The Legend of Futian
1063 Running Attack and Battlefield
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1063 Running Attack and Battlefield

The armies of Emperor Li's Realm and the Demon Peacock Realm descended upon Emperor Xia's City. At this time, the location of the imperial flag of the Demon Peacock City was guarded by the descendants of the Green Bull King. The original form of the Green Bull King was a yak, so its strength was extremely powerful.

The clan of Green Bull King was extremely strong both in terms of offensive and defensive powers. If they formed the Green Bull battle matrix, the impact was unparalleled and they could trample the void of heaven and earth.

At this time, the descendant of the Green Bull clan was the leader of this army. He volunteered to stay here and defend from behind.

In the camp of the Demon Peacock Realm in this battle for the Empty Realm, the strength of the Bull Demon was extremely powerful and dominant, and could be ranked within the top five. With him shoring up the rear, Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan would have no worries.

Around the imperial flag, the great demonic army stationed there, and the Bull Demon looked at all the demons around and said, "The secret command of Their Royal Highnesses is given here now to the great demon army who are guarding here. You will bear the most important task of this battle for the Empty Realm: at the time when the three great armies are going into war, we will cross the distance and launch an ambush by slaying the Imperial flag of Emperor Li's Realm, thus winning the battle for the Empty Realm."

There were strange colors in the eyes of the demons, and they were silently amazed at their royal leaders, who had apparently learned the ways of the deceitful humans.

Now, in the battle of the three armies, the alliance between the Emperor Li's Realm and the Demon Peacock Realm would ensure the destruction of Emperor Xia's City, and taken their imperial flag. So, as long as they could successfully ambush Emperor Li's City and taken their imperial flag, the victory of the battle for the Empty Realm would be theirs.

"The following battle will be your battle of glory. Who wants to follow me?" The Bull Demon said out loud, and suddenly all demon roared and sounded extremely excited.

It was time for them to make their contributions to their masters of the Demon Peacock Realm, to gain the control of the Empty Realm was indeed the most important task in the battle for the Empty Realm.

The great army gathered, and the Bull Demon left some of the demons to guard the Imperial flag, and then led most of the troops who were guarding this place to head toward the direction of Emperor Li's City.

After they left, above the sky, a figure appeared among shadows, the look on his face was extremely sullen. He then turned into a beam of light, rushing toward the direction of Emperor Xia's City; this news must be reported immediately. Even though the people of the Demon Peacock Realm would not necessarily able to take on the defense of Emperor Li's City, but at least they had to prepare for it.

These beasts had betrayed the alliance, and were full of themselves, thinking that they had made a brilliant move; was this to let Emperor Xia's City reap the benefit of it all?


At this time, above Emperor Xia's City, the great army had blocked the sunlight, rendering the entire city in gloom, but there was also a suffocating pressure.

The army from Emperor Li's Realm and the Demon Peacock Realm had descended above the firmament.

Moreover, the two armies were mixed together, with many of the demonic army now integrated into the army of Emperor Li's Realm, forming an unprecedented powerful force.

Li Yao and Yuan Jin were right in the middle of the army, they were the main commanders of Emperor Li's Realm.

Kong Zhan, Kong Xuan, were in another central area, they were naturally the main commanders of the Demon Peacock Realm.

Above the sky, Kong Xuan's eyes stared at Ye Futian below, who were behind Xia Qingyuan, her eyes were extremely cold. These days, she had suffered enough humiliation from Ye Futian and that damn animal. Today, they would be killed.

"Where was that damn beast?" Kong Zhan said coldly, and just then did Kong Xuan noticed that Ye Futian's mount, the Black Wind Condor, was not present, and he was also not found among the army. 

The two great realms had joined forces to attack, and that stupid beast dared to be a no show?

Yuan Jin's eyes swept down below; he was observing the guardian army of Emperor Xia's City.

Xia Qingyuan, the main commander, was present, so was Ye Futian, whose individual combat power was comparable to that of Xia Qingyuan's, as well as the two great legions of Tian and Dou, and many top cultivators from Emperor Xia's Palace and the Upper Worlds. No one seemed to be missing except a few important people, who were noticeably absent.

"Yu Sheng of the sacrificial battle of the flags, and the Black Wind Condor, seemed not to be on the battlefield," Yuan Jin said to Li Yao, who was next to him.

Yu Sheng and the Black Wind Condors demonstrated great combat power in the sacrificial battle of the flags, which naturally attracted the attention of many, so they were listed by Yuan Jin as key targets. Even among the numerous cultivators of the army, he still discovered that Yu Sheng and the Black Wind Condors were absent. As for others, it may not be so obvious and not so easy to discover on account that there were just too many cultivators.

At this time, there were several figures flashing toward them, they were the people who were responsible for the investigation of the battlefield. Bowing slightly, one said, "Sire, a few people disappeared before the battle and those should be the trusted confidants of Ye Futian, those who were responsible for hunting outside the battlefield previously."

When Li Yao and Yuan Jin heard this, they remembered those were indeed Yu Sheng and the others, and many of them demonstrated tremendous strength.

"They were the people of the Lower Worlds of the Nine States. The cultivator who inherited the ruin of Renhuang is also absent." Naturally, Li Yao knew who that was. He looked cold and indifferent, asking, "is there anyone else not here?"

