The Legend of Futian
1005 Please Die
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1005 Please Die

The Great Zhou Sacred King did not order a retreat, but that did not mean that everyone from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty would die here today. Many of them were not nobles of the dynasty, and no noble blood flowed through their veins. In this hopeless situation, if they continued to fight they would surely die. Some of them began backing away. They had no more stomach for the fight. If Saints were on one level, and Sages on another, then Ye Futian was on his own level. There was no one below them who could challenge this Sage.

Qin Zhuang and the others in the sword matrix turned into bolts of lightning. The sword matrix swallowed up all the blades of light and surrounded the area. A cultivator who tried to retreat was blocked by a sword. The swordsmen from the Holy Zhi Palace moved as one, hunting down those who tried to escape.

Ye Futian slowly rose up in the air, and a terrible destructive light appeared behind him. It swept out like a storm of destruction, covering the entire area.

Boom! A Sage was hit by the light and his spiritual will collapsed. He died there in the air, and his body fell to the earth.

Boom! Another powerful Spirit Elementalist's spiritual will was able to resist the light, but his body was crushed to pieces. Blood flew from him as his body fell to the ground.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The devastating light destroyed everything it touched. It was like the end of days. Countless cultivators died at Ye Futian's hands.

Everyone's hearts beat wildly as they watched with despair as Ye Futian rose higher and higher. He stood high in the sky like a god. The violent destructive power behind him was the life spirit that he had felt when he had tried Saint Jiang's medicine. Forged of rule power, the life spirit bloomed, giving birth to the light of catastrophe of the Great Path and destroying everything. It seemed that no one could block its attacks.

Zhou Zhiming glanced at Ye Futian. Up in the air, an image of a huge divine phoenix appeared. It covered the sky and contained immense power within it. As people watched this scene from far away, their hearts beat wildly. They felt that even though they were outside the palace, their safety still could not be guaranteed. If a Sacred War broke out, what would it be like?

A long rumbling sound rang out as the golden divine phoenix rushed towards Glass Saint, and it seemed to cover the entire area. Glass Saint looked coldly at the Great Zhou Sacred King. Time and space froze. In an instant, The vast and mighty palace became a giant ice sculpture. Glass Saint held Love Destroyer, and her long hair danced in the wind. She slashed with her sword, and it cut through the sky, leaving long gashes in it. The light that glimmered from the sword could not be captured by the naked eye.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Elsewhere, Zhou Yanwang's flames reached into the sky, covering it. He raised his hand and what appeared to be a sun wheel appeared in it. He pressed it down against the Village Chief, and the sun wheel began to spin, turning into a circle of destructive power. Below them, many buildings in the palace caught fire.

A huge sword diagram appeared in front of the Village Chief. There was the sound of a slashing sword, and countless sword wills gathered together. The sword diagram grew larger and larger until, in the end, a giant sword came out of its scabbard. It flew out of the sword diagram. It slashed into the sun wheel.

The four great Saintly beings collided at the same time. In the instant that they touched their opponent, a destructive light curtain swept across the sky. It seemed as if everything would soon turn to ash.

Yaya still floated in the sky. Her long hair flew wildly. She inclined her head slightly and the Sword Will of All Heavens gathered together again. A powerful storm appeared around her, but she was moving a little slower than the first time she had acted, and she seemed to have used a lot of her strength.

After all, her strength had recovered to its previous levels. She had used her power to spur on the Sword Saint of the Void, and with that one use she had used up most of it. So if she wanted to try and do it again, it would be an almost unbearable burden for her. But she still persisted. She looked at the Great Zhou Sacred King and saw that there was still murderous intent in his bloodshot eyes. Yaya's parents had died at his command.

Seeming to sense Yaya's attitude, the Great Zhou Sacred King stepped into the sky and turned into a bolt of lightning and flashed towards her. Before he reached her his fist lashed out, and suddenly the giant phoenix struck down. The space around them seemed to be riddled with holes.

Woosh! Sword Qi whistled through the air as Yaya rose up into the sky. The Great Zhou Sacred King once again turned into a bolt of lightning and flashed up into the sky. If he could kill Yaya and leave only the Village Chief and Glass Saint opposing him, they would have no chance to kill him.

When she saw what he was doing, Glass Saint's expression turned extremely cold. The sky seemed to freeze, and the Great Zhou Sacred King turned into an ice sculpture. She held her sword in both hands, and suddenly Love Destroyer flashed upwards against the flow of Qi.

Love Destroyer shot up as fast as possible, and the one sword turned into seven. They surrounded the Great Zhou Sacred King. Whenever he tried to attack Yaya, one of the swords would strike at him. The sword of light stretched out, cutting through the seven emotions. The Great Zhou Sacred King felt that he could not control his own emotions, and his face twisted as the seven swords transformed into real Love Destroyers.

