The Legend of Futian
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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All was dead silent upon the battlefield. 

Li Yao had ordered Cao Yuan to bring him Yu Sheng's head, but now his own head had been removed. Yu Sheng had torn it off, killing him in brutal fashion. Even the cultivators from Emperor Xia's Realm were deeply shaken by this scene. The army stared at Yu Sheng, secretly asking themselves: who is this man?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Xia Qingyuan sat there. Another one of her valiant officers had crushed Cao Yuan of Emperor Li's Realm. And so Emperor Xia's Realm had won a second victory in the flag battle. At least one of Emperor Li's Realm or the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm now had no way of making the blood they had shed here worth it. Moreover, Cao Yuan's death would have made the head of the Cao family quite upset. Although he wouldn't dare to act personally, he could at least support his brothers. After all, he was not the only prince of Emperor Li's Realm; he was one of Emperor Li's five most powerful vassals and had great power of discourse.

He felt that he had miscalculated, and had underestimated Yu Sheng's power. Judging by the power he had shown today, he was at the limit of combat power below the Saint level. He was not even necessarily any weaker than Wang Chuan. If Yu Sheng had this kind of combat prowess, then Ye Futian would be even stronger. These two must be the main generals of Emperor Xia's army.

The Saints of the three realms were quite surprised by Yu Sheng's strength. The Sacred General of Tian's face relaxed a bit. Emperor Xia's Realm had already achieved two victories. Even if they lost this last fight, they still had proven themselves to be the strongest here, which would be good for morale.

Yu Sheng lifted Cao Yuan's head and rose up into the air. He smeared some of the blood on the emperor's flag, and then tossed the head towards Li Yao. The blood of two great cultivators of Emperor Li's Realm was now on that flag.

Li Yao looked at the head at his feet, then up at Yu Sheng up in the air. The two of them stared at each other. He could feel intense murderous intent coming from Yu Sheng's gaze. It was the same as Ye Futian; they both wanted to kill him. After all this, Yu Sheng returned to Ye Futian's side as if nothing had happened.

Only the last fight of the flag battle was left. In this fight, Emperor Xia's Realm would be the first to send out someone, and the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm would be the last, giving them the advantage. But Emperor Li's Realm would not easily give this battle up, and would probably send out someone extremely powerful as they tried to seize victory. But if they did this, it was highly likely that they would have to fight fiercely with the great demon of the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm, and one of them would be killed.

No one even considered Emperor Xia's Realm. They had already won twice, so they probably would not take the risk of competing in this fight. But if they did want to compete, would it be permissible for them to send out Xia Qingyuan? The main general naturally could not participate in a flag battle. Therefore, the last battle would be between the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm and Emperor Li's Realm.

"Why don't you send someone out?" said Li Yao coldly as he swept his gaze over Xia Qingyuan. He was waiting for Emperor Xia's Realm to send someone to their death. Xia Qingyuan looked behind her. They had Xiao Sheng, Gongsun Zhong and others here, but none of them were willing to go out to fight. They wanted to give up on this last fight. After all, they had won twice in a row, so they didn't have to worry about the last one. Moreover, even if they wanted to fight, there was a high probability that they would lose. Their opponents would probably send out their top people. If they fought, they would likely face a tough battle.

"Little Condor," called Ye Futian, and suddenly, a black wind condor waddled through the crowd towards him. 

"A black wind condor?" A strange look came over everyone's faces as they saw this demonic beast.

Li Yao cast a cold glance at Ye Futian and said, "You're sending out an ordinary fool to die? You'd be better off just retreating." Black wind condors were extremely common demonic beasts. Killing one of them was not a big deal, and would not even give him the pleasure of revenge. He had known that Emperor Xia's Realm would let this battle go, but he had not expected them to be this shameless. They were not even sending out a person, but instead had sent a beast out to die.

"You fool." The black wing condor stared at Li Yao. It beat its wings and soared towards him, looking down at him as if he were an idiot. He dared to belittle Grandfather Condor? And he looked at who it was involved with and still dared to mistake it for an ordinary condor? Even those big famous demons were nothing to him. When they ran into Grandfather Condor, it would cook and eat them as usual. It had followed Ye Futian for so long that it no longer made a habit of eating raw meat.

It was going to enjoy this.

Li Yao saw the petty condor looking down on him, and suddenly, powerful murderous intent flowed out from him. He suddenly smiled, and coldly said, "It must have been difficult for a lowly condor such as yourself to cultivate to this level. If you seek death so willingly, allow me to give it to you." On saying this, he looked back to a figure behind him and said, "Don't let him die too easily."

