The Legend of Futian
1064 Attack
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1064 Attack

Under the pressure of the two great imperial armies, the heaven and the earth were shrouded in gloom. At this time, Gongsun Zhong led the cultivators of the Divine Cloud Valley towards the void.

On that day when Gongsun Zhong proposed to sacrifice Ye Futian, Xia Qingyuan had ordered that Divine Cloud Valley fight in the front.

Therefore, at this time, the cultivators of Divine Cloud Valley, led by Gongsun Zhong, appeared in the forefront.

At this time Gongsun Zhong's long gown was flying with the wind. His dark eyes were sharp and gazing above the sky. Not only that, but throughout his body he was full of an air of sharpness, as if his whole person was a weapon of the gods.

Behind Gongsun Zhong, there was an incomparably brilliant divine furnace. Inside the divine furnace, golden light shot straight into the sky and surpassed the firmament, emanating radiant light that swallowed the rules power between heaven and earth, refining the Great Path of the world. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Gongsun Zhong has brought the Heavenly Refining Furnace of Divine Cloud Valley to the battlefield." Many were shocked to behold this. Divine Cloud Valley was the premier armorer in Emperor Xia's Realm, and the Gongsun Clan was the founder and the master of Divine Cloud Valley. Over the years, an unknown number of the powerful divine weapons had been unearthed in the Divine Cloud Valley.

In the Divine Cloud Valley, there were several remarkable divine implements, which could be considered the treasures of Divine Cloud Valley. One of them was the Heavenly Refining Furnace currently behind Gongsun Zhong.

The Heavenly Refining Furnace, known for its ability to refine the Great Path of heaven and earth and integrate it into its own to bring forth unparalleled strength. Currently Gongsun Zhong had not yet entered into Saint Plane, but if one day he became a saint and still used this furnace in battle, he would really be able to truly refine the Great Path.

All the cultivators of Emperor Xia's Realm now looked at Gongsun Zhong. In the previous battles, Gongsun Zhong had never used this divine arm.

Perhaps, Gongsun Zhong wanted to prove a point to Xia Qingyuan.

The cultivators of Emperor Xia's Realm all knew that although Ye Futian and Gongsun Zhong did not have a direct confrontation, between the two of them Xia Qingyuan clearly valued Ye Futian far more. At the moment, that figure hovered above the sky and was bathed in endless glory, but somehow gave out a sense of the desolation and sorrow of never looking back.

Previously, there was Ye Futian responding with the Halberd of Time and Space, and now Gongsun Zhong took the Heavenly Refining Furnace to battle, as if it was an invisible competition.

Divine Cloud Valley were all pushing their power to integrate into the Heavenly Refining Furnace, with Gongsun Zhong as the center. The radiance released from the Heavenly Refining Furnace shot straight into the sky. Inside the furnace, there were many divine spears that had now been refined, carrying the glory to rush to the void, into the great army of the other side.

However, at the same time, above the sky there appeared a massive sword diagram that sheltered the sky. From it, an endless sword will be flowed out, shrouding heaven and earth. Hundreds of millions of swords light now surrounding the space, descending from the sky, colliding with the long spears inside the furnace as the two converged in the air.

Suddenly above the sky, there formed a spectacular picture. A waterfall of galaxies seemed to be hanging between heaven and earth, dividing the world into two, and the atmosphere diffused from it was extremely terrifying.

"Dali Sword Mountain." Many people look at the swordsmen above the sky and knew that they were coming from the premier holy land of Sword Way in Dali Dynasty.

Gongsun Zhong's robe fluttered in the wind, and he stepped into the void. He went upward along with that silvery waterfall as all the power from the cultivators of Divine Cloud Valley was all integrated into the Heavenly Refining Furnace, and put into motion by Gongsun Zhong. At this instant a peerless divine spear appeared behind Gongsun Zhong, emitting endless glory and piercing through the waterfall, slaughtering toward the sky.

Not only that, but the terrible Heavenly Refining Furnace was continually refining the rules power of the Sword Way that was falling from the sky.

"Gongsun Zhong of Divine Cloud Valley, will fight for His Majesty and Emperor Xia's Realm." A voice was heard throughout the land, and toward the sky.

