The Legend of Futian
1003 The Great Zhou Ceases to Exist after this Day
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1003 The Great Zhou Ceases to Exist after this Day

The regal, magnificent royal place stood tall in the Holy Capital of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. Sunlight shone on the ancient buildings, casting holy, golden glimmer throughout the place. The place was vast, regal and solemn. The palace of the Sacred King stood tall above the steps. That was where the Zhou Sacred King, sovereign of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, trained.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

There were seraglios at the back of that palace. Things were getting rather exciting on the bed within the Lapis Lazuli Palace.

The Sacred King was inside the palace and a white jade-like body was coiled around him like a water snake. Her alluring appearance, supple skin, and a pair of enticing eyes made her a fine specimen that few women could compare with. Few like her existed throughout the entire Eastern State, yet she was seen giving her all to serve the figure on the bed.

"Am I not pretty?" a light, enticing voice said. The Sacred King looked at her calmly and his hands caressed her supple skin, as if he would have been able to squeeze the life out of her.

"So you want another go then?" the Sacred King said plainly.

"It would be my honor, your majesty." Her eyes were foxy and alluring.

"Well then, I shall indulge you one last time," the Sacred King said plainly and Si looked puzzled. The king then turned around, looking at Si as if he was looking at the Glass Saint. Si ceased thinking as she descended into pleasurable frenzy with the Sacred King.

The Sacred King walked out of the bedchambers after a while. Si remained lying quietly on the bed. A thin blanket covered her body. Her beautiful eyes were shut forever, and she would never awaken from her slumber again.

The Sacred King came to the steps leading to the palace. He stood at the top of the steps and gazed upon the Sacred King Palace. Magnificent buildings stood tall within the vast vicinity of the royal palace, looking regal and solemn. The place had once been the most powerful seat in the entire Eastern State. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty had once ruled all over the Eastern State.

Zhou Zhiming gained renown at a young age and displayed unparalleled talents, getting titled as crown prince very young. He had an ambition of bringing a renaissance to the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, uniting the entire Eastern State under one rule again.

He was born as a leading figure of the Nine States. He was bold and unrestrained. No one was able to stand in his way if he intended to get something done. No one was able to escape if he intended to kill them. However, there was a woman that he intended to get his hands on, and he had never gotten her. Furthermore, the Sacred Dynasty suffered considerably due to that woman. His father perished and his own path to sainthood had once been blocked by that woman. He met obstacles for the first time at the hands of the Glass Saint, letting him know that he, Zhou Zhiming, had things that he was unable to get done and women that he was unable to get his hands on. As such, the Glass Saint became an obsession of his.

He then encountered yet another person, Ye Futian—a sage who had once been little more than an ant before him and who dared to defy his wishes. That sage even ordered to kill the mighty ones of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty right before him.

The Sacred King once thought that the ant of a person would have been plunged into regret for his life so long as the Sacred King gave the order. The Sacred War broke out and the Sacred King's forces went out to destroy the Holy Zhi Palace. However, the first battle of the Sacred War failed. They lost. The first loss suffered by the Sacred Dynasty led to the string of events that followed. The Holy Zhi Palace grew in power in the following Sacred War battles.

The sage, who had been like an ant before him, someone that he would have never even batted an eye for, came to become a threat to him and a threat to the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. All of that sounded pathetically laughable, yet it was how things truly went.

Two figures were seen at the Sacred King's side. They were none other than the other saint of the Sacred Dynasty, Zhou Yanwang, and brother of the Sacred King, Zhou Mian. The three were currently the most powerful figures to be found in the Sacred Dynasty, both in terms of status and actual combat prowess.

"Ye Futian brought only the swordsmen of the Holy Zhi Palace then?" the Sacred King asked.

"Indeed." Zhou Yanwang nodded and continued, "All the others went to Xihua Sacred Mountain. The forces of the Holy Zhi Palace did not bother to cover their tracks."

