The Legend of Futian
1021 Battle of the Swordsmen
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1021 Battle of the Swordsmen

A group of swordsmen dropped from above, attracting the attention of people around them. There were people gasped in surprise seeing the garb the swordsmen wore.

"Swordsmen of Lihen Heaven."

The number one holy land of the sword in Emperor Xia's Realm would have attracted attention wherever their people went. There were people gushing in from other places seeing the group of swordsmen from Lihen Heaven descending. Everyone looked in their direction.

Those people then eyed Ye Wuchen and the other two beside him. Who are those three cultivators?

"Lu Cheng, of Lihen Heaven." Someone recognized the leader of the group of swordsmen and they shuddered. Who are the hell are those three? Getting not only the swordsmen of Lihen Heaven to mobilize, but even Lu Cheng, who ranked ninth on the Jiutian Ranking as well.

Lu Cheng had tested his mettle in the Jiutian Temple, being ranked on the Jiutian Ranking. It was said that he was already at the pinnacle of Sage Plane and was one step away from becoming a saint. Anyone who had seen him fight in the Jiutian Temple was able to recognize him right away.

It seemed other than Lu Cheng, none of the swordsmen from Lihen Heaven right before them were weak people as well.

But then again, someone who trained in the number one holy land of the sword in Emperor's Realm would not have been anything less than a rare genius to begin with.

"Lihen Heaven." All three of them knew what was going on immediately. It was said that Pei Qianying, the cultivator whom Ye Futian had crippled in the Jiutian Temple back then, was a cultivator from Lihen Heaven.

Those people were from the number one holy land of the sword in Emperor Xia's Realm, and all three of them stepped onto the Upper Worlds. It could have been said they were stepping into the turf of others.

The Upper Worlds were not a part of the Nine States.

"Let's go." Xu Que said lightly and all three of them retreated like bolts of lightning.

It was not a good thing to run into people from one such holy land as soon as they have gotten to the Upper Worlds. Regardless if they ended up winning or losing the fight, things would have turned out really messy.

They, cultivators of the Holy Zhi Palace, were fresh off the boat there, and so none of them wanted to make any trouble for the Holy Zhi Palace.

But then again, that was their wish and the other party might not have shared their intentions. The cultivators of Lihen Heaven turned into swords immediately and blocked their way. All of them were capable of moving at extreme speeds. Formless sword will filled the air and reached the three of them, making them feel extremely unwell, and their spiritual will seemed pained.

Lu Cheng turned his eyes at the three of them. He looked composed as he said, "The three of them are sages. We'll play by the rules of the Jiutian Temple of old, challenging you three as fellow sages."

It was an order from their teacher. As such, Lihen Heaven did not field a saint. They needed to win according to the rules, which they lost to back then. It was the pride of theirs as cultivators of the number one holy land of the sword in Emperor Xia's Realm.

While they knew that the ones freshly arrived at the Upper Worlds had saints among them, but the people of Lihen Heaven were not concerned about them making a move.

Lihen Heaven was the one calling the shots in Emperor Xia's Realm in that regard. Anyone dared field a saint to take on their sages might as well be digging their own graves.

Ye Wuchen, Xu Que and Zui Qianchou all burst with stunning sword will. Terrifying sword aura storms whipped up around them. If they were unable to leave, then they might as well fight.

"Cripple them, and leave the one-armed swordsman's Life Spirit behind."

Lu Cheng's voice was a cold one. Pei Qianying was his younger brother in training. While they hardly talked to each other and the relationship was more like that of an acquaintance, but they hailed from the same holy land nonetheless. The score of him having his Life Spirit crushed was something that had to be settled the hard way.

"Get out as soon as possible, don't linger." Xu Que said to Ye Wuchen and Zui Qianchou telepathically after sensing the powerful sword will around them. While all of the combatants present were sages, but their enemies consisted mostly of those at the pinnacle of Sage Plane, which differed considerably from the three.

They were not dealing with the geniuses of the Nine States at the moment, but the top notch swordsmen from Lihen Heaven of the Upper Worlds.

As such, it was immensely difficult to fight with such a visible plane difference.

It was especially so that all three of them were isolated from the entire group.

A swordsman from Lihen Heaven stepped forward in the air and light of flames seemed to glow from his clothes. His body became intensely hot like the sun. Divine fires of the sun shone from above and terrifying sword aura whipped around. In an instant, a sword of rules coalesced.

That sword seemed to have been forged by the fires of the sun, burning with glittering light of flames and it seemed that the space around it burned as well.

"Chu Qingyang, the Glaring Sun Flames."

Many in the crowd who watched from far away reminded of a swordsman from Lihen Heaven as they looked at the handsome face of that one who attacked. It was a genius swordsman who went by the name, Chu Qingyang.

Who are the Lihen Heaven dealing with this time?

They were wondering who those three are for prompting the holy land to field such a lineup. Why is Lu Cheng mentioning about the rules of the Jiutian Temple?

Another one from the left struck. That figure was armed with a thin sword, which was as thin as the wings of cicadas. The sword seemed to be devoid of weight altogether. The wielder seemed to be moving with the patterns of the rules of wind, emanating a flighty aura.

"Li Qiufeng, the Autumn Wind Sword." The one who spoke before spoke again, seemingly very familiar with the swordsmen of Lihen Heaven, so much so that they seemed to recognize them simply by observing how they wielded their blades.

The third person attacked, and he was different from the first two. He wielded a heavy blade which had no edge, looking like something that was incapable of cutting at all. He was tall and exuded power. He did not look like a swordsman yet no one dared to take him lightly.

