The Legend of Futian
1004 The Power of a Halberd
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1004 The Power of a Halberd

Ye Futian stepped into the air, and the Halberd of Time and Space devoured all the brilliant light. With every step, an invisible airflow swept through the palace. A great wind rose up around him, and the faint sound of it whistling through the air could be heard. His white hair blew in the wind as the dangerous airflow filled the sky. At this moment, the space around him was completely still and silent.

Outside the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty Palace, a group of figures in the air watched the airflow inside and their hearts were troubled. Today, Ye Futian had led the cultivators of the Holy Zhi Palace on an attack against the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. There were three Saints and a group of sword cultivators.

With such a small group they had broken through to the inner palace. The young woman had summoned the Sword Matrix of All Heavens and had destroyed the matrix of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty Palace with a single sword. This was truly the craziest thing to happen in the history of the Nine States. This palace had once controlled the vast Eastern State.

And now, the Barren State, which had once been so weak that anyone could bully it, had been able to break into this holy palace with so few people under Ye Futian's leadership. Even eight years ago, no one would have believed it to be possible.

"Set up the matrix!" came a voice. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's two great figures of the Sage Ranking, Zhou Mian and Nie Gai, led the army to form a matrix. They surrounded Ye Futian in an arc. At the front was the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix, led by Zhou Mian, the most powerful battle matrix of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

Today, they had gathered all the noble blooded cultivators of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty into this matrix in order to kill Ye Futian. But somehow, Ye Futian still continued forward. Every single one of the battle matrices felt a strong sense of threat from him.

This one man seemed like he could cut his way through an entire army.

Perhaps it was because the shock they had felt from Ye Futian's last couple battles was too strong. It left an unshakeable image in their minds. Outside of those on the Saint Plane, he had no rivals in the Nine States; he could destroy an army all on his own.

On that day at the palace, Imperial Brilliance had shone upon him, and many cultivators had turned to ash. But this time, Ye Futian did not release that kind of power. So they still had a chance to kill him.

Ye Futian advanced towards the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix, and everyone's life spirit bloomed. Their golden phoenixes cried out as their endless power melded together, giving birth to a single golden bird that covered the skies. It screamed at Ye Futian, and a terrible airflow swept out towards him, turning into a destructive golden flame that glowed with sharp golden light. But Ye Futian seemed not to feel it. He continued forward, as the swordsmen behind him just watched. They had no intention of getting involved. It seemed like Ye Futian could handle this battle on his own. They had just come for the hunt. They would let none of them escape.

The violent attack swept out towards Ye Futian, who was standing by himself. Suddenly, a destructive force appeared in the air above him, and cracking sounds rang out into the distance as apocalyptic golden thunder crashed. The world around him was transformed into a purgatory of destruction. The violent airflow shot towards him but was swallowed up by the destructive force.

Ye Futian rose up slowly, higher and higher, just like a god. The destructive storm swept out, covering the sky, seeming to want to cover the entirety of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty Palace. Every bit of destructive light in the storm contained within it the power to tear through space.

Within the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty, countless people looked up at Ye Futian where he floated in the sky like a god. The Great Zhou Sacred King was also watching, but he did not immediately attack. When he sensed Ye Futian's power, a strong desire to kill flashed in his eyes.

Ye Futian stepped forward and turned into a dazzling golden beam of light. He flashed through the sky towards the matrix where Zhou Mian was. He thrust the Halberd of Time and Space forward and a blinding radiance ran through the air, swallowing up all the light.

Zhou Mian moved, and the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix released a powerful aura. Its huge wings trembled as the huge phoenix gathered together the power of all the nobles of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty into a single attack. It turned into a devastating divine phoenix and rushed towards Ye Futian.

Countless golden figures appeared in the sky and streamed towards Ye Futian. But he ignored them all and pierced through the golden phoenix. The Halberd of Time and Space swallowed up all the light. His arms shook as the halberd shot forward.

The Halberd of Time and Space brought nothingness.

Everything turned into nothingness.

A dull sound rose up from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty Palace rose up, and a terrible glow shot out. The Halberd of Time and Space collided with the golden phoenix, and all the people below could see was a radiant glimmer.

Boom! There was a sound that shook the heavens and the earth as the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix shattered and the cultivators within flew in different directions, spitting up blood. A single attack from his halberd had destroyed the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix.

Outside the palace, people could faintly see the destructive light. They trembled as the halberd descended and the Golden Phoenix Battle Matrix was destroyed. Their hearts seemed to want to jump out of their chests. Was this the legendary Ye Futian from the Barren State?

