The Legend of Futian
1050 Absolutely Overbearing
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1050 Absolutely Overbearing

High up in the sky, many cultivators were watching the battlefield. In the first battle, the Xuanyuan family had played a part, winning the first battle for Emperor Xia's Realm. In the second battle, Emperor Li's Realm had gotten involved right at the end, and they would most likely be the victors of that one. At that moment, a dark-robed figure walked about from beside Li Yao. A single glance at him gave everyone a feeling of raw power. He was cold and arrogant.

"Cao Yuan, take his head as a sacrifice," Li Yao said to the man who was walking forward as he stared at Yu Sheng. Ye Futian had come from the Nine States to the Upper Realms and then had gotten involved in the battle for the Empty Realm. So, it was only right that he not leave this battle alive. And he had actively encouraged Yu Sheng to fight in this battle. He must have a deathwish.

"Cao Yuan." Everyone in the sky felt their hearts tremble, even the Sacred General of Tian. Many people had the surname "Cao," but in Emperor Li's Realm, there was someone who stood at the peak of all cultivators whose name was Cao. He was an outstanding magician from Emperor Li's Realm who had founded a clan based on demonic methods that had achieved great prestige. He was one of the top five most powerful figures below Emperor Li, and thus it was obvious how powerful he was. He was a formidable man who had achieved the fourth tier of the Saint plane, Nirvana. The man who strode forth now was named Cao Yuan, and he must be a descendant of that magician.

The cultivators of Emperor Xia's Realm and the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm are in trouble, many people thought secretly. Emperor Li's Realm would certainly win this battle. Each of the three realms would achieve at least one victory in this flag battle, and the one who acted last had the best chance of victory. It would be difficult for them to lose this one.

Even the two great Saint generals of Emperor Xia's Realm were looking at Yu Sheng nervously. Both Emperor Xia's Realm and Emperor Li's Realm had many descendants of powerful figures taking part in this battle, like the people from Xuanyuan Palace, Divine Cloud Valley, and Jiutian Temple. 

But even if they were nervous, their expressions did not change. Being wounded was normal on the battlefield, especially as far as the two Saint generals were concerned, who had experienced countless lives and deaths, and thus were numb to it. Ten years ago, Emperor Xia's Realm had suffered a grievous defeat. Not only had the Sovereign Family in Emperor Xia's City been struck, but over half their army had also been killed or wounded. This time, they only hoped that the Princess could obtain a victory for Emperor Xia's Realm here at the Empty Realm.

Cao Yuan stepped forward onto the battlefield, and his gaze fell upon Yu Sheng. He felt an aura similar to his own coming off of him. It was highly likely that his opponent had cultivated the demonic method just as he had. But he had never heard of anyone in Emperor Xia's Realm whose demonic arts were stronger than those that had been passed down through his family.

Li Yao wanted him to take his opponent's head, so he would do so and present it as a sacrifice to him and win the first victory for Emperor Li's Realm in the battle for the Empty Realm. But before he could take Yu Sheng's head, he would first have to deal with the other fools.

Cao Yuan stepped forward towards the demonic beast that had come forth from the Demon Peacock Emperor's lines. The demonic beast reverted to its original form—a large and sturdy yak. Its roar thundered in everyone's ears, and destructive lightning swept forth from it towards Cao Yuan.

Cao Yuan seemed not to see it, letting the terrible lightning pass through his body. Blood colored demonic light burst forth from him that turned into blood-red lines that absorbed the power of the lightning. He used the electricity to increase his own power, and suddenly, the lightning was flowing over his body as he walked forward.

The ground trembled with his every step. He was absolutely overbearing as he descended like a demon king, suppressing the giant yak. The yak's eyes were filled with demonic malice, but it still felt extremely threatened. Cao Yuan's every step was like a clap of thunder, causing his heart to flutter. It was a descendant of the Sacred Yak, with supernatural strength and power, and yet it was being suppressed by its opponent's power.

It charged forward with a roar, rushing madly towards Cao Yuan. Heaven and earth seemed to crack and splinter as lightning shot out from it. Images of countless yaks appeared around it, filling both the earth and the sky. All of them were as large as the original, and they galloped towards Cao Yuan, trying to break everything before them into pieces.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Boom! Cao Yuan seemed to turn into a demon, quickly growing to the same size as the yak. He stepped into the air, trampling on the images of yaks and crushing them to pieces. They could do nothing against him.

Crack! Crack! The earth trembled violently, and Cao Yuan's body collapsed forward. A man and a demon rushed towards each other, and the dust flew up from the ground as they charged. Cracks appeared as the earth split apart. It was an astonishing sight.

Cultivators of the demon path are truly overbearing to the extreme. This Cao Yuan is a devil in human form. He's even more wild and violent than the yak, thought many people as their hearts trembled. But when they thought of his family background they were relieved. His powerful nature was beyond doubt.

