The Legend of Futian
1054 Extremely Shameless
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1054 Extremely Shameless

The Black Wind Condor flew all the way through the Empty Realm, heading for the Demon Peacock City.

To Ye Futian, his main target on that trip was Emperor LI's Realm and the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm was not within hsi sights.

He cared little for the outcome of the war. So long as those from Emperor Xia's Realm were not performing too poorly, there was no way they would have lost in the Battle of Empty Realm.

It was especially so when the imperial flag of the Demon Peacock City was concerned. Cutting it down would have been a breeze, although some methods would have been required. There was not even a need for their armies to clash to get that done.

As such, he headed straight for Demon Peacock City alone with the Black Wind Condor.

That place had huge number of demonic beasts guarding it at the moment. Demonic aura was so thick that it shot to the heavens.

The Black Wind Condor dived from above and saw one demonic beast after another taking to skies, ready to intercept them in the air.

Formidable violent aura was seen in their eyes. They eyed the place behind the bird and were surprised to find no army; it was just one human and one beast. Worse still, it was that foul beast that dared to insult her highness.

Voom... Strong gale tore through the space. The Black Wind Condor sped through the air and continued on its way to the sky above the city. The army below the city rose together with them, barricading the city below altogether. One demon beast after another shot to the sky, getting ready to intercept Ye Futian and the Black Wind Condor.

Terrifying demonic aura swept through the place and they saw one eerie beam after another shot from below. It seemed as if the demon lions ganged up on them in a ferocious manner.

The Black Wind Condor's eyes shone with golden demonic light and brought its claws to bear. Terrifying space-tearing power shot below, tearing those demonic attacks apart one after another. Its speed was frightening as it continued moving forward. It quickly appeared at the central region of the Demon Peacock City, right before a demon hall.

The armies were garrisoning there. Both Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan looked up, glaring at the human and beast above coldly, thinking those two to have had death wishes to simply barged in like that.

The Black Wind Condor was very high up in the air and posed no threat to the imperial flag of the city. Even so, however, the armies below continued to be on guard against them. The terrifying army of demonic beasts took to the air.

Are these two really trying to just take the flag on their own? 

"Boss, can I talk now?" The bird asked Ye Futian telepathically. Ye Futian did not answer, and the Black Wind Condor took it to be silent approval.

Excitement was seen in the bird's pitch black eyes. It spread its wings in the air and screeched at the crowd below, "Kong Xuan, you demonic woman, come up and serve my master."

Ye Futian felt rather speechless. What the hell is this guy thinking? Is that the only thing it knows?

He did not, however, stop the bird from talking. If it liked provoking the enemy that much, he saw no reason to stop it.

Divine light of nine colors shone on Kong Xuan. That fiery body of hers took to the air. She was dressed in feathered garb of the peacock and looked demonically beautiful. Its voluptuous body and stunning appearance shone with a feral grace about it.

"You really have adeath wish." A howl was heard from below. A Roc tore through the space from below, holding a golden spear and dazzled as it streaked through the space in a heartbeat, aiming to kill the Black Wind Condor.

A gale was whipped up and the space glittered. The Black Wind Condor appeared somewhere else and making its opponent miss. It nonetheless kept its eyes on the Roc, feeling the power gushing from its opponent, and saw the bird actually holding a space type divine implement.

"You lowly human. You dare to insult her highness." The Roc's eyes tore through space and shot forward at Ye Futian and the Black Wind Condor.

"My master had the potential of an emperor. It'd be the honor of Kong Xuan, the demonic girl, to be able to serve my master. She should come to him personally and beg to be pampered." The bird then continued, "As for you lowly beasts, you shall bow before my master."

The bird fired away with impunity seeing how its master did not bother stopping it.

"..." Ye Futian was feeling exasperated, and wondering why he had never discovered the beast to have possessed such talents in the past.

The shamelessness the bird exhibited easily eclipsed his own. Furthermore, the bird was acting all pompous and holier-than-thou, speaking in a very condescending manner, as if it was actually a stead of an emperor, feeling very proud of itself.

However, Ye Futian remained looking as if he was enjoying it all. He stood on top of the Black Wind Condor and acted as if the bird was telling nothing but the truth. His silver-haired and white-garbed silhouette remained eyeing Kong Xuan, in a formidable, unpredictably powerful stance. He was thinking if he should make it a king of blabbermouth of sorts, if the bird were to ever become a demon lord.

Kong Xuan looked up at the Black Wind Condor and then Ye Futian, who was standing on its back. He eyed her with an unfazed, serene look, as if he was appraising her looks and figure right there and then. If Ye Futian had not gave the bird his permission, it would have not dared to be so insolent.

Kong Xuan's eyes were filled with murderous intent. Despite having an enduring disposition, demonic aura nonetheless coursed throughout her body. Divine light of nine colors glittered and her white, supple hands were clenched.

Me, Kong Xuan, should go to him personally and ask to be pampered?

This is unforgivable.

"Orders to the Godly Wing Legion." A voice was heard saying coldly beside Kong Xuan. One demonic beast after another flapped their wings and ganged up on the duo in the air. There was one thing in common with all those demonic beasts—the possessed wings and were versed in speed attacks. They consisted the fastest elite legion in the grand army of Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm.

"Kill them." Kong Zhan said coldly. The group of demonic beasts shot to the air. Several Roc moved the fastest and streaked through the air at Ye Futian and the Black Wind Condor. They wanted to see how those two would have ended up dead.

"Let's go." Ye Futian gave his orders telepathically. The Black Wind Condor streaked higher into the sky like a bolt of lightning.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The legion of demonic beasts had no intentions of sparing them. They all sped like lightning bolts as they pursued the duo, shooting into the clouds.

