The Legend of Futian
1006 The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty Is No More
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1006 The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty Is No More

The Sacred King took one look at the broken palaces. The force that had once reigned supreme throughout the Eastern State was reduced to ruins on that day. The Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was going to be destroyed during his reign. Regardless if he were to remain alive or ended up dead, the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was no more.

He took one look at Ye Futian and turned to look at the Glass Saint, who was shinning in brilliant light all over her. His body turned golden and towering light burst from his body. The weather changed and the entire world seemed to have been turned golden, burning in flames. The Sacred King seemed to be burning as well.

There seemed to be beams shooting down from above, raining down on the Sacred King's body. A huge golden phoenix was seen hanging high above the air, looking down at the living beings below.

Boundless aura rained on the Sacred King as his form grew increasingly enormous. He wore an incredibly dazzling robe of the golden phoenix and the phoenix images on the robe looked alive. His Life Spirit circled above him before charging downward, descending before the Sacred King and transformed into a dazzling sword, swallowing the might of the great path around him. The flash of the sword was hot and intense, shinning the space all over them and pulsing with towering light.

That scene made everyone faraway, be it within or outside the royal palace, look at the sky. The scene at the Sacred King's palace was simply too stunning.

"Arrgghhh..." A voice was heard screaming in agony below.

"My king," some others howled in pain. There were still many who were below the Sage Plane in the royal palace of the Sacred Dynasty. The rules of the Sacred War stated that Ye Futian was not allowed to do anything to them. Yet, at that moment, the sky turned extremely scorching and the bodies of many, who were being rained on by the light emanating from the Sacred King, burned right away and were reduced to dust within seconds.

"Back off," Ye Futian said to Qin Zhuang and the others. They were also troubled by what the Sacred King did and left the battlefield. The Sacred King had gone insane.

Shrieks continued to be heard from below and many continued to die by the might of the divine path. It was not something that sages had an easy time resisting, and it was, without doubt, more excruciating for the nobles. One palace after another burned. The palaces of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty turned into a sea of golden flames.

The Sacred King continued to stand high in the air. Two beams of golden, divine flames burned in his eyes. His golden phoenix robe billowed in the wind. The Sacred King had truly become one who stood at the pinnacle of the Nine States. He was truly the Great Zhou Sacred King at that moment.

Terrifying flames lashed out at the Glass Saint as an extremely huge divine phoenix pounced on the Glass Saint. However, an area of icy lapis lazuli formed with the Glass Saint at the center. Golden and silver light clashed and the scene looked stunning.

The enormous golden phoenix continued to flap its wings. Boundless golden feathers lashed out at the Glass Saint's direction. The terrifying golden feathers turned into devastating storms, drowning the Glass Saint where she stood. The Sacred King no longer bothered with her. He took one step to the air and headed straight for Yaya. The sword diagram in the air turned increasing huge, summoning boundless sword will and endless rules of the sword fell from above, descending onto the sword diagram.

The Sacred King had to stop Yaya.

Voom. A sword shot by, yet it was not Yaya's sword; it was the Glass Saint's Love Destroyer. She charged straight into the storm and zipped about in the golden currents. The Love Destroyer split into nine swords, spinning as they moved forward, conjuring terrifying a terrifying vortex. Everything in the vortex's path was all turned to shreds.

The Sacred King took one look at the Glass Saint below. The sword that appeared before him shot out right after. The nine swords were imbued with thousands of sword will and transformed into a screen of swords, clashing the Sacred King's sword in an instant. Extremely terrifying aura swept through the place. A huge light screen of the divine phoenix appeared before the nine swords. That sword had been a manifestation of the Sacred King's Life Spirit. The divine phoenix blocked the towering sword wills, yet there were countless cuts on the phoenix's body. It was pierced by the sword aura as they rang as if they were howling as they attacked.

However, the Glass Saint was having a hard time as well. A screen of lapis lazuli swords appeared before her, yet the power brought by the Sacred King's sword was able to penetrate it right away. The golden flames wrapped the Love Destroyer and began to devour it as if the flames intended to just melt it down. The sword screen was turned golden as well. Rainbow light shimmered behind the Glass Saint, with every single beam seemingly becoming a part of her being and fused within the Love Destroyer.

The Sacred King's face was twisted. The rainbow light penetrated his defenses and headed straight for his spiritual will as if intending to break his divine path.

"Break." The Sacred King's eyes continued to burn with golden flames. The great phoenix sword before him continued forward, tearing the Love Destroyer apart bit by bit. At the same time, the sword that was conjured from his Life Spirit was shattering as well.

Terrifying currents washed all over the place and blood continued to ooze from the Sacred King's mouth. The Glass Saint looked pale as well. The Love Destroyer was a sword that she had been keeping and maintaining with her spiritual will for many years. It was more than a conventional divine implement, and at the moment, it was being destroyed. The Sacred King's face looked increasingly disgusted. His eyes were fixed on the Glass Saint. If he was unable to have her, then no one could have her.

Devastating golden flaming storm continued to rage at the Glass Saint's body. The Sacred King shouted, "Kill!"

The storm devoured everything, yet at the same time, he had a huge sense of crisis welling within him. The Village Chief attacked from behind. His sword pierced the Sacred King's body, going right through his heart. The Sacred King's heart continued to beat instead of being destroyed in an instant. It was a testament to his sheer strength.

Boom. The Sacred King's long hair billowed. His body seemed to have burned completely. Devastating currents tore everything around them apart. The Village Chief's body seemed to be burning as he retreated right away.