A voice appeared in Glass Saint's mind. "Glass, I've finally taken a concubine. She is a living embodiment of you. Every time I look at her, it's like looking at you. But I have just killed her. Soon you will go into the Lapis Lazuli Palace to take her place." It was the Great Zhou Sacred King's mind. He was trying to influence her.

"Cut him!" Glass Saint refused to listen, and she spat this out in a cold voice as if she had not heard anything. Thousands of Love Destroyer sword wills shrieked around the Great Zhou Sacred King. His soul was under attack, as his seven emotions and six desires were forcefully pierced.

The countless sword wills were like a terrible storm of Sword Qi. They wrapped around the Great Zhou Sacred King. His face grew more and more distorted. He knew that the kinds of attacks that Glass Saint had studied were Spirit Elemental attacks.

The blood seethed in his veins as he continued into the sky. A terrible golden storm bloomed, accompanied by a loud scream. The Great Zhou Sacred King turned into a golden phoenix and flew right into the storm of Sword Qi. Endless swords smashed against his giant form, but he seemed not to feel them. The phoenix's huge eyes were filled with incomparable arrogance.

The sky burned as the phoenix's golden flame wrapped around Glass Saint. The phoenix that the Great Zhou Sacred King had turned into rushed out. Glass Saint swept her gaze over its massive form. She did not dodge but brought Love Destroyer back to its original position. In the next instant, she charged into the Great Zhou Sacred King. At that moment, it seemed that she herself had turned into a sword, full of murderous intent. The two incredibly radiant beams of light collided and then separated, and the cultivators outside could not even tell what was happening. They were too fast, faster than the imagination. They were just two beams of light.

The divine phoenix turned back into the Great Zhou Sacred King. His whole body was trembling slightly. His spiritual will was extremely unstable. He could clearly feel cracks appearing in it. 

Below them, the Village Chief's sword pressed down on Zhou Yanwang. That was a one-sided battle. Zhou Yanwang was clearly weaker than the Village Chief.

There was the sound of another collision. Zhou Yanwang was knocked back. He spat out a mouthful of blood. There was a scar from the sword across his body. He looked down at the battlefield below him. Ye Futian, Qin Zhuang, and the others were still engaged in a violent slaughter as they hunted down the cultivators from the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty.

He looked up to where Glass Saint and the Great Zhou Sacred King were fighting and at Yaya or the Sword Saint of the Void. The terrible storm of destruction above him and the massive sword diagram were about to get involved in the fight once again. He never would have thought that such a terrible battle would befall the mighty Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. It was a battle that they had no chance of winning.

"Attack!" a voice appeared in his mind. Zhou Yanwang moved without any hesitation. This time he did not attack the Village Chief, but Ye Futian.

"Look out!" yelled the Village Chief. He turned into a heaven-piercing sword and shot towards Zhou Yanwang. But Zhou Yanwang seemed not to notice him as he continued towards Ye Futian.

The sword crossed through the void. There was a loud noise as it pierced through Zhou Yanwang. But he seemed not to feel it. He lifted his hand to strike, wanting to bury Ye Futian right then and there. If he was doomed to die, then he would die and take Ye Futian with him.

Ye Futian looked at Zhou Yanwang who was bearing down upon him. He did dodge, but moved forward, flying upwards. He roared, and the heavens and the earth shook. An endless stream of light appeared, flowing backward. He thrust the Halberd of Time and Space forward towards Zhou Yanwang.

Boom! A devastating storm raged in the as Ye Futian was thrown to the ground. Stones flew into the sky as a great hall collapsed. The Village Chief arrived at where Zhou Yanwang was. He slashed down with the sword and cut through Zhou Yanwang's head from top to bottom.

Zhou Yanwang's body trembled. He stared straight downward. And not only him, but the Great Zhou Sacred King was also looking downward.

At that moment, several figures descended from the sky. They appeared all around with terrible auras. They stared coldly at Zhou Yanwang. They were all wearing the same color robes, marking them as Nine States Guards. But Zhou Yanwang no longer cared.

A noise came from the ruins below, and suddenly a white-haired figure shot up into the sky. He swept his gaze cooly across Zhou Yanwang.

"How can this be?" Zhou Yanwang stared at the unharmed Ye Futian. His heart sank and his eyes looked hollow. He wanted to trade his life for Ye Futian's, but even as a Saint he could not kill him. He stood up once again.

Boom! There was a loud noise as the Village Chief smashed Zhou Yanwang's body to pieces.

At that moment, the Great Zhou Sacred King up in the sky was all alone. It seemed that in the whole world he was the only one left fighting.

"Great Zhou Sacred King, please die." Ye Futian looked up at the Great Zhou Sacred King up in the air. He had asked him to die!
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    《The Legend of Futian》