There were no weaklings among the swordsmen of Lihen Heaven. It was especially so in the case of Wang Mang, the Overbearing Sword.

The three of them formed a triangle and stood high in the air, taking on the three below. Their aura was overpowering and the other swordsmen spread out, standing around to prevent the three from escaping.

Everyone who saw that realized that that was the end for the three of them.

Anyone that Lihen Heaven intended to cripple had no way of escaping, especially so when assaulted by such a lineup. It was apparent that Lihen Heaven had intentions of letting their prey escape.


A stifling pressure swept the place and many felt as if a huge pressure had coiled around their chests. Those power of rules alone was enough to make a lot feeling they were about to suffocate.

Wang Mang, the Overbearing Sword struck first. He stepped forward and held his sword with both hands, striking down hard from above. A stifling rumble was heard in an instant, as if the air had been split open. Boundless might of the heavy sword was brought down. A terrifying storm whipped about in the air, pressing onto the three of them.

They looked up in the air and felt countless heavy swords raining down on them, as if slivers of souls of swords pierced the air and pinned their spiritual will down, intending to shatter them into pieces.

The three of them felt immense pressure on them within an instant, so much so that they seemed to have trouble even walking. The ground beneath them continued to crack and the cracks spread out, as if intending to create a crater right there and then.

The powerful ones far away all sensed the stifling pressure and they continued to retreat.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Ye Wuchen, Zui Qianchou and Xu Que were at the center of the storm. Their sword aura coalesced into a river and shot up at the heavy sword. While all of them were at Archmage Plane, they still paled in comparison to their opponents as they were at upper-level of said plane. If it had not been for having undergone the medicine baths that Saint Jiang had prepared for them for the past few years, that one strike would have injured all three of them. Lihen Heaven's rules of the sword were capable of targeting mental powers.

Chu Qingyang the Glaring Sun Flames struck, shooting down the light of the sun with just one stroke from above. A beam of sunlight packing intense heat shone on them. They felt as if the intense heat was about to tear their spiritual will powers apart before the sword was even about to reach them.

Wang Mang, Chu Qingyang and Li Qiufeng were all at the pinnacle of Sage Plane after all.

While the Lihen Heaven swordsmen were arrogant, they dared not underestimate their opponents nonetheless. The group of sages sent after the people of the one who claimed to be peerless in all of the Nine States, and had actually beaten the Jiutian Temple, would have definitely been extremely powerful.

Any one of them would have been ranked at the forefront of the Sage Ranking, if they were to be cultivators of the Nine States of the Lower Worlds.

Li Qiufeng struck as well. A storm seemed to have whipped as soon as he drew his sword, hitting all three of them. Thousands of currents conjured by the sword were fearsome enough, that every single current would have been able to cut down sages at the pinnacle of the plane.

When all three of them lashed out, many sent their condolences to the ones at the receiving end silently. It was extremely difficult for anyone below Saint Plane to withstand such attacks. Even sages at the pinnacle of their training would have had a hard time, especially when the ones taking the attacks were sages who had yet to reach upper level of Archmage Plane.

It seemed to have sufficed with each lashing out with one strike.

Ye Wuchen, Zui Qianchou and Xu Que were caught in the middle of the storm. Brilliant light burst from Ye Wuchen's body, the sword will coursing about his body seemed to have mystical powers and felt excessively overbearing.

A silver sword shot out from the center of his brow. That sword spirit burst with dazzling glitter. Thousands of sword will raged and set out to tear everything apart. The attacks that were hammering on the spiritual will on all three of them were torn to shreds.

The silver sword rang and terrifying storm of sword aura was conjured. A huge sword was materialized with the silver sword at the center. Brilliant golden light surrounded the giant sword. The two mystical beams crossed and looked incredibly dazzling.

"Break." Ye Wuchen looked up and a beam of ferocious sword will shot from his eyes. He pointed at the air with a finger and the giant sword unleashed towering sword aura, shredding the might of the sword pinning them.

All sword wills were torn to shreds within an instant.

"Renhuang sword will." Lu Cheng took a look at Ye Wuchen. His younger brother-in-training has had a scuffle with that man over that Renhuang sword will, attempting to strip his Life Spirit to refine the Renhuang sword will. However, Pei Qianying was crippled before he was able to finish.

Ye Wuchen, at present, seemed to have infused the Renhuang sword will within his Life Spirit, enabling him to borrow the might of the Renhuang sword will.

The three who were attacking sensed it as well. They did not spend more than mere moments being stunned and quickly struck yet again.

Wang Mang the Overbearing Sword conjured a sword mudra and the might of the Overbearing Sword grew even more terrifying. Boundless golden swords appeared above all three of them. Every single sword was branded with glittering patterns, enabling all of them to burst with greater might.

"Cut," Wang Mang shouted coldly. The Overbearing Swords zipped down like bolts of lightning in an instant, dropping down onto the heads of the three below from above.

Terrifying storms whipped up around Ye Wuchen. The Renhuang sword will was infused with his Life Spirit and countless swords appeared as well, shooting above and clashing with the sword aura that was raining down. The giant sword that was conjured by his Life Spirit clashed with the Overbearing Sword and frightening storms resulted. The Overbearing Sword shuddered and the patterns on it cracked and crumbled bit by bit. The sword eventually shattered as the cracks grew.

"Run." A single word was heard from Ye Wuchen. He shot up like a bolt of lightning. The sword spirit was even quicker than he was, heading straight for Wang Mang.
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    《The Legend of Futian》