The Legend of Futian
1059 Xia Qingyuan“s Order
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1059 Xia Qingyuan“s Order

Many people in Kongxuan City in the Empty Realm were paying attention to the Battle of Empty Realm, including many Saints.

At that moment, many people were in Jiuxiao Tower discussing the news of the battle.

"Emperor Li's Realm has finally counterattacked Emperor Xia's Realm's in response to their triple victory in the flag battle. Their great army has attacked Emperor Xia's City many times, and there have been countless casualties in this tragic war. They have firmly restricted the army of Emperor Xia's Realm, forcing them to defend the city. And Emperor Li's Realm hasn't even sent out their full army yet. So far, neither army has gained the advantage," someone was saying.

"Well, right now the cultivators of Emperor Xia's Realm are tightly guarding the area where their Emperor's flag is. Emperor Li's Realm's multiple fierce assaults have put a lot of pressure on them, but Emperor Li's Realm has controlled the Empty Realm for ten years, and many cultivators from the Empty Realm have joined their army. They have the advantage in terms of number of legions, and the Imperial Adviser of Emperor Li's Realm has trained up many weapons in human form. All of them are at the semi-saint level. When they wield divine implements they can attack with the power of the Divine Path. The threat of this power is simple terrifying, and is putting great strain on Emperor Xia's Realm's army."

"Given the power that Emperor Li's Realm has shown in this war, it is highly likely that they will seize victory in the Battle of Empty Realm," many people argued.

"Not necessarily. Emperor Li's Realm has acted a bit impulsively by attacking Emperor Xia's City multiple times. Both sides are wasting a lot of energy on this, and the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm has been avoiding exerting themselves. So far they have suffered no losses, and have just been watching all along. If this situation continues the strongest side in the end will be Demon Peacock City."

"But when you speak of Demon Peacock City, you have to speak of Ye Futian. That guy is simply unconventional. He did not go with the army to resist Emperor Li's Realm, but has been harassing Demon Peacock City from the air for many days. His mount is extremely strong as well. He won one of the flag battles for Emperor Xia's Realm already. He is able to compete with the top figures of the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm."

Someone else said, "But it's that pair of master and servant who are truly outrageous. They are up there in the sky provoking them every day, threatening to make the Princess of the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm, Kong Xuan, serve Ye Futian. It's that black wind condor in particular, the one who is even more prestigious than many of the noble families of the Demon World. He's the one who keeps saying that Kong Xuan will have to serve his master. This is simply..."

Many of the people there had heard this before, and a strange look came over their faces. That pair of master and servant were invincible.

Was it possible that Ye Futian really wanted to take Princess Kong Xuan?

That idea was bold enough.

That man and that demon had been so arrogant, but all the demons of Demon Peacock City hadn't been able to deal with them. Every time they had pursued and surrounded them they had escaped, and then they would come back. At that moment, all the demons in Demon Peacock City wanted to kill that pair of master and servant more than anyone else in the world.

There were also some Saint level figures from the Nine States present at Juxiao Tower then. The Saints from the Realms of the Three Emperors were not allowed to enter the area of the Battle of Empty realm. Thus, they were all in Kongxuan City now. They naturally knew all the news about Ye Futian, but they could not guess what he was thinking.

"What is Ye Futian planning? Does he have a trick up his sleeve?" said Saint Xia. The group of Saints from the Nine States were discussing this. They did not understand it.

"He's just a lecher, that's all. What kind of tricks could he have?" came a cold voice. Saint Xia and the others looked at the one who had spoken and saw a cold but beautiful woman sitting there calmly. It was of course Glass Saint, and Yaya and the Village Chief were beside her.

A strange look came over Saint Xia's face as he looked at her. It was said that her cultivation situation was a little bit special right now, and that she had fallen into a strange mood. But why had she suddenly said that?

He was just a lecher?

Could it be that Ye Futian had done something to the foremost beauty of the Eastern State?

Glass Saint still sat there coldly. When she finished speaking she closed her eyes, as if she did not care one bit about the outside world.

"Glass Saint has the truth of it." Saint Xia suddenly nodded seriously. Then he smiled. There could be no other possibility besides this one.

He had heard that this demon Princess Kong Xuan was a rare talent, and she was incredibly attractive with an unblemished face.

Ye Futian had dared to place the Sword Saint of the Void and Glass Saint in the Holy Zhi Palace together. Given Ye Futian's daring nature, it was likely that he would dare to do the same thing to Kong Xuan.


A black wind condor swooped down from the air above Emperor Xia's City in the Empty Realm. On its back, Ye Futian's hair was blowing in the wind and he had his hands clasped behind his back as he descended towards where Emperor Xia's flag was.

Emperor Xia's City was a scene of ruin right now. There was rubble everywhere. Many battles had happened around the flag, and countless structures had been destroyed. For the time being there was no time to repair them, and the repairs would probably have to wait until the struggles in the Empty Realm were over.

At that moment, everyone in the city looked up at Ye Futian with conflicted expressions.

At the flag battle, Ye Futian's friends Yu Sheng and the black wind condor had won two victories for Emperor Xia's Realm, letting them win the battle with complete military success in the three battles. Princess Xia Qingyuan regarded him highly and fought shoulder to shoulder with him. The troops and officers of the three armies all recognized the white haired youth.

Everyone had high hopes for Ye Futian. They hoped he could become the Princess's assistant, and win this Battle of the Empty Realm.