"Very well." The figure nodded, then stepped forward. He was a youth wearing snow-white robes. Although he had been on the battlefield all along, there was no dust or dirt staining him. He carried a sword on his back in a thin scabbard, which meant the sword inside must be thin as well.

"A disciple of Dali Sword Mountain." When they saw the sword on his back, the people watching up in the air could guess where he had come from. Emperor Li's Realm had factions of swordsmen as well, and Dali Sword Mountain was their most famous holy land for swordsmanship, equivalent in power to Lihen Heaven.

This white-robed swordsman who had walked forward had come from Dali Sword Mountain. His style was outstanding and his aura was unparalleled. He looked at the black wind condor calmly. Even if the black wind condor had some tricks up its sleeve, it would not be stronger than a great demon of the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm. His main opponent in this battle would thus be the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm. As for the black wind condor, he would cut through it easily.

At that moment, a young demon covered in divine golden light strode forward from the Demon Peacock Emperor's lines. His sharp, arrogant eyes were gold. The black wind condor could feel a great pressure coming off of him. It could see that his original form was that of an extremely precious gold-winged roc.

There was a family of god-winged rocs in the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm, but there were very few pure-blooded members of the family. Any of them would be a treasure in the realm, but now one of them was being used to try and seize victory in this flag battle.

Ye Futian swept his gaze over the three beings who had come forth, and suddenly a strange look came over his face. He naturally knew the black wind condor very well, and he actually felt space rule power coming from his opponents.

Little Condor was good at that as well. He had dominated many demonic beasts over the years, but the black wing condor was the only one that had followed him since his youth. It could feel his every sensation, and as he grew stronger, the black wind condor had as well. It matched his every step forward on the path of cultivation. It could even be said that they had achieved enlightenment together. And so, he had let the black wind condor take part in this battle. But everyone thought he had sent it to die.

The white-robed youth walked towards the black wind condor, and said, "Since you've come to die, let me fulfill your wish first." On saying this, he moved as fast as thought, and suddenly thousands of swift and sharp sword wills were slashing forward as he charged towards the black wind condor.

But at that moment, a terrible, beautiful dark golden light was flowing over the condor's feathers. The light covered his entire body in an instant. The sword wills slashed down, but they only struck the golden light. They were unable to wound the black wind condor.

The cultivator from Dali Sword Mountain frowned, then smiled and said, "Interesting." On saying this, he disappeared and reappeared right in front of the black wind condor. He slashed out with his sword with enough power to shock both gods and ghosts. There was an ear-piercing sound as space itself seemed to be cut.

The sword swept across the ground, leaving sword marks in the dirt. But the end it only cut through an illusory figure, as the black wind condor itself appeared up in the air, beating its wings.

"Hm?" A strange look came over the face of the white-robed swordsman from Dali Sword Mountain. Everyone saw the black wind condor circling up in the sky. Suddenly, countless images of condors appeared there, all of them were spatial afterimages.

"Space rule power." Everyone stared up into the air. Were they seeing this right? The black wind condor sped up, causing a terrible storm to sweep across the sky. 

"Extreme shadow!" A bolt of golden lightning swept out, and all the images of condors rushed towards the same spot like golden afterimages.

The white-robed cultivator rushed into the sky as fast as lightning. Both of them disappeared from where they had been and collided together in mid-air, then separated instantly.

The white-robed swordsman slashed out wildly with his sword, and suddenly, the sky was filled with slashing swords that cut through everything. The black wind condor flew around him, and the space around him seemed to tear, turning into a terrifying space storm.

"Can it really be that strong?" Everyone stared at the formless demonic beast. They could not follow his trajectory.

Boom! Boom! Boom… They collided many times until the white-robed swordsman felt his arm go numb. His attacks were no weaker than his opponent's, but he was not as strong, and he could not bear this many repeated attacks. And he was gradually slowing down.

Woosh! A powerful wind blew out, and one of the golden afterimages coalesced into a long halberd in the black wind condor's talons. Another golden afterimage swept over, and the black wind condor appeared in front of the white-robed swordsman. This time, at the moment the swordsman slashed out with his sword, thousands of swords cut through the air towards the condor. However, all he could see was the golden lightning. The lightning seemed to have melded with the halberd.

At that moment, space and time seemed to freeze. The white-robed cultivator's face changed as he felt his movements become restricted. He immediately understood that he had underestimated his opponent. This evil creature was truly crafty.

Boom! The golden lightning crackled towards him and shattered his sword. The halberd pierced through the air. In the next moment, he felt a cold bite at his throat.

"You asked for this." The black wind condor pulled out the halberd, letting his opponent's body fall to the ground. It swept its gaze towards Li Yao and spat out a single word, "Fool." On saying this, he rushed towards the gold-winged roc!
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    《The Legend of Futian》