"We have not discovered any at the moment," the messenger replied, "Xia Qingyuan and the leaders of Tian and Dou and other top principalities of Emperor Xia's Realm are all here."

"Senior brother, how many people were left guarding the imperial flag?" Li Yao asked Yuan Jin.

"They needed at least a corps like Tian or Dou to break through a great army. Just those people from the Nine States, even if their personal strength was outstanding, are far from enough," Yuan Jin replied. Currently, his brows were furled. At such time when the great armies were about to battle, and Emperor Xia's City was in dire danger, their opponent had dispersed their power; was it because they knew that they could not defend this, so they wanted to throw a wildcard and capture their imperial flag first?

This was a possibility.

If this was the case, then there would not be much surprise. But if the other party was extremely confident, even if their forces were dispersed, the army of Emperor Xia's City could still resist their offense, then there may be outcomes that he had not considered.

In the case of the former, one battle would determine the overall situation, but the latter... This possibility was very small.

"Sire, make this battle a quick one," Yuan Jin said to Li Yao. Though the possibility was very small, but there was still an uneasiness deep in his heart, and he worried about the situations that he did not calculated.

In this battle for the Empty Realm, Ye Futian was a wildcard, and he had not take him into consideration before, and he did not focus on investigating his background. Instead, it was Wang Chuan that he paid much attention to. In the end, neither Wang Chuan nor Lihen Heaven had participated in the battle for the Empty Realm, and for this he had relaxed a bit.

Kong Xuan, Emperor Li's Realm was always known for their trickery; in the last battle for the Empty Realm, they had won using such lowly method, and for this battle, Dali Dynasty had created a group of semi-sainted fighters, and does the Demon Peacock Realm really knew how many of them had appeared in the battlefield?"

Xia Qingyuan looked up and said to Kong Xuan, "Just for a grudge, you would rather lose the chance for the battle for the Empty Realm, is it worth it?"

Kong Xuan stared at Xia Qingyuan below; this most outstanding princess in the Emperor Xia's Realm, had been compared to her.

In fact, Kong Xuan also felt that it was a bit fast to get to the place they were now, and they may not have been as cautious, but all of this was caused by Ye Futian, all the demons of the Demon Peacock City hated him to the bones, and couldn't wait to tear him into pieces, hence the catalyst for making this alliance possible after several great battles had erupted.

"Princess Kong Xuan, don't listen to her nonsense, our two armies are in a union because of the circumstances. After the Imperial flag of Emperor Xia's Realm had been captured, Emperor Li's City and the Demon Peacock City will fight each other fairly to decide the outcome," Li Yao said out loud, and Kong Xuan sobered up her mind. All the demonic forces in the Demon Peacock Realm were aggressive and dominant, what did she have to fear?

"Kong Xuan, if you were still bothered by the frivolous words of Ye Futian, I can ask my father the Emperor to name him a title, and propose marriage to the Demon Peacock Emperor, how about it?" Xia Qingyuan continued.

Her voice fell, and Kong Xuan's eyes suddenly turned icy, and the uncertainty in heart a moment ago disappeared.

For her to marry Ye Futian?

"Xia Qingyuan, there were many demonic beasts in our demonic realm who were interested in you, so it would be better for me to give them titles and have you marry into Demon Peacock Realm. How about that?" Kong Zhan responded indifferently. This was an insult to his sister, Kong Xuan.

For the daughter of the Demon Peacock Emperor to marry Ye Futian?

He was far from being qualified.

"If you don't like that, you may serve me instead," Kong Zhan's eyes showed a demon light as he continued.

Xia Qingyuan swept a cold look to the sky above.

"Sire, it's time to make a move," Yuan Jin said to Li Yao, wanting to make a quick battle out of this without further delay.

Li Yao nodded, but just then, he suddenly saw Ye Futian levitated from below, holding the Halberd of Time and Space, standing in midair, between the two armies, with the Halberd of Time and Space pointed at the army in the void.

"If you want to start the war, which of you from Emperor Li's Realm and the Demon Peacock Realm dared to fight?" And the long halberd pointed at the strong cultivators of both realms. However, the white-haired youth, who exuded ultimate arrogance, challenged them to fight.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The great army of Emperor Xia's City looked at Ye Futian in midair. Naturally they recognized Ye Futian's personal strength and courage, it was just that he was unbridled and did whatever he wanted with total disregard to rules. If not for these flaws, Ye Futian's strong personal strength was indeed enough to take the responsibility as the princess's right hand man.

"Kill him," Yuan Jin directly ordered, did not want to waste any more time. The two armies are at war, there was no need to abide by rules with the likes of Ye Futian.

As Yuan Jin's voice fell, suddenly beams of destructive light slammed down from the sky, as if to chop and slice the void, and to dismember Ye Futian in the air.

The light of destruction puffed out of the Halberd of Time and Space, and the time and space around it seemed to have solidified. The beams of light of destruction continued forward, and the long halberd of Ye Futian struck forth, turning into endless light beams, colliding with the light of destruction in the void.

"Attack," Li Yao gave order to the army.

"Move," Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan also gave the order at the same time, the mighty army pressing down from the sky, the war had official began.
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    《The Legend of Futian》