The Legend of Futian
1049 Flag Battle
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1049 Flag Battle

After the mighty ones from the three realms of the emperors left, one figure after another was seen descending onto the Jiuxiao Tower; all of them were cultivators from Kongxuan City.

"Seems like the Battle of Empty Realm this year is going to be rather interesting. Who do you think would win?" Someone asked.

"Emperor Li's Realm had been dominating the Empty Realm for the past ten years and they had the greatest amount of power accumulated in Empty Realm, enabling them to pull all manner of tricks. With the cultivators from Dali Dynasty added to the list, it was very, very possible that they might have ended up as the winner again."

"It's been said that that imperial adviser of Dali had developed new methods and created a bunch of killing machines. It seems like Emperor Li's Realm is going to bag it again this year."

"The twins, Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan, had unparalleled combat prowess. It's been said that the descendants of great monsters of the demonic realm serving the Demon Peacock Emperor had been here to support the twins, in order to secure victory in the upcoming battle. Seems to me that the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm has just as good a chance to come out on top."

"Yeah, Emperor Xia has claimed that her daughter, Xia Qingyuan, had talents rivaling that of his, which meant she might have became the empress of Emperor Xia's Realm in the future, so there was no doubt that she was extremely exceptional. But then again, they are not fighting mighty ones from Emperor Xia's Realm this time, and have to be fighting those of similar levels from Emperor Li's Realm and Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm. Li Yao, Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan are probably just as capable as she is. We'll see if Emperor Xia's Realm has any secret weapons with them this time around."

Many talked and judging from the looks of things, Emperor Li's Realm had the best chance of emerging victorious still. They secured an overwhelming victory ten years ago after all.

However, things were different at present. The leading figures of the Battle of Empty Realm at the moment consisted of the princes and princesses of the respective realms. Things had never been of such grandeur for the past hundred years or so. If the royalties were leading their forces personally, then their subordinates would have also definitely consisted of the most powerful lineup they were able to gather.

However, no one would have known of the final outcome until things had gotten to the very last stages. At that moment, all of the spectators were only speculating.

They were those who had set games in Kongxuan City, betting on who would have emerged as the victor in the Battle of Empty Realm. Many saints put down heavy bets as soon as the games were set.

It was only natural that most betted on Emperor Li's Realm emerging victorious.


Three days later, the forces from Emperor Xia's City, Emperor Li's City and Demon Peacock Emperor's City, three cities representing their respective realms and laid out in a triangular layout, gathered at the central region between the cities. Stern, solemn pressure was felt everywhere.

Countless mighty ones emerged in the air from faraway, watching things unfold before them quietly.

Three grand armies appeared above that area. Their might shrouded the entire area as if they were celestial armies themselves.

It was the day of the flag battle as agreed by all three sides, which was also the start of the Battle of Empty Realm.

The mighty ones from the three imperial cities had all left their respective cities and gathered there. One figure after another took to the air and they formed three distinct camps as well. The Sacred General of Tian, the Sacred General of Dou and other saints were high up in the air.

The saints were forbidden from entering the battlefield and participate in the Battle of Empty Realm, as soon as the flag battle commenced.

Deciding who would be the ruler of Empty Realm through battles between those beneath Saint Plane had been a consensus reached by the three emperors for many years. None dared to break the rules without good reasons, as any mishap could have resulted in a breakout of war between the emperors' realms. None of the realms dared to wage a war against one another until they were absolutely sure of it, as the price for doing so would have been too great.

As such, having one battle held once every ten years and only fought by the sages had been the most peaceful way they had been able to come up with to settle the matter. All three imperial realms had their chance once every ten years, and the losers would have been able to yield easily. If the battle had been one deciding the right to permanent rule of Empty Realm instead, the other two that lost would not have been able to sit well with the result for long.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

While the saints were not participating in the battle, but all three sides nonetheless mobilized a great number of saints there, so as to ensure that none would have flaunted the rules. Things would have turned dire if something untoward were to happen.

Furthermore, given how it was the royalties leading their armies personally in that years' battle, they needed to be extra certain of how things proceeded.

