The Legend of Futian
992 Only I“m Allowed to Bully You
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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992 Only I“m Allowed to Bully You

Everyone in the vast battlefield stopped fighting and turned their eyes in Ye Futian's direction. Every single saint had undergone divine catastrophes and their attacks were imbued with the rules of the great path.

Saint Zhi—the saint lord of Zhisheng Cliffs—had climbed to the second level of the Divine Path Steps, making him unpredictably formidable. He was ranked 30th on the Saint Ranking, so no one would have expected him to trade lives with Ye Futian.

The Bloody Palm Print shrouded the heavens, and under countless watchful eyes, he continued to press down on the Village Chief, who had taken the form of a sword. The sky seemed to have been brought down along with the palm print. Blood stained Saint Zhi's palm, yet he pressed forth as if he felt no pain. He had cast away concerns about his own life so that any small injuries did not faze him at all. 

He had to see the Holy Zhi Palace go down with him before he ended up dead. He had to kill Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, Yaya, and Hua Jieyu. Regardless of what happened in the immediate or near future, the Holy Zhi Palace had to go down.

Ye Futian and the others looked comparatively puny under the palm print. While they were indeed peerless under Saint Plane, the one who wanted to kill them was a saint. They saw Yu Sheng burst with overbearing demonic might and Yaya's ponytail loosen up and billow in the air. They saw Hua Jieyu take the form of a queen, attempting to resist the falling palm print using her psychic powers.

They also saw Ye Futian burst with blinding light; the light that was forcefully suppressed before. He rose like an emperor and fused himself with the Halberd of Time and Space as he lashed out as if he were to pierce the heavens.

Boom. A stifled rumble was heard as the Bloody Palm Print fell onto their heads. Yaya held the holy sword in her hand as the palm print crashed onto them. Her hair billowed wildly as boundless sword will was shattered, which reversed and pierced into her body.

Yu Sheng held the battleax in his hand and his devil-like body brought down the ax on the palm print. The axe was deflected back to his own body. However, he stood his ground tall and proud, striking both hands on the palm print, intending to prevent it from crashing down. Explosive rumbles were heard as his devil body continued to crumble and blood was seen dripping from his body.

Hua Jieyu's eyes turned incredibly demonic. It was as if they were no longer her eyes. She fused into a single being with the shadow behind her, bringing a terrifying psychic storm to bear, resisting all powers against them in that space and intending to prevent the palm print from crashing down as well. That weak body of hers had no fear as it struck, lashing out with the storm.

Boom… The Halberd of Time and Space in Ye Futian's hand struck, crashing onto the center of the palm print with boundless might as if it intended to tear the palm print apart. However, it was only able to tear a small crack before Ye Futian felt as if he was able to be squashed. All his internal organs felt like they were on the brink of collapse.

Intense rumbling continued to be heard and the might of great path continued to fall onto them. However, the might of the Bloody Palm Print had been considerably weakened. The Village Chief was attacking the palm print with his sword form, after all, negating a good part of its power. However, that still proved inadequate to stop it. All of their bodies were pinned and they spat up blood as their bodies continued to suffer damage. Saint Zhi never intended to leave any of them alive.

Hua Jieyu's demonic eyes took one look at Ye Futian. Her eyes were teary before and her will seemed to begin burning. Boundless power in the heavens seeped into her body. A force that did not belong to her burst.

"I offer my body as a sacrifice in exchange for the will of the queen." A solemn and despaired voice was heard and the might of the divine path seemed to burst from her body. A sliver of unparalleled imperial might was sensed and even her eyes seemed to have changed, becoming ones that cared for nothing around her as she looked above.

Her will served as the catalyst and her body as the sacrifice in exchange for the will of the queen. The will invoked the catastrophe of the great path above the heavens. Hua Jieyu continued to resist the palm print as her body and even her will were burning. She invoked the catastrophe of the heavens as she continued to move upwards, shattering the palm print bit by bit as she tore through it.

"Go to hell!" Saint Zhi roared furiously as he continued to press downward, giving up everything just to kill the ones before him. 

Yaya's body seemed to have been torn by swords as boundless light of swords burst from her body. She turned around and saw Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu, saying to herself, "Brother, Yaya is leaving." Dazzling light of the sword burst with her body in the middle as soon as she finished. A incredibly huge sword diagram appeared on the palm print. Boundless swords appeared in the air all of a sudden. The swords of countless swordsmen in the battlefield rang and flew out of their hands, heading towards Yaya.

Countless were stunned as they witnessed the astonishing scene, feeling their minds being rattled. Saints finally made it there at that moment. Both Saint Li and Saint Jiang were there, filling the place with saintly might. However, that barefooted young woman's hair continued to billow in a frenzy. Boundless sword will burst from her body as changes were seen. Even her face and bearing seemed to have changed. While Yaya's face was still hers, it seemed to have grown incredibly fast and had matured, filled with saintly might. Her eyes took one look at Saint Zhi in the air, filled with overbearing pride and cold murderous intent.

