The Legend of Futian
1022 Violent Fists
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1022 Violent Fists

Wang Mang saw Ye Wuchen attacking, his eyes sharp and imperious, and he stepped into the void, and a terrifying force of suppression rules swept out.

Behind him, the life spirit bloomed instantly, and it was a giant golden Overbearing Sword. He held the Sword of Spirit and slammed it down from the sky, endless golden brilliance blooming while the Overbearing Sword slashed across the sky, killing everything below as its power was overwhelming.

The brow chakra of Ye Wuchen lit up, and a beautiful and brilliant light shone out, connected with the Sword of Spirit, and it gave out an illusion between heaven and earth in an instant. At this moment Wang Mang only saw a sky full of swords and was unable to detect where he was. There was only an infinite sword sweeping over and competing with his.

Others were not idle either. The speed of the battle of swordsmen was unimaginably fast. The forces of attack were extremely strong, and fast as lightning.

The Flaming Sword of Chu Qingyang burned in the void. He stepped forward, wanting to attack, but he saw a gray afterimage came toward him. A dark air current appeared in the void, and Xu Que melted within the darkness, going for Chu Qingyang at an incredibly fast speed. The darkness ate away the flaming light bit by bit.

Chu Qingyang lifted up his sword, the light of the sun shooting down and resonating with the sword. The light burned up everything, and terrible rays of the flaming sword light penetrated the darkness, piercing it.

All the darkness seemed to be revealed under the flame. 

Xu Que's figure appeared, and in his hand, he seemed to be holding a very thin sword, like a needle. When Xu was moving it was hard to see that there was any weapon in his hand, but it was a divine implement left over by the nine cultivators sent by Li Yao when they were slain. Xu Que possessed one of them.

Zui Qianchou also had the same divine implement, and at this time he rushed toward Li Qiufeng. Both of their speeds were ghostly. All anyone could see was two shadowy images in the storm.

The attack of the six swordsmen unleashed almost at the same instant. Ye Wuchen seemed to have opened his third eye, and his one arm stretched out, pointing to the void empty, and he spat out one word, "Open." 

The moment when his voice faded, the sword will of that upward motion was swallowed by the Sword of Spirit and turned into one sword, and there appeared a little dot above the void, as if one sword had opened up the sky. In this moment, the endless golden and giant sword that was falling down was shattered into nothingness, and the light slayed toward Wang Mang.

As if detecting the danger, Wang Mang roared and a terrible sword armor appeared and surrounded his body, while the Overbearing Sword returned to its place and was held in his hands.


When the sword arrived, the life spirit of the Overbearing Sword seemed to have cracked, and the sword will pierced though it. With a sound, Wang Mang's body was propelled to the distant sky. He spat out a mouthful of blood, his face instantly turning pale. 

Ye Wuchen glanced at the direction of Xu Que and Zui Qianchou, the body suspended in the air, the Sword Spirit floated in front of him, humming and blooming endless air currents of Sword Way, rolled toward the vast battlefield.

In this instant, all the will of heaven turned into swords while Chu Qingyang and Li Qiufeng were occupying the absolute advantage. They suddenly felt a great sense of danger, and then they saw the hand of Ye Wuchen placed before the Sword Spirit, and a storm of destruction appeared in this void.

At this time, Lu Cheng also looked up and swiped a glance at Ye wuchen. He knew that Ye Wuchen was madly urging the Renhuang Sword Will, obviously having had some comprehension regarding the Renhuang Sword Will and could borrow from it to explode shocking power, injuring Wang Mang. 

Moreover, there was still some strength leftover from it, but upon observing the sword he understood that Ye Wuchen could not have urged such a sword once or twice without exhausting his own spiritual willpower. This was him forcing the Renhuang Sword Will, at a great cost to his own detriment.

