The Legend of Futian
1052 Mr. Condor is full of Himself
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1052 Mr. Condor is full of Himself

Li Yao stared at the corpse on the ground, and his eyes were gloomy.

All three battles, all defeated.

What he had called in disdain as a beast, had killed the great cultivator of the Dali Sword Mountain.

If it was the previous battle with Yu Sheng, that would be more acceptable, but this battle just gave him a sense of absurdity.

Demonic Beasts were even more dependent on talent than human. Unless there was a special chance encounter, the race they were born into determined the fate of the beasts.

Therefore, when the Black Wind Condor stepped out, everyone thought for sure it was going to its death. Emperor Xia's Realm had given up on that particular battle, and Li Yao even thought that Emperor Xia's Realm was acting kind of shamelessly by sending an insignificant beast to its death. 

But who could have thought that the Black Wind Condor killed his swordsman from Dali Dynasty.

Moreover, this condor, twice contemptuously called Li Yao an idiot.

At this point, the eyes of the people turned to watch the battle between the Black Wind Condor and the Roc, the speed of the two demonic beasts were fast to the limit, fighting in the height of the sky, causing a terrible spatial storm between the heaven and the earth.

The Black Wind Condor even morphed, and each of its feathers turned into a dark golden color, faintly revealing a demonic light, its eyes were extremely fierce. Its body was immense, its strength dominant, and it repeatedly colliding with the divine bird, the Roc. 

The talent of the Roc was impressive, its body was like having been casted by golden divine metal, it was able to traverse the void with unparalleled speed, and its power to attack was equally powerful and incredible. 

Who could have imagined that a Black Wind Condor would dared to collide face-to-face with the Roc?

The many great demons of the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm who gazed at the battlefield also revealed surprise in their eyes; what kind of genius was this Black Wind Condor?

"Die," a sharp voice pierced the void, and the Roc's body bloomed with unparalleled golden brilliance. Its body seemed to expand, its wings fluttered across the space, and the countless feathers on its body turned into sharp blades, slashing toward the Black Wind Condor.

The pupils of the Black Wind Condors were dark and arrogant, and the aura of space solidification covered the void. The golden brilliance that were shooting this way seemed to have slowed down. Its speed suddenly increased, and passed through the endless light of slaughter. It descended before the Roc in an instant, the sharp claws seemed to tear the space and stab toward the head of the Roc.

The wings of the Roc trembled fiercely, and actually broke through the aura of the space solidification. The golden claws also had the power to tear through the void, and they collided together. Afterwards, everyone saw two demonic beasts tangled deep in fighting, between heaven and earth, the storm of space shredding grew ever more intense.

"This bird is too large to be stewed in one pot, "the leisurely voice of the Black Wind Condor was heard, which shocked all the great demons of the Demonic Realm momentarily, and then the demonic aura swam out, wanting to tear the Black Wind Condor into pieces on the spot.

A Black Wind Condor, dared to insult the divine bird the Roc, that it could not be stewed in one pot?

Even Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan could not help the twitching of the corners of their mouths and stared at the Black Wind Condor.

Xia Qingyuan was slightly surprised. This Black Wind Condor seemed to have the cultivation ability of Ye Futian, and was an enlightened demonic beast.

"No wonder the Roc is a divine bird," Ye Futian said to himself. If it wasn't for the battle of sacrifice, this beast would make a great mount. The condor had been following him for many years, and was enlightened by all of his cultivation. It had received the power of the demonic beast upon Mount Tian, and had been bathed in Saint Jiang's medicinal bath. It had also slayed many monsters in the Endless Ocean to increase its combative power, and made many a sea monsters into stew. Other than the fact that its physical body remained unchanged, all of its other abilities had long since evolved. 

Previously that swordsman was at a disadvantage in his power, but the Roc could directly compete with the smaller condor in strength, physique and defense.

" The wing on this bird is so meaty, it must be delicious when it's cooked..." The voice of the Black Wind Condor was heard again, and the Roc made a loud shrill, as if to give a violent attack.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Black Wind Condor zigged and zagged all the way in retreat, and the two golden shadows were constantly shifting and moving in the void, as if they had broken through the void.

"What?" in the void, the cultivators of the demonic realm frowned. The Black Wind Condors seemed to retreat with an enchanting rhythm, dancing and flying in the air, and its movement gathered a violent momentum which wrapped it in a great storm of undeniable force.

This damned beast was so deceitful, it had deliberately angered the Roc.

The Roc's attack was getting stronger, but after many violent attempts, it was still unable to overcome the condor. The Roc's energy continued to be depleted, and appeared to be exhausted, at least for the time being. 

At this moment, the Black Wind Condor moved, there was a long halberd clutched in its sharp claws, carrying with it a terrible storm that shuttled through the void in an instant, descended in front of the Roc.

The Roc felt an incredibly overbearing and barbaric pressure swept over it. It let out a scream but did not avoid the onslaught. Instead, it extended its sharp claws into golden blades, trying to stab the other.

The halberd pierced through the sword and it was broken and crushed. The halberd pierced through the claws of the Roc, and then went on to penetrate its abdomen. The power of destruction was raging, and the Roc made a pitiful whining sound. The brilliance on its body was still shining, its wings shot out endless sharp spatial blades.

With the dark golden radiance attached to its body, the eyes of the Black Wind Condor turned into the eyes of darkness, as if they were enchanted. It rushed toward its opponent with the long halberd stay inserted in the other's abdomen. Its sharp claws clamped on the neck of the Roc, and then ripped it open, blood instantly spurted out. 

The Black Wind Condor took a bite. At this moment, it seemed to have turned into a bird of dark magic, wanting to drink the blood of the Roc.

