The Legend of Futian
993 Slaughter
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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993 Slaughter

Ye Futian's imperial light shot to towering heights and he held the Halberd of Space and Time as he took to the air, filled with thick murderous intent. His bloodstained clothes seemed to have turned golden and billowed wildly in the wind.

Many on the battlefield turned their eyes in his direction. Even saints came to sense an aura that put them on edge. Even though Ye Futian's own powers were limited, the imperial will inherent within his being was still something that demanded respect and worship from all living beings.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He was the only supreme being in that place.

Saint Xia's heart raced. He thought that Saint Zhi's attack would have rendered Ye Futian incapable of standing even though it did not kill him. With Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu, Yu Sheng, and Yaya—the most formidable forces—taken out of the equation, if the fighting were to continue, it would be a disaster for Ye Futian, as everyone wanted to kill him. Saint Zhi had broken the balance of the Sacred War. It went without saying that as a saint, Saint Xia would have naturally been able to prevent the war from raging on. However, Ye Futian disagreed and stood up again, seemingly burning his own life.

What level is that aura that he is emanating now? Saint Xia was speechless. He thought that he would have been able to have some say in the Sacred War. He only came to realize then that the fighting on that day no longer had an outcome that he was able to decide. Emperor Xia needed to be the one to decide how things would end. Saint Zhi made a move against the rules, Hua Jieyu borrowed the queen's will, the Sword Saint of the Void returned, and Ye Futian was burning with imperial light.

Saint Xia was no longer able to control anything going on with the war.

Saint Li, Saint Jiang, and the others watched as their hearts raced. That battle exceeded everyone's expectations. Even Saint Ji, Saint Xihua, the Sacred King, and the saints of the Endless Ocean never predicted any of it to go this far. No one had expected the fighting to be that intense and brutal. No one anticipated Saint Zhi to trade lives with Ye Futian and to have still failed nonetheless.

No one knew what would happen next.

"He is at the end of his strength. Kill him." Saint Ji's eyes were on Ye Futian. His intent to kill Ye Futian had been taken to another level. Ye Futian was just too dangerous. If he did not agree for the war to end, then he would die.

He knew without a doubt that Ye Futian had sustained severe injuries in that day's fighting, and the Palace Lord was burning all of his own powers to keep fighting. He did not care for the secrets of Ye Futian. He only wanted Ye Futian to die. Ye Futian's survival would have been a disaster for the Hall of Holy Light.

"Kill him," Saint North Deep said in a manner that was just as cold. The calm battlefield became frenzied once again. Countless mighty ones headed for Ye Futian. They apparently shared Saint Ji's thoughts.

With Ye Futian's wife, Hua Jieyu, killed in the Sacred War, if he were to survive the war, none from the seven holy lands who participated in the battle would be able to get out unscathed. Everything had hit a critical point, so Ye Futian needed to die that day, regardless of the cost incurred. 

Technically-speaking, there were six, instead of seven, holy lands remaining. With the demise of both Saint Zhi and Kong Yao, Zhisheng Cliffs no longer existed outside of the annals of history. That holy land now ceased to exist.

The army headed straight for Ye Futian. The Sword Saint, Qin Zhuang, and the others came to his side.

"Take care of Yu Sheng and Jiuge," Ye Futian requested before his dazzling figure shot up, turning into a bolt of lightning and headed straight for a single direction.

There were three in that direction who intended to leave the battlefield—the three remaining ones of the nine mighty ones that came from Emperor Li's Realm. They turned around immediately after seeing Ye Futian coming for them, lashing out with the divine implements in their hands. Thousands of golden threads headed straight for Ye Futian.

A beam pierced through the air and the head of one of them disappeared in a flash. The other two were astonished and shuddered. They turned around and retreated at breakneck speed. A terrifying spiritual power attack came straight for them. Their brains felt like they were about to explode and were no longer capable of thought. There was no longer any opportunity for thought as the Halberd of Time and Space pierced through both of their heads, killing them on the spot.

Boom. The gathered mighty ones conjured battle matrixes and attacked him in the air. Ye Futian took one look at them and an irresistible power washed throughout the space—Space-freezing. 

Ye Futian took one step out and the Halberd of Time and Space pulsed with tremendous light. His imperial will fused with the halberd and brought even greater power to bear. He lifted his arm and lashed out with the halberd. His body turned into a beam of dazzling light. The light of countless particles burst and the space before him seemed like it was about to explode. The bodies of the mighty ones swept by as the force blew up. That beam of light zipped past and blood splattered all over the place, with dead bodies dropping like flies.

One strike with the halberd was all it took to take them all down.

The hearts of countless raced as they saw the rain of blood in that space. Him, at the end of his strength? No one was able to stand in Ye Futian's way at the moment. All who had wanted to go up and kill him felt themselves shivering.

"What are you all still looking at? Can't any of you fight?" Saint Xia shouted at the battlefield below. His words were seemingly meant for those from the Holy Zhi Palace. Everyone came to their senses. They looked at Ye Futian's crazed silhouette and they burned with intense killing intent as well.

"Kill them all."

"Kill..." Shouts were heard throughout the place. Every single mighty one on the Holy Zhi Palace's side began to fight again.

The mighty ones from the six remaining opposing holy lands felt a shiver run down their spines. Is Saint Xia making his stance clear?

The golden great ape took to the air. Yuan Hong wielded the Infinite Ruler and swept at everything around him. 