Boom… The palm print finally shattered under the attack of the psychic powers and sword will. Countless swords in the air merged and became a single blade, pulsing with the flash of the sword capable of killing everything.

The sword flew and Saint Zhi's pupils dilated. At the very next moment, a beam of sword flash pierced him. Saint Zhi's body was immediately shattered and reduced to nothing. In a single instant, his soul and mind had dissipated into nothing. The saint lord of Zhisheng Cliffs was thoroughly reduced to dust, scattered throughout the heavens and the earth.

The towering sword will dispersed soon after and the young woman's body fell limply. The holy sword appeared beneath the young woman's body, lifting her up and hovering in the air. The Village Chief knelt down and prostrated in the air. Tears were seen in his aged eyes. It was unknown if those were tears shed for Yaya's disappearance or for the return of his master, or maybe even both.

Yu Sheng's devil-like body dropped from the air and the same went for Ye Futian, who fell limply. Blood continued to shoot from his mouth as his teary eyes turned to look at Hua Jieyu and Yaya.

"No," he said, his voice croaking. His heart ached very, very painfully. The very reason why he cherished Yaya and had taken her as his little sister was because he had long guessed that that would have been Yaya's end. The end of the pitiful young woman.

His speculations became reality. Yaya was gone. The one taking her place might be Yaya or maybe it was the Sword Saint of the Void, who had once been known throughout the world. He turned his eyes to Hua Jieyu and his heart felt like it was able to be torn apart.

Hua Jieyu's body continued to burn, being reduced to nothing bit by bit. Like him, she fell lifelessly and turned around arduously. Her demonic eyes turned clear as if she had regained her consciousness. Her eyes were teary and yet, there was a beaming smile in them.

Everything had finally ended.

Saint Zhi was dead and the saints came. No one in the entire Nine States would be able to kill him.

Isn't this ending beautiful?

However, his imperial will continued to burn, and Emperor Xia… he was hoping the emperor would let him off of that ordeal.

Boom. Ye Futian's body hit the ground. He extended his shivering hands, attempting to catch Hua Jieyu's falling body. Her body was very light as if it weighed nothing, continuing to disappear bit by bit.

"Jieyu." Ye Futian's heart seemed to be bleeding. He looked up and shouted, "Senior Saint Jiang."

Saint Jiang took one look down and remained standing where he was. It was too late.

Hua Jieyu's eyes continued to smile. She extended her hand, intending to stroke Ye Futian's face as she said, "I guess I can't be your queen after all."

"No," Ye Futian shook his head and said, "I disagree." Boundless emerald light was sent into Hua Jieyu's body but it was entirely futile. Her body continued to disperse.

"Keep in mind, your next wife cannot be someone as sh*tty as I'm. Your queen has to become some girl who is unparalleled, even in the heavens." Hua Jieyu's spectral silhouette continued to smile, but somehow, she continued to shed tears.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I promise you this, only you'll be my queen."

"You're so dumb." Hua Jieyu then said softly, "But promise me this, don't let her bully you, as I'm the only one allowed to do so in this world."

"Only you're allowed to bully me." Ye Futian burst into tears.

"Right, I'll be able to rest easy now. But somehow, despite no longer having a heart, I still feel heartache. Can souls cry too?" Her silhouette turned increasingly spectral. It gradually turned into a blurry shadow, yet the tears on her face were just as visible.

Boundless light circled around Hua Jieyu's body as it moved to the air around her. Hua Jieyu felt some formless power summoning her.

Is this the call of the reaper?

"Promise me, live." Her spectral silhouette dispersed into the air.

"No..." Ye Futian attempted to catch the last bit of her but quickly found that he only grabbed nothing. He watched in despair as Hua Jieyu transformed into a beam of light and shot for the heavens. Ye Futian's arms shivered. His eyes were filled with boundless despair. 

The battlefield was dead silent. Everyone was staring at him. A lotus lamp continued to burn in the air. A vague silhouette appeared on the lamp, and that silhouette was stunningly beautiful. She looked at Ye Futian, who was despairing, as tears filled her flawless face. She turned and look at that faraway silhouette and her body burned as well. Countless lotus lamps then took off to the air.

One of the lamps came beside Ye Futian and a voice was heard in his mind: "I was once a lamp before the Buddha. My life came and went as my destiny willed it. I shall protect her in your stead." Hua Qingqing's gentle voice was heard and Ye Futian watched as the tranquil light of the Buddha took off. He was unable to fathom anything, as he felt nothing but intense heartache at the moment.

"That concludes the war." Saint Xia's cold eyes swept across everyone on the battlefield. Saint Zhi went against the rules and had severely injured Ye Futian and the others. He should have been executed, but he had already perished.

"I disagree." An extremely cold voice was heard. Saint Xia looked below and saw Ye Futian standing up. Dazzling imperial light shot forth into the heavens. His body was burning, and it seemed that his killing intent burned as well!

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    《The Legend of Futian》