The Legend of Futian
991 Heaven Has No Mercy
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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991 Heaven Has No Mercy

The weather changed upon the battlefield. After he killed one of them, Ye Futian stared at the other eight cultivators. At the same time, Yaya and Yu Sheng arrived on the scene and swept a cold glance across them all. A suffocating pressure pressed down on all of them, making them feel a slight chill.

They all glanced at Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu. Could they still kill the two of them? They all looked at each other and seemed to have the same thought. They all moved at the same time, flashing towards Ye Futian with their swords held out towards him. Endless killing light shot towards him, seeking to tear apart the space around him.

Hua Jieyu was still behind Ye Futian. Their spiritual energies had merged together and had transformed into golden lightning. It rushed into the minds of the eight cultivators like a divine catastrophe. Brilliant light burst from the Halberd of Time and Space, freezing the space around them. The eight cultivators were caught within and felt that their movements were constricted.

Ye Futian swept the Halberd of Time and Space out in an arc, and endless space tearing power shot out towards the cultivators. Endless particles cut through the enemies' golden lines. He had used an attack to meet an attack. The particles exploded in front of his opponents, and each one was transformed into a terrible killing force. The eight cultivators waved their swords, blocking the oncoming particles as they retreated.

At that moment, a terrible aura descended. The sound of a swinging sword pierced through the air. One of them turned around and saw a divine sword coming towards them forcefully. He slashed out with his sword, turning it into a line that could cut through anything, but the huge divine sword continued forward, crushing everything. There was a loud noise as his body was pierced by the divine sword and he died.

Although these nine great cultivators were strong, even stronger than Sages, what they were good at was attacking. Whether they were targeting the flesh or the mind they were formidable, especially when they had formed a matrix. At that point, it would take a god to stop them. But now their matrix had been broken, they were suffering mental attacks, and they had been knocked back by Ye Futian. How could they block Yaya's attack? Thus, one of them had been killed.

Yu Sheng had also arrived with his demonic form. He descended in front of one of the cultivators, letting his terrible sword will tear across his body. He seemed to not even feel them. He slashed out with his Battleaxe of Judgment, cutting his opponent in two. 

At the Imperial Mausoleum, Yu Sheng had used his upper Magi level demonization to block Ji Ya, the number two on the Sage Ranking. Now he was a Sage and had demonized again. How much stronger must he be? How could a single cultivator withstand his ax?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Three of the cultivators had been killed in a flash.

Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu, Yaya, and Yu Sheng surrounded the six remaining cultivators. It seems that the tables had turned completely. The six of them turned pale. Were they really going to be defeated?

Ye Futian stepped forward with the Halberd of Time and Space. He tilted it and it reflected a brilliant light. He was filled with murderous intent. There was a strange look in his eyes, and golden lightning flashed out, trapping one of the cultivators within it.

Woosh! A mighty wind rushed out, and Ye Futian stepped forward again. He seemed to ignore the distance between them as he appeared directly in front of his opponent. He struck out with the Halberd of Time and Space without hesitation, piercing his opponent's throat. Another cultivator was dead.

The sound of a whistling sword filled the sky as Yaya stepped forward. Her sword of blood pierced her opponent's will, and the divine sword descended. The fifth cultivator was slain.

Boom! Yu Sheng stepped forward with his intimidating demon form and brought down the Battleaxe of Judgment, cleaving through the sky and the sixth cultivator's body. It cut him in two, and blood went flying. 

The battle seemed to stop as everyone's eyes turned to this part of the battlefield. Everyone's heart beat wildly. They had each been killed with one attack. Six of the nine great cultivators had been killed so cruelly and swiftly. The once unmatched nine cultivators were now powerless.

"Can we finally tell who is going to win?" whispered Saint Xia. The battle had been too suspenseful. Just as Ye Futian had been on the brink of death, the barefoot girl had appeared, Yu Sheng had broken through, and Hua Jieyu had used her divine secret power. Ye Futian and those around him had truly shown that no one could match them. Their white clothes were now covered in blood. Who could stand in their way? Moreover, after the deaths of the nine great cultivators, the seven great holy lands' morale would break since no one could kill Ye Futian.

Saint Ji, Saint Xihua, and the Great Zhou Sacred King all looked extremely angry. All these attacks and they still had been unable to kill Ye Futian. Would Ye Futian really survive the attacks of the allied seven great holy lands?

On the other hand, the cultivators from the Holy Zhi Palace completely relaxed. Yaya and Yu Sheng had arrived. With them helping Ye Futian, no one could kill him.

They would win this battle. They were filled with confidence. The seven great holy lands would not destroy the Holy Zhi Palace today. Thus, they would use the power they had shown today to make it so that there was no one left in the seven great holy lands below the Saint level.

Boom! Ye Futian stepped forward again. He was not excited by this battle at all, he only felt an infinite coldness. He did not know what this battle would do to Jieyu. There were only three of the nine cultivators left. He did not even spare a single thought about letting them leave alive. No matter who they were, they would die for coming to this place.

