The Legend of Futian
1065 Detection
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1065 Detection

Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan looked somewhat puzzled at the battlefield. Wasn't the Demon Peacock City in alliance with Emperor Li's City to fight against the cultivators of Emperor Xia's City?

Why had they suddenly started killing each other?

Moreover, it was not only a battle matrix made up of one camp, because the cultivators from the Demon Peacock City and those from the Emperor Li's City were mixed in the matrix together. So, the moment the war erupted, fighting ensued. Those from Emperor Li's City, who were still unclear of the situation, reacted immediately when they heard Yuan Jin say that Emperor Li's City was ambushed by the Demon Peacock City. How could they not fight back?

As for those from Demon Peacock City, seeing that battle had erupted and the cultivators of Emperor Li's City who were with them now fought against them, were they supposed to just sit and wait?

Thus, the current situation was formed. Suddenly, a violent battle erupted in the midst of the mixed army, and the armies that were previously in alliance immediately attacked each other, and because of the close quarters, many people and demonic beasts were slayed in an instant, which led to more intense fighting.

The cultivators of Emperor Xia's City were stunned and looked at the battlefield, stupefied.

What was the situation?

Weren't the two allied against them?

The great army was coming toward them, and princess Xia Qingyuan had decided to defend the imperial flag at all cost, even to the death. Many of their cultivators were also willing to fight to the death. However, the battle did not last long before the other party began to withdraw and pull back line of the battle. They had not figured out what was going on before the other two armies started to fight one another in earnest.

And the army of Emperor Xia's City was being put aside.


The troops of Tian and Dou were well-seasoned armies and had never seen such an unusual situation.

A great army in an alliance would switch sides in the middle and turn on one another?

This was simply unheard of.

"Kong Zhan, Kong Xuan, is this what you call an alliance?" Li Yao reprimanded with a cold and severe voice.

"Let them stop first," Kong Zhan's eyes were sharp, and next to him, Kong Xuan declared loudly and clearly, "Stop the fight."

Right now, the situation was unclear, and the fighting had to stop first.

"Don't touch the cultivators of the Demon Realm. Those from Emperor Li's Realm, kill without exceptions." At this time, Xia Qingyuan gave the order, loud and clear.

"Yes, princess." The army from Emperor Xia's City now received their order, and instantly a terrible atmosphere erupted, rushing toward the battlefield above.

It seemed that the princess had a plan already, and seemed to have teamed up with the Demon Peacock City?

And in a surprising double twist, tricked Emperor Li's Realm.

"Retreat." Yuan Jin's voice was very cold. Undoubtedly Xia Qingyuan's words were adding fuel to the fire. How could an already erupted battle be stopped at will? Whoever stopped first may lose their lives if the other kept on attacking.

At this moment, the Yuan Jin began to doubt himself. He had actually failed to make an accurate calculation, and the most impossible outcome had occurred.

The Demon Peacock City actually joined forces with Emperor Xia's City.

Yu Sheng and people of the Nine States, as well as the clan of the Green Bull King of Demon Peacock City both slaughtered toward Emperor Li's City, while the demons over there launched the ambush, and in addition of Xia Qingyuan's command, no one would believe that the Demon Peacock City and Emperor Xia's City did not premeditate together.

Even if Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan almost thought that they had really reached an agreement with Xia Qingyuan. However, who could tell them what had really happened?

Boom. A loud and violent sound was heard above the firmament, and the battle matrix where the cultivators of the Evil Clan of Cao were had collapsed. Under the double attack between Jialou Feng and the cultivators of Emperor Xia's Realm from both within and without, it was impossible for them to maintain the integrity of the battle matrix. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The violent attack above the sky continued, the battle matrixes of Emperor Li's City continued to collapse. Without the order they had previously, the great army instantly went into collapse and retreated.

"Li Yao, the clan of the Green Bull King who guarded the Demon Peacock City is now on their way to attack the Emperor Li's City; is this true or false?" Kong Zhan darted and fought his way from the crowd, and stared at Li Yao and asked.

"I have been monitoring the movement within the Demon Peacock City, and saw it with my own eyes. The Green Bull said that it was by secret order of Kong Xuan to ambush Emperor Li's City, how could it be false? And Demon Peacock City want to pretend as if you were ignorant about this?" The cultivator who previously arrived in the void replied with indifference.

"The people of Nine States around Ye Futian were also absent from the battlefield, presumably had joined forces in attacking our Emperor Li's City. This time, the Demon Peacock Realm did not hesitate to sacrifice the reputation of Kong Xuan and many demonic beasts and laid out such a trap. I'm truly astounded," Yuan Jin continued coldly, "only that there was no damage done to Emperor Xia's Realm world, and you have been willing to help defeat Emperor Li's Realm; do you think in the battle for the Empty Realm, Xia Qingyuan could be beaten by you?"

Upon hearing what Yuan Jin had to say, Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan knew it was the truth. However, if the infighting was a coincidence, then what could be the explanation regarding the attack on Emperor Li's City by the bull demons, when they had never issued any orders for them to do so?

Then, who gave the order to the bull demons?

Or, there was no order at all, and the bull demons had transmitted a false order.

The nine-color divine light sparkled on Kong Xuan's body, and her body released an extreme chill. She had a sense that the situation was serious, and indeed, grievous.

"All clans from the Demon Peacock Realm listen carefully my order: immediately stopped the fight and withdraw from the battlefield; anyone who disobeys the order will be expelled from the clan." Kong Xuan said coldly, and the nine-color divine light sparkled between heaven and earth. Her voice suggested great authority and threat.

