The Legend of Futian
1041 The Fiercest Battle below Saint Plane
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1041 The Fiercest Battle below Saint Plane

The 33rd Layer of Heaven from Lihen Heaven, also known as the Outer Heaven, was in the midst of clouds and mist, just like a place where Sword Celestial would reside and cultivate.

Wang Chuan was sitting in front of the palace, his eyes closed, his robes fluttered in the wind. His aura was extraordinary, as if he was not of this world.

Around Wang Chuan, traces of Sword Will flowed about, surrounding his body without dissipating, forming a terrible field of Qi around him. At this moment, when Ye Futian looked at Wang Chuan, he had a false sense that was as if what he was seeing was not a person but a sword.

He was now one with the Great Path, and although he sat there quietly, he was more dangerous than anyone else.

Wang Chuan, the leader of the younger generation from the Lihen Heaven who had been gifted in Sword Way, just below the Saint Plane, who had slayed the cultivators of Emperor Li's Realm with just one sword strike.

At this time, he was sitting in the 33rd Layer of Heaven, waiting for Ye Futian to arrive.

In the other direction, above the ancient peaks that were steep and sharp as a sword, there were towering palaces. On its edge, a person stood with his hands behind his back, looking downward calmly.

The Swordmaster of Lihen was observing the battle in person.

In the void, a sacred beast of Blue Phoenix floated in the sky, and Xia Qingyuan stood upon it, quietly looking down. She bore witness of Ye Futian and his party reaching the 33rd Layer of Heaven, and until this moment, Ye Futian still had not made a single move.

Ye Wuchen had exhausted a lot of power urging the Renhuang Sword Will. Otherwise, just he alone could make it to the 33rd Layer of Heaven from Lihen Heaven. But after his battle with Lu Cheng, it was difficult to sustain his own spiritual will power, and Yu Sheng took his position as forward to clear the path. No one was able to stop this group of five when they arrived.

This scene seemed somewhat familiar. Just like the time when they entered the Ninth Layer of Heaven at the Jiutian Temple, they moved with incredible momentum.

However, the swordsmen at Lihen Heaven, especially those at the post-eleventh heavens, was much stronger than those that were at the Ninth Layer of Heaven. After all, Pei Qianying was just one of the disciples of the eleventh heaven, but today's Ye Futian, Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen were also much stronger than they were.

In front of Ye Futian and company, a group of swordsmen stood there, blocking the way of Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. They had been moving their way up to this point with ease, and it was clearly not a good look for Lihen Heaven, especially when the Swordmaster himself was watching all this in person., The fact that Lihen Heaven was penetrated so easily by them seemed to confirm Ye Futian's opinion that there was no one under the Saint Plane in Lihen Heaven.

Yu Sheng stepped forward, and shook the ground, and he went to those swordsmen. 

These were the swordsmen from the 33rd Layer of Heaven of Lihen Heaven, anyone of them would be swordsmen at the top of Sage Plane, and the Sword Will was clearly stronger than any of the opponents they had encountered before.

At this moment, a person attacked, and a sword came at Yu Sheng. When the sword was unleashed, and lightning and thunder exploded between the heaven and the earth, as if they could break stones, and shattered someone's spiritual will.

This sword was like a thunder catastrophe of the Great Path with the speed of lightning, and the domineering destructive power of the thunder, like the terrible light of catastrophe of the Sword Way. In the void, traces of horrific purple marks slashed toward the immense body of Yu Sheng, and in his mind, there seemed to also appear a sword light that wanted to chop his spiritual will to pieces. 

On the body of Yu Sheng, the light of the Buddha and demon circulated, the immortal body was indestructible. As the horrific sword light came to him, a loud booming sound was heard, and even the defense that was as strong as Yu Sheng's started to crack, but his actual body was unaffected as he continued forward.

The roaring sound came out, like the sound of the Great Path, turning this space into a destructive space of Sword Way. Endless sword light slammed into the body of Yu Sheng. At this time, Yu Sheng felt that he was in the end days of sword light, his spiritual will seemed to be drowning in the Sword Way.

Streams of destructive currents curled around his body and the immortal body was broken, but there was still a terrible dark golden light floating about his body. When that horrible Sword Way hit his body, it was devoured little by little and demonized.

Boom! A loud sound, Yu Sheng continued to step forward, like a demon god, gave out a suffocating pressure.

The body of the swordsman in front twirled in flight, and the light of the end days permeated the void. In an instant, endless Sword Will was produced between heaven and earth; since Yu Sheng was going to devour and demonize it, he would let the rules of the Sword Way break his physical limit until it was destroyed from within. 

He wanted to see just how strong this immense body was that could bear the Sword Way.

Bang! Another loud sound, the space trembled, and Yu Sheng took another step forward. The demonic power bloomed in his pupils, and the swordsman felt that there was a horrible pressure, centered on his body, there now appeared statues of demon god, so that he no longer faced a man, but a demon.

The expression of the swordsman changed slightly, and there were now statues of horrible demon god surrounding him. Yu Sheng stepped out again, and a destructive dark thunder sword of catastrophe exploded from the midst of the demon gods, as if the attack he was using on Yu Sheng was now demonized by Yu Sheng, whose destructive power seemed to be even stronger now that there was demonic power integrated into it.

The sky was dim without light, like a real end days sword catastrophe.

His look changed slightly, fighting now against his own strength, and Sword Qi continued without ceasing, difficult to destroy. In front, a gigantic demonic Buddha palm print covered the sky and the sun, crushing the void, slamming down to all living beings and collapsing the Sword Way.

