The Legend of Futian
1001 Return of the Palace Lord
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1001 Return of the Palace Lord

Yu Sheng saw Ye Futian quickly moving away in a single boat. He stepped into the lake, chasing it quickly with unimaginable speed. At the same time, there was a suffocating pressure permeating Qingzhou Lake. Whether it was Feng Ruhai or other tourists, they all felt that bone-piercing, biting coldness. The atmosphere was gone in an instant.

"What a terrible aura. It was directed at Futian." On a ship, General Qin looked worriedly in the direction of Ye Futian, and Qin Yi, who was next to him was the same. But under the aura of such a different level, they only felt their own powerlessness, unable to help in any way. The next moment, suffocating rules of pressure swept through Qingzhou Lake. Everyone felt it because this pressure was too great to ignore. Many figures crossed the void with a speed that was faster than the eyes could follow.

"Close the lake. Those who have nothing to do with this, leave quickly." A voice was heard throughout Qingzhou Lake, and in all directions of Qingzhou Lake, there were cultivators in the void. In only a short moment, different figures had taken different positions above the lake. Like gods, they stood tall in the sky. Any one of them was so strong that they were breathtaking.

The person who spoke was Sword Demon. He had also come to Qingzhou City. Not only him but many had also come to Qingzhou City today, including many elite figures. The Glass Saint knew that Saint Xihua and Great Zhou Sacred King had gone to the Upper Worlds, and so the Holy Zhi Palace also knew of it.

Ye Futian stopped, and the small boat floated in the center of Qingzhou Lake. His spiritual power permeated throughout the vast Qingzhou Lake. A terrible rules force enveloped the endless space, covering Qingzhou Lake. Time and space seemed to stand completely still. Even the fireworks in the sky were stopped at the moment. The beautiful picture actually stood fixed in the air, as if time had stopped flowing.

Countless people were watching this scene in shock. They seemed to be able to hear the sound of their own hearts beating. What a terrible ability this was—to be able to make time and space stand still. They felt that they could not move; it was as everything had stopped. Was this really a power that could be released by a human?

Suddenly, an extreme chill bloomed, and where Ye Futian was, the lake slowly iced up little by little, turning into an ice sculpture. This icy force spread toward Ye Futian, and in the moment following, Ye Futian could clearly feel a terrible intent of murder from the bottom of the lake, which had been hidden very well until just now.

Pssst. There was no loud sound, just a very subtle sound that came from the bottom of the lake. The water was split in two, and a blade of light that could cut through the void came from the lake. It was faster than light. When the sword came out, everything in the world seemed to have been cut by it. Before the sword even arrived, the sword will had already opened a gap in the space, annihilating everything.

Ye Futian's body flew high into the sky, and the space underneath his feet gave birth to a more powerful space freezing rules force that stopped everything. Even though this sword could cut through the space, it was still being slowed down. In that instant, Yu Sheng walked toward the blade of light, the ax in his hand directly smashing out. Another crack appeared in Qingzhou Lake, right down from the middle, and the water of the lake roared as it was being pushed on both sides. The blade of light was split opened by the ax, and the Battleaxe of Judgment continued to strike down, opening up the lake. With a crisp sound, blood spurted out and stained the lake red. Someone who was in the lake was chopped in two.

Great reward always attracted those who were willing, not to mention those who were top assassins of the Upper Worlds. They were themselves also extremely prideful, so that even though they had heard of Ye Futian's brilliant battle record, they still came. However, the first assassin who made a move was immediately chopped by Yu Sheng's ax.

Ye Futian descended, and suddenly there was a storm of destruction surrounding him. Thousands of sword wills mangled and ran towards him in a murderous frenzy, but at this time, there was another who whisked out, approaching with incredible speed from the void. It was Qin Zhuang. He appeared right in front of a swordsman and unsheathed his sword. The clash between the two instantly gave birth to terribly destructive power, dispersing toward Qingzhou Lake. Several cultivators were shocked, for the sword will itself was enough to kill them.

Sword wills came at those who were in the lake, but at this time, a terrible spiritual will descended. Whenever the sword will was threatening their lives, the powerful telekinesis power descended and destroyed it.

A number of cultivators appeared, and several rushed toward Ye Futian, but they saw that among those who visited the lake at this time, many cultivators now stepped out. Judging from their aura, they were all top-level sages whose powers were astounding.

Loud booming sounds rumbled. In front of Ye Futian was a figure that quickly expanded and enlarged, turning into a huge golden giant ape. With a loud roar that shook the world, many boats were toppled over, and some even fell into the water. The lake roiled and roared like the end of days. As they looked toward the immense body of the golden ape, the shock in their hearts was boundless. A cultivator came forward and collided directly with the golden ape. The lake was rolling and howling.

The people at Qingzhou Lake felt a little numb. Today was the last day of the year and countless people came to the lake to celebrate. Suddenly there were great figures all around, standing like demon gods, it was something that far exceeded their imagination.

It seemed that they were here to kill Ye Futian.

Ye Futian's body landed back on the lake. He looked calmly at the battles that exploded around him. If it weren't for the arrival of these assassins today, he would not have known that so many people from the Holy Zhi Palace had come to Qingzhou City, as they had not bothered him before.

