The Legend of Futian
1028 The Xiao Clan
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1028 The Xiao Clan

After Ye Futian and the others left, Jueying Palace had turned into a ruin, and many people had fallen here.

Everything in Jueying Palace was also looted. Many people stood above the ruins, and their hearts were extremely chaotic.

Just like this, Jueying Palace was destroyed. Even though Jueying Palace was not considered a top holy land, but there was still a Jueying Sword Saint whose strength was not inconsiderable. In this area, Jueying Palace enjoyed extremely fame and popularity.

And all of this was because of Pei Qianying.

However, who would have ever thought that Pei Qianying's transgression toward a person from the Lower Worlds would cause such great chaos and even brought disaster to Jueying Palace. 

When Pei Qianying stripped the life spirit of Ye Wuchen, and threatened to wait for Gu Dongliu and the others at the Ninth Layer of Heaven, no one had thought anything of it, as if that was the way it should be. The world of cultivation was a cruel one; if the people of the Lower Worlds were not strong enough, they had no right to compete for the Sword Will of Renhuang.

However, Ye Wuchen's good friend, that unparalleled white-haired palace lord from the Nine States, Ye Futian, whose action was so decisive and yet peremptory. Back then, he went directly to the Ninth Layer of heaven, publically disabled the life spirit of Pei Qianying and ended his road of cultivation. Today, he destroyed Jueying Palace.

His action was like thunder. There was no letter of declaration, not even any words were uttered. The Sword Saint of the Void simply engraved the matrix in the sky, unleashed the swords from the sky, and heavily injured Jueying Sword Saint, blocking any chance for him to escape. How decisive and brutal it was. 

He had not been named as the valet of the princess for long, and he had already destroyed a holy land; it was unimaginable.

The news spread quickly, and people came continuously, and they all witnessed the condition of Jueying Palace. Even some principality of the holy lands had arrived.

After a long while, a figure appeared in the sky above Jueying Palace. A woman among them looked frosty, cold to the extreme, and said icily, "How did he dare?"

"The disciples of Lihen Heaven," Someone looked at the group of people. The woman who had spoken was Fengxiao of Lihen Heave, the senior sister of Pei Qianying.

As of now, the body of Pei Qianying was still underneath, killed by a sword through his throat.

Many people were thinking, what did Lihen Heaven think of all these?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

In this matter, Lihen Heaven also played a pivotal role. Ye Futian slayed the Jueying Sword Saint, because Jueying Sword Saint and Pei Qianying urged Lihen Heaven to get involved in this mess.

What was more, the relationship between Lihen Heaven and Jueying Palace was extraordinary, and Pei Qianying was a disciple of Lihen Heaven.

Not only that, in fact, the Jueying Sword Saint had a long history with Lihen Heaven. Jueying Sword Saint used to be a disciple under a superb master in Lihen Heaven, and later had the opportunity to prove the Divine Path and thus created Jueying Palace. And because of this relationship, Jueying Sword Saint was able to discovered the talent of Pei Qianying, and sent him to Lihen Heaven and valued him greatly.

Now that Jueying Palace was destroyed, perhaps Lihen Heaven could also feel the rage from Ye Futian.

Not long ago, it was the people of Lihen Heaven who had their hands on Ye Futian. If Ye Futian did not have enough strength, perhaps the one that ended up being destroyed would not be Jueying Palace.

"Junior sister, let's go back and report it to the master," Mo Li said to Fengxiao, Fengxiao's eyes were very cold, but still she nodded, and the two left together. 

Ye Futian, because of Emperor Xia's conferral, had become so fearlessly arrogant?

After the news came out, many people had a deeper impression of Ye Futian. The cultivators who often appear in the Cottage also left, dared not to stay in the vicinity to monitor Ye Futian's movements any further. The shock of the destruction of Jueying Palace was clearly observed.

Many people were waiting on the reaction of Lihen Heaven, and many speculated if Wang Chuan, disciple of Lihen Heaven, would come down from the mountain.

Back then, at the battle of the Ninth Layer of Heaven, after Yu Sheng's forceful crush of Lu Cheng, coupled with the reputation of Ye Futian in the Nine States, to want to absolutely suppress Ye Futian was something perhaps only the first person of Lihen Heaven who enjoyed great reputation below the Saint Plane, the heir apparent of the Swordmaster of Lihen, Wang Chuan himself, could possibly achieve.

Since Emperor Xia had conferred Ye Futian personally, it was destined that Lihen Heaven could not throw its weight around to bully them. If someone from the Saint Plane made a move against Ye Futian, who were they really insulting? 

Being the princess's valet meant that Ye Futian was now under Xia Qingyuan's protection, especially when he was conferred also by Emperor Xia himself. If Lihen Heaven wanted to take revenge, they could only pick on those who were below Saint Plane.

However, on this level, besides Wang Chuan, the first person from Lihen Heaven, who could have a solid chance to overcome Ye Futian?

This time, the unparalleled of the Nine States was not so simple.

However, Lihen Heaven was different from Jueying Palace. What kind of power was the Lihen Heaven? The first holy land of Sword Way in Emperor Xia's Realm. Jueying Palace, compared to Lihen Heaven counted for nothing at all. Principality such as Lihen Heaven would not necessarily worry too much about things that happened in the past. After all, it was only a matter associated with Sword Saint of Liyang, Pei Qianying was also a disciple of the Sword Saint of Liyang.

Therefore, whether or not the heir apparent of the Swordmaster of Lihen, Wang Chuan would really make a move, no one could really be sure.

Just when everyone was guessing and debating, the heat of the matter gradually cooled, and the Emperor Xia's Realm was getting busy to usher in another event, one that caught the attention of the entire Emperor Xia's Realm.