Boom! With a loud sound, his body was slammed to the ground, completely suppressed. His whole body was like being torn apart, full of blood, and terrible to behold.

However, the swordsmen from behind continued to attack with no fear whatsoever. Even if they knew it was a lost cause, they were still willing to fight.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

From the 33rd Layer of Heaven of Lihen Heaven, they were the swordsmen who stood at the highest point, if they retreated, who else would fight?

Ye Futian did not look at below, but stepped forward, alone, toward the swordsman who was sitting on the edge of the palace. From the body of Wang Chuan, Ye Futian could feel an aura, the aura of someone who had dipped into the Saint Plane.

That day when Wang Chuan took his sword and came down from the 33rd Layer of Heaven, and ended the cultivator of Emperor Li's Realm with one strike of his sword, he had already felt that Wang Chuan had truly reached the limit below Saint Plane, and this limit meant that he was infinitely closer to the Divine Path.

Perhaps, it was only a thin line apart, but from Wang Chuan's person, he had been able to perceive a trace of divine authority. 

After that battle, outside of Emperor Xia's Palace, many people in Emperor Xia's Realm had proclaimed that Ye Futian was already the first person below the Saint Plane within Emperor Xia's Realm, and were betting that he could step onto the 33rd Layer of Heaven. However, his halberd would be broken here, and lose to the hands of Wang Chuan.

Although this ending was unlikely, the strength and the heart of Wang Chuan were not something that the likes of Pei Qianying and Lu Cheng could have compared.

At this time, Wang Chuan opened his eyes and looked at Ye Futian. His eyes were full of terrible Sword Will and when he looked at Ye Futian, Ye Futian suddenly felt that there was Sword Will piercing into his eyes, as if to pierce through his spiritual will. Nonetheless, he stood there steadily, and his eyes stared directly toward the other.

An extreme suppressive atmosphere enveloped this space. Wang Chuan had not really made his strike yet, and Ye Futian felt that he was already in the midst of ruinous Sword Will which was everywhere, wrapping the space around him, madly stabbing his body, his spiritual will.

His white hair flew in the air, and his clothes flapped in the wind, emitting sharp and harsh sounds. In just a moment, they had been riddled with holes.

Ye Futian continued to move forward, as if he was not at all disturbed by the Sword Will, and headed directly toward Wang Chuan. 

He wanted to see if this first person below the Saint Plane, this swordsman who was only a step away from being a saint, could threaten him.

Every step that was taken, the Sword Will madly enhanced, enough to tear everything into pieces. If it was anyone else in the Sage Plane but Ye Futian, they would probably already have been turned into endless pieces now.

Wang Chuan's expression was as usual and extremely calm, not at all as if he was being threatened by a major battle.

In front of him, there was the once-in-a-life-time genius who was known as the Unparalleled of Nine States. Even after having entered the Upper Worlds, he was still one of a kind, much valued by Emperor Xia and the princess.

In this battle, he did not seek victory nor defeat, only that the heart and the sword would connect into one, and that the Sword Way would be flawless. 

"Sword." Wang Chuan spat out a word; it was the first word between the two in this first meeting. There was not an extra word.

The sound fell, the Sword Qi surged to the sky. The sword of heaven and earth, above the firmament, countless swords descended, surrounding his body, humming and spectacular.


Another word fell, and thousands of swords broke through the sky in an instant, breaking the air and away from the spirit.

The Sword Way of all heavens falling like a river of heaven. Each of these thousands of swords was like a divine implement, tearing the void, and slashing the souls. It was truly a sword that contained divine authority.

Above Ye Futian, there loomed a ruinous light of catastrophe, centering on his body, like the end of days, and thousands of rays of the light of catastrophe exploded at the same time. Every light beam was like a sword, colliding with the onslaught of the Sword Will.

The sword light and the light of catastrophe madly burst and destroyed, and there was a horrific scene between the two.

The Sword Will did not extinguish, nor did the light of catastrophe. Ye Futian carried the catastrophe of end days, and continued to move toward Wang Chuan, like a god who was taking a walk in the infinite Sword Will.

Seeing Ye Futian coming forward step by step, Wang Chuan's body slowly floated up, and he straightened out his legs that were originally in the sitting position. Like Ye Futian, he also stepped forward, toward Ye Futian. The two did not seem to be in the middle of a battle.

But every step that was taken gave birth to destructive power that was enough to pulverize sages. The space between the two of them had become an absolute no man's land.

The light of catastrophe and the sword light madly entangled and colliding, without any sword skills, magical powers, just confrontation of the simplest kind. 

Wang Chuan's entire body radiated a flawless sword light, as if his entire person had been integrated into thousands of Sword Will and entered into a state of meditative consciousness. While in this state, Ye Futian actually felt the pressure, and he had a feeling that he was not facing someone who was half-dipped in sainthood, but a true saint.

"By the Sword Way of three thousand," Wang Chuan spat out a command, and as his voice fell, the sword light of all heavens melded into his body, rendered his body even more radiant, like an illusion, as if it was no longer a physical entity, but a body of sword.

Thousand rays of sword light dissipated, all of them were integrated into the body of Wang Chuan, but the Sword Will between the heavens and the earth was several times stronger than it was before, as if a qualitative change had taken place.

The light of catastrophe around Ye Futian's body was suppressed, and the Way overpowered the rules; under the Sword Way, no rules could exist.

Wang Chuan borrowed three thousand swords and turned them into the Way. 

Wang Chuan of this moment, represented the Sword Way.

The man was the sword, was the Way.

He continued to move forward, and the Sword Will stabbed into Ye Futian's body, as if to break his body and cut off his spiritual will!
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    《The Legend of Futian》