"So he's trying to take on the sages of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty all on his own then?" the Sacred King said coldly. It had been a year since the last battle and Ye Futian had grown stronger. However, the Palace Lord remained just as unrestrained and boisterous, bringing only the swordsmen of the Holy Zhi Palace to attack the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

"It is extremely possible that the girl named Yaya is a reincarnation of the Sword Saint of the Void. Would you like to avoid them for the moment, Sacred King?" Zhou Mian advised. Both the Sacred King and Zhou Yanwang still had the option to flee. The Sacred King did not reply to Zhou Mian's words. His eyes remained looking forward.

"There are many holy lands throughout the Nine States and there are many saints as well. The saints of the Holy Zhi Palace could flee, the Glass Saint could flee, but not me, Zhou Zhiming." Intense pride and arrogance were seen within the Sacred King's eyes as he continued, "I'm the Sacred King of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. Everyone within the Sacred Dynasty can flee, but not me, Zhou Zhiming."

The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty stood tall in the Eastern State for many years and had once reigned supreme throughout the Eastern State. The Glass Saint was able to disband the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple and flee, but it was not an option for him. A disbanded Sacred Dynasty could have no longer been called a Sacred Dynasty after all.

Ye Futian came for the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty that day. If he were to run, the Zhou Sacred King would be rendered a pathetic loser. There were only two saints coming for him at the moment. There was no way that he, the Sacred King fighting with the home advantage, could have just run without a fight.

"Relay my orders. All personnel of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty are to head to their stations and prepare for battle," the Sacred King said in a powerful voice, which resounded throughout the entire royal palace. Countless shook violently upon hearing his orders.

So the battle is on then? many thought.

"You all have only one mission in the upcoming battle, and that is to kill Ye Futian," the Sacred King said coldly with intense killing intent burning in his eyes. If the assassins were unable to get the job done, then the people of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty would be the ones to end him. If they proved incapable of doing so, then the Sacred King himself would finish the job.

Even if he happened to fail, then there were still Zhou Ya, Zhou You, and the others who had begun their journey of leaving the Nine States. They were to leave the Nine States, the lands under the rule of Emperor Xia. If the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty were to perish, then Zhou Ya and the others would kill Ye Futian by borrowing the powers of others from Emperor Li's Realm.

Ye Futian needed to die, regardless of the cost.

Ye Futian should have felt proud for being able to make Zhou Zhiming make such decisions.

The wind blew and the golden robes on the Sacred King billowed. The golden dragon's image on the robe looked as if it was baring its fangs and brandishing its claws, looking overbearing and unrestrained, just like how the Sacred King was at the moment.

Ye Futian of the Holy Zhi Palace was able to face the allied forces of seven holy lands and stand his ground. He would have ended up dead if he had lost. If Zhou Zhiming were to run, it would have made him, the Sacred King of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, someone beneath Ye Futian. He wanted to see if Ye Futian would be able to leave the royal palace of the Sacred Dynasty alive.

"Get into formation. I shall see if the return of the Sword Saint of the Void will be able to break the great matrix of the Sacred Dynasty," the Sacred King said with a cold, aloof voice.

One figure after another flashed about within the royal palace, taking their stations and preparing for a fight. All sages were getting ready to fight. The aura of the sheer number of people getting ready for battle shot to the sky.

The battle over a year ago had him sending only the elite Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix due to being harassed by the ones from the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple. As a result, he suffered the least losses among the participating forces, and he still possessed extremely powerful armies under his command.

Will Ye Futian be able to kill them all with just a bunch of swordsmen?


A sword flew by above the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's Holy Capital, drawing streaks that emanated terrifying sword will in the air. The speed of the sword was incredibly fast as they zipped by in the air, heading all the way into the Holy Capital. Countless watched with their hearts racing. Who is here? The sword seemed to be heading towards the royal palace.

Yaya, the Village Chief, Ye Futian, Qin Zhuang, and others stood on the sword as it zipped past the air. Fierce winds beat on their bodies, rustling their clothes and making them sound as if they were howling.