"Go to hell, all of you!" The Sacred King roared, causing just about everything in the world to burn. Ye Futian was caught as well. He clenched the Halberd of Time and the space around him seemed to have ground to a halt, yet he continued to feel the devastating power invading him.

The mighty ones among the Nine State Guards were attacked as well. The Sacred King had gone totally insane. He stood high in the air, intending to destroy everything around him. An enormous sword diagram came into being in the air. Yaya took one step and fused within it. She took a look below and, with one step, caused a beam to shoot from the sword diagram. A beam of sword flash appeared in the air, shooting below. Countless looked up and saw a straight beam of sword flash in the air.

The howling Sacred King quieted down all of a sudden and a flash of the sword was seen from his body shortly after. A beam of sword will out to tear everything apart penetrated his body, making it so that he was to crumble at any given moment.

His eyes had only reclaimed their usual composure and poise. He took one look at the Glass Saint, then at Yaya, and finally, Ye Futian. He finally closed his eyes with a solemn expression and remained standing tall in the air. He, Zhou Zhiming, had to stand tall and proud overlooking the heavens and earth, even in death. His life had been full of extravagance in his actions. He did what he wanted and threw his weight around wherever he went. He eventually died a pitiful death, yet in his final moments, he asked himself if he regretted any of what he did.

The answer was no.

He had to get the woman he wanted, he had to wipe the one he deemed had to be killed, off the face of the world. No ant-like sage was allowed to go against his wishes.

If time were to rewind and he was sent back there all those years ago, he would have still done what he did. However, he would have done it all in a more decisive and brutal manner, not letting the Glass Saint leave his side and not letting Ye Futian live till that very day. If anyone were to ask him what went wrong, his answer would have been that someone has had more luck than he did.

As for hatred, his answer was clear. He did not hate any of them. Be it the Glass Saint, Yaya, or Ye Futian, all of them had their reasons to kill him. Winner takes all, nothing for the losers. It would have been the same if he were to end up as the winner.

He did not regret and he did not hate.

The Sacred King of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty's silhouette crumbled and disintegrated into dust as a beam of intense, hot glimmer burst out of his body, leaving no trace behind. Yaya's body dropped limply and was caught by the Village Chief.

The royal palace of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty was still burning. The flames shot to the sky as if they were to mark the end of the Sacred Dynasty's glorious history. Every single mighty one from the Sacred Dynasty perished in that battle. What was even more baffling was that there were actually more from the Sacred Dynasty, who died because of the actions of the Sacred King.

Many came to ask, what was the Sacred King of the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty actually like in the end?

The Glass looked at the Sacred King disappear entirely and her mind was calm, without a single ripple. It was as if she had been hollow all the while, and no thoughts crossed her mind. She closed her eyes and let her bloodstained body fall as well.

Ye Futian took one look at her and extended his hand. A force lifted her up. He walked towards the Glass Saint and picked her up. He looked at her face and was unable to place what he was feeling at the moment. The number one beauty of the Eastern State, Glass Saint of the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple, was indeed very pitiful.

Mighty ones from the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple flashed and came towards the Glass Saint. Ye Futian handed her over to them and said, "Send her to the Holy Zhi Palace. Saint Jiang will attend to her injuries when he returns."

"Yes, Palace Lord Ye." The people of the Lapis Lazuli Holy Temple bowed and nodded, a tinge of fear and respect seen in their eyes.

Ye Futian took one look at the palace buildings burning below and said, "Let's go."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


The extreme west of the Nine States was sparsely populated and the people there were generally of weaker training. There were many common folk there as well. That was the border of the Nine States after all, so prosperity and liveliness were not descriptions that applied.

There was a small city at the border and with the city, there was a small restaurant. A group of people was in that restaurant. They were dressed plainly and wore conical hats. However, their faces revealed their exceptional bearing. The likes of Zhou Ya and Zhou You were all there. All of them were descendants of the Sacred King. All of them clenched their fists as they looked at the broken jade scroll on the table.

Their father, the Sacred King, had perished. It was not only the Sacred King, as even their mother perished in the battle. Father really is brutal indeed.

The very reason why they stayed as long as they did was that they still had hope, not believing that the Holy Zhi Palace would truly be able to wipe out the Great Zhou Sacred Dynasty. However, with the demise of their father, everything was set. As long as Ye Futian lived, then their goal would be to kill him.

"Let's go," one of them said and everyone stood up and went outside. They did not even bother using divine implements due to wanting to maintain secrecy. They simply ran all the way instead. They appeared at the walls of a small city, looking at the vast, desolate desert before them. It was said that the lands next to the Nine States were Emperor Li's Realm.

Unlike the Nine States, both the Upper and Lower Worlds of Emperor Li's Realm was directly ruled by the Dali Dynasty. The Lower Worlds were ruled by people of the Dali Dynasty as well. All of those fugitives had one secret in their hand, which would have sufficed in getting them access to the Upper Worlds of the Dali Dynasty.

"Let's go." The figures took to the air, and their eyes looked determined. All of them fumed with extreme murderous intent.

Not far away from where they stood, there was a figure covered in a cloak in the desert, looking extremely dangerous. No one had been aware of his presence before. That made Zhou Ya and the rest of the party stop. They put up their guard as they looked at him, saying, "Who are you?" They all had a bad feeling about this.

"Do you people really think that you can go against Emperor Xia's orders just like that?" That figure took his cloak off and looked at them with a pair of pitch-black eyes. Everyone in the party felt like they had been thrown into purgatory.

"If you were willing to hide within the Nine States, you might have been able to survive." His voice sounded like the reaper's. That man then turned into a blitzing mirage, leaving behind dead bodies on the sands shortly after.

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    《The Legend of Futian》