White hair and white clothes, and with a single thrust of the halberd could shock gods and ghosts. Besides the Saints, who could match him?

He was, without a doubt, the most powerful figure in the Nine States below the Saint level.

The destructive light swept out from Ye Futian, swallowing up every bolt of lightning in the sky. A group of figures fell down to the earth, their spiritual will having collapsed.

At that moment, everyone knew true despair. The destructive light enveloped Zhou Mian. It raged across his body, making him tremble. Ye Futian floated over towards him, and the Halberd of Time and Space devoured the destructive light. Zhou Mian looked at the white-haired figure before him, and there was endless sorrow in his eyes.

Was it possible that there was someone this powerful in the world?

Ye Futian was not even a Saint. He was nothing more than a mid-level Sage. He had not even released as much power as he had last time, so how could he be this strong?

In front of this kind of power, even a Sage of the Sages and Saints Ranking was like an ant. Even if the number one figure on the Sage Ranking appeared before him, he would be killed in a single blow.

There was a look in Ye Futian's eyes. It was as if he was indifferent to life. Zhou Mian could clearly feel that in those eyes he was already a dead man. And not only him...

The Halberd of Space and Time thrust forward, and Zhou Mian, the brother of the Great Zhou Sacred King, was pierced through. This all-powerful Sage was killed as helplessly as an ant up there in the sky, bringing an end to his glorious life. He had once led an army to attack the Holy Zhi Palace, and in that battle had threatened to destroy it. But in the end, they had retreated. If he had a chance to do it again, he would have destroyed it, no matter the cost. He would have destroyed the palace instead of giving them a chance to breathe.

Ye Futian pulled the Halberd of Time and Space out, and Zhou Mian's body fell from the sky. He did not look at it but instead looked to the Great Zhou Sacred King and said, "Zhou Zhiming, do you know how many people are in the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty?"

The Great Zhou Sacred King looked at the white-haired youth. His eyes looked the same as they had that day outside of Nether Sword Mound. The difference was that back then, Ye Futian had not dared to look at him so arrogantly and stubbornly, or else he would have launched a Sacred War against the Holy Zhi Palace. But now, Ye Futian had invaded the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty Palace, stood in front of him, and killed someone from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. He would not let him kill a second person.

"Attack!" the Great Zhou Sacred King yelled coldly. Nie Gai and the other Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty cultivators attacked. In an instant, terrible storms swept across the sky. There were swords with the ability to kill anything, and great fists that broke through the air. A storm of rule power raged all around, and all of it rushed towards Ye Futian. This terrible storm seemed to want to swallow Ye Futian up and kill him.

Some of these attacks were aimed at his flesh, and some sought to destroy his spiritual will. Everything was in chaos. But Ye Futian stood in the air above the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty Palace, and the destructive light still shone around him. He let the endless attacks fall upon him. They enveloped him, but he seemed to not even see them.

The destructive light blocked the devastating storm. It smashed into his body and into his spiritual will, but the white-robed figure still stood there calmly, letting all the destructive power fall upon him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He still stood there, unmoving. The storm dispersed, and his white hair flowed in the wind, dancing like a forest of sharp blades. He gripped the Halberd of Time and Space tightly and swept his gaze over everyone.

At that moment, the people of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty truly knew what it was to despair. How could he be so strong? A mid-level Sage was strong enough to ignore the attacks of all the other Sages. Could the outcome of this battle be in any doubt? He could destroy everyone in the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty by himself. No wonder he had brought so few people.

Qin Zhuang and the others flashed over and got in position, blocking off all avenues of retreat. They had not come to fight, but to kill.

Ye Futian moved, stepping forward and ignoring the spatial distance between him and Nie Gai. He descended in front of him, thrusting the Halberd of Time and Space forward. Nie Gai had no power to resist, and it thrust through his forehead. He did not even have a chance to fight back.

Sage level cultivators were like ants before him.

The Great Zhou Sacred King closed his eyes, wishing to completely destroy him. Ye Futian's strength made him realize that there was no chance of anyone under the Saint-level killing him. No chance at all. So, only he and Zhou Yanwang could do it.

He did not order a retreat. This was the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty Palace, where could they retreat to? He would fight to the death here today, and so would the others.

"Attack!" yelled Ye Futian. He moved forward, transforming into a golden beam of light. Everywhere he passed, crashing sounds rang out as bodies fell from the sky!
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    《The Legend of Futian》