Her voice was heard throughout the void, all the demons felt the solemnness of her voice, and most of them began to retreat, but there were still a few cultivators of the demonic realm who were still battling violently, fighting alongside with the cultivators from Emperor Xia's Realm.

Among them, there were several great demons of royal clans.

What really sent chills from her head to her toes was that the descendant of Jialou Royal Clan, Jialou Feng, was still in the midst of battle. The wings of Garuda bloomed with divine feathers; many cultivators from Emperor Li's Realm had died at his hands.

"Jialou." Kong Xuan shouted loudly. Jialou Feng's eyes were brimming with a terrible golden light of chill. It seemed that he did not hear her voice and continued the killing.

At the same time, Xia Qingyuan was personally leading the cultivators to enter the killing field. Behind her, the radiant light of a lotus bloomed, she stepped on golden lotuses, bathed in the most sacred glory, like a Jiutian goddess, dazzling to behold.

Her hands pointed toward the battlefield in the void, and suddenly the sword of catastrophe appeared, tearing through the void, and a cultivator was killed instantly by the sword that pierced him in the throat.

With her body as the center, a violent sword storm of catastrophes exploded, and the endless lotus light screen opened and closed. It began with one, which turned to two, two then became three, and with three all things were possible, and the lotus was born into the Way, and the Way dissolved all light of catastrophe.

The lotus petals flew out in swirls like the sharpest sword in the world. The sounds of bodily contact were heard as cultivators were being killed on the spot.

Moreover, the cultivators who had been killed by Xia Qingyuan were those from Emperor Li's Realm, maybe as a way to avenge Ye Futian.

As for the Demon Peacock Realm, Ye Futian had claimed that he could have taken the imperial flag of the Demon Emperor anytime within the Demon Peacock City, and with the many demonic beasts controlled by Ye Futian, the Demon Peacock Realm would not pose a threat to them.

In another area of the battlefield, Ye Futian walked in the void and appeared alone in a direction. His face was cold with the Halberd of Time and Space in his hand.

There was a group of cultivators from Emperor Li's Realm rushing toward him. Ye Futian glanced at them indifferently, his body darted and turned into a radiant light of nothingness. The tyrannical rules seemed to have blasted into nothingness, but gave out a dull sound nonetheless.

However, the light did not slow down or stop, and the Halberd of Time and Space thrust out. The group of cultivators felt that the space was solidified, and then it was torn. Their lives experienced a moment of stillness, and as their eyes revealed extreme fear, each one of them were shattered.

In an instant, all were annihilated.

Ye Futian did not stop at all, but continued to shuttle forward.

A cultivator had just looked at him, when a sound was heard and his throat was pierced directly.

Wherever the glory of space passed, all the cultivators from Emperor Li's Realm perished, their bodies falling downward from the sky. Without the power of the battle matrix, there was no one who could challenge him.

At this time, a cultivator whose body had emitted a half-sainted sense, and with extremely dominant breath on his body. He stepped into it and trampled upon the void, and merged with the Great Path. His body was like a divine implement, and he rushed toward Ye Futian.

A palm print, akin to a golden millstone, crushed the void. The palm print was like the ring of an ancient tree, circle upon circle, smashing down to slaughter, intending on erasing everything.

Ye Futian did not stop at all, but still struck with the Halberd of Time and Space, and it pierced upon the palm print. A golden brilliance exploded forth, and the palm print was pulverized. The Halberd of Time and Space went on to pierce through his body and shattered him entirely.

Ye Futian in his current state could rely on his own power to overcome the likes of Wang Chuan who was only a step away from being in the Saint Plane. Now with the Halberd of Time and Space in his hand, how much stronger was he?

Wang Chuan once said that under the Divine Path, Ye Futian stood alone. This was a confirmation of his strength, and how strong he was.

Under the glory of space, many cultivators perished.

In the battlefield, in addition to the battle matrix, Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan were the fastest cultivators from Emperor Xia's Realm in number of kills, and they were also the two strongest fighters.

Li Yao and Yuan Jin stood above the firmament, surrounded by many top cultivators, gazing coldly at the figure that came rushing toward them.

Ye Futian, who wanted to break through the heavy army to fight his way through a bloody path and slaughter toward them was simply reckless, extremely crazy, but at the same time also showed the absolutely confidence he had in his own ability.

At this moment, Ye Futian felt a dangerous aura, and in the next moment, he saw the nine-color divine light shot toward him with madness. A boundless and beautiful figure rushed in his direction, and endless divine light sprinkled down. It seemed to be able to destroy the Way.

Ye Futian struck with the long halberd, and destroyed the divine light. In front of him, Kong Xuan's attractive body floated in the air, gazing at him coldly.

"Is this your doing?" Kong Xuan looked very cold, and she had just thought of the reason why this alliance was done so fast. Because there was a group of demonic beasts around her that had clamored for today's battle, with Jialou Feng as its chief proponent; he had also requested to go to Emperor Li's City to seek an alliance.

Before, Kong Xuan did not think much about it. Under the circumstances that Ye Futian and that base animal, the Black Wind Condor, repeatedly humiliated her, it was completely expected that the cultivators of the demonic realm would want to kill Ye Futian in anger and destroy Emperor Xia's City. And demonic beasts were anxious in nature, wild and unbridled, so there was nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary.

When Gongsun Zhong came to relay the message, Jialou wanted to slay him immediately over the most minor disagreement which was also consistent with his nature.

Everything seemed so natural, as if that was the way it should be.

Because of this, she did not detect any abnormalities, but now that she was thinking carefully, she realized that the demonic beasts who were still fighting were almost all of them who had gone to kill Ye Futian before.

All these realizations made Kong Xuan feel cold from head to toe!
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    《The Legend of Futian》