and began to tear them apart, causing everyone in the battle matrix to scream in pain.

Boom! Yu Sheng seemed to feel nothing as he continued forward. The cultivators in the dark dragon battle matrix felt their hearts tremble with fear as they watched his still changing demonic form. They wanted to kneel before him and worship him. They saw him reach out with Battleaxe of Judgement, which suddenly demonized. It grew darker and darker and an astonishing power stretched out from within. All the cultivators in the battle matrix shook. Time seemed to stop.

Ye Futian held the Halberd of Time and Space as the nine cultivators pointed divine implements at him. A giant net descended on him from the sky. But he seemed not to see them. He stepped into the air with golden lightning bursting from his brow, turning into a destructive spirit elemental storm. It collided with the encirclement, and he managed to break through the net. Blood stained his clothes, but he seemed to feel nothing as he rushed towards the nine people in the sky. Hua Jieyu followed behind him, her mental storm becoming a destructive power that rushed towards the nine cultivators.

Freeze time and space, thought Ye Futian. The nine cultivators felt the area around them enter a static state, and in the next instant, Ye Futian appeared in front of them, thrusting the Halberd of Time and Space at one of them without hesitation.

"Kill!" His murderous intent filled the skies as the halberd shot forward. The cultivator tried to flee but found that he could not control his body. Even though his will was under serious attack, he still thrust his sword forward and it flew out of his hand towards Ye Futian.

The divine implement's speed seemed to slow as it collided with the Halberd of Time and Space. It was shocked backward. The cultivator screamed as his chest was pierced, and he instantly burst into pieces.

"Kill!" Seeming to have been infected by Ye Futian's shout, Yaya stepped forward as well. With that step, the divine elephant's body cracked open as it was pierced. Kong Yao's spiritual will was also pierced by the sword of blood. Although he had already foreseen this ending, he still issued an angry roar. Kong Yao, number nine on the Sage Ranking, would really die like this?

The divine sword pierced through and the divine elephant burst apart. The sword continued into Kong Yao's body, making him break apart as well, finally turning into nothing more than dust. Kong Yao, number nine on the Sage Ranking, had died in battle.

The barefoot girl continued forward. There was no one to stop her. There was a scream from the other side of the battlefield as Yu Sheng's Battleaxe of Judgment fell. The cultivators in the battle matrix watched it fall helplessly. It cut through the black dragon from head to tail, and blood fell like rain as the cultivators within the matrix were cut open.

Countless cultivators were lost in an instant.

The dragon had been slain by the Battleaxe of Judgment. Yu Sheng stepped past it towards where Ye Futian was fighting!
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    《The Legend of Futian》