"Come back," Ye Futian spat out a command, and the Black Wind Condor released the body of the Roc immediately, allowed its body to fall down. The Black Wind Condor returned with a beautiful arc, landed in front of Ye Futian, its demonic pupils disappeared, revealing an innocent look.

Ye Futian reached out and flicked him on his head, said, "the enlightened demonic beast is strong than anything; you yourself is a divine bird."

The Black Wind Condor seemed to partially understand what was being said to him, but he still felt it was a pity that the blood of the Roc had gone to waste.

But Ye Futian was the boss, whatever he said must be right.

Ye Futian glanced at the fallen Roc. Many of the great demons had the exalted reputation of being sacred beasts, but it was not because all of them they were sacred, but only that they had the potential to becoming that. 

Sainthood was a qualitative change. Whether it was a person or a demon, once entered into the Divine and baptized by the Great Path, a rebirth occurred to change them from head to toe.

Therefore, Ye Futian had stated that an enlightened demon was stronger than anything else; once it became a demon saint, even though the Black Wind Condor itself was an ordinary bird, as a divine bird, it would metamorphose drastically.

What the cultivators call the Saint Plane, for the extraordinary to be sanctified, they must shed their mortal body.

Therefore, there was no need to drink the blood of the Roc. This battle had already enraged the great demons of the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm. He did not much care about the attitude of Emperor Li's Realm, but to offend the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm would be too much, and it would not be a good idea for the other two to join in alliance.

Seeing the previously ferocious Black Wind Condor appeared in front of Ye Futian as a tamed pet, many expressed a look of amazement.

In the war of the sacrifices, Emperor Xia's Realm had won all three battles. 

The crowd that was watching the battle from afar reveal an odd look. Emperor Xia's Realm was the least favored force among the three realms. However, at the battle of the sacrificial flag in the beginning of the battle for the Empty Realm, Emperor Xia's Realm greeted the Empty Realm with a complete and total victory. So now, who else would dare to predict that Emperor Xia's Realm would definitely lose?

Yu Sheng, and that Black Wind Condor, were they the wild cards of Emperor Xia's Realm?

But that did not seem right either. Either Yu Sheng or that beast, they both seemed to obey the command of the white-haired youth next to Xia Qingyuan.

Who was this handsome white-haired young man?

In the army of Emperor Xia's Realm, it seemed that he held a high position, very possibly second only to Xia Qingyuan.

If so, was he the secret weapon of the army of Emperor Xia's Realm?

Many were now curious about Ye Futian's identity. Naturally, Li Yao knew him. Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan also casted a glance at Ye Futian and seemed to realize that Xia Qingyuan was not their only opponent. 

Behind Xia Qingyuan, Tian Ji held the flag of Emperor Xia high up, and the blood-stained royal flag flew in the wind, making crisp sounds.

The blood on the imperial flag was shocking to behold, but at this moment the army of Emperor Xia's Realm was in high spirit. With victory of all three battles, the blood sacrificed on the imperial flag was a sign of glory.

The flags of Emperor Li's Realm and the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm were still clean.

Under the watch of many great demons, Kong Xuan levitated, and slashed her own tender skin and dripped blood on the imperial flag of the Peacock Realm. Since they could not garner a victory, she would make a sacrifice to the flag with her own blood.

Li Yao also levitated into the sky and followed suit, solemn and tragic. Li Yao turned around and gazed at Xia Qingyuan and Ye Futian, and said, "this is just the beginning, put the imperial flag up in the city; the battle of the Empty Realm officially began."

When he finished speaking, he waved and led the army to depart. 

"Sire, the daughter of Emperor Xia is quite the beauty. If captured alive, would Sire reward her to me?" Next to Kong Zhan, a great demon's eyes filled with evil light and stared at Xia Qingyuan.

"If someone could capture the daughter of Emperor Xia, she will be your spoils," Kong Zhan replied, his demonic eyes glanced at Xia Qingyuan.

"That woman also looks good; her skin is delicate, she must taste very good," yet another demonic beast turned to the direction of Yao Xi, the evil light of his eyes was blazing.

Many demonic beasts were lustful and sinister, and now that they were in the battlefield, they were even more unscrupulous and unrestrained.

"That Royal Highness of yours also looks pretty good; how about having her come over and serve my master?" the Black Wind Condor glanced at the talking demon with its enchanted pupils. Although it was not familiar with the princess and Yao Xi, but since they were the beauties next to its master, they both belonged to the master, and it was out of turn for these monsters to even think about touching them. 

Kong Xuan's eyes shot toward the Black Wind Condor like a sharp blade. The nine- color divine light shining upon her torso, and suddenly gave out a great sense of oppression. She was bathed in brilliant glory.

Many great demons were also angrily roaring, staring at the Black Wind Condor; how dare this beast to humiliate their noble princess?

To serve his master?

It was unthinkable.

The Black Wind Condor looked at the beautiful nine-color divine light displayed by Kong Xuan, a little surprised; this woman was pretty powerful.

"You heard about serving my master, so you decided to fan your peacock tails?" The Black Wind Condor proudly raised its head.

Hearing his words, the nine-color divine light shot from Kong Xuan's torse. Behind her, many great demons roared and coming forward, couldn't wait for the war to immediately begin so they could tear this animal into pieces for being so rude.

Ye Futian slapped the Black Wind Condor on the head; was its ego this inflated?

"Shut up," Ye Futian whispered. This guy was pulling his legs and attracting unnecessary hatred for him. Sure enough, he saw Kong Xuan staring at him, looking extremely unfriendly.

The fanning of the tail was a mating ritual of lowly animals such as the male peacock. This idiot dared to humiliate her with this analogy, truly unforgivable!
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    《The Legend of Futian》