The three forces below stood against each other in a similar fashion. The grand entourage brought about thick might and pressure to the place, making even the spectators standing from faraway felt pressured somewhat.

A group of people emerged from the army.

Xia Qingyuan from the army of Emperor Xia's Realm went forward. Tian Ji was seen bearing a huge flag and walked right behind her. There was an image of the lotus flower on the flag and said flag was none other than the flag of Emperor Xia.

That day was the day of the flag battle.

Xia Qingyuan's side was not the only one doing so, as both Li Yao and the twins emerged as well, coming to the very front of their armies and the flags behind them billowed. The flag of Emperor Li had an image of golden dragon on it while the flag of Demon Peacock Emperor had an image of a peacock.

"Per the rules of Battle of Empty Realm, after the flag battle, the bloodstained flags shall be placed at the highest point of the three imperial cities. The side with the shaft of their flags snapped shall be eliminated from the battle." Li Yao then continued, "Life and death occurring during the Battle of Empty Realm shall remain as the affair of the battle. Saints are not allowed to interfere. Anyone who violate the rule shall be punished by death. Battle matrixes are forbidden within the imperial cities. Any side that violates the rule shall be eliminated. Other than that, all sages are permitted to participate in the battle."

"The battle shall be held for three months. If the flags were to remain intact after the duration of three months, the victor shall be determined at this very spot. The victor shall be granted the right to rule Empty Realm for the next ten years."

Everyone looked serious. The Battle of Empty Realm had been held for more times than they were able to count, so there was no way any of them would have not known about the rules.

"We shall begin." Kong Zhan's voice was cold as he turned his eyes at Li Yao.

"Well then." Li Yao nodded. "The flag battle shall be one to be fought to the death. No divine implements were allowed to be used. The flags shall be stained with blood. I would present to you, my candidate."

A stout figure was seen walking out from the army of Emperor Li's Realm as soon as he finished, emanating terrifying power all over him, as if there was no way to conceal his aura. Ye Futian took a look and knew that he was like one of those killing machine warriors fighting outside of Emperor Xia's Palace back then, who was forced into semi-saint status using special means. However, their planes were unstable and they were no longer able to go further in their training, forever stuck at being semi-saints.

A mighty one emerged from the side of the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm, emanating thick, unbridled demonic aura. His body transformed as soon as he walked out, taking the form of a demonic beast. It was a terrifying-looking demonic ape, who was leaking frightening power all over him.

The flag battle was one that would have determined the morale of the forces in the Battle of Empty Realm. There were three battles to be fought, and in principle, the victors would have been able to stain their flags with the blood of their opponents, by winning one battle each.

Furthermore, the flag battle was a battle fought to the death. Among the three emerging, only one would have been able to emerge alive, making the fight harrowingly cruel.

Emperor Xia's Realm was the last side to field their warrior in the first battle, giving them an edge by allowing them to decide their candidate according to the other two fielded.

"Who would be the one to fight?" Xia Qingyuan said.

"I would." A figure emerged. It was Xuanyuan Ao of Xuanyuan Palace. He was one of the most powerful figures under Saint Plane in Emperor Xia's Realm, and a descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan.

As a descendant of a Renhuang, Xuanyuan Ao was extremely prideful, yet he was none one of those who lived off the glory of his ancestors and did nothing himself. On the contrary, he had a keen battle sense and possessed an overbearing temperament. Despite the flag battle being one that would have had him fight to the death, he remained staunch in coming out to fight in that very first battle.

Three candidates emerged and stood at the center between the armies. Terrifying aura swept all over the place.

Xuanyuan Ao burst with extremely dazzling golden light that looked like the light of Renhuang. An enormous sword appeared. While the blade was not a long one, but it was thick and looked overbearing.

There seemed to be images carved on the sword and the light of celestial entities coursed on it, while sparks of lightning jumped as well. Xuanyuan Ao was basking in terrifying light all of a sudden.