The patriarch of the Xiao Clan, was getting ready to host a birthday banquet, which was enough to cause quite a stir.

Master Xiao himself was of the top existence in the Saint Plane, his strength was extremely strong, but what was more powerful was that he produced the first beauty of Emperor Xia's Realm, who was greatly valued by Emperor Xia, and became the famous Princess Xiao.

Moreover, she gave birth to Emperor Xia's most beloved Little Queen Xia Qingyuan.

One could only imagine the status of Master Xiao in Emperor Xia's Realm.

On the day of the birthday party, there would probably be parties that came to greet from everywhere. 

Even Princess Xiao may make an appearance.

If Princess Xiao came to the celebration, then Xia Qingyuan, the granddaughter of Master Xiao would most likely be present as well.

Ye Futian knew that the news was because of an invitation, sent expressly by messenger of the Xiao Clan, to invite them to attend the birthday celebration.

Cottage, Ye Futian looked at the invitation in his hand, and then smiled and said, "now that we have received the invitation sent by the in-laws of Emperor Xia, could this be considered as some kind of recognition by the Upper Worlds?"

"Perhaps the people of Xiao Clan want to see the person who had caused such chaos in Emperor Xia's Realm." Gu Dongliu, who was facing Ye Futian said, "Do you plan on attending?"

"Of course, could I afford not to?" Ye Futian looked at his Third senor brother and smiled.

Xiao Clan, could be considered part of the royal family? 

And they possessed a great strength within themselves, such a position of power was not hard to imagine.

"Yes," Gu Dongliu nodded. "But the forces in the Upper Worlds are intricate and complicated, and Master Xiao's birthday banquet will be a gathering of top figures from all sides. Let Yaya go with you."

"Third senior brother, with the conferral of Emperor Xia, and Master Xiao being the father of Queen Xiao, as well as Xia Qingyuan's grandfather, Xiao residence would be safer than anywhere else, no need to worry, I will go by myself." Ye Futian replied carelessly. Although he had three saints around at his disposal, he did not want to bother them all the time.

Especially Yaya, who led the charge every single time, spurring the Nether Sword Matrix. It was so with the Great Zhou battle matrix, and it was also the case when wounding Jueying Sword Saint, and they gave Yaya a great amount of pressure.

Gu Dongliu did not say anything more when he heard what Ye Futian had to say. He merely commented, "Your cultivation at the holy land to enter Saint Plane as soon as possible. At that time, you will not be helpless when facing the people of Saint Plane." 

"Divine Path is still far away, I'm afraid." Ye Futian said. The Divine Path required the resource of the state of mind, and his time of cultivation was still considered a short one, and his state of mind was not yet opened enough, so it may take some time for his mind to settle into the Holy Path.


A few days later, the day of Master Xiao's birthday celebration had arrived.

Xiao Clan, which was located in the southern part of the Upper Worlds, suddenly became extremely lively. Cultivators from all over had arrived in the air, and many of them were led by cultivators of the Saint Plane. They came to pay their respect and were invited inside the Xiao residence.

Ye Futian and his group went by the sword, and landed outside of Xiao's residence. There were quite a few of the younger generation who came: him, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen and the others were all there.

"Ye Futian, come to pay respect," Ye Futian put his hands together and greeted the people outside the Xiao Residence, and was immediately let in, and Ye Futian and his party entered Xiao residence. 

Inside the residence, many people looked at him curiously.

"Is it Master Ye?" A beautiful servant girl came forward to inquire.

"Yes," Ye Futian nodded.

"My master asked for Master Ye to come for a chat," the servant girl smiled.

"Who is your master?" asked Ye Futian.

"Young Master Xiao Sheng," The servant girl replied.

Ye Futian learned about the top figures in Emperor Xia's Realm, but Xiao Sheng's name was still somewhat unfamiliar, but Loulan Xue who was next to him reminded him, and transmitted secretly, "In Emperor Xia's Realm, among those who were the top most figures just below the Saint Plane, Xiao Sheng, was one of them, and is quite famous. Within the Xiao Clan, Xiao Sheng's position is extraordinary and is considered and treated as heir apparent." 

Ye Futian heard Loulan Xue's message and nodded gently, then smiled at the servant girl, "What might Young Master Xiao require of me?"

He did not seem to know Xiao Sheng.

"Not just Master Ye, but many young and excellent guests who came today, have all been invited by Young Master Sheng; the master said that it was too boring among the older generation, so you are invited to get together and have some fun." The servant girl explained.

"Sure," Ye Futian smiled and nodded. "Please lead the way."

The entire compound of the Xiao residence was very large. The servant girl led Ye Futian and the others to a garden, and at this time, there were already many people present, all were young and vibrant.

Among them, Ye Futian also saw an acquaintance, Gu Mu, whom he had met several years ago at Jiutian Temple, and also its young master. 

Back then, Gu Mu had a good relationship with Pei Qianying, because of Pe Qianying's excellent talent, and the fact that he cultivated at Lihen Heaven, so he was wooed by Gu Mu intentionally. Now that Pei Qianying had died in the hands of Ye Futian, what did he think about that?

However, at this moment, Gu Mu's eyes were very calm, and without any disturbance.

Ye Futian had never seen any of the others, but their temperaments were all extraordinary, presumably just as their status.

At the moment when Ye Futian arrived, everyone's eyes were focused on Ye Futian. Now Ye Futian's reputation in the Upper Worlds was considerable, especially among his peers.

As the host, Xiao Sheng's gaze also fell on Ye Futian. He wore a blue robe with a faint smile in his eyes, appeared extremely handsome.
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    《The Legend of Futian》