Ye Wuchen's eyes were demonic, and endless sword will flowed between the heaven and the earth. His finger pressed once again, and in a flash a sword came instantly, locked onto Chu Qingyang for the kill. Chu Qingyang's body retreated explosively, and a sword crossed the sky and cut off the flame. The sword light whizzed past and cut off the sword in his hand and caused his body to back off wildly. Afterward, another radiant arc crossed and arced toward Li Qiufeng.

Li Qiufeng's speed was fast to the limit, like a gust of wind that was retreating. His afterimages filled the space between heaven and earth. A radiant light now beamed between Ye Wuchen's brows, connected with the sword, so that the Sword of Spirit reached equally fast speed. In the void, man and sword chased one another and created lines and lines of curvature.


With a loud sound, the storm was cleaved through, and Li Qiufeng spat out a mouthful of blood, his body was injured by the piercing sword will, and he was covered in blood.


The sword returned, suspended in front of Ye Wuchen's brow chakra, humming. However, the sword will between the heaven and the earth had weakened much. Obviously, after two moves of the sword, it was difficult for Ye Wuchen to sustain the power he had previously.

Lu Cheng cast a glance at Ye Wuchen, and said nonchalantly, "Not bad for Renhuang Sword Will, even if when borrowed by a sage it can have such power. Block this." 

When his voice fell, he stepped out. For a moment, the Sword Qi swayed, and above the firmament, there was an immense sword will attempting to slammed down from the void.

"Three Thousand Mile Sword," the hearts of the people in the distance trembled, the sword of Lu Cheng was the true inheritance of his master. A sword in which its sword will could traverse three thousand miles.

Lihen Heaven was the premier holy land for Sword Way. In addition to Swordmaster of Lihen who had long stopped involving himself with the matters of the world, there were several other sword saint level characters whose cultivations were extremely terrifying. Lu Cheng and the others were the disciples of a sword saint, and he was also the one who taught Pei Qianying at Lihen Heaven.

When Lu Cheng stepped out, there seemed to be a sword falling down from the sky. A sword condensed over his head, and the endless air flow of Sword Way now whistled into the sword.

Lu Cheng's palm made a grabbing motion in the void, and the sword was out, ditches forming in the sky, and with his body as the center, the Three Thousand Mile Sword seemed to be obliterating everything in front of him. 

Ye Wuchen's eyes glanced at the sword wills that slashed from the void, the sword spirit in front of his brow chakra whistling, once again setting off a terrible storm.

As if his spiritual will was burning, and endless spiritual will was integrated into the life spirit. Renhuang Sword Will was once again being urged and supreme aurora of the sword was blowing and puffing.

Over the top of his head, traces of sword marks came slashing toward him, like doomsday, as if the void had been broken. Ye Wuchen's finger pointed forward.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The sword came out, and traces of sword marks that traversed thousands of miles apart were cut off and madly pulverized by the sword light.

But still, there were a few sword marks that came toward him, and Ye Wuchen was between a rock and a hard place; he had not another arm to deal with them. However, at this time, Xu Que and Zui Qiangchou descended by his side in a flash, and the sword smashed out at the same time blocking the sword marks. 

The swords of both sides collided, and Ye Wuchen spat out a mouthful of blood. The other two did not fare much better. Their spiritual will seemed to be torn to pieces, but they did not back off. Instead, they madly urged sword wills to destroy the sword of the opponent.

Finally, the sword marks in the sky were all but destroyed. Zui Qianchou and Xu Que took a step back at the same time, and both spat out blood. They were experts at slaying, but not frontal attacks, and so they suffered.

Lu Cheng continued moving forward, and there was a terrible storm of Sword Way appearing in front of him. He walked toward the trio and the endless sword will came together once again.

"Get out of the way." 

At this time, there was a violent atmosphere coursing from afar, and a roar shook the earth. Suddenly many who were watching the battle in the distance retreated, and then they saw a figure, like lightning, shoot toward the battlefield.

The person who was at the most front was brawny in size, and every step he took into the void was earth-shattering, and the heavens and the earth seemed to be shaking.