Gongsun Zhong reached out, and instantly that peerless divine spear fell into his palm. He darted and his speed surged, propelling him to shuttle through the silvery waterfall, carrying the supreme power to attack upward; the spear in his hand stabbed out with power that shocked all beings.

The cultivators of Emperor Xia's Realm were deeply moved, watching that gorgeous attack by the spear directly land in front of the swordsmen of Sword Mountain. Gongsun Zhong seemed to want to use this war to defend the dignity of Divine Cloud Valley. He was fighting for the Emperor and Emperor Xia's Realm. Perhaps if it was before, he would have said that he was fighting for the princess.

"Troops of Tian and Dou, prepare to fight," Xia Qingyuan watched all these with calmness, immediately issuing the command and did not let Gongsun Zhong bear the pressure alone.

Gongsun Zhong, though disheartened by her treatment of him, was the Gongsun Zhong that she wanted to see. The old valley master of Divine Cloud Valley had been a loyal follower of her father, the emperor, for many years, and it was also the premier land of armory of the realm, which she naturally respected because Emperor Xia's Realm needed such ally.

But this did not mean that the descendants of the Gongsun Clan could afford to have too many grand ideas. These unrealistic thoughts would only end up devouring them until they brought Divine Cloud Valley to its doom. So, if Gongsun Zhong still held fantasies towards her as he did before and forgot the true responsibilities that he should be shouldering, she would mind letting the Gongsun Clan pick another leader for the future.

The troops of Tian and Dou joined in the battle, and they went to the sky from both sides. Immediately following, all the top principalities from the Upper Worlds of Emperor Xia's Realm also rushed from different directions to the void in attack. Even though their strength was at an extreme disadvantage, princess Xia Qingyuan was still on the battlefield. Who would dare to desert?

Aside from the outcome of the battle for the Empty Realm, if they ever dared to desert the princess Xia Qingyuan on the battle field to save their own skin, Emperor Xia would no doubt hold them responsible as dishonorable deserters, and they would probably never know how they would die in his hand.

The two armies fought against each other, and a devastating atmosphere of incomparable horror erupted in an instant above the void, continually sending shock waves through it.

Tian Ji led a group of people who were constantly surrounding Xia Qingyuan, defending her safety. When he saw the situation on the battlefield at that moment, he was becoming uneasy and said, "Princess, if it was not possible, we should give up the battle for the Empty Realm."

The safety of the princess was more important than anything else.

The control over the Empty Realm was only for ten years. If they were defeated this time, they could still fight again in ten years' time.

"Watch it," Xia Qingyuan said to Tian Ji and appeared to be extremely calm.

If Ye Futian had not told her, she would never have thought that guy's motivation to pick a fight with Kong Xuan was aimed to control the demons, and use the demonic beasts to initiate an alliance with Emperor Li's Realm to manipulate the battle. The next step should be the time to close the net.

Although Ye Futian was an extremely agitating bastard, but Xia Qingyuan absolutely recognized his strength, and had absolute trust in him. Even until this moment, there was still no great abnormality in the battlefield. The cultivators of the Demon Realm were also participating in the war and fighting those who were against them.

Violent roaring sounds continued booming, and under the great confrontation of the two armies, soon there was chaos in the battlefield. The battle between the cultivators of Divine Cloud Valley who were led by Gongsun Zhong and the swordsmen from the Dali Sword Mountain separated the battlefield from the middle. Li Yao and Yuan Jin were on the left side of the battlefield, while Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan were on the other side. As the commanders, they would not participate in the actual battle lightly, but observe the situation instead.

"Even though these beasts are fighting, they are not fighting very hard," Yuan Jin secretly transmitted his voice to Li Yao; was this an attempt to let Emperor Li's Realm and Emperor Xia's Realm consume each other's strength?

"Continue to observe, if it is still the case, remind Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan," Li Yao replied with indifference.

