The Legend of Futian
1056 Refusal to Figh
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1056 Refusal to Figh

A fierce light flashed in the big demons' eyes as they saw Ye Futian coming towards them. Her Majesty had not taken care of him?

They were not even sure just how powerful Her Majesty was, but long ago all of the strongest members of the younger generation of each demon family had said that they were weaker than her.

Demonic Beasts respected the law of the jungle more than humans, and so they were in awe of truly powerful Demonic Beasts. Thus, the most powerful demons would not give Kong Xuan any true recognition or respect just because she was the descendant of the Demon Emperor. Why would powerful demons like the Roc listen to the orders of a weakling?

Ye Futian must have fled from her.

Woosh! A crowd of great demons surrounded Ye Futian. Princess Kong Xuan had not been able to capture him, but these demons were ferociously powerful, and also very careful.

Ye Futian walked forward towards the Roc, which was surrounded by brilliant golden light. His eyes flashed with dazzling golden lightning.

"We'll kill him together," spat the Roc in an arrogant voice. A violent storm suddenly whipped up as a group of demonic beasts surged forward. They slashed out with sharp claws as they attacked him in the manner of the demonic families. Their destructive aura seemed like it would annihilate everything around them.

The black wind condor looked at them with contempt. Would surrounding him be of any use?

Soon they would know the fear of being dominated. Although the black wind condor was itself dominated, it was happy to be so. Nobody had forced Grandfather Condor to follow the boss back in the beginning.

It's form flashed as it rose up into the air. It looked off into the distance, seemingly keeping a lookout.

Below, Ye Futian held the Halberd of Time and Space. Destructive lightning appeared around him, and crackling sounds rang out all around as demonic beasts were killed one after another and fell to the ground. When the other demonic beasts saw that something was wrong, they tried to flee, but soon they were all caught up in the attack. They saw a pair of eyes that pierced their very souls, leaving an unforgettable impression in their minds.

Before long these demonic beasts had been wounded and fled. They went back to the other demonic beasts who had come to call them away, and together they left with Kong Xuan for Demon Peacock City.

Many people in the city were extremely angry. They had let Ye Futian and the other fools escape, and so many plans were made to kill them. But Princess Kong Xuan said that although she could have defeated Ye Futian, she would not have stayed there just for him.

They thought that the matter would end there, but they never would have imagined that before long Ye Futian and the black wind condor would appear in the skies above Demon Peacock City, right above their heads.

Kong Zhan, Kong Xuan and countless demons looked at the man and the demon up in the sky with extremely cold eyes. Would they never be free of them?

"Do you want to serve my master, witch? If you do your best, you will have the chance to win his favor," the black wind condor would often call from the sky. It continuously provoked them, but when Kong Xuan sent demons to pursue it, it would just fly up high in the sky and escape.

This made many of the cultivators of the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm want to kill Ye Futian and the black wind condor and grind their bones to ash. Especially that beast who boasted incessantly. They wanted to pull out its tongue and cut it into pieces.

Several days later, Ye Futian and the black wind condor had still not left Demon Peacock City. They had been surrounded many times, but had always managed to escape. And every time they fought, a few of the demonic beasts from Demon Peacock City would be lost.

Ye Futian and the black wind condor had been a thorn in the side of the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm in the battle at the Empty Realm.

Finally, Kong Xuan ordered for everyone to completely ignore Ye Futian and the black wind condor, and to let them sit up in the air and taunt them.

However, constantly hearing the black wind condor's taunts made it so that the demons in the city could not rest easy. Gradually they even began to become numb.

If a day came when they did not hear the black wind condor taunting them by asking Kong Xuan to serve Ye Futian they would have thought it strange.

In the city, many people suggested they send an army to attack Emperor Xia's Realm. But if they did so, they were afraid that Emperor Li's Realm would take the opportunity to invade them. Moreover, Ye Futian was still here.

In the Empty Realm, those who were paying attention to the Battle of Empty Realm all gradually heard the news about Ye Futian and the black wind condor provoking the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm. Many of them were silent for a while. This Ye Futian and his mount were truly shameless, and were using a shameless method to gradually drain the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm's strength. They pitied Princess Kong Xuan. A daughter of the Demon Peacock Emperor, and a powerful hero, was humiliated daily by Ye Futian. Many cultivators were uneasy on her account.

Of course, there were also those who thought that it would be amazing to have Kong Xuan serving them.

But they didn't have the guts to say this out loud.

The cultivators of Emperor Li's Realm also heard the news. Over the next couple days, Emperor Li's City and Emperor Xia's City both reorganized their armies, preparing for an occupation. They sent spies to the Empty Realm to investigate their enemies' movements. Emperor Li's Realms knew of all of Ye Futian's actions.

In Emperor Li's City, Li Yao heard all the reports. A cold light flashed in his eyes.

"They may have won three victories at the flag battle of the Empty Realm, but does Emperor Xia's Realm really think they can win this war?" he asked coldly. Ye Futian and the black wind condor were wasting the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm's strengths all by themselves, which was a good strategy. It was a good way to deal with Kong Xuan. If it had been done to him, he'd have no way to counter it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Ye Futian is indeed extremely strong if he is able to contend with Kong Xuan. According to the news we've received, the siblings Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan are the strongest demonic beasts in the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm. This implies that Ye Futian's power is no less than that of Xia Qingyuan. The two of them must be enough to crush the siblings, otherwise this provocation would already have gotten them killed," said a young man beside Li Yao.