A glance at the battles revealed that a strong rule power shrouded the entire battlefield. These killers were not weaklings. Even at Qin Zhuang and Yuan Hong's level, the opponents were not afraid of front confrontation.

"Yu Sheng, clean it up," Ye Futian said and Yu Sheng nodded in acknowledgment, then walked out to join the battles that were all around them.

Suddenly, there was a fog upon Qingzhou Lake. The fog was so dense that everyone's line of sight became blurred and it was hard to see. A boat rushed toward Ye Futian, and a middle-aged man came from the sky. In the next moment, there were many shadows appearing in the fog around Ye Futian. Those shadows were all of one person, but they seemed to be everywhere.

Ye Futian stretched his hand and waved. A terrible storm immediately swept out and annihilated those illusory shadows. However, he felt that these shadows seemed to have been branded in his mind everywhere at the same time and could not be expelled.

"Spiritual illusion," Ye Futian said to himself and branded the picture into the spiritual will so that it could not be erased. His eyes suddenly became extremely sharp, like golden lightning blooming. An extremely powerful and destructive spiritual power shot out and collided with that invisible force. The power seemed to be able to break the other's spiritual power—a disconnect with the outside world—and the lowered the perception of heaven and earth. Naturally, its full strength could not be exerted, and even more terribly, the reaction time slowed down considerably.

Those illusions all drifted toward Ye Futian, who simply glanced at them with indifference. He still floated quietly upon the lake, without moving. A strong sense of danger came to him, and he knew that the killer move lay within the shadows that could not be erased, and the other would use them to approach him undetected. Being approached by a powerful killer was naturally a very dangerous matter. However, Ye Futian seemed not to feel the danger. In his hand, the Halberd of Time and Space appeared.

Before Wu Ming arrived, the Halberd of Time and Space in Ye Futian's hands had already slowly moved in front of him. Many of the illusions of Wu Ming had a sneer hung at the corner of his mouth. So, he thought he could hit him?

A horrible storm was born. It was suffocating. The Halberd of Time and Space pierced straight ahead as if it were piercing into the void. In the next moment, Ye Futian took a step forward and his body disappeared right where he was. Space rules, moving in an instant, crossed the void in one step.

The devastating storm stabbed at one of the figures, and the look on that figure suddenly turned in great horror. The Halberd of Time and Space had already struck out, and at the moment of Ye Futian's arrival, it exploded with perfect timing.

Boom! The storm of destruction bloomed, and the body of Wu Ming became illusory in the storm, and his eyes revealed extreme fear. With his strength, of cultivators who were below Saint Plane, there were few that couldn't be killed by him. But today, why was he being killed in one blow without having released his own true strength?

Space shredding, space shifting, space freezing… Ye Futian seemed to have comprehended them all. Just how had he known his true location? Wu Ming did not understand. However, he did not need to understand. Ye Futian's eyes were completely calm when Wu Ming's body exploded and disappeared. It pulverized into nothingness. He put away the Halberd of Time and Space, the surrounding illusion disappeared, and Ye Futian once again landed on the lake, surveying the battles that were around him.

This was hunting with an obvious outcome. These assassins thought that they were here to hunt and kill another, but they were, in turn, hunted by the people of the Holy Zhi Palace. As powerful as the palace was strong, even if they were cultivators from the Upper Worlds, top assassins right under the Saint Plane, how could they win?

It didn't take long for the battlefield to quiet down. As suddenly as it came, it quickly ended. Ye Futian stepped onto a simple boat in the lake and headed back. On Qingzhou Lake, many gazes fell on Ye Futian, and their hearts were extremely turbulent. Were all these cultivators here for Ye Futian?

"Please, palace lord. Please return to the palace." A voice was heard and resounded above the land. Ye Futian stopped and looked up at Sword Demon.

"Palace Lord, please return to the palace." Another voice spoke. It was Qin Zhuang. On Qingzhou Lake, except for this, it was completely silent.

"Please, palace lord. Please return to the palace." In the void, another figure appeared in the sky, just like a god, and it was Douzhan. Across the sky, above Qingzhou Lake, there were over a hundred cultivators =. Among them, there were those that Ye Futian was familiar with and some with whom he was not so familiar, but they were all cultivators from the Holy Zhi Palace.

At this time, these figures all kneeled on one knee, and their eyes looked down at Ye Futian below. They said loudly, "Palace Lord, please return to the palace."

"Palace Lord, please return to the palace." All these voices sounded throughout heaven and earth. It was as if all of Qingzhou City, at this moment, was reduced to this thunderous voice.

Ye Futian looked at them, and as he turned his head, he saw the people who came toward him. It was the Village Chief, the Master, and the Masteress.

"Futian, go back," Hua Fengliu whispered. He knew that Ye Futian had stayed not only because of Jieyu but also because of him and Nandou Wenyin. On Qingzhou Lake, the white-haired youth looked at Hua Fengliu, then he kneeled on both knees and kowtowed three times to Hua Fengliu and Nandou Wenyin. He then got up and looked up into the void, saying, "Back to the palace!" As he finished speaking, his body went straight into the sky!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.
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    《The Legend of Futian》