The nine symbols circled around Gu Dongliu, with countless clones of the symbols lashing out at his enemies.

Ye Wuchen's Life Spirit hovered, seemingly bursting with Renhuang sword will, bringing the might of the battle matrix as he ran. Dead bodies of mighty ones before him continue to rise.

All of them only had one intention at the moment—kill every single might one from the six holy lands.

Saint Xia, Saint Li, Saint Jiang, and the Moon Saint stood in the air and kept a close watch on Ye Futian. They had to keep their guard up due to what happened previously.

"I shall report what happened to Emperor Xia. If you were a part of what Saint Zhi did, Emperor Xia will sentence you himself," Saint Xia said plainly.

"What do Saint Zhi's actions have to do with me? I was only stopping, seeing you emerging onto the battlefield," Saint Ji replied coldly.

"Explain to Emperor Xia yourself," Saint Xia said coldly without looking at him.

Saint Ji's expression was grim. He took a look below and saw Ye Futian on a killing spree, glittering with imperial light. The Palace Lord was actually heading for the mighty ones of the Hall of Holy Light.

"He can't keep doing this for long. Use ranged attacks," Saint Ji said coldly. Many mighty ones from the Hall of Holy Light appeared before Ye Futian, bringing their sword will of light at him in a frenzy.

Ye Futian seemed to have not taken notice of any of them at all. He continued to charge into the fray, shinning with imperial light. All attacks that had gotten close to him were quickly reduced to nothing. His Halberd of Time and Space lashed out, causing yet another rainstorm of blood. No one was able to stand in his way.

"Watch out, Ji Ya!" Saint Ji shouted at Ji Ya, who was fighting with Tianxin below.

Ji Ya turned around and found Ye Futian heading straight for him. His body separated from Monk Tianxin with a rumble. He burst with the most brilliant of holy light after seeing Ye Futian coming for him, heading straight for Ye Futian. His body seemed to be burning as he transformed into a beam of light.

A beam of golden light and a beam of white light clashed. Two beams merged together in an instant before separating. Both Ye Futian and Ji Ya had their backs against each other. The imperial light bursting from Ye Futian continued to shine brilliantly while the light on Ji Ya continued to disperse. Blood was seen oozing from his mouth and his body gradually came apart.

"No..." Ji Ya's body was destroyed as he shouted, turning into nothing. The mighty one who ranked second on the Sage Ranking was dead. There was simply no sage that Ye Futian was unable to kill.

Many mighty ones from the Hall of Holy Light ganged up on him, yet when they saw the shimmering imperial light about Ye Futian, they stopped and forgot to attack altogether.

Ye Futian had truly become invincible under the Saint Plane at the moment throughout the Nine States. Anyone who dared stand before him would be killed by one strike of his halberd.

Ye Futian coughed once and blood was seen at the corner of his mouth. It was naturally not an injury dealt by Ji Ya, but one that he had sustained prior. If he had not been burning his imperial will, that attack from Saint Zhi would have taken his life. He was already burning power within his body in a frenzy just so that he could stand.

The mighty ones from the Hall of Holy Light attempted to move against him after seeing him cough. Mighty aura swept the place and Ye Futian took one cold look at them. He put the Halberd of Time and Space away and sat cross-legged in the air. The Guqin spirit appeared below him. His fingers rested on the strings and as the first note was played, tears were seen at the corner of his eyes.

He recalled the first time he learned to play the guqin. That was back in the little hut in Qingzhou Academy, where his teacher, Hua Fengliu, taught him to play the guqin. The little fox liked teasing him back then.

He recalled the year where the love between them blossomed and as they held hands at Qingzhou Lake. Both of them confirmed their relationship there. He sent Jieyu home and stayed there. He was kicked out of the room by Jieyu, and so he sat outside the house and played the whole night.

He remembered the time in Donghai Academy where the grandmaster instructed him in the art of the guqin. He played and Jieyu lied on his thighs for one whole night.

The history between them flashed before his eyes. The tune of the guqin had always been around as both of them came to know each other and fell in love. He was still around and the guqin was still present, yet she was nowhere to be found.

The Ukiyo song was played, and with the imperial will infused with it, the true imperial song was played. Limitless sentiments were infused within the tune. There was boundless sorrow as well as towering killing intent.

The mighty ones from the Hall of Holy Light attacked, yet a terrifying storm of the guqin's tune whipped up around Ye Futian. The rules of seemingly all methods were dispersed before the tune of the instrument.

The tune became increasingly fierce as it rang throughout the entire battlefield. The mighty ones who had surrounded Ye Futian felt as if their spiritual will was no longer in their control. The spiritual qi around them was no longer controllable. Rules of Space-freezing were invoked and their bodies seemed to have been put under absolute lockdown.

Ye Futian's fingers stroked on the strings and a sharp clanging sound was heard. The tune seeped into the eardrums of the mighty ones around him, transforming into killing power that tore at their spiritual will.

Boom! The face of one mighty one became pale as their thoughts ceased. The tune was upon them and their spiritual will was erased. Their body fell lifelessly to the ground. The guqin storm turned increasingly terrifying. Many mighty ones who surrounded Ye Futian trembled in a frenzy and they continued to drop, killed by the formless tune of the guqin. 

The bloodstained silhouette sat up straight in the air as the tune was played, piercing time and space. Even the saints were dazed at the moment. It was as if they were witnessing the legend of an emperor!
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    《The Legend of Futian》