"Is it possible that this is all a scheme hatched by Emperor Xia's Realm and the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm, and they're putting on a show for us?" asked Li Yao. He seemed full of doubt.

"Probably not. Many demons have died at Ye Futian's hands these past few days, and many of them were from top families, like the Roc. If this is all for show then the Demon Peacock Emperor is being extremely arrogant. He could not easily sacrifice the Roc."

Li Yao nodded. He naturally understood this, but there was no disadvantage to being cautious.

"What recklessness to think that they can know and decide the outcome of this battle. Ye Futian's talent is outstanding, but he has valor but lacks strategy." Li Yao smiled. "What do you think we should do, Yuan Jin?"

"Ye Futian and his mount must have thoroughly angered Kong Xuan and the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm by now," answered Yuan Jin.

"So we should make an alliance with the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm?" Li Yao continued to ask for advice. He placed a great deal of trust in this student of the Imperial Advisor of Emperor Li's Realm who had personally come to advise him in battle.

Thanks to the Imperial Advisor's student's assistance in the battle for the Empty Realm, Emperor Li's Realm was stronger than it had been ten years ago, and now they had the advantage. With advice from a student of the Imperial Advisor, how could they not expect victory?

"In this battle of three sides, everyone will constantly try to deceive each other. Especially since the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm will try to get revenge for the lesson they learned ten years ago. But they will also be on guard against us, and will not just casually form an alliance," said Yuan Jin. "They will only do so if there is an opportunity in it for them."

"In that case what should we do?" asked Li Yao.

"Now that Ye Futian is drawing the Peacock Emperor's Realm's ire, His Majesty can directly send an army against Emperor Xia's City. We have no need to form an alliance for this future war, we just have to keep attacking Emperor Xia's Realm. Over time, us and the Peacock Emperor's Realm will form a tacit understanding, other than the precautions that we take against each other this will be stronger than a verbal agreement," said Yuan Jin.

"And as a result, both Emperor Li's Realm and Emperor Xia's Realm will be expending their resources. This will make those demonic beasts believe in our sincerity." Li Yao smiled. He knew what Yuan Jin was getting at.

First they would form a tacit agreement and destroy Emperor Xia's City, taking it out of the picture. Afterwards they could fight with the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm.

Moreover, it would be a sincere alliance. They would not use any underhanded tricks, as those demonic beasts would probably sense them.

"In the wars of the Upper Realms, Emperor Xia's Realm is at a disadvantage, and thus we use trickery. This time, we just need to go with the flow in order to win this war for the Empty Realm." Yuan Jin appeared full of confidence.

"In that case, then I must ask you to go out to battle with the army, brother." Li Yao smiled. Although he was a prince of Emperor Li's Realm, he had cultivated with the Imperial Advisor, which made Yuan Jin his sworn brother.

There were many princes of Emperor Li's Realm, and they secretly fought among themselves without end. The Imperial Advisor was highly regarded by Emperor Li, and thus all the princes greatly respected him.


The news spread quickly throughout Emperor Xia's City that an army was gathering in Emperor Li's City, and was about to set out towards them.

The whole army was quickly called together and prepared to form battle matrices.

At that moment, many cultivators were gathered beneath Emperor Xia's banner outside the palace. Each of the commanders had come to Xia Qingyuan's side, including Sword Saint, Gu Dongliu, Yu Sheng and others.

Many of the cultivators of the top forces of the Upper Realms were there as well.

Emperor Li's Realm had launched such a decisive attack on them that they were all a bit surprised. But since they were coming, they would naturally meet them in battle.

"Have you sent someone to notify Brother Ye, Princess?" Xiao Sheng asked from beside Xia Qingyuan. On occasions such as this he would naturally call her "Princess".

"Mm." Xia Qingyuan nodded. She had already sent someone to Demon Peacock Emperor City to find Ye Futian. Emperor Li's troops were pressing on their borders, and there would likely be a large battle.

"Right now Brother Ye is taking on Demon Peacock Emperor City all by himself, proving himself worthy of the title of hero of this generation. But now that Emperor Li's army is pressing upon us, Ye Futian is acting resolutely, preventing us from being attacked on both sides." Xiao Sheng spoke calmly, not hiding anything. He stated the pros and cons clearly.

"Mm." Xia Qingyuan nodded.

"But he is strong enough that by himself he is worth a thousand men," said Xiao Sheng with a smile.

Just as he was speaking, a group of figures appeared in the air riding on a divine implement, crossing the sky at an incredible speed.

They descended, and bowed to Xia Qingyuan. "Here is our report. Ye Futian says that as long as the Princess is here we will surely win this battle. He will continue to observe the movements in Demon Peacock Emperor City."

A strange look flashed in Xia Qingyuan's eyes as she heard their report. "Understood," she said indifferently.

But she cursed Ye Futian inwardly. What was he trying to do?

If he had some kind of plan, he could at least tell her!
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    《The Legend of Futian》