But they never would have thought that the passion he had shown during the flag battle would disappear. Emperor Li's Realm had attacked Emperor XIa's City, but Ye Futian refused to fight. It was said that he spent every day high in the sky above Demon Peacock City, and that he had some sort of intentions towards the demon Princess Kong Xuan, trying to seduce her by his words.

Because of this he had missed several large scale military engagements.

If he had been an unknown like before this wouldn't matter. But since everyone had placed such high hopes on him, their disappointment in him was naturally all the greater. Many of those in the armies said that he was just arrogant, and that despite his incredible talent he had let down Emperor Xia's high regard and Princess Xia Qingyuan's trust. He had no military discipline, and did not care about the Battle of Empty Realm. Nor did he care whether the troops and officers of the three armies lived or died.

Moreover, Ye Futian had received a title from Emperor Xia. He was the Princess's valet, and was supposed to guard her from danger. But when battle had broken out he was not there, instead he was in Demon Peacock City trying to seduce demon Princess Kong Xuan.

Thus, most of the people there were a little unhappy to see Ye Futian.

Soon, Ye Futian came to the central area, in front of a magnificent ancient temple where a large army was stationed.

The black wind condor glided down and landed in front of the temple. Everyone's gaze fell upon Ye Futian.

He seemed to guess the reason for the strange look in everyone's eyes. They did not seem to be friendly.

He furrowed his brow slightly, then relaxed it. He stepped forward without giving it any more thought.

A group of figure were coming towards him. They were cultivators from the Upper Realms.

"You've returned, Brother Ye," came a voice. Xiao Sheng had a dignified bearing, and his style was free and easy. His body was still faintly covered with the iron and blood of the battlefield. These past few days he and Gongsun Zhong had performed bravely. In the Upper Realms they had the reputation of being at the limit of what was possible below the Saint plane, and they had unleashed tremendous power upon the battlefield. Everyone looked at them with great respect.

"It is commendable that you were able to escape in one piece from Demon Peacock City after having been there for so long. Have you achieved anything?" Xiao Sheng asked Ye Futian.

Many cultivators were following behind him.

They all looked over at the meeting between these two men. It was like a commander interrogating a man he had sent out to perform a task.

But Xiao Sheng was not pushy or arrogant. He seemed very calm, but there was an invisible temperament flowing out of him.

"I am going to report to the Princess." Ye Futian glanced at Xiao Sheng, then walked past him.

He didn't like Xiao Sheng very much, and Xiao Sheng clearly didn't like him. But he always pretended that they were very close, which was very hypocritical. Since he knew the relationship between Xiao Sheng, Gongsun Zhong and Xia Qingyuan, he knew that Xiao Sheng could have no warm feelings towards him. He was an obstacle to Xiao Sheng. It could be said that he was an eyesore to him.

"You knew that the two armies were fighting, and yet you refused to come back and help out in the battle. Instead you continued to provoke Kong Xuan and offend the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm. What is your goal, Ye Futian?" Gongsun Zhong was not as polite as Xiao Sheng and so he spoke directly.

"It's none of your business," answered Ye Futian coldly. He continued forward, passing between the two of them.

"The Battle of Empty Realm is of the utmost importance. If you offend the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm, Kong Xuan and Emperor Li's Realm will ally and attack us. That will be the end of us! And you say this is none of my business?" responded Gongsun Zhong coldly. "When you came to this battle you become a member of our army, and yet you wantonly trample upon our rules and make enemies for us. And you arrogantly say it's none of my business?"

"Only the Princess can be the master of my master. And yet you dare to call what he said arrogant?" The black wind condor swept its dark gold eyes over Gongsun Zhong. Ye Futian already knew that this scoundrel was a master at stirring up trouble. But he was no obstacle.

At that moment, the sound of footsteps came from up ahead and another group of figures appeared. Xia Qingyuan was dressed in immaculate white robes. She walked towards Ye Futian.

Xiao Sheng and Gongsun Zhong came to her side and stood there quietly. Xia Qingyuan looked at Ye Futian, and everyone's gaze was drawn there. They seemed to want to see how Xia Qingyuan would punish Ye Futian.

"Princess," called Ye Futian.

"Do you have something you wish to say to me?" the Princess asked Ye Futian coldly as she stared at him. This guy had not only refused to come to the battlefield once, but had refused the call for each battle, not even showing up once.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Princess, I must make my report in private," Ye Futian said to her.

Xia Qingyuan looked at him in silence for a time, then turned and said, "Come with me."

Xiao Sheng, Gongsun Zhong and the others tried to follow her as well.

Xia Qingyuan stopped and whispered to them"You do not need to follow me." Suddenly Xiao Sheng and Gongsun Zhong stopped. They all watched her and Ye Futian go into the temple alone.

The black wind condor stood in his original place, proudly sweeping its gaze over everyone. Its master had not participated in the battle because his status was far above that the ones gathered here.

"Do you see the difference" it asked lazily.

Xiao Sheng and Gongsun Zhong were stunned. They looked at the black wind condor, and their eyes flashed with coldness.

But the black wind condor just looked at them with contempt. He did not care at all. Did they want to attack him? Then they would see who Grandfather Condor was used to tangling with.

Not long after, Xia Qingyuan and Ye Futian walked out of the temple. Xia Qingyuan said, "I am naming Ye Futian assistant commander of the Battle of Empty Realm. When I am gone you are all to follow his orders."

All was silent at these words as Xiao Sheng and Gongsun Zhong stared at her in shock!
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    《The Legend of Futian》