"I'll go up and kill them." Divine light of nine colors glittered on Kong Xuan. She hovered in the air and headed high into the sky.

"Beware of traps," Kong Zhan reminded her. The human and the beast had came to provoke them with mean words, insulting Kong Xuan. What are they trying to do here?

All manner of tricks were used in the battlefield of the Empty Realm. Lowly tricks of all kinds had been used before. The likes of flushing out the enemy into the open and entice the enemy to leave their vantage ground were naturally commonly seen tactics. With the three armies of the imperial realms getting into their respective cities not long ago, Ye Futian showed up before everyone settled. It was entirely possible that he was there to ambush Kong Xuan, which made it all the more important to be on guard.

"I won't go after them too far. I'll get back to the city soon," Kong Xuan had already shot to the air by the time she finished reassuring her brother. She was extremely fast and disappeared in an instant.

Although she knew that the Black Wind Condor was only doing all of that to get to her nerves, she remained indignant. She was compelled to kill that foul beast and that wretched human cultivator, who allowed his stead to insult her like that. Serve him and ask to be pampered eh?

The Godly Wing Legion of the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm was flying at frightening speeds. However, that Black Wind Condor was not slow in any way itself. Having developed compression of space rules, the powers enabled it to continue to streak through the air at near-impossible speeds. Many demon beasts were gradually left in the dust, with Kong Xuan and some top notch demonic beasts who were extremely adept at speed, being the ones able to keep up with the Black Wind Condor.

"You dared to speak in such an insolent manner, and yet you now run like dogs with tails between their legs?" Kong Xuan quipped coldly. She looked unnervingly divine while basking in the divine light of nine colors.

"Would you dare come alone, demonic girl? Me and master would be happy fight you for 300 rounds. You'd definitely be willing to submit yourself to my master after you fight him," the Black Wind Condor answered without turning its head around. It continued to streak forward and its voice was heard throughout the place.

The divine light of nine colors coursing all over Kong Xuan felt like the light of the great path. Her chest heaved as extreme killing intent was seen burning in her eyes.

The light turned even more glittering as she accelerated all of a sudden. She alone was the only one capable of close in on the Black Wind Condor, so much so that event he Rocs were left in the dust. It was a testament of how frightening her speed actually was.

"She is fast," the Black Wind Condor said to itself for her being to be able to close in on it so easily. However, its eyes continued to look unfazed and without the slightest hint of anxiousness. Despite the fact that there was no way for it to defeat the daughter of the demon emperor, it nonetheless had someone to back it. The bird would not have dared to be so insolent otherwise.

The divine light of nine colors shrouded the entire place. Dazzling feathers of the peacock appeared in the air, blocking out the sky altogether.

"Hey boss. She is really getting serious. You really don't want to think about it?" The Black Wind Condor screeched. The feathers of the peacock shone throughout the heavens, which truly looked like a peacock flaunting its tail, looking incredibly dazzling.

Kong Xuan's expression was a grim one. The Black Wind Condor felt as if the sky was blocked out by the light of the peacock under the powers of the divine light of nine colors. Extremely huge feathers of the peacock were seen blocking out the sky. A extremely terrifying devouring power manifested and making it difficult for the Black Wind Condor to continue forward. It seemed to even beginning to make it swept in the other direction instead.

Voom. The Black Wind Condor's wings shook violently, intending to continue streaking through the air. Its body burst through the air and yet it quickly found that it had not even budged an inch. It continued to move at the very same spot, with space being pulled behind its body.

The Demon Peacock Emperor had heavenly means and was a lord over one whole realm. That alone was a testament of its powers. All great monsters at Saint Plane of the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm were under its rule, and they were beings that comprehended the powers of the great path.

As the daughter of the Demon Peacock Emperor and had extreme talents. She and her twin brother, Kong Zhan, were known as the most exceptional heirs to the throne. With their training being at the very pinnacle of Sage Plane and half a step into Saint Plane, they were at the level of getting into Saint Plane and their powers had the might of the great path in them.

Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan were the leading figures of the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm's forces in that year's Battle of Empty Realm. They both were also the strongest of them all. As such, Kong Xuan dared to lead her people to come out to kill those two without fear of getting ambushed. It was a testament in her great confidence in her own power. Even though the Black Wind Condor had showcased its extremely formidable powers before, and Ye Futian, as its master, would have definitely been stronger, but she remained fearless.

Ye Futian turned around and eyed Kong Xuan. He somewhat felt an aura similar to that of Wang Chuan from her, that she was someone a step away from attaining sainthood. That dazzling divine light of nine colors and the feathers of the peacock that shrouded the place, already had the might of the great path in ti.

Furthermore, she was the descendant of the Demon Peacock Emperor, which meant it was extremely possible that her powers were above that of Wang Chuan.

However, Kong Xuan was not his target.

He deemed it best to simply leave the descendant of the Demon Peacock Emperor alone.

Due to Kong Xuan's status, the emperor would have definitely had something up his sleeve concerning his descendants. If he were to actually control Kong Xuan, he would have most probably ended up alerting the emperor, and he might have even needed to suffer the recoil himself.

The victory of the Battle of Empty Realm would have definitely been theirs, but his main target was still Emperor Li's Realm. He had no intentions of offending an emperor of the demon beasts.

If Kong Xuan were to find out that Ye Futian was actually considering if he wanted to put her under his control, it would have been anyone's guess what she would have felt.

Her stared at Ye Futian with a cold expression. That human looked incredibly exceptional and was definitely a rare, strikingly handsome man. But she never expected him to be so shameless and despicable!
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    《The Legend of Futian》