One of them saw Ye Futian coming and felt the all-consuming destructive power of the Halberd of Time and Space. He turned pale and roared, "You still won't get involved?"

Everyone paused when they heard this. Was there someone else? In this situation, no one could kill Ye Futian. There was no one in the seven holy lands who could do it.

Who was going to get involved?

Saint Xia frowned and looked up as if he had thought of something. His expression changed. He looked into the sky above Ye Futian and saw Saint Zhi coming down.

"Careful, Saint Zhi!" shouted Saint Xia. A powerful divine force swept out, covering the space where Ye Futian was standing. His anger was clear on his face. A thought appeared in Saint Xia's mind—Would Saint Zhi really dare?

He was a Saint, would he really trade his life for Ye Futian's?

Saint Xia's voice pierced through the clouds, making everyone on the battlefield's hearts tremble. A strange look also appeared on Saint Ji's face. He reacted quickly, turning into a beam of light and shooting over to Saint Xia.

"Are you also planning to get involved in this Sacred War, Saint Xia?" came Saint Ji's voice. He was deliberately intercepting Saint Xia. But as he spoke, Ye Futian felt a truly suffocating divine power in the sky above him. And not only him, but everyone in the same area of the battlefield that he was in felt it as well. They all looked up and saw Saint Zhi descending.

A Saint had gotten involved.

Everyone turned pale as they saw Saint Zhi coming towards Ye Futian. The people from the Holy Zhi Palace looked on with despair.

Why would a Saint dare to get involved? By breaking Emperor Xia's rule, Saint Zhi was on the path to destruction. They did not understand, and neither did Ye Futian. Even though he wanted to get revenge for the attack on Zhisheng Cliffs, was he really willing to trade his life for Ye Futian's?

Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu, Yu Sheng, and Yaya all looked up and saw Saint Zhi's figure descending. They felt like their blood had ceased flowing and they could no longer breathe. They were truly despairing.

Moon Saint, Saint Jiang, and even Glass Saint all stepped forward at the same time in that direction. An incomparably strong divine power swept out, but it seemed like they would be too late.

Time seemed to stop.

They were frozen in despair.

Saint Zhi descended, and his huge hand came down with all the power of the Great Path. The air trembled as the hand covered the sky. It was about to destroy everything.

Saint Zhi's eyes were strangely calm, with a sense of determination. As a Saint, his mind was extremely firm. Once he had decided something he would not waver from that course of action. When the Prince of Emperor Li's Realm had found him, his fate had already been decided. Perhaps today, Saint Xia and the others would not dare to make a decision without authorization, but when Emperor Xia sent people to investigate he would have no way to escape. Sometimes as a Saint, you really had no choice.

His fate was fixed, but before he died, he would take Ye Futian with him. It seemed ironic to him. A powerful Sage like him would stoop to trade his life for that of a lowly Sage like Ye Futian. How tragic.

A beam of brilliant light descended. Saint Zhi had not been the only one standing by, the Village Chief was there as well. When he saw Saint Zhi act, he had instantly flashed through the air and transformed into a sword as he shot towards Saint Zhi.

Saint Ji wore no expression, and the look in his eyes did not change at all. Even as the sword pierced through his hand it continued downward. Blood stained his palm, but Saint Zhi seemed not to feel it as he continued to press down on the Village Chief. Even though the sword had pierced him, he did not cease his attack. His bloody palm covered the sky. There was a loud boom. Everything under his palm was destroyed, utterly crushed to dust.

"Die!" yelled Saint Zhi. Heaven and earth shook and Ye Futian's spiritual will trembled. Looking into Saint Zhi's murderous eyes, he felt true despair. They had won everything and even defeated a true Saint. But could someone who had just entered the Saint Plane really compare to the master of Zhisheng Cliffs?

"Retreat!" yelled Ye Futian. But he did not know if they would be able to. Moreover, Yu Sheng and Yaya did not retreat. At this moment they seemed to act from instinct. Not only did they not retreat, but they advanced.

Yu Sheng raised his ax and slashed it into the sky. Yaya raised her sword to meet the attack coming from above. Hua Jieyu's eyes were full of despair, true despair. They had already used all their power, killing powerful opponent after powerful opponent. But in the end, they had lost it all because a Saint had gotten personally involved. She turned into a mental storm and rushed up into the air. Just like Yaya and Yu Sheng, she did not only not retreat but instead went up to meet the attack.

They seemed to have a single thought—block the attack from hitting Ye Futian. As for whether or not they could stop it, they did not think about it. Nor did they think about what would happen if they did stop it. They just hoped that Ye Futian could live.

Boundless Imperial Brilliance swayed, with nothing to disguise it. Ye Futian saw his friends acting. How could he retreat? He lifted the Halberd of Time and Space and went to meet Saint Zhi's destructive attack.

This was what life was all about. What more could one ask for?

If heaven would not have mercy on him, then he would die.

He had done all he could!
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    《The Legend of Futian》