Looking at the other side, Xu Que looked at Lu Cheng, and a cold light flashed through his eyes, saying, "You are finished."

"Is that so?" Lu Cheng also glanced yonder. In fact, he didn't know much about the situation in the Nine States Lower Worlds, at least not as much as the Jueying Sword Saint had known. He only knew that Pei Qianying was handicapped by Ye Futian who was known as the Unparalleled of the Nine States. The reason was because Pei Qianying had deprived the life spirit of Ye Wuchen, with whom he had just battled. 

He had also heard that in addition to Ye Futian, there were two other people who broke through the Ninth Layer of Heaven and entered the Jiutian Ranking. As for the other people at the Holy Zhi Palace, he had no idea who's who.

The man who was rushing toward them at this moment, was it one of the three who broke through the Ninth Layer of Heaven with Ye Futian?

But yes or no, what does it matter?

Immense sword will condensed, regardless of the figure that rushed forward, his sword smashed down, and the sword marks of destruction annihilated everything in front.

The speed of the rushing figure was raised to the limit, and the swordsmen of Lihen Heaven who were surrounded outside suddenly released the aurora of the sword to attack Yu Sheng.

However, Yu Sheng seemed to not have seen them. There seemed to be a layer of dark gold armor upon his body, allowing the Sword Qi blasting upon his body, without affecting him. Even a swordsman who was in front of him was slapped away by him when he was running.

Bang! A loud sound was heard and he stepped out to close the distance in the space, appeared in front of Ye Wuchen and the others. He looked up and glanced at the sword marks that were falling down, and his body suddenly grew tall and stalwart, its dark gold body was indestructible, the sound of Sanskrit lingered. Suddenly the big handprints of Buddha slapped out at the same time, toward the sword marks that were coming down.

Fierce bursts of sound came out, the sword marks were destroyed madly, and the palm prints were also splitting and breaking apart. Yu Sheng stabilized his body and covered the other three people by his own body. The sword will continued to blast onto his body, but was not able to break his dark gold armor.

A number of people rushed into the battlefield, and Huang Jiuge also arrived.

Bang! Yu Sheng took a step in the void and went to Lu Cheng, who was in front. At this moment, Lu Cheng could feel an immense and strong pressure from the other. The power of this person was terrifying. 

Another loud sound, and Yu Sheng continued to step forward, each step made the world tremble. Lu Cheng frowned. Today, everyone who came from Lihen Heaven were its most powerful swordsman, fully prepared to face Ye Futian and his cohort. Now before Ye Futian had even made an appearance, he had felt the pressure already.

With sword in hand, the Sword Qi coursing, Lu Cheng's body leapt forward, and the infinite airflow of the way of the sword roared wildly, forming a force with the sword.

"Chop," Lu Cheng's body descended from the sky, and the sword slashed out, crossing a great distance, and sword marks where they have cut through the void, like the most terrible storm of destruction, slashing toward Yu Sheng's body.

But Yu Sheng stepping into the sky, the dark golden light of the Buddha demon shined upon his body, and many people look at him moving forward in shock; did he not care for his life? 

The terrible Sword Qi slammed down and blasted on his immense and wild body, colliding with his defense, but was not able to breach it.

The Buddha and the demon now as one, but also both. Under his body that ran wildly, the sword marks were bursting and exploding madly.

Later, everyone saw a huge fist rushing down with might force of the sky, and the space seemed to suffocate under its strike.

Lu Cheng's sword once again slashed out, but before the Sword Qi could fully explode, the huge fist smashed on his sword, and the sound of destruction was heard. The sword exploded and pulverized, and Lu Cheng's body quickly withdrew like a sword but the fist still fell on him and a terrifying force blasted on him through the space. Lu Cheng's body was blasted toward the distance, and all the bones of his body made a clear cracking sound of explosion!
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    《The Legend of Futian》