"The Xuanyuan Sword Spirit." The mighty ones from Emperor Xia's Realm gazed at Xuanyuan Ao. As one of the top notch figures below Saint Plane, it was only natural that he was renowned. It seemed like he would have been able to bag that very first battle.

Li Yao turned his eyes at Xuanyuan Ao as well, whose ancestor was Emperor Xuanyuan and of great renown. There was no way Li Yao would not have known.

It was said Emperor Xuanyuan had infused the great path's power on his Life Spirit that enabled him to manipulating powers of the celestial entities as well as thunderstorms. It was then passed down throughout his bloodline and enabled his descendants to possess superior talents from birth.

The Xuanyuan Sword Spirit that Xuanyuan Ao summoned was indeed terrifying.

Ye Futian kept his eyes at Xuanyuan Ao as well. He had never spoken to Xuanyuan Ao before, yet he was nonetheless able to sense that Xuanyuan Ao was an extremely prideful person. The man's ancestor had been a Renhuang after all. Huang Jiuge's Life Spirit had only been able to be awakened again and became stronger all those years, after inheriting the lineage of his ancestor. Xuanyuan Ao, on the other hand, has had his powers long awakened and had always been extremely powerful.

As one who was lauded to be among the handful of 'Edge of Pinnacle below Saint Plane' in Emperor Xia's Realm, it was only natural that Wang Chuan had fought him before as well. All the others in that battle were naturally anything but weak.

His blade was drawn and he blitzed like a streak of lightning at the mighty one from Emperor Li's Realm. His opponent stepped forward and seemed to be shining with boundless golden light, seemingly having taken an invincible golden form and saintly light burst from within. That mighty figure seemed like a human-shaped divine implement and actually simply lifted his arm, intending to beat down on the Xuanyuan Sword Spirit lashing out at him.

The flash of the sword dropped with a loud boom. The light of the celestial entities showered and lightning crackled. The power of the great path hammered down on its target with the force of doomsday.

Boom. That mighty one from Emperor Li's Realm remained totally unfazed. His legs steadied and both arms were outstretched, barging through the dazzling light and headed straight for the sword spirit.

Xuanyuan Ao took one step forward and appeared right above the sword, before he held the blade with both hands and brought it down hard.

A beam of light of the great path out to tear space apart appeared from above, seemingly like a bolt of devastating lightning as it was brought down on the body of its target. That extremely powerful golden body was shattered, chopped in half and died on the spot.

Saintly aura seemed to still emanate from that broke body after the man had died.

"So the imperial adviser of Dali had crafted men like he crafted divine implements then?" The Sacred General of Tian said coldly in the air. While such means enabled one to craft human-form weapons, it was nonetheless inhumane.

The people from Emperor Li's Realm did not respond. Li Yao looked at that dead body dropping below with a deadpan face. They were the ones to field their candidate first in that very first battle, so it was only normal that they ended up losing.

It was impossible to win all three rounds of the flag battle, but each side would have had a chance of fielding their candidate last, which would have enabled them to secure one victory.

Xuanyuan Ao walked towards the mighty one from the demonic realm and as expected, that demonic ape was quickly cut down as well. The Xuanyuan Sword Spirit flew towards the Emperor Xia's flag, staining it with the blood of his opponents.

The Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm was the first to field their candidate in the next round. Yet another powerful figure emerging and looking extremely ferocious, as they turned around to look in Xia Qingyuan's direction.

"Who would be fighting in the next round?" Xia Qingyuan asked.

"Yu Sheng." Ye Futian responded calmly. Yu Sheng then walked out and Xia Qingyuan knew what was going on.

With the Emperor Li's Realm being the last to field their candidate, Li Yao would have definitely wanted to take one victory of his side, and as such, would have fielded someone extremely powerful.

The very reason why Ye Futian wanted Yu Sheng to fight was precisely to prevent Emperor Li's Realm from being able to win.

At that moment, Ye Futian stood calmly in the crowd and took a cold look at Li Yao. He wanted the blood of all three mighty candidates in all three rounds of the flag battle, to stain Emperor Xia's flag!
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    《The Legend of Futian》