Cao Yuan collided with the massive yak and struck forward with his fist. The yak pierced towards him with its horns, purple lightning wrapped around them. They were locked in close combat. The demonic cultivator and a demonic beast were locked in close combat.

Crack! A loud noise rang out as the yak's horns snapped and Cao Yuan's fist smashed into its head. Its massive body instantly shattered into tiny pieces and its flesh and blood went flying everywhere. It was terrible to behold. Its blood splattered on Cao Yuan, and his fist was covered in it; not just the yak's, but his own as well. His blood dripped to the ground, but he seemed to have felt nothing. He turned to look at Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng was still standing there calmly. Cao Yuan walked towards him, and suddenly, Emperor Xia's Army, which was standing behind Xia Qingyuan, felt a terrible pressure coming from his body. Yu Sheng had been able to sweep away all the cultivators that Lu Cheng had brought from Lihen Heaven and had once fought his way through Jiutian Temple. Would he die in battle today? A flag battle was a battle to the death. Only the victors would survive.

There was a flash of cruelty in Cao Yuan's deep eyes. "Is your head ready?" Cao Yuan stepped forward, and a wave of overbearing demonic power swept out. A dark gold demonic power swept out from Yu Sheng as well. The flow of demonic energy covered the sky, and then the entire area. The two flows of demonic power collided up in the sky.

Everyone narrowed their eyes as they watched. It seemed that both of them had cultivated their demonic arts. But Cao Yuan had such an impressive heritage. Could it be possible that Yu Sheng's demonic power would be stronger? He would likely come to tragedy.

Boom! Cao Yuan stepped forward again, his large and sturdy body moving slowly towards Yu Sheng. His eyes were fixed on Yu Sheng's head, and that was probably where his attack would fall.

There was a crisp snapping sound as Yu Sheng's body transformed. A demon-like illusion shone behind him. He stepped forward slowly, but each step shook the earth, and the vibrations were no weaker than those caused by Cao Yuan. Even more terrifying were his eyes. Everything that he looked at with those dark eyes would be crushed beneath his feet. Cao Yuan narrowed his eyes. He felt a bit uneasy as if what was standing before him was truly a demon that could command all other demons. It seemed that in all the heavens and the earth there was only him and him alone.

In his mind, a huge demonic figure appeared, pressing down upon him, making the demonic power flow through his body less smoothly than before. This feeling made Cao Yuan's heart beat faster. He felt faintly uneasy, but the fighting could break out at any moment. The two of them were already charging towards each other, and there was no way to retreat. This was no time to be thinking of defeat.

He shook off the thought and gathered all of his power into his arm. Blood colored light wrapped around it, tearing his sleeve apart. Suddenly, the blood-colored light shot through his entire arm, making it extremely terrifying.

Boom! The earth trembled as the two of them drew together. Cao Yuan struck out with his arm. He did not manage to tear off Yu Sheng's head. He would have to defeat him first. Yu Sheng also struck out with his fist, thrusting it directly forward. The two great demonic cultivators fought each other with the most basic methods.

A violent airflow swept out, and at the instant they collided, deep cracks appeared in the ground, stretching out towards the far away armies. But everyone's eyes were firmly fixed on the battle.

Yu Sheng felt his internal organs tremble and his blood surging. His opponent's attack reached into his body layer by layer. He thought it would break him apart and kill him. The demonic will within him roiled, suppressing the power that was attacking him. His mighty demonic power poured into his opponent's body. At that moment, Cao Yuan went pale.

Blood dripped from his mouth, but this was masked by the vigorous courage that filled him now. A terrifying force exploded out from him, swallowing up the demonic energy within Yu Sheng, and even trying to suck the blood out of his veins. But a mighty rule power burst forth from Yu Sheng at the same time. Dark golden light flashed, and Yu Sheng's body became like a bottomless hole as he transformed into a terrible vortex that resisted Cao Yuan's devouring power.

As those cold, demonic eyes met his, Cao Yuan felt his head begin to split as terrifying demonic images entered his mind. He was like an actual demon. At that moment, Cao Yuan realized that his opponent's demonic arts were stronger than his own and could suppress him. He saw Yu Sheng pull back his fist, and in the next moment, there was a loud cracking sound as it punched through his head.

Everyone watched this scene with horror.

"This cannot be." Li Yao's heart quivered so fiercely it seemed it would jump out of his chest. He saw Yu Sheng reach out with his huge demonic hand and place it upon Cao Yuan's head. There was another snapping sound as under everyone's gaze, Yu Sheng twisted Cao Yuan's head off. He then pushed Cao Yuan's body to the ground.

"This..." Everyone's hearts beat wildly, and they trembled violently. This scene could not be compared to their attacks. Their breath caught in their throats and they stood there frozen, staring fixedly at the scene before their eyes. Yu Sheng had plucked off Cao Yuan's head, and now stood victorious upon the battlefield!
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    《The Legend of Futian》