Ye Futian kept his eyes forward. A group of people appeared from another direction—the Glass Saints with her group of mighty ones from the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple. Ye Futian and the Glass Saint exchanged looks and turned their eyes forward again, heading straight for their shared destination. They arrived the royal palace shortly, with their eyes on the very ancient royal palace of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

Extremely dazzling golden screens of light shrouded the space at the moment, turning into an incredibly huge shadow of the phoenix. It was none other than the great matrix of the Sacred Dynasty. The Sacred King stood before the hall of the royal palace, looking up at them.

"Glass Saint." The Sacred King looked at the Glass Saint with cold eyes. She had actually come for his head with Ye Futian.

"Zhou Zhiming." The Glass Saint's hair billowed and the Love Destroyer appeared in her hand. The sword was as cold as frost as it emanated strong killing intent.

Yaya moved forward and appeared above the matrix with the Village Chief right behind her. The Sacred King looked at Yaya and thought that all the ruckus now started with that one order that he gave all those years ago—to kill the girl's parents.

Yaya, too, looked at the Sacred King. Her eyes were filled with cold killing intent as well. Her eyes then turned extremely demonic. It was as if a bloody sword appeared in the air and swept up the place with thick sword will.

A storm of sword aura whipped up with Yaya at the center. She looked up at the sky for a bit. There seemed to be a bloody sword within her blood-colored eyes. A Bloody Eye appeared in the sky. Boundless sword will from their surroundings coursed rapidly within that instant, gathering around her body and growing in strength. A sword diagram appeared in the air, devouring sword aura from all directions.

The storm grew increasingly intense, sweeping about the place as it headed straight for the Holy Capital. Some people faraway felt the swords in their hands ringing, before shooting skyward.

"The Sword Matrix of the Void, huh?" The Sacred King shot a cold look at Yaya. She actually came to be able to use the Sword Matrix of the Void.

Brrooomm... A huge rumble was heard in the air. The Sacred King took control of the great matrix and a humungous pair of golden wings shot out, splitting the air before them and headed straight for Yaya. 

Yaya's hair billowed as she continued to gain altitude. Storms of greater magnitude were whipped up. An enormous matrix diagram of the void appeared above the Holy Capital. The incoming wings were torn to shreds right away.

Yaya stayed floating in the air and stood before the sword diagram. It was as if she had turned into the eye of the sword herself, merging with the sword diagram. Her eyes turned blood-red. Towering light of the sword pulsed and boundless aura swept about the place.

"Kill," Yaya uttered a word coldly. The sword diagram in the air turned into a single sword as soon as she finished. She swooped down. The sword that tore through the space before it clashed with the matrix below. Countless cracks appeared on the matrix that protected the Sacred Dynasty within an instant. It crumbled altogether soon after.

The Glass Saint and the Village Chief stepped forward at the same time. The Glass Saint walked towards the Sacred King while the Village Chief walked towards Zhou Yanwang. 

Ye Futian walked forward. Qin Zhuang, Ye Wuchen, and the others followed right behind him, entering the royal palace of the Sacred Dynasty. They were not moving at high speeds as they simply took one step after another forward. The Sacred King stood unflinchingly. He took a look and wondered if that was the Sword Matrix of the Void. Even if Yaya was still incapable of bringing the complete matrix to bear, its powers remained undeniably frightening. One hit was all it took to break the great matrix that had been protecting the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty for over 1000 years.

"Zhou Zhiming." A voice was heard. The Sacred King lowered his head and looked at Ye Futian, who was walking into the royal palace. The young sage had no fear as he walked straight into the midst of the mighty ones waiting to fight him, as if none of the mighty ones of the Sacred Dynasty existed.

"There shall no longer be a Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty in the Nine States from this day forth." The Halberd of Time and Space appeared in his hand, as he stepped into the midst of the army of mighty ones ready to take him on!

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    《The Legend of Futian》