Not only did he become aware of it, but the cultivators of Emperor Li's Realm who were participating in the battlefield also became aware of it. In the troops, the leader of the Evil Clan of Cao sent out a terrible palm of demonic Way, its demonic force filled the sky and his body was shocked backward. Looking to Jialou Feng who was not far from his side, he said, "I heard that none could compare to the speed of the Jialou Royal Clan, but I have yet to witness it. Since a descendant of the Jialou Royal Clan is here, how about a demonstration?"

"From Emperor Li's Realm, the combative power of the Evil Clan of Cao is unparalleled. I will hunt down and clean up the deserters," Jialou Feng responded.

When they were talking, their bodies flickered as they were still fighting.

At this time, Ye Futian was moving alone in the battlefield, and saw that the battlefield was growing gradually chaotic in the void, and a cold intent of slaughter flashed through his eyes.

At this time, there seemed to be a flash of lightning crossing the sky and a cultivator appeared. He looked at the situation on the battlefield, showed some concerns, but did not speak in public. Instead he transmitted his voice to Li Yao and Yuan Jin who were underneath, "His Royal Highness, Master Yuan, the Green Bull King of the Demon Realm has led his bull demons and defending troops of Demon Peacock City toward Emperor Li's City, intending to take our imperial flag."

Li Yao and Yuan Jin's pupils slightly contracted, and in an instant both of them looked badly, there was even an aura of murder that emitted from Li Yao.

This time Emperor Li's Realm did not play any tricks, but merely took advantage of the situation to first destroy Emperor Li's City. However, they never expected the Demon Peacock City was setting them up.

Yuan Jin was thinking and calculating in his head, the Demon Peacock City had defending troops but Emperor Li's City had the same defense as well. However, the problem was that there were also a group of cultivators from Emperor Xia's City who suddenly vanished. If this was just a coincidence, then nothing to worry about, the people who were assigned to guard the imperial could hold.

But if this was not a coincidence, then never mind the battlefield of Emperor Li's Realm, then over here...

However, with his various deductions from before, it was unlikely that the Demon Peacock City would be joining forces with Xia Qingyuan. There were no traces of clues. If the Demon Peacock Emperor's Realm was this deep and calculating, they would never suffer so many losses in the previous battles for the Empty Realm.

But given the situation in front of him, he had to consider whether or not he made a mistake.

"Your Royal Highness, please transmit the message to all commanders to fight in retreat, and withdraw from the battlefield." The Yuan Jin did not announce this loudly, but was only transmitting the voice secretly to Li Yao. He quickly glanced at the current situation on the battlefield and saw that it had entered the chaotic stage of melee; this was a risk they could not afford.

Li Yao nodded and transmitted the information to all the commanders to withdraw their troops. After receiving the order, everyone was puzzled, but still quietly pulled the matrix backward and did not continue to battle the cultivators of Emperor Xia's City furiously.

Watching this, Ye Futian understood that the other party had already realized.

In another area of the battlefield, there was a devastating light bursting out of Jialou Feng. The wings of Jialou Feng bloomed in an unparallel brilliance of the divine, and the sacred feathers were sharper than the sharpest blade that cut through the void, but it was not aimed toward the army of the Emperor Xia's City. Instead, the attack was aimed at the battle matrix of the Evil Clan next to him. In an instance, the sacred feathers cut through the void and tear out a bloody crack in the battle matrix, with many cultivators being killed on the spot.

The light of destruction slammed into the cultivators of Cao, and Jialou Feng let out a scream, "Cao Zhen, you dare to speak and humiliate His Royal Highness, die!"

That sudden sound was heard in the battlefield. When Li Yao and Yuan Jin saw the attack launched by Jialou Feng, they knew there was no need to retreat quietly. The Yuan Jin said loudly, "the cultivators of the Demon Peacock City already embarked toward Emperor Li's City. Retreat!"

In times such as this, they could not afford to stay and fight.

"How dare you ambush me, and now insult our Demon Peacock City! I will kill you," Another cultivator of the demonic royal clan roared, violently attacking, with many other demonic beasts joining the attack toward the cultivators of Emperor Li's Realm, and in an instant, the battlefield was even more confused.

Kong Xuan and Kong Zhan were still unclear as to